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Chapter 2.12 The 'S' Word

This was a big day for Belle!

The day before was a big day also. Yesterday was Belle's birthday, and all the family came over to celebrate. Her aunt Rosie and aunt Sabrina was there, and her uncle Connor was too. Also, there was two of her cousins Loretta and Elvie. Uncle Liam wasn't there though, he was looking after her two younger cousins.

Her mommy gave her a present. It wasn't a pony like how she had wished when she blew out the candles, it was a pair of pretty pink earrings, which Belle could tell her mom chose. If it wasp pink, it was her mom's choice. It's a wonder how Ashton doesn't have a pink room like Melody does! Maybe Damon talked her mom out of giving her little brother a pink room.

Her cousin Elvie came over and gave her a hug. Aunt Rosie was adamant on her never being called Ellie or anything close to Ellie. Belle didn't get why, but her aunt Rosie was a little odd sometimes. Belle only started listening halfway through what her cousin was on about.
"-And we can sit together at lunch, and we  can play together at break! I was never able to play with Loretta, she was always too old."
"What?" Belle asked, confused.

"At school! Silly. Where else would I be talking about?" She asked, laughing lightly.
"School?" Belle asked. She had heard about school, it was hard and you had to think a lot. That didn't sound like something she'd like. She liked reading, and playing, not thinking!
"Yeah! It'll be fun and we can be best friends." Elvie was really excited about it.

Belle laughed in response. "I doubt my mom will make me go. My mom's cool, and if I ask nicely I won't have to go." She smiled.
Elvie frowned, "You have to go. Everyone has to go." She protested.
"I won't." She grinned, and it wasn't too long before Belle realized just how wrong she was...

"Belle, come on. You can't just skip school." Alyssa was starting to get annoyed with her daughter by now. Her resistance to go to school baffled her. What was so wrong with it?
"I don't wanna go!" Belle just held on tighter to her bed. She tried to quickly think of some excuse not to go, "I'm sick." And she put on a few coughs. "See?" She murmured, fake coughing more.

Alyssa folded her arms, and Belle finally let go of the bed. She put on another coughing fit. "I'm too sick to go to school, mom." She frowned.
Alyssa put on a sympathetic frown, and sighed "Poor Belley. I suppose you can't have the waffles I made for you."
She immediately perked up. "Waffles? I'm not that sick though! I can still have waffles."
"If you're well enough waffles, then you're well enough school. Get dressed, and they'll be on the table for you." And Alyssa walked out.

"If you're well enough waffles, then you're well enough school." Belle mimicked after her mom left, rolling her eyes. She opened the drawer, and got dressed for school. On the bright side, at least there were waffles waiting for her, but they came with the price of having to go to school. She was really nervous for her first day.

Luckily, so far the waffles were worth it. It was one of the few things her mom was really good at making. Speaking of her mom, Belle could hear her behind with her little brother Ashton.
"Are you okay now, little guy?" Alyssa cooed, walking around the kitchen area with him.
Belle turned around to look at her mom, "Where's Melody?" She asked, wondering why only he was downstairs.
"She's upstairs, Damon's with her." Alyssa answered, her attention still mostly on Ashton. Belle couldn't help but feel at least a little bit jealous.

"I'm still not so sure how I feel about a boy crashing our girl talk coffee mornings." Rosie murmured, looking right at where the culprit was.
Sabrina turned to her, "Oh come on. It's not that bad, besides, he's kinda cute." She smiled. "And he doesn't talk all that much and probably won't remember what we said."
Contemplating it, Rosie tilted her head then sighed. "I suppose just this once we can have a boy here." She smiled.

"Well, thank you for allowing my son to be here. I'm taking Melody's allowed though because she's a girl?" The two of them nodded and Alyssa smiled slightly, "I had to bring them because Damon's out again."
"We'll let it slide just this one time then." Rosie grinned, joking. "Mostly because the babysitters in this town are awful."
"That and daycare's closed, which is why I'm here." Sabrina smiled, and couldn't help but ask, "Is he often out?"

"He's got a daughter from a previous relationship so he spends time with her." Alyssa briefly explained. Rosie and Sabrina exchanged slightly nervous glances before looking back at Alyssa. "What was that?" She asked.
"Well, aren't you at least a little worried?" Sabrina asked, moving  her hair slightly.
"Worried? Why would I be worried?" She asked in return, rather confused.
Rosie rolled her eyes, "Do we have to spell it out for you, Lyss? If he's spending time with his daughter, he's got to be at least seeing his ex." She frowned.

Alyssa quickly shook her head. "It's not like that, trust me. I know Damon, and I know he and his ex-wife broke up ages ago." She half smiled.
"Ex-wife?" Rosie asked quietly, raising an eyebrow. She got a really bad feeling about all of this, but knew at the end of the day it was Alyssa's choice.
"Anyway," Sabrina started, changing the subject, "Have you set a date yet?" She smiled.

"We're thinking sometime in summer, when the twins are a little older. I kinda want to get married on the beach." Alyssa grinned.
"The beach at sunset." Rosie sighed, partially in a daydream. "That would be so pretty." She smiled.
"And I've found the perfect dress." She beamed, "It's being held at a shop all the way in Bridgeport though, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it." Her smile soon turned into frown.
"You'll find one you love just as much, I promise." Sabrina smiled sympathetically at her. "There are tons of pretty dresses and you'll forget all about that one you saw."
"I hope so. It was really pretty." She picked up her cup and drank from it.

Alyssa decided not to mention her dream, even though she was rather curious about if either her sister or sister in law had any similar dreams. Then again, she wasn't so sure if she exactly wanted to know if Rosie or Sabrina ever had any dirty dreams or weird ones (like hers). It was probably better to leave the fact that she was muddled over whether or not she wanted to get married out too.

Belle had come to a realization. School sucked and it was boring. She was sat next to someone who didn't seem to want to be her friend, and her cousin Elvie was sat in front and with her boyfriend Jack (It was kinda serious too. They had even held hands once!) The boy she was sat next to was Jack's brother. Belle didn't know his name though, mostly because he just spent most of today ignoring her.
She was relieved when the bell rung though. She was going to spend some time in the playground with Elvie, Jack and his brother. Hopefully he would actually talk to her. Jack seemed nice, so why wasn't his brother?

Her cousin had ditched Belle for Jack, so she mostly had to spend it with the quiet boy. She frowned a little, "Can you at least tell me what your name is?" She asked nicely, and was amazed when he murmured.
"Axel. My mom said my dad chose my name." He explained briefly.
"I don't know why my mom called me Belle. I think it's after the princess though." She grinned, and wondered if she had made a new friend.

Belle honestly didn't expect to have fun with Axel. Sure, his name was a little weird, but he was nice once he actually spoke to her. She was sure that the two of them would be really good friends, maybe even best friends! She also came to the conclusion that if school didn't have classes, it would be a lot more fun.
She was having fun until something unexpected happened...

He kissed her! She didn't kiss him, he kissed her. That's the way it went. It wasn't just a peck on the cheek either, it was a mommy and daddy style kiss! On the mouth and everything!
Belle honestly thought adult kisses were a little gross with it being on the mouth, but this kiss wasn't all gross and sloppy. Perhaps it was just adults that kissed sloppily.

Back when Belle was home, it was the twins' birthdays. Ashton went first because he was technically the oldest out of the two of them. Alyssa helped him blow out the candles on the cute little carrot cake.

Damon then helped Melody blow out her candle on her cake. She was the second born, and his and Alyssa's little surprise they didn't know about.

The twins looked rather alike, but their hair and eye colours seemed to be opposites. Melody got her mom's eyes and her dad's hair colour, whereas Ashton got his dad's eyes and his mom's hair colour. They both had one similarity though.
They were both werewolves.

Chapter 2.11 First Bad Steps                                                                                         
AN: Ashton looks so derpy in that last picture. I tried getting a picture of them both, and one always looked cute but the other either had their eyes closed or was derping out. I decided to go with this one because it wasn't quite so derpy.

All the kids have had birthdays, so I don't need to worry about those for a while. Speaking of kids, on to Belle. I wasn't intending on that kiss when I first started writing this chapter, but then I was like "Why not?" so there we go. We'll be seeing Belle's little boyfriend again, I promise. She's not that much of floozy ;)

On a real life note, my arm's all hurty. I had to have a tetanus injection yesterday, and it had to be in the arm I already have an injury on. I think my right arm should just be known as my painful arm.

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Chapter 2.11 First Bad Steps

"When's mommy going to be home?"

Belle looked up at her Aunt Rosie. It wasn't that she didn't love her aunt, she was cool. She could do magic! But Belle prefered her mommy to her aunt.
"I don't know Belley, she'll be home soon." She murmured in response, wishing she had some of the toddler's energy. Alyssa had asked Rosie to look after Belle, mostly because she didn't trust any babysitters and they refused to come if you hired them so late at night.

"Is she hiding?" Belle asked, frowning. Why was her mommy hiding? "She doesn't usually hide." She looked down.
"She's not hiding. She's gone to the hospital, remember? Your baby brother or sister is being born." She explained for what felt like the seventeenth time. It was the early hours of the morning when Alyssa left, and it had woken up Belle who refused to go to sleep afterwards, mostly because (given when she could remember) she really wanted to see her baby brother or sister. After a few hours of trying to get her to calm down, Rosie decided to let her stay awake.

"How are babies made?" Belle asked, looking up at aunt Rosie. It confused her a little. One day, mommy and Damon weren't talking about babies, and then the next they were? She didn't understand.
"Well, uh..." Rosie trailed off, not exactly wanting to stall this topic until Alyssa got home so there'd be something else to talk about. She sighed with relief when she heard the door open.
"Hey, what's Belle doing up?" She asked, and Belle ran over to her mommy and new baby brother.

Belle reached up, and tried to grab the baby. "I wanna hold the baby. I wanna hold the baby!" She repeated, wanting to hold him. She wanted to prove that she could at least be a little bit responsible.
"She wasn't too much trouble for you, was she?" Alyssa asked, looking at her tired looking older sister.

"She was fine, just excited and refused to go back to sleep. I can't really blame her." Rosie couldn't help but yawn. "What's my nephew's name then?" She grinned, not yet noticing Alyssa's ring.
"His name's Ashton. There was actually a surprise at the-"
"Oh my God!" Rosie interrupted, her eyes widening. She noticed the ring.

"It's gorgeous!" She exclaimed, grinning. "When did he propose?" She asked, smiling widely.
"On Love Day. He took me to this really fancy restaurant and it was under the stars." She beamed. It honestly felt like everything was starting to work out perfectly for her.
"That's so romantic." She smiled, then looked a little worried. "Anyway, you said there was a surprise? Is everything alright with him?" She asked, frowning.
"Everything's fine with him. He's perfectly healthy, and so is his sister." She smiled. "And I don't mean Belle by his sister."

"What do you..." Rosie trailed off when she saw Damon walk in with another baby. Her eyes widened, "You were having twins?" She asked.
Alyssa smiled, a little sheepishly. "She was kind of a surprise actually." She felt silly about it now, not realizing before. She knew that something felt a little different, but she didn't think she was having twins.
"Her name's Melody." Damon barely looked up at Rosie, most of his attention was focused on the little bundle of pink in his arms.
Rosie bit her lower lip, hoping that her sister could handle two infants and a toddler at once. Sure, Belle's birthday was soon, but still, two babies is a lot to handle.

Unfortunately for Alyssa, the twins were much more of a handful than Belle ever had been, she begun to realize that over the days. Belle was quieter than these two when she was a baby, or maybe Alyssa just remembered her being quieter. It just seemed as if Alyssa left one in the crib, that one would start crying so she'd put the other down to see to the upset one, which was when the originally fine one would start crying. It was as if they were in competition with each other already!
She was exhausted also, and even the floor seemed like a comfy mattress and the wooden paneling on the wall seemed softer than before.

They were both finally asleep, but she didn't want to put them in their cribs just in case one of them started crying again and the whole song and dance would start back up again. It sometimes also felt as if she was doing it alone. Damon was often out either with Tawni or inventing or out looking for scrap metals. It was starting to bug her a little bit, she wanted to go out places too, or even just pay more attention to Belle! She knew her eldest daughter was probably feeling a little left out.
Alyssa was just about drifting off to sleep on the floor when the door opened.

"Hey, is everything alright?" He spoke quietly as he saw that the twins were asleep. He carefully took Ashton off her, and Alyssa stood up still holding Melody.
"No, I'm tired." She snapped, but quietly so she didn't wake either of the twins up. "That, and I feel like I'm ignoring Belle, and I've probably got spit up in my hair or in my clothes and I can't shower because one of them will just start crying." She frowned, realizing she was starting herself a list.
"I'll look after the twins for a while and you can spend time with Belle and nap." He shrugged, hoping that'll make Alyssa a little happier.

"That's not the point." She huffed. "We're supposed to be a team, working together to look after them. It feels as if it's either me watching them, or you watching them. And then somewhere in the middle, Belle's getting left out." She frowned.
"We are a team, Alyssa, but I have Tawni as well, I just can't ignore her,  I have to spend time with her too." He tried to reason with her.
"I'm not asking you to ignore her, I just..." She sighed, and shook her head. "Never mind, I'm too tired." She murmured, and put Melody down in the crib. "Watch them for a while?" She asked, before walking out. She didn't care if she just contradicted herself, she was tired.

She was slightly happy to leave the nursery, mostly because she could tell an argument was about to happen between her and Damon, and that was the last thing she needed right now. Right now, she just needed a shower, sleep and to spend some time with Belle before her birthday tomorrow.
When did her life get so hectic that she had to sort out when she could spend time with Belle?

Her bed was comfy and cosy, no crying babies were there, and it smelled nice.She fell asleep almost as soon as she laid down, and was glad for the peace. She started to have an odd dream though...

She was back at work.stood in front of Adrian. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew he needed to talk to her about something. "You wished to talk to me?" She asked, rubbing her arm lightly.
"Yeah, I do." He stood up straight from the way how he usually leaned against the desk. He went over to her, pushing her against the door as he kissed her.

She was speechless, obviously. It's not everyday someone you thought was an ass randomly decides to kiss you. She managed to push him off her though, "What are you doing?" She asked, and stopped his hand from wandering. She wasn't angry though, which was something she found peculiar.
"Well, you've clearly at least thought about it, or at least your subconscious has." He smirked, still close enough that she could feel his chest pressed against hers. "It'll be our little secret Lyss." His voice was it's usual velvet baritone way; boyish charm radiating from his grin.

She couldn't believe she was considering it, or even leaning towards the idea. She had given up her cheating ways, she wasn't a stupid teenager anymore! Then again, it was only a dream... "You promise this'll just be our secret?" She looked up at him, her eyes were locked on his stormy grey ones.
"Who else could we tell?" Dream Adrian smirked. "There's no one else here to tell Lyss, we can do as much as we want with absolutely no consequences." He has a point. But it still felt like cheating, even if none of it was real. She felt a slight pang of guilt, but it was just a dream. What's the worst that could happen in a dream?

Her dream seemed to flit, and before she knew it, she was in her underwear, her hands on Adrian's bare chest as she straddled him.. Her hands started to roam down, teasing with the top of his boxer shorts and threatening to pull them down. He shivered lightly, and she frowned, "Is something wrong?" She asked, her hands moved back up his chest and she kissed his neck tenderly.
"Your ring is really cold." He mumbled, moving slightly. "Can you take it off?" He asked, his eyes opening as he looked at her.
She was taken aback by the odd request. "My ring?" She asked, smirking lightly and thinking he was kidding. "Why my ring?" She raised an eyebrow, trying to ignore how cold it felt against her finger. She moved her left hand off of him, letting it hover above him as she considered whether or not she would take it off.

"You've already cheated this far, how much more significance does that ring hold?" He asked, and Alyssa frowned.
"It's not cheating." She murmured, hating how cold her ring felt. It was as if it was made of white ice instead of white gold.
"Because it's a dream?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's your only excuse? What about when you slip up for real? Will you say that was just a dream too?" He pressed, making Alyssa feel guiltier and guiltier. "Or will you just say that it didn't mean anything? You've cheated once before, what's going to stop you doing it again?"
"Stop." She mumbled, frowning as she sat up. She didn't like this anymore, but she knew that all this right now wasn't even real. She just hoped that the dream would stop soon.
"They're your thoughts Alyssa." He pointed out, and luckily the dream seemed to fade out.

Alyssa woke up with a start, panting. It wasn't like the dream was intentionally scary in any way, there weren't any monsters or anything like the odd one she had when she was little. It was the foreboding factor it brung. She knew she was happy, she knew she had a sweet guy, and adorable children. She knew she was fulfilled.
Why did she want something new?

She doesn't. As long as she just pushed that dream to the back of her mind, she'll be fine. She doesn't want anything new, and is happy. Just keep any lingering thoughts away, and she'll be fine. At least, that's what she hopes.
She heard Melody starting to get fussy again, and went to go care for her youngest daughter.

Chapter 2.10 Forgetful                                                                                

AN: First of all, I want to say a big thank you to my game for making Alyssa have twins, even though it wasn't likely. Thank you game.
I'm half happy she had twins though, two cuties and I knew she'd have to have them at one point or another to stick with my plan, so better earlier than never.
I feel as if a lot has happened this chapter. It was an easy chapter to shoot too. Not all too  many scenes and I already had all the poses and my laptop didn't randomly die on me, so yay!
This AN is already becoming really long... Last thing is that the dream was going to be my attempt at writing sexy, but then I remember that I can't so I went for ominous-ish.

Last thing for realsies! I swear this time! Something sad happened....
Bye bye Boo. Toby's still alive though, and he got the little heart broken moodlet </3

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Chapter 2.10 Forgetful

Alyssa almost forgot that this room used to be hers.

She looked around the room, not so sure what to think. It was nice to see that it was all done up and her pink wallpaper was down, but it was odd to see it as the baby's room. She remembered when there were her toy unicorn and duck in here, and how she slowly filled the room up with gnomes, which replaced the unicorns and the duck and the teddy bears.

Damon glanced over at her, sensing that something was up with her. Did she not like it? It was her idea for the baby's room though. "Is something wrong?" He asked, going over to her and wrapping an arm around her waist.
She sighed slightly, "Its just weird imagining how this used to be my old room." She looked around at how different it now looked. She smiled though, knowing that it was about time the pink wall paper came down. "And the room's perfect, in case you were wondering what I thought." She looked around, "And you even included the bear I liked." She grinned.

"I still don't like that thing. We could have just got the normal one, instead of this one." He narrowed his eyes at the teddy as Alyssa cuddled it close.
"Oh come on, I think its cute." She grinned. "It's a werewolf like you."
"Still, its a little creepy." He murmured, still not fully sure on the doll, but if Alyssa loved it so... There wasn't all too much he could do to change her mind.

"Anyway, I have to go into work for a few hours. Can you watch Belle for a while?" Alyssa's been rather protective of Belle since the incident at the festival.
"You're going into work?" He asked, confused. "I thought you had a while off as leave." He didn't quite get why she would go into work if she had time off.
"I still do, but someone there really wanted to talk with me about a research project and they didn't want to wait until I got back to work. I'll only be gone a short while though, and we're still going out for dinner tonight?" She asked, smiling.
"Of course. It's Love Day, isn't it?" He smiled back at her. Little did she know, he had something special planned for that night.

When she did get to the offices floor, she saw someone idly observing one of the plants. Alyssa decided it was probably best not to question it too far, as there were quite a few odd people who worked here. She walked out of the lift, and went over to him. She wasn't fully sure who it was who requested her, so she might as well just ask around.

"I was wondering if you could help me find someone." Alyssa started, startling him by accident.
"Sorry, I didn't see you there." He murmured an apology, then asked. "Are you looking for your husband's office? It might be on the floor above or below. There's a lot of offices, as there are quite a lot of people who work here." He explained.
Even though it wasn't meant maliciously, Alyssa couldn't help but take offence. "Excuse me? I work here. I'm one of the scientists here." She narrowed her eyes. "I'm Alyssa Matthews, my room is literally right there." She introduced herself, but not in a pleasant way, more in a 'told you so' way.

"I'm sorry Alyssa, I didn't mean to offend you." He held up a hand in defence. "I was the one who contacted you about needing assistance with a research project." He smiled at her. "I'm Dr Newman." He introduced himself.
She nodded, "So, what is it? You were rather confidential about what it was when we spoke." She recalled.
"That's because I'm not suppose to have what I have." He spoke quietly, and went into his office. Alyssa cautiously followed him, finding what he said fairly ominous.

She mostly stayed by the door, but her eyes went straight to what was on his desk. Were they what she thought they were? No, surly they couldn't be, but she at least had to ask, "Are those Dragon eggs?" She asked quietly, not wanting to seem stupid. She was almost certain that dragons had gone extinct.
"That they are." He confirmed. "I also bet you're also wondering how I got them, aren't you?" He asked, and she nodded.

"I had to do a lot to get them, mostly asking around and having people curse at me for even asking about them. But, I managed to find them after a long while and I managed to get three."
"Why three?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "Why not just one? It probably would have saved you a while."
"Because there's supposedly three different types. A red dragon, a purple one and a green one." He told her. "I would do this on my own, but I thought it would be too stressful to look after three temperamental dragons by myself, so I thought I'd get someone to help."

Alyssa's eyes still didn't leave the eggs on his desk. "And you called on me?" She asked. "Why me though?"
"You, because you're rather different than most here. You don't have any doctorates or even go to college for that matter. You were chosen from how you were in high school, and that honestly intrigued me." He his gaze stayed the same; his stormy grey eyes on her. "I realize that Shauna gave you the opportunity, but I couldn't help but wonder how good you actually were, based on you didn't even go to college, yet managed to get a job here."
Her eyebrows furrowed, as she made eye contact with him. "Why does it particularly matter to you how good I am, or what qualifications I may or may not have?" She asked.
He put on a mean smirk, "Based on my father own this building, and as it will someday be mine, I think I have the rights to wonder how good you are."

"Y-You own this place?" She asked, her arms dropping down to her side. It started to click in her mind that if this guy wanted her gone, he could easily fire her. Time to be extra nice.
"You look like a deer caught in headlights. I'm not that much of a bad person." He still had that same smirk on, which just discouraged Alyssa all the more. "And I'm not going to fire you either, so just relax, okay?"
"If you're not going to fire me, then what are you going to do?" She asked, trying not to be quite as uneasy around him.
"If you choose to help me, then there could be a lot in store for you. A new office, a new title. Surely, it must get boring being just a lab assistant. I mean, who grows up wanting to be the assistant of someone who changes the world?" He then sighed, "But, I'd understand if you didn't want to help me. There has to be someone that cleans the beakers and make sure all the equipment is working." His gaze landed back on her.

She considered it, and whether or not she actually trusted this guy. But then again, did she really just want to be a glorified assistant, washing beakers while someone else got all the glory? "I'll do it, I'll help out." She decided, after all, what harm could it do to get on this guy's good side?
He smiled, "I knew you wouldn't turn it down." He said, then added, "If we're going to be working together, you can call me Adrian."

"I'm not sure if I'd be happy with you working with a guy like that." Damon frowned, not liking how this guy sounded. He sounded like a complete ass, and seemingly forced Alyssa into working with him. He knew he already hated this guy.
"I'll be fine, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself." Even though she smiled reassuringly, he wasn't all too convinced.

When he turned to go to the lift, she got a little confused. "Upstairs? Isn't it expensive?" She looked at him, frowning. It's not like either of them had to scrimp and save for money, but it was really pricey upstairs, more so than usual.
He shrugged, a small smile playing on his features. "It is, but I want you to remember tonight."

"Wow..." She breathed out, looking around. From the tapestries to the statues, it was really well decorated. It did worry her a little about how much it probably did cost, but she was allowed to be spoiled sometimes, right?
Damon hung behind a little, mostly just to check that the ring box was still in his pocket. He smiled when he knew it was, and was relieved everything so far was going to plan.

"It's all so beautiful." She murmured, going to the edge of the balcony and looking up at the stars. She had forgotten how pretty they were. It made her glad she didn't live in the city, as there were next to no stars there. In peaceful, little Dragon Valley, all of the stars shone brightly, even when clouds were covering a main proportion of the sky. She turned to look at him, "Are you sure there's no ulterior motive behind tonight?" She grinned.

"Aren't I allowed to spoil you without you getting curious?" He asked, not directly answering her question. "I just wanted some us time, and I thought Love Day was a pretty good day to have us time." He smiled at her.
She smiled back at him, "That's so sweet." She kissed him softly. "I love you." She grinned.

"Lobster is without a doubt my favourite." Alyssa grinned. She's never personally cooked it herself though. Mostly because she couldn't, and she wouldn't exactly like hearing the crustacean scream. Even though it was physically impossible for it to make any sound (due to the lack of vocal chords)... It still unnerved her. "I've only had it once before, when I went to France."

"You've been to France? When?" He asked, picking up on that. He remembered that she had said Belle's father was from France, but before he had just figured it was someone who came to Dragon Valley from there.
"Quite a while ago, when I was a teenager and shortly after my birthday." She murmured as a response, hoping he got that she didn't necessarily want to talk about it, especially not right now. Why ruin a really nice date with what she did in the past?

Alyssa was honestly the littlest bit disappointed when desert was over. She had hoped that there would be an ulterior motive behind tonight, it was romantic and sweet enough for one. What's nicer than dinner under the stars? She smiled though, it was a really nice night after all. "I've really enjoyed us time." She smiled at him, "Tonight's been nice."
"You know, there was another reason why I set all this up." He smiled, and she grinned. She knew there was another reason behind tonight!
"What?" She asked, and her eyes widened when he pulled out a velvet jewelry box. She knew before he opened it that there was a ring in there.

She was speechless. She knew that if someone was watching, they'd surely be going 'well, duh!' but she honestly wasn't expecting it.
"I know we've not known each other a really long time, but we're soon going to have a baby and when you know, you just know. I know that I want to be with you for as long as I live." He smiled at her, "Will you marry me?"

She took the box, and smiled at the beautiful ring inside. Her thumb ran over the pink sapphire gem on the white gold band. It was perfect. She grinned, and looked up at him. "Of course I'll marry you." She smiled widely.
It was the best date ever.

Chapter 2.09 Where's Belle(a)?                                                                

AN: Ugh, I hate writing romantic-y stuff. 
We'll see the baby next chapter, promise. The 'Baby's Coming' moodlet came up literally ten game minutes after the last shot. I thought Alyssa just decided to stop posing but then I realized why :)
I was going to call this chapter something much more obvious, until I realized I used the phrase (or similar) "Alyssa forgot" twice or thrice so I figured forgetful was appropriate.

On the real life side though, updates should be more frequent as I've broken up for the summer holidays! *confetti* And next year I start the dreaded Year 10. So far, I've picked up on that I'll need to learn 20 Spanish words a week, and know what I want to do for the rest of my life, despite the fact I'm about 1/6 of the way through my life. Fun.