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Chapter 2.40 Prolonged Secrets

Alyssa didn't find this all too fair.

She knew she couldn't control nor stop any of her children from growing up, but she had to admit, she did somewhat miss having toddlers around. She wouldn't be willing to go through it all again, but she missed her babies being babies.
When she left, almost all of her kids were an age younger. When she left, Juniper and Nathaniel were toddlers, Ashton and Melody were children and Belle was a teenager. Yes, Belle is still a teenager but not for too much longer. Her eldest daughter was going to be an adult soon!

She put on a smile for Nathaniel's birthday though. It was weird thinking of him as being a child, let alone a teenager. He shouldn't be a teenager. In Alyssa's mind, he was still her baby boy who she could hold above her head and who would laugh whenever she blew raspberries on his tummy, now he was about to be a teenager.
Not fair.

As the candles went out, Alyssa couldn't help but notice how much Nathaniel looked like Adrian. Both of them had dark hair and grey eyes. It wasn't like all of her kids were identical to her or anything, but Nate probably looked the least like her (which was good. She wasn't so sure what her looks would be like on a boy.)
Part of her hoped that he never did ask about his real dad. It wasn't like she had a problem with telling him, but she didn't want to tell him that his dad was just the guy she cheated with and that he freaked out when she told him about Nate.

She knew she had to have that talk with one of her children though, Belle. The fairy had told her that Belle had found the message from her father, and the fairy had told Belle that she was an accident. Alyssa knew that Belle had always been curious about her dad, and even though Alyssa really wanted to put it off until forever, she knew that she couldn't and she knew it wasn't fair for her to keep such a secret from her daughter about her own father, who apparently wanted to meet her.

After thinking about what she could tell Belle for quite a while, Alyssa knocked on her door and went into her room. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" She asked, noticing that Belle was in the middle of reading something.
"No, it's fine." Belle smiled, closing her book and putting it back under her bed. "Did you want to talk to me about something?" She asked. She really did love having her mom back.
"I know you heard the message from your dad, and I know that you want to  know about him. I haven't told you so far because I wanted to wait until you were more mature until I told you. I figured that you're mature enough by now, so if you want me to tell you about him, I will."

Belle looked up at Alyssa. With finals coming up, prom and the drama to do with the fairy, Belle had almost forgot about that message. She really did want to know about her dad though. She hesitated, before nodding and replying with "I want to know who he is." 
Alyssa nodded once, honestly wishing her daughter had answered differently. She didn't want Belle thinking any different of her because of what she did so long ago so she felt as if she had to say. "All of what I'm going to tell you happened when I was about your age. I don't want you to think any differently of me when I tell you the story, and I don't want you to dislike me because of what I did." Alyssa didn't know how Belle would be about knowing that she cheated. Alyssa knew her daughter like how she knew the back of her hand, and she knew her daughter was a hopeless romantic and that she was against any kind of infidelity. Alyssa knew she was probably over worrying, but she couldn't help it.

"Prom? I dunno... It seems a little girly." Callie mumbled, rocking back and forth on the swing. "Besides, isn't it like, tomorrow?" She looked over at Nate
He shrugged, "It only comes around once though." He pointed out. "I think it'd be fun." He smiled slightly.
"I could never find the right dress in a day. That's mission almost impossible" She laughed, then sighed slightly. "I'd love to go, but I doubt my dad would let me stay out for that long." and she aimlessly kicked the ground, finding it unfair.

Nathaniel frowned. "Why is he always so strict?" He asked. honestly curious. Callie was never allowed to stay out past six o'clock, and if she did she was never at school the next day. It concerned him quite a bit, but he never really knew how to ask her why her dad was so harsh.
"It's just the way he is." She answered simply, albeit rather coldly. She always got the same way whenever her home life got brought up in conversation. She was always rather secretive about it, Nathaniel knew she was hiding something, but he didn't know or felt like he should ask what it was.

"But, I think I'd be able to sneak off just for a little while." Callie grinned at him. "I wouldn't want to leave you on your own with all your siblings. You need to have someone there who you can talk to who isn't related to you." 
"They're not that bad, Belle's nice." He shrugged, then smiled back at her, but again he couldn't help be a little concerned. "Are you sure your dad would be alright with that?" He asked.
She shrugged simply, "I think you're worth getting in trouble for." She grinned at him. 

"So, what happened between you and my dad?" Belle asked, looking up at Alyssa. "I already knew he used to call you Belle and that was why you called me Belle." She half smiled.
Alyssa sighed, and sat next to Belle. "That's right. He called me 'Mon Belle' which means 'my beautiful'." She started, clearly uneasy. "Well, I first met  your dad when I was actually about your age. It was just after my parents, your grandparents, died and I went to France mostly to just get away from everything for a while." 

"Did your mom use to like music?" Belle asked, figuring that the ghost she saw in the music room might not have just been her imagination. She could remember that rather clearly, being that it didn't happen all too long ago, and that was when she first met one of her grandparents.
Alyssa nodded. "She loved it. Her instruments were basically her kids. She probably loved them as much as me and your uncle Connor." She explained, smiling slightly. "That's where you get all your artsy talents from. I'm not good at art, and I'm pretty sure your dad wasn't either."
Belle nodded slightly, realizing why her grandma got so annoyed when she tried to break the guitar. In her own defense though, she was pretty pissed off and it could have been anything in that room, at that point she remembered that she wanted something to break, and the guitar was in her line of sight.

"Anyway, I met your dad that first time I was in France. His name was Matteo and what can I say? Something just clicked between us. He was a very cute French boy and I was a boy crazy teenager." Alyssa smiled slightly, remembering just how nuts she used to get around boys.
"So, was my dad your first boyfriend?" Belle asked, grinning. If that was the case though, why was her mom so weird when she first started telling her about her dad?
"No, he wasn't Belle. He was my second. My first boyfriend and your dad kind of overlapped." She tried to say it in the most gentle way possible.

Juniper was happily playing with her toy oven downstairs. She loved baking! It was fun. She used to prefer playing dress up with Nathaniel, but now he was a teenager, he probably wasn't quite as fussed about it. The only bad think about baking was that her glasses kept sliding down her nose, and it was a pain having to push them back up again.
She looked up when she heard footsteps, but couldn't help but frown ever so slightly when she saw Melody. It wasn't like they weren't friends, but Melody kind of scared Juniper.
"I want you to see what happens to me in the future." Melody said outright, looking down at Juniper.

Juniper frowned lightly. "I don't know if I can." She admitted. She's never tried to see into the future before. All her premonitions came to her whenever they pleased, she never has tried to control it.
Melody frowned. "What do you mean? You can see into the future, I want you to know what happens to me into the future."
"It doesn't just work like that though. It's not a switch I can turn on and off." She explained, and saw that Melody was annoyed at her.

Narrowing her eyes, Melody asked."So, you can see into the future, but you can't?"  She huffed, rolling her eyes. How useless.
"Kinda, I can't do it on demand." Juniper smiled slightly, sheepishly. "It kinda just comes and goes." She explained.
Melody rolled her eyes yet again. "Tell me when you can actually use it." And she went off in a huff. All she wanted to know what if her sister could see what prom would be like for her, but no,
Juniper just shrugged it off and went back to baking.

Belle frowned, "What do you mean, overlapped?" She asked. "You had a boyfriend before? Who was he? Do I know him?" She asked, wanting to know what had happened.
"Well, before I went to France, I was dating Tyler..."
"Tyler?!" Belle interrupted, her eyes widening. "But, but how? I mean, he was okay with it?" She asked, confused. She could kind of understand why her mom waited before telling her this.

Alyssa sighed slightly, and shook her head. "Not at all. When I came home, he found out and asked me to chose either him or your father. I couldn't make up my mind and he and I broke up. I went back to France to see your father and... That was that." She ended the story there, knowing it was best to not go into too much detail. 
"If he wasn't okay with it..." Belle shook her head. "I don't get it. You had cheated on him and he wasn't fine with it, but he's still around." She frowned, confused.

"Let's just say, he's a lot better of a person than I am. He forgave me for what I did. and, well, you know the rest of it." Alyssa half smiled.
Belle nodded slightly. You were with Damon then you guys broke up and then Tyler came and lived here." She murmured, then asked. "What about Nate's dad?" She asked.
Alyssa laughed a little, nervously. "His dad was my boss. He was kind of a rebound from Damon." She lied. but it was only a little white lie, even though her's and Adrian's relationship did start before she was engaged, he was still kind of a rebound. "Not that I'm promoting sleeping with your boss or anything, but now I pretty much have tenure there now." She grinned, joking lightly.

"Great, now I know how to get ahead in my career," Belle mumbled, smiling slightly at her mom.
Alyssa sighed slightly, "But, seriously, if you want to meet your dad, I'll tell you absolutely everything I know and you can go over there and meet him. If you want to meet him, I won't stand in your way one bit." She half smiled.

Belle considered it for quite a while. Her dad has been the main person she wanted to know about for pretty much all her life. but right now she didn't really want to meet him. She already had her family right here at home. She then shook her head softly, and hugged Alyssa tightly. "I don't want to meet him. You're all the family I need."
Alyssa smiled, and hugged Belle tightly in return. "If you ever change your mind. I'll help you meet him." She smiled.

"So, remember how you asked if I wanted to go to prom?" Faye asked. It was a little strange to see her able to talk. Ashton was so used to her just writing things down then showing him. This was a lot easier, and her voice was pretty too,
"I remember, and I remember you saying no because you couldn't talk then and you were worried people would be too focused on your wings." He repeated what she had said a time before. It didn't bother him all too much, but it still hurt a little bit. "What about it?"

"Well... I've been thinking maybe I changed my mind." She grinned at him. "I can talk now, and I've learned a little trick that could solve the wing issue." She smiled.
"So, does that mean I have to ask you again?" He asked.
"I think you know the answer to that." She grinned in response.

He sighed slightly, then asked. "Faye, prom's coming up at my school soon." He started
"Oh really?" She interrupted, pretending at if it was the first she was hearing of it. "Why didn't you tell me before?" She grinned, teasing.
He rolled his eyes, grinning back at her. "Will you go to prom with me?" He asked.
"Yes, I will go to prom with you." She grinned, and kissed him in return for him asking a second time.

"So, with prom, we're just going as friends, right?" Callie asked, a little unsure if it was just a friends thing or if it was a date.
"Uh,,, Sure. Just as friends." Nathaniel answered, half smiling. He wanted it to be a date, but did she not want that?

"Right, just as friends." She agreed, idly swinging on the swing. The hesitation in his voice was evident to her, and it made her wonder if he did actually want it to be more than friends, but it was just as friends.
"Yeah, I mean, we're just friends so..." He shrugged, mentally slapping himself for sounding so idiotic, He had slight hopes that prom might change them just being friends however.

Chapter 2.39 Too Many Fairies

AN: All of my sims were being so moody, none of them were celebrating Nate's birthday at the same time. *shakes head* what a family, eh? 

I wanted Belle to know about her dad sooner or later, so I picked now :3
I was debating whether or not I wanted Nate to go to this prom, but I kinda have to say in the matter because time runs faster than Carrie's story telling and posing.

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I've gone wedding crazy. Seriously. Absolutely wedding nuts. My main problem (yes, I have a bigger one) is that I have too many dresses and I don't know which one is the perfect one...
I wasn't originally even planning on Alyssa and Tyler getting married (sorry, slight spoiler) but they kinda got engaged under my nose. Literally. I just randomly got the update. Has anyone else's sims ever gotten spontaneously engaged?

Also, unrelated but I found this so very cute 

Thanks for reading, and next time we'll be seeing a familiar face ;)

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Chapter 2.39 Too Many Fairies

"I-I-I" Alyssa stuttered

She was faced with a nightmare once again, however this time was worse. She knew this fairy, and knew that her sister supposedly killed her. Alyssa knew that her sister killed this fairy, she didn't quite see it with her own eyes, but she knew her sister came home that night and their fight looked rather serious so she figured the fairy was gone.
Apparently not.

"Aw, is the little scientist confused?" Elli grinned. "That's so adorable!" She laughed, and then sighed happily. "You don't really look like your sister do you? Hmm." She looked Alyssa up and down.
"How are you alive?" Alyssa asked, but rather quietly. She tried to keep her hands from shaking as she kept her gaze away from the fairy. She really hated fairies, this one in particular.

"Let's just say that magic can do a lot, like thaw someone and resuscitate them." She grinned. "And is this your boyfriend? That's sweet. you can both be murdered together." She smiled softly, her head tilted. "I have to admit, you're last little boyfriend was cuter. You know the one that dumped you because you got knocked up again." She laughed, and all the fairies around laughed also. The fairy army's laugh was all rhythmic and robotic which gave Alyssa the creeps.

She might have been more angry if she wasn't quite as scared. "How do you know all that?" She scowled, and she could tell that Tyler was annoyed at what Elli said also.
"We've been keeping an eye on you. Miss Matthews, haven't we?" Elli asked the fairy army while nodding lightly, they all mimicked in unison. "But I have to admit, I like you better without wings." She half smiled. "You probably didn't notice them fade, did you?" She asked, and to Alyssa's surprise, her wings were gone. It was as if they never had been there.

"That, and even though I doubt you know how to use them, but it would make all this a little harder for the army if you had magic powers." She mused. "By the way, what do you think of my little army, huh? They're quite cute, aren't they? These are the ones that decided to misbehave and do against what me or Melancholia wanted, so here they are." She grinned, looking at all of the fairies in the room. "No personality, no magic, no free thought and no free will. All of them controlled and behaved." Elli mused. "They're basically killing machines."

While Alyssa was scared by Elli and the mindless fairy army surrounding them, Tyler seemed more skeptical. "And how exactly would they kill us? They don't have any magic, and they don't have any weapons on them." He pointed out.
Elli tilted her head, smiling slightly. "Don't ruin my train of thought by skipping to the end." She narrowed her eyes at him, and with a wave of her hand, the fairy army each had their own gun and they took a few steps closer. "There, now they have weapons, happy?" She grinned.

Elli smiled at both of their silence, noticing that both of them were looking at the fairy army, and she could tell that they noticed all of them had guns. "If I were either of you, I would just keep still. They'll shoot you within five minutes, even sooner if they notice movement. That's what they're made to do. They also hate it when they can only see your back, so I wouldn't be standing the way you guys are if I were you." She smirked and then turned to leave, but smiled slyly before doing so. She turned to face Alyssa.

"You're quite a brave girl, aren't you? You're safe to reply, for now." She grinned, taking a few steps up to her. She knew she was safe because she knew the fairy army wasn't going to attack just yet. The safety's on the guns were still on. "Let's think about everything you've been though, shall we?"
Alyssa frowned, knowing this was going to be far from fun. "I'd personally rather not."

"I think it would be fun." Elli grinned in response, slowly moving towards Alyssa. "Let's see, your sister threw a hissy fit over having a little sister, I actually remember that. She was moping about it in the snow about it, turns out she liked you in the end. When you were little, your dad almost died and you didn't really know him all too well because he was away for quite a while. Then there was what I did by kidnapping you but then your sister came to your rescue, but she didn't come to your teen birthday, did she? She was too busy for you. Your parents died when you were a teenager, both at once and it left that huge house just to you. Then you went to France, twice, the second being just for fun in the sun, and then you had your first daughter young too, without your parents to help and your brother and sister were busy with their own families, but your sister was rather disappointed in you then, wasn't she? Despite you and your little boyfriend lying to her, she still wasn't happy. In fact, if it wasn't for him, you probably wouldn't have spoken to, well, anyone in quite a while, hm?"

"Don't even try to turn my daughter into a bad thing. My kids are all the best things that have ever happened to me." Alyssa glared. She couldn't help but get a little upset at how blunt Elli was being.
"I know, you love them all." Elli rolled her eyes. How sappy. "But, I know that somewhere, deep down, you wish that you had her when you were a little bit older, maybe a little less naive or actually in a stable relationship. But then you found someone, didn't you? You were happy with him up until the point when you got engaged and when you realized how much hard work the twins were. Then you got paranoid and thought he was cheating, so paranoid that you almost tried to stop him seeing the daughter he had from a previous marriage. You then went away with your boss and had an affair with him and wound up losing both your fiance and making things at work rather uncomfortable. After that, Melancholia was on your back, wasn't she? And you've been locked up for quite some time while she's been making your kids hate you. You've had quite the dramatic life, Miss Matthews." Elli was right up in Alyssa's face, and simply smiled at her, waiting to see how much her words affected Alyssa before she left, more than pleased to see that she had got to Alyssa.

As soon as Elli left, Alyssa saw and heard the fairy army loading each gun and turning the safety off in turn. A large part of her felt like giving up by now, and she was tempted to hold up her hands and surrender to the stupid fairy army. She knew that any kinds of movements would mean both of them being killed though, but they were going to get killed anyway so what was the point in waiting? 
However, she did feel comfort when she felt Tyler's hand go over hers, and as their fingers laced together, but that just raised the question of how the fairies didn't notice. She couldn't help but wonder why.

"They can't hear us. As long as you don't move your mouth all too much when you talk, we're fine to." He murmured, and Alyssa noticed that none of the fairies reacted.
"...You're right, they didn't even react. How did you work it out?" She asked, still trying to keep as still as possible.
"I figured it out because the fairies on my side loaded their guns just before the ones on your side, just long enough of a pause for your fairies to realize that was what they were supposed to do. The fairies on your side are facing away from the door which means they couldn't see Elli leave, but if they could hear they would have heard her and the gun loaded would have all been in unison, but it wasn't meaning that they couldn't hear her leave."

"So, they can't hear us, but that doesn't make us not surrounded." Alyssa sighed, trying not to lose all too much hope. "Wait." She murmured, getting an idea, "Elli mumbled something about them all being controlled and behaved. I bet she's controlling them all somehow."
Tyler noticed something interesting out of the corner of his eyes. "There's a camera up in one of the corners, she's probably using that to watch what they're doing and what we're doing."
"And so if we disable the camera, she won't be able to see what we're doing and ergo she won't be able to control the fairy army." She muttered. "But how do we disable it?"
"We're in a room with people with guns. We'll shoot it down."

"Sure, I'll use my telekinesis to get one of the guns, or better yet I can just use it to throw the fairies at the wall and then we can run away." She grumbled, sarcastically.
"Sarcasm isn't appreciated." He grumbled in reply. "I think I have an idea, but it is probably the worst idea I've ever came up with."
"What other choice do we have though?" She murmured, frowning.
"Not much. So, my rather bad idea is this," and then he told her his idea. She knew it was a bad idea also, there were quite a lot of flaws in the plan, but they had considerably less than five minutes before they were killed anyway, so there wasn't much else of a choice.

"Remember, you're going right and taking out the camera. I'm taking five of the fairies, you're taking three." He clarified. "Also, remember they're pretty much nothing more than robots." He murmured that last bit for himself as well as her.
"I know. they have no free thought or will and no personality or life outside of this." She murmured. "And if it doesn't work, then I love you, and I'm sorry for what I did in France."
"I love you too, Always have and always will." He held her hand just a little bit tighter before mumbling "On the count of three we go?"
"One." She started.
"Two." He followed
And in unison, they counted. "Three." And ran to the opposite sides of the room.

In theory, the plan was simple and rather quick thought about. Honestly, she would be surprised if the plan worked. Majority of the plan was based off of luck and partly to do with how quickly they could shoot down the camera. The luck factor was based on how much attention Elli was paying through the camera and if she can direct the fairies to shoot quick enough. However, no camera means Elli won't be able to know what's going on.
Yet, they needed one of the guns to be able to get rid of the camera.

There were no guns on the walls or anything, so it was up to hurting the fairies to get one each. The only problem was, that would involve moving which would mean that the fairies would be directed to shoot them.
The only flaw was, what if they both went at the same time in opposite directions? That was Tyler's main thought behind the plan. If they both go different ways (even if Elli was paying attention) she wouldn't be expecting it and therefore it would put her off for a moment to choose which fairy would go for which one of them.
Which was why Alyssa had knocked down one of the fairies and stole it's gun.

She was rather surprised at how loud the guns were. Luckily, either Elli hadn't noticed them or hadn't directed the fairy army yet. The fairies noticed them (especially the ones that were knocked down.) yet didn't move. Alyssa was rather curious, wondering if there was some deeper meaning behind why the fairies hadn't moved yet.
She aimed the gun at the camera, and pulled the trigger. She watched as the camera's little red light went out, signalling that it wasn't working, but then the room was lit with a red light, and an alarm starting blaring.

She saw as the fairies that still had their guns began to shoot in random directions and she started to panic. She was over-thinking and started to get stressed over what would happen to the kids if the worst happened or what would happen if she never got out or what if she got shot or what if they can't get out of the castle?
Tyler didn't seem to have the issue that Alyssa had, and he figured that it would be best if they focused on leaving instead of staying in a room with uncontrollable fairies with guns. He grabbed Alyssa's arm and pulled her out of the room before either of them got hurt.

"There's probably several more cameras around here." He glanced around the hallway, trying to see if there was one there. He was startled by the sound of a gunshot.
"Found it." Alyssa answered, looking at the now broken camera. "Which way?" She asked, looking over at him,
He shook his head slightly. "No clue. It's like a labyrinth in here."
"A what?" She asked,

"Labyrinth; it's in an ancient Greek myth. It's this maze that Daedalus made for King Minos to keep the Minotaur in. The maze was so intricately built that even Daedalus, who made it, struggled to get out." He explained. 
She sighed, rather defeated, "Hopefully it's not like that. I don't really feel like being destroyed by some gigantic half human half bull, nor do I feel like being stuck here." She glanced at one of the doors, moving over to it. "We should just try a bunch of random doors and see if any rooms look familiar." She opened the door, and both of them walked into the room.

As soon as they stepped in the room, the door quickly closed and locked on it's own. Being the one who went through the door second, Tyler tried to get the door to open, but no luck. "It's not budging."
"Are you sure?" She asked, trying to get the door to move also, but nothing happened. The door was locked.
They both turned around at the sound of slow clapping. "Well done, you managed to figure out that the door is locked. Nothing gets past you two, does it?" Elli grumbled, glaring at them. She waved her hand, and the whole room appeared to change.

When the room had appeared to have settled, the first noticeable thing was that there were a lot of TVs up on the wall. It was most likely the surveillance room.
"You won't be needing those." Elli dictated, and both of theirs guns disappeared. "Seeing as though you were too clever for my army and got rid of the camera, I don't want you breaking anything else with those." She glared at them both.
"We won't break anything if you let us go." Alyssa tried, grinning sweetly albeit nervously.

Elli gave Alyssa 'the look'. "You've already done enough damage, especially your sister." She glared at her. "She killed our Queen, you know how bad that is?" Elli approached Alyssa, furious. Alyssa really wished that Rosie was here right now. Rosie knew how to deal with fairies, especially how to get rid of them. 
"But that was her sister." Tyler added, trying to get the fairy's attention off of Alyssa.

Elli huffed, "It doesn't matter which sister did it. It would be better without either sister, or tag-along's of the two." She glared at the two of them, and Alyssa was mostly hoping for some sort of miracle and that Rosie would just appear out of no where and take care of Elli. She knew that wasn't how the world worked though.

"If you thought being locked up was easy, you have a hell of a lot install for you. Maybe, seeing as though you've pretty much broken my fairy army, I could always recruit new people." She grinned at the two of them. "I'd keep you both looking the same though, especially you Alyssa. Imagine the look on your sister's face when-" And Elli stopped, her eyes widening and she started to tremor uncontrollably. Alyssa and Tyler both took a step back, rather freaked out by Elli's sudden actions.

As Elli fell, there was a rather smug looking Rosie behind her. "Two fairies in one night, not bad, eh?" She smirked as she dusted off her hands. She stepped over Elli, and mumbled "Hm. She cut her hair short. It kinda looks better that way. It was all scraggly long." She mused.
Alyssa blinked, wondering how the hell her sister got there without her and Tyler noticing. "H-How...?" She trailed off, confused.

"I had a feeling you were in trouble, and after talking to Ashton's little friend, I figured you probably needed my help here." She smiled at her little sister. "A big sister knows when a little sister needs her help."
"Okay... But how did you get here unnoticed?" Alyssa asked, confused. "Or have you learned to turn invisible?" She asked, only half joking. 
Rosie grinned. "I got a lift here. I should probably call him, get him to take us back." She murmured while getting out her phone.

"Hey, it's me." She said, then asked. "Yeah, she's fine. Can you come pick us up now?". Rosie then rolled her eyes hearing the response. "How am I taking advantage of you?" She then sighed. "Don't be that way, seriously." She narrowed her eyes at nothing in particular. "Fine. Please can you come and pick us up now?" She grumbled, and sighed loudly and mumbled. "You're the best in the world and you're smarter than me. Now can you stop being so childish  and just hurry the hell up?" She grumbled, and looked up as Connor was standing nearby. 

"You really do need to practice your manners Rosie." He raised an eyebrow at her, knowing he was getting on her nerves.
"Don't make me hurt you, Connor." She warned, glaring at him. "You know that I will. You see her on the floor? You can join her if you really want." She narrowed her eyes at him.
"Manners." He reminded her, teasing. "You don't get people to teleport you home by threatening to kill them." He grinned.

While Connor and Rosie were busy arguing, Tyler asked Alyssa quietly "Are they always like this?" as he watched how Connor kept teasing Rosie, and as she kept threatening him.
Alyssa grinned. "Yep, most of the time worse." and she cleared her throat, getting her sibling's attention again. "As fun as watching you guys argue is, we should probably go home."

"Right," Connor mumbled, looking Alyssa up and down. Sabrina had told him about the weird letter Belle had brought over a while ago and after learning that the victim in that letter was Alyssa, of course he would be rather concerned over his little sister. Rosie wasn't quite as concerned however. She knew that her little sister was tough. 
Rosie then grinned, "If you want to take anything, make sure he doesn't see." She grinned at him, and noticed he was glaring in return

Before either of them new it, they were back home. It was just about morning, but there was still a trace of night lingering in the sky. Alyssa looked up at the stars briefly, before kissing Tyler softly.
"Thank you for rescuing me." She grinned. She probably hasn't been this happy in a long time.
"I couldn't let you stay in that castle forever, could I?" He smiled back at her.
"So, what have I missed?" She asked, taking his hand in hers as they went inside. She was happy to be home.

Chapter 2.38 Endgame Tactics
Chapter 2.40

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*toddler temper tantrum over*
I've actually been having a few temper tantrums lately. I should get my hotheadedness in check and calm down a little bit... Nah. That can be next year's resolution. Angry Carrie is fun Carrie. Right? >:/

I had to write it though, otherwise it would be a very anti-climatic ending. If it was up to me, they would have just walked magically gotten out somehow but I couldn't come up with something that made any sense aside from that. So, confrontations and siblings to the rescue. 

So, happy new year! I did want this to be up sooner (like, a week ago sooner.) But I've been busy with this and that and everything else plopped on top. I have a resolution to be more confident and creative, and I decided to make and release a few poses (there's literally two on there right now, neither all too fantastic.) and there's a link at the very top of the page.

I think 2015 is going to be a good year though. I've had my first ever audition (literal audition. I'm trying to get in at a theatre)  on Wednesday for Work Experience  (a week where you have to 'work' somewhere, usually at an office and most of the time you just make cups of tea for people) and I've received a letter from another theatre for an interview there so... so far so good. My interview is on the 28th. But I didn't get the thing at the theatre. I found out today but hey hum, can't win them all, right? Free workshop and it's a notch of experience under my belt. There were about 100 people auditioning and about 20 got in so... Yeah.
Still, a bit disappointing but at least there's still Chesterfield. And my friend said that back in the time when women were sold to men, I would get at least three pigs, so I've got that going for me :D
I'm not going for anything shy of a unicorn though ;)

So, busy busy busy times for Carrie. Busy busy busy.
Thank you for reading, and happy 2015! And if you see Marty, don't talk to him! You don't want to change the future which would change the past which would change the future which would change the past which would change the future... *gets into a muddle*