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Holiday Hiatus

I have no clue why, but I feel anxious writing this.
probably paranoia again. I get paranoid over everything. Everything.

Anyhoos, I've decided a hiatus is best for a few reasons.

First one being school. As much as I love writing, my work and school comes first and I've actually been falling behind slightly (not  massively. I've been targeting to get B's instead of A's and A*'s.) but to be able to get into the theatre program, I have to be on top of my studies, and yes, a B is good, but I don't want a B. B is for Bad and I want an A for Amazing.

Second reason is confidence. I've always had fluctuating confidence. I'll be as vain as vain can be (noticeable, probably. I don't mean to be, I just can't help it.) but... I don't know. I've been in this kind of funk lately. Part of myself wonders what there really is out there for me, and what there actually is for me and what the hell I am and if there's always someone better than I, what am I supposed to do
Preferably I don't want to get into all that (sucky) jazz.

And I'm worried all that's making me write to not the best of my abilities.
I want this blog to mean something to me, and this (the reasons) have really been eating me up alive recently.
Ah, I really didn't mean for this to turn into a rant or anything, but it really seems to be going that way. 
I'm not sure when me or the Matthews will be back, at least after this term (semester) is over, maybe before. I don't know. It depends on when everything seems to feel better again, and when I feel better about myself again and when I'm feeling more :) instead of :(

I'll still be somewhat around, just not all too much.
Au  revoir (for now)
~Carrie ♥ 

P.S. One last thing, happy birthday to my blog on the 1st of December. 
Crazy to think that it's almost been a year since I made Erin and Thomas...

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Chapter 2.34 The Diary

Juniper was looking around Belle's new room

It was confusing, that's for sure. Juniper was used to Belle's room only having a single bed, and all the butterflies on the walls. Now, there were no butterflies and no princess bed.
At least it wasn't like Melody's room though, Melody's room was all dark and scared Juniper.

Juniper had seen Belle cuddling a baby, and she assumed it was a boy as it was wrapped up in what looked like a blue blanket and Juniper could tell it was Belle because of her hair. The image was really bright, as always. Boys weren't as good as girls, but that wasn't the point.
Juniper had never, ever seen that baby before, and she knew that babies didn't just come out of nowhere, so she was looking around Belle's room to see where she had hid it.

Belle looked down at her sister who seemed to be looking around her room. "You're teddy isn't hiding in my room, June-bug." She pointed out, watching as the toddler looked around her room.
"I'm not looking for Squiggles, silly." Juniper giggled, then whispered. "Where'd you hide him?" She asked.

Belle frowned, and lifted Juniper up on to her bed. "Where did I hide who?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. She wondered what on earth her sister was on about.
"The baby, silly." Juniper looked up at Belle, who was very confused. "I saw you cuddling a baby, where did you put it?"

Belle was more than confused, wondering what her sister was on about. She sighed. "You're only a toddler, and you're already baby crazy." She murmured under her breath. "Junie, you're the only baby in this house. There's no other baby." She told her. "Now, I think we should stop saying the 'b' word, because my boyfriend is over." Belle smiled at her little sister. She thought it was probably best to ask her little sister to be quiet, so she wouldn't have to explain to Axel why her little sister was talking about babies. That would be a sure-fire way to scare off any teenage guy. 

Juniper frowned. "But I saw you cuddling him!" She protested, scowling, stomping her foot and folding her arms as she stood up on the bed. She didn't get why Belle didn't believe her. Juniper rolled her eyes. Sisters, huh?
"And who were you cuddling?" Belle's boyfriend raised an eyebrow, grinning. He knew that her little sister liked to come up with stories sometimes (or at least, that was what Belle had told him.)
"She's just making up stories again." Belle smiled, slightly uneasy. She did wonder what her sister meant, but it was probably best to talk about that later.

Belle picked up Juniper, and took her back into her room. "We'll talk about what you said another time, okay?" She whispered.
Juniper nodded, smiling slightly. "Can't it be a girl instead?" She asked, pouting.
"We'll see, maybe." Belle replied absently, not fully focusing on what her sister said and she went back into her own bedroom.

"You're little sister can be really creative, can't she?" Axel asked, sat on Belle's new double bed.
Belle half smiled, "Yeah, creative." She murmured, making sure her door was firmly closed. She didn't want anyone overhearing their conversation."Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about something, and what you think I should do." 

He narrowed his eyes, suspicious. "You've not robbed a bank or anything, have you? If you have, I expect you to buy me something pretty to keep my mouth shut." He smirked at her.
She sighed, grinning in return. "Dammit, you caught me. I'll buy you a pretty pair of earrings to keep you quiet, okay?" She laughed, joking. 

"Besides from my robbery, there's something else I need to talk to you about, and I need your opinion on something." She frowned, serious now.
He frowned. "You're kind of scaring me, Belle. What's going on?" He asked, and watched as Belle went into her drawer and pulled out a book.

"It's my mom's diary. I took it." She sat down on the bed, and placed it in between them. "I figured that if I wanted to know why she said what she said, and why she's been acting so weird, this is my best chance." She explained, frowning.
"Right... And you need my opinion on what?" He asked.

"On whether or not I should actually read it." Belle frowned. It was an invasion of privacy, a huge invasion of privacy. She needed to know though. She wanted to know why her mom acted the way she did.
He frowned, looking at the diary as he spoke. "I'm not so sure Belle. I guess that depends on what you want to do." He murmured, feeling rather awkward about this situation.

"I want to know why she's being so weird, and why she's being so mean all of a sudden." Belle frowned. "She's being horrible, and I don't know why but I want to know why."
Axel sighed, then shrugged slightly. "Then read it, but if I were you, I'd only read the relevant parts, so the more recent entries."
Belle nodded slightly, half smiling. "Yeah, I don't really want to know about who my mom had a crush on in high school." She murmured, opening the diary and flicking through it slightly.

Melody happened to like her new room. It was cool, and edgy. She didn't want a pretty room like what Belle has, she wanted one with more...
However, something was slightly bothering Melody though.

She looked a lot different from the rest of her family, and even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with that (she liked being different, don't get her wrong) she couldn't help but feel not quite as pretty as her older sister.
Her older sister was part French, and everyone knows that French girls are prettier than other girls. That's just basic knowledge. French girls just scream sex appeal (not literally of course) but do female werewolves? 

Melody frowned. It wasn't like she was jealous of Belle or anything, after all, her sister wasn't exactly the smartest nor the bravest. Even though Melody could be forgetful sometimes (and her imagination used to get the better of her often) but at least she was rather clever. Belle was as dumb as a bag of...

She stopped that train of thought, not wanting to be mean to Belle. It wasn't her fault she wasn't very clever. She left her bedroom, and saw her mom in the hallway. She wanted to ask her mom about something, but wasn't fully sure how to do it.
"Mom?" Melody asked, quietly. Her mom didn't hear her, so Melody just repeated louder. "Mom?"

'Alyssa' rolled her eyes. She was ignoring her on purpose, but now she couldn't. Stupid brat. "Yes?" She asked, pleasantly while smiling.
"I-I wanted t-to ask you something." The brat stuttered, looking at the floor. Was there something wrong with it? 'Alyssa' sighed, figuring it was probably nervous about something.
"Yes?" She repeated, a little more irritated. 

Melody looked down at the floor, regretting asking her mom now. She didn't seem like she was in a good mood. "D-Do you think I'm pretty?" She asked, finally looking up at her mom. She kind of figured that her mom would say yes.
But the situation of where her actual mother's  location was still unknown to Melody, as 'Alyssa' smiled. "Sweetie... Do you want me to be honest?" She asked.

Melody frowned, wondering what her mom was going to say, but she nodded anyway. "Of course."
'Alyssa' sighed. "Well, for a start, you never have your hair down and that fringe? What are you? Juniper's age?" She laughed, then carried on with "And your lips too, they really are quite small. Other than that, you just look plain, there's nothing that's specifically pretty about you." She shrugged, smiling simply "That, and you have nothing to you. You're as flat as an airplane runway." 'Alyssa' laughed, then smiled sympathetically. "At least you'd be able to get work done, maybe for your next birthday, you can get a nose job or a boob job or whatever you want." And then she walked off to her bedroom.

Melody went back into her bedroom, and stood back in front of her mirror. She wasn't so sure what to think. It wasn't like she was exactly fishing for compliments, but she didn't expect her mom to be so... Honest. She thought that her mom would have sugar coated it a little.
She couldn't help but look at what she looked like in the mirror. Was she really that unpretty?

Belle was idly flicking through the last couple of entries in her mom's diary. She did feel guilty doing this and looking through it, but then again, her mom was willing to keep one secret from her, how many more was she willing to keep?
Belle was more encouraged by that thought, and was even more concerned when she saw that one page was written all in funny letters, ones she didn't recognize.

She tore the page out of the diary, noticing nothing was behind it. The entry was dated a little bit after her mom's adult birthday, but a change of birthday doesn't mean you start writing in a different language with weird looking symbols! It looks like something they would study in history at school.
Maybe she should talk to her Aunt Sabrina about this. Her Aunt was really clever when it came to old things like this, almost as if she did in fact live in the past.

Juniper was thinking about what she saw, maybe it wasn't actually Belle's baby, maybe it could have been a future baby brother for her. She didn't like that thought. Juniper had to be the youngest sibling, that was the rule!
"I don't want a brother." Juniper told her Daddy, frowning. Her Daddy looked confused.

Tyler put the book away, looking at Juniper "There's not much that can be done about Nate or Ash, June. I know you prefer your sisters, but we can't trade them in or anything." He half smiled at her.
She shook her head. "No, they're okay for now." She half smiled, and then explained. "I don't want a baby brother. I'm the only baby." She huffed, folding her arms.

That just confused him even more. "Did your Mommy tell you a secret about that? Or did you see it?" He asked, picking her up and sitting her down next to him.
"Saw it." Juniper responded, and couldn't help but smile a little. She always felt special whenever she could see something. "I don't want a baby brother." She frowned, figuring that it might have been a little brother. She didn't want one, ever. Juniper was the youngest, and she wanted it to stay like that. She didn't want to share her room or her toys with an icky baby brother.

"I promise you won't have a baby brother, or a baby sister. Sometimes what you see might not come true, so that's one of the things that won't come true." He explained to her.
"No baby brother then." Juniper smiled, happier now. She didn't want to share her Mommy's and Daddy's attention with anyone new. They were all hers!
"No baby brother, or baby sister." He smiled at her. "You're enough of a handful as it is." He grinned at her.

Faye grinned, able to see that her plan was working. She was so close to being able to meet him. Not like she would ever tell her mother what her true intentions were, but she wanted to warn him about her mother.
He was so close. Just a little more magic would probably make the lure slightly stronger. It wasn't like she was purposely dragging him there, a lure was more just like a nagging feeling of needing to go somewhere. She wasn't trying to hurt him or anything, she wasn't her mother.

Her eyes widened when something went wrong, and when he collapsed. If Faye could talk, she would have cursed. She didn't intend on hurting him, and she knew it was her fault. If only she could have spoke to him normally, without needing magic, then she wouldn't have lost her voice and he wouldn't have collapsed.

She quickly went over to him, and tried her hardest to get him to wake up. She knew it wouldn't be a fatal thing or anything but she was still panicking because unlike her, he actually had a family to go home to. She stayed with him, waiting for him to wake up.

AN: Can I just point out how sassy Juniper looks in the sixth picture? She looks so sassy! It's so adorable! It kinda looks like she's with a bunch of people who aren't paying attention to her, and that she's going to diva out at any minute.

This would have actually been out a lot sooner if my laptop didn't keep crashing on me.

And I redid the teenager's rooms (Belle's, Melody's and Ashton's rooms). The butterflies and princess bed was too little kid-ish for Belle, so I gave her a new pretty room, and I gothed up Melody's room. Her's is my favourite.
I'm still in the process of doing Ashton's, hence why his room hasn't been seen yet.

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Chapter 2.33 Princesses and Fairytales

Juniper had learned how to escape her crib

It wasn't all too difficult. She just had to climb over the railing and then slowly lower herself down into a pile of stuffed toys.
She had a nightmare and wanted cuddles which was exactly why she was in Belle's room. Belle gave good cuddles, and she told really good stories too. Mommy didn't like telling stories and she didn't like cuddles anymore, and her daddy gave good cuddles but not very good storied. He tried but he always told boyish stories better, and wasn't good with princess stories. Juniper wanted a princess story, and Belle was always the best at telling them.

It was weird to her seeing her sister's room all dark, and Juniper whispered to the flower lights "Can you turn on? Turn on please." She frowned, and watched and waited but the flowers refused to turn on. Meanie flowers.

Belle woke up when she felt something tapping on her foot. At first she thought it might have been the dog feeling lonely, but she saw someone smaller and even sadder looking. "Junie? What's wrong?" Belle asked, frowning.
She knew her little sister had managed to break free of her crib. She had found many times Juniper had escaped from nap time to wait for her coming home. Belle was annoyed the first time at the thought of her sister breaking into her room, but it was sweet. Her little sister missed her when she was at school.
"I had a bad dream." Juniper frowned. "I want cuddles and story." She looked up at Belle expectantly, wanting her sister to make everything better again.

Belle only turned on one of the lights, the one closest to her bed, and she pulled Juniper up on to her knee. "You want a story, hmm?" She smiled down at Juniper, who smiled back up at her.
"I want a Princess story!" She grinned. "Daddy isn't as good as you with those stories." Juniper also tried sucking up to Belle in the chances of getting a story.
"Okay, I think I have one in mind. Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom not unlike our own, there was a King and Queen who really wanted a baby of their own so there would be a prince or a princess to take over once they were gone. After a long time, the King and Queen finally got the baby they wanted, a beautiful baby girl." Belle started, looking down at Juniper who was looking back at her with amazement and interest.

"The King and Queen had a party to celebrate their Princess being born, and afterwards having the good witch of the kingdom over to check on their daughter. The witch was known for being the best healer there was, and the King and Queen wanted to make sure their Princess was perfectly healthy. The Queen was worried that something bad might happen to the Princess and after waiting so long for her, neither her nor the King wanted anything to go wrong.
The witch checked on the Princess, and she was a perfectly happy, healthy girl. The witch had even promised to give the Princess a gift only magic could give, But then something bad happened, and a bad person came into the room."

"The evil fairy was angry that the King and Queen had ignored her, and didn't invite her to celebrate their daughter being born. Before the King could stop her, the Queen begged the fairy to not harm their daughter in any way, but this only gave the fairy ideas, and she was even more furious that the Queen would think something like that.
The fairy put a curse on the Princess, and that on the day of her young adult birthday, she would prick her finger on something sharp, and fall to her death." Belle carried on with the story.
"Does she die?" Juniper interrupted.
Belle sighed. "You'll find out if you just listen."
"I don't want her to die though." Juniper whined.

Belle, ignoring Juniper's input, continued the story "The Queen and King couldn't help but feel guilty, the Queen more than the King. However, the good witch still hadn't given the Princess her gift yet. The witch couldn't reverse the spell that the fairy had cast, but she could change it. Instead of the Princess falling to her death when her finger was pricked, she would instead fall into a deep sleep that only true love's kiss could wake her from. The witch could only change the curse to that, but she wished she could change it to something else. Even though the Princess was little, she was going to marry a Prince from another town when she was old enough, whom may or may not be her true love. There was nothing the witch could do though. It was either sleep or death, and at least with sleep she would be alive.
The King and Queen also asked for the witch to take the Princess so the two of them knew that the fairy wouldn't be able to find the Princess if she was with the witch. They wanted to witch to raise her as her own, and give all the love to her that their Princess would need, but to make it clear to the Princess that she was completely ordinary, just like everyone else in the Kingdom. The King and Queen knew that when the time was right, the witch would tell their daughter who she really was and the witch did as she was told and took the Princess home."

"Not a lot did happen to the Princess until the day of her young adult birthday. The witch had kept her promise of keeping the Princess out of harm, and the Princess was perfectly safe. She had grown up with grace and manners, just like how any Princess should be. The Princess knew she did come from Royalty, but she wasn't sure how or from where.
Today was one of the days where the witch would allow the Princess out unsupervised. Even though she was almost all grown up, the witch was worried something would happen. Today however, the witch was planning a surprise for the Princess's birthday, and she was going to make sure the King and Queen were there to see their fully grown up daughter and so the Princess could know who she really was."

"While on her little outing, the Princess saw a handsome Prince." Belle was interrupted again by a gasp from Juniper. She soon continued "The Princess was too shy to go up to where he was wandering around the valley. She knew she could have helped him and showed him around, he obviously wasn't from this Kingdom."

"But the Princess just couldn't do it, and she watched as he soon left. She didn't even know if he had seen her. The Princess didn't know she was a Princess. If she knew, she would have spoke to him. The Princess knew that the Prince would just shoo a peasant, like how she saw herself, away. She didn't want to end up hurting, so she just left it be, and she went back home to the witch."

"When the Princess did get back to the witch's house, all she could talk about was her very brief encounter with seeing the Prince. She was truly head over heels, but the witch remembered that the Princess was supposed to marry another Prince from another Kingdom. The witch forbade the Princess from going outside, not wanting anything else bad to happen along those lines. The last thing the witch wanted was for the King and Queen to be angry at her for ruining the Princess's future plans."
Juniper frowned, interrupting Belle again. "So, does the Princess not fall in love with the Prince?"
Belle sighed. "Wait and see June-bug, wait and see."

"The Princess ran off, in the night, when the witch couldn't stop her. The Princess didn't know where she was going, but she felt a natural draw to the old castle. Little did she know, that was where the King and Queen were. The Princess was unaware of where she was going, all she knew was that there was something in her trying to tell her to stop. She couldn't though.
She went in to the castle, and went up one of the towers and she saw a very sharp sculpture at the very top of the tower."

"She reached out her finger, and she pricked her finger on the top of the very sharp sculpture. Just like that, she fell into a deep sleep. Unknown to the Princess, the witch wasn't so far behind the Princess, and tried to stop her before she pricked her finger, but it was too late. The Princess fell into a very, very deep sleep."

"The King and the Queen were heartbroken over what had happened to their daughter, and they had tried everything to wake her. They had every single suitor over to kiss her, to see if she could wake up but it was no use. None of them woke her up."
"Aw." Juniper interrupted, yet again, this time disappointed,
Belle continued. "However, there was still one man who hadn't tried, the Prince hadn't tried kissing the Princess yet."
Juniper gasped with excitement. "I hope it works." She grinned.

"The Prince kissed the Princess, as a last hope to wake her up. He gave the Princess a long, soft kiss and then pulled away, To his amazement, the Princess's eyes started to flutter open, and she sat up. She smiled widely when she saw the Prince in front of her, and a little while after the kiss, the King, Queen and the witch told the Princess who she really was, and that the Prince was the one who she was arranged to marry,"

"The curse had been broken by true love's kiss, and the Prince and Princess soon got married after the news of her being fine spread around the Kingdom. The two of them became the new King and Queen of the Kingdom and they had a family together and they lived happily ever after." Belle finished the story, grinning.

"Did you like that story?" Belle asked, smiling. It was one of her favourites when she was little. She always imagined herself as the Princess, apart from Belle was still a little unsure of where her Prince was
Juniper nodded quick;y, grinning. "Yeah!" She giggled, bouncing up and down. "Wanna 'nother story!" She beamed.
Belle pretended to over think the decision. "Hmm, I suppose I can allow one more story. This one is called Beauty and the Beast." and Juniper grinned, ready to listen,

Belle started to tell the story"Once upon a time, there was a girl called Belle."
"Did you name it after yourself?" Juniper asked, developing a habit of interrupting Belle's stories.
Belle grinned "No, I didn't. I just happen to be called Belle too. Perhaps Mom liked the story too." She shrugged, even though she did know the real reason why her mom called her Belle, not after the Princess but that it meant beauty. She carried on with the story"She lived in the village on the edge, just her and her father in a little house. It did get a little lonely for them sometimes, but it was nice and it was quiet. It was perfect for Belle, especially because she loved to read."

"But, one thing wasn't so perfect for Belle. There was this boy who was constantly after her affection. All this boy thought about was himself and he thought the world of himself. His name was Gaston, and unfortunately for Belle, the only thing he loved more than himself was her!" Belle found it rather odd to talk about a character with the same name as her, it was as if she was talking in third person.
"He sounds yucky." Juniper added, frowning.
"He was yucky. Very yucky." Belle frowned in return. "Belle's knew she could trust her dad though, The village saw her father as a mad man, but Belle knew her father wasn't insane. Her father was just a little eccentric, and she loved him for that." Belle smiled rather sadly, but Juniper didn't notice. She was mostly focused on the story. "Her father had to go though, as he was an inventor, and there was a huge fair a few villages over specifically for inventions. Belle knew she would miss her dad, but he would only be gone for a few days."

"It had been quite a while since Belle's father had left, and Belle was really worried. What made it worse was that Gaston was still fighting for her attention, and he even proposed to her."
"Icky." Juniper inputted, frowning.
"Icky indeed. Belle said no, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. This made Belle annoyed, and she demanded for him to leave. Belle had more important things to worry about, like where her father was."

"That night, Belle heard the whinnying of her father's horse, the one her father had left on. She got worried, realizing something awful must have happened to her father. She needed to find her father, and didn't see any other option than to mount the horse and ask him to take her to where her father was and his horse raced off with Belle to find her father."

"The horse stopped outside of an old castle, and Belle slowly got off of her horse. She was nervous about this old castle, mostly because she now knew that her father didn't just get lost, but that he was being held somewhere. Belle approached the castle, and knocked on the door, but no one was there. She just walked in, and saw that the castle was empty."

"Belle called out, but no one was there. She took it on herself to begin to search for where her father may be.She did eventually find him, but he was locked away, down in the dungeons of the castle!"
Juniper gasped "Is he okay?"
"He was fine, but he warned her to leave. Belle didn't understand why until she saw the person who was keeping her father there. It was a horrifying beast keeping her there."
Juniper frowned. "I don't think I like this story..."
Belle frowned. "You will, I promise." She smiled at her.

"Belle would do anything to make sure her father was okay, he was getting old as it is and she knew he was getting sick. The Beast was furious that someone broke in to his castle so he wanted someone to suffer because of it. Much to her father's dismay, Belle offered to stay there instead of her father and the Beast accepted her offer on the condition that Belle would have to stay there, forever. Belle accepted the offer.
The Beast got rid of Belle's father, before she could even say goodbye to him. The Beast then showed Belle to her room, and she was honestly glad she wouldn't be staying in the dungeon. The Beast told her that she could go wherever she wanted, but not the West Wing. The West Wing was forbidden."

"Belle was allowed to stay in a big and fancy room, but it didn't have a lot to it. She would have preferred her home with her father any day. She stayed in the room for a long time, even past dinner tine. She refused to go down for dinner, mostly just wanting to sit and feel sorry for herself. She had just lost her dad that day, and she had to stay in a castle for the rest of her life.
A little while later though, Belle slowly left her bedroom and explored around the castle. She wasn't fully sure of where she was going, but went down the darker corridor, the one that she figured was the West Wing. What could be the harm of going there?"

"When Belle went into the last room in the West Wing, the only thing that was there was a rose, and it looked as if it was wilting away too. It made Belle wonder what the harm was with the rose and the West Wing in general. She reached out to touch the rose's petals. It almost seemed magical in some type of way, it seemed to glow and give light to the room.
Belle didn't realize the power that the rose had. The rose was magical, and when the final petal fell, the rose lost it's magic. It would fall just before the day of his Young Adult birthday.
She was close to touching the rose, but then she heard the Beast walk in to the room, and she quickly walked away from the rose. He was furious at her, and he was yelling at her. She tried to explain herself, but he asked her to leave the West Wing, and to stay out of it too. But Belle was going to do better than that. Promise or not, Belle was going to leave the castle, and go back home."

"On her way home, she ran across a violent, stray dog, and noticed that not too far behind, there was a pack of violent dogs. Belle got worried, knowing that if she had her father's horse around she could have just rode away. But right now, she was face to face with an angry dog, and she had no clue how to defend herself. Luckily though, she didn't have to defend herself too much. She hadn't got too far away from the castle, and the Beast saw her against the dog and the others close behind. He saved her from the violent dogs, although he got hurt himself."

"Belle felt bad about what happened to the Beast and how he got hurt while saving her. She wanted to look after him and make him feel better. It was a little difficult at first. He had a bit of a temper, and she didn't like people being rude to her and she knew her own mind. Funnily enough though, they managed to become rather close."

"Beast couldn't help but think about something, about how he got turned into a beast. He wasn't always that way, but an enchantress turned him into a beast because he was selfish and mean. He was told that only love could turn him into who he used to be, more importantly, someone loving him. He knew there was the perfect girl, one he was starting to get those kinds of feelings for."
"Does he love her?" Juniper chirped in, grinning.
"He was starting to." Belle grinned back.

"He was a little worried though, in case she would never feel the same way back about him. The Beast never told her about the spell, knowing that he couldn't without possibly ruining everything. It wasn't like girls as pretty as Belle came to the castle that often so he wanted a way to impress her, and to show her that he had been listening to her. He knew that she liked books, and he knew that he could use that to his advantage."

"Belle didn't understand why he wanted her to have her eyes closed as she walked into a room she had never been in. To her, it could have just been any other of the millions of rooms that she hadn't yet explored, but the Beast was determined on making this a surprise. Belle was amazed however when she opened her eyes. It was the grandest library she had ever been in, more books that she had ever seen in her life." Belle found herself happy at the thought, wishing their house had a fancy library like that.

"Beast was startled when Belle hugged him tightly, but he knew that he had made her happy, and he started to get hope that he could be turned back into the Prince that he used to be before the spell, and he was hopeful for probably the first time since being turned into a Beast."
Juniper gasped. "He's a Prince?" She asked.
Belle nodded, "He was, before he got turned into a Beast. He could be a Prince again if someone said they loved him before the last petal on the rose fell."
"So, he could be a Prince again if she says she loves him before the petal falls?" Juniper asked, and Belle nodded.

"The night before his birthday, Beast and Belle decided to dance in the ballroom. It was Belle's idea because she hadn't seen the ballroom yet, and she really wanted to celebrate his birthday for him. She didn't know just how important his birthday would be though, for him in particular."

"It was a wonderful and magical night, and the two of them even kissed a few times. There was something still bothering Belle though, her father and his already declining health. So, when the Beast asked her what was wrong, she answered that she missed him. And even though he didn't want to let her go, he knew she would be happier with looking after her father and her family, so he let her go."
Juniper frowned. "Why? Why did he let her go? She was going to say it!" She sighed dramatically.
"Because he loved her. He would prefer it if she was happy, rather than him being happy."

"Belle got home just in time, as her father was being taken away to the crazy people hospital." Belle frowned. "Belle knew her father wasn't crazy though, but the town was convinced as he kept going on about the Beast. Gaston was there too, and he told Belle that everything would be happier if she married him like how he asked."
"Icky." Juniper frowned, not as enthusiastic as before. She was getting tired, but she wanted to know what happened at the end.
"But Belle wasn't going to take it. She slapped Gaston, and proved that Beast was real. She told Gaston that she felt more towards the Beast than what she could ever even imagine feeling towards him. Gaston really wasn't happy though, and set out for the castle, to kill the Beast." Belle frowned, and Juniper gasped.

"When Beast saw Gaston with his sword, he honestly didn't feel like fighting. He had lost Belle and she meant the world to him. Once he had finally started to love, she had gone. But then he heard Belle wandering around the castle, and realized that she had come back, and that there was still a chance. He fought against Gaston, wanting to win and wanting to be with Belle until the end of their time."

"Beast was distracted for a moment, when he saw Belle again, and thankful that it wasn't just his imagination. However, while he was distracted, Gaston stabbed Beast in the back. However, Gaston soon lost his footing and fell off of the balcony. Belle watched as the Beast fell to the floor."
Juniper frowned. "I don't like this story, it's sad."
"You'll like it, I promise." Belle smiled.

"Belle went to Beast, heartbroken. She didn't want it to end this way, but he seemed alright with it. He was happy that he got to see her one last time and then his eyes closed. Belle was really upset, she didn't want it to end like this. She loved Beast, and she even said it aloud. She rested her head on him, but then something magical happened." Belle grinned.

"The Beast turned back into his normal self, the non-Beast kind. Beast was a Prince again." Belle grinned, and Juniper smiled tiredly. Belle could tell that Juniper was just trying to make it to the end. "The curse was broken, and he and Belle lived happily ever after. The End." Belle grinned.
"Did they have a family?" Juniper asked, and Belle nodded.

"They had two children, a boy and a girl." Belle made up, drifting away from the actual story. 
"Only two?" Juniper frowned.
Belle laughed. "How many do you want them to have?" She asked, and couldn't help but regret the question slightly.
"Twelve! I want twelve." Juniper grinned up at Belle, who sighed and stood up while holding Juniper.
"When you get married, I'll remind you that you said that." Belle grinned, and took Juniper to bed. Neither of them knew what was happening downstairs though...

"I've got to admit, Darling, I'm a little surprised to see you here." Melancholia glanced over at the younger fairy who looked almost identical to herself.
"Like I said, Mother, I needed your help." Faye grumbled, not wanting to do this. Going to her mother for help was her last resort.
Melancholia smirked. "The life of being good finally got you down?" She asked, patronizingly. 
"Never. I'm not like you." Faye glared at her mother. She wasn't like her. She was good, and she didn't go around ruining people's lives.

"Then what is it? Boy troubles?" Melancholia smirked, finding it entertaining to tease her daughter. She grinned when Faye looked away, blushing. "It is boy trouble, isn't it? My baby girl has a crush on some boy."
"He's not just some boy." Faye interjected, frowning. "He's special, and you're currently ruining his life." She folded her arms, glaring.

"How am I ruining his life?" Melancholia asked, rather defensively. She didn't mind the accusation of ruining people's lives if she was, but currently she was only ruining one family's lives right now.
"By pretending to be his mom." Faye snapped, furious. She then went quiet when her mother realized who she had a crush on.
"You like the werewolf boy, hmm?" She smirked, patronizing yet again. Faye could easily remember why she ran away from her mother just from this little conversation. "I've got to say Faye-Faye, I thought you'd be dating a boy much different than him."

"Actually, I've kinda not yet talked to him." Faye murmured, looking down. 
"Faye..." Melancholia stiffed a laugh, finding her daughter's shyness amusing. "It's not right to stalk people, you know."
"I'm not stalking him." She snapped quickly, and she sighed. "I was hoping you could help me talk to him." She murmured, looking down. "Please?" She asked quietly. "You know as well as anyone that fairies can't talk to any other species without them talking to us first."
Melancholia smirked, finding this as an opportunity to get what she wanted. "So, you want the ability to do a lure spell to make him talk to you? I'll help you, but you have to give me something in return."

Faye narrowed her eyes at her mother. "What?" She tried to ask nicely, but she knew that her mother was just a bitch when it came down to it.
Melancholia grinned, maliciously. "Because you're my daughter, I'm going to give you a choice. Either your magic, or your voice." 
Faye took a step back. "What? Giving you my magic wouldn't make any sense! If I gave you my magic, then I wouldn't be able to do the spell." She frowned.
"So, I guess you'll be giving me your voice then." She grinned in response.

Faye just stared at her mother for a while, knowing she was stupid for even coming here. She should have known better to never make a deal with the Female Satan.
"You've not lost your voice yet, Faye, You can still talk." She smirked. "And what will it be? Your voice or the werewolf boy knowing you?" She asked, grinning.
She sighed heavily. "Fine. You can have my voice." She frowned. Even though her mother was untrustworthy, she knew that she would keep a deal.

"You're sure, right?" Melancholia grinned at Faye's misfortune.
She nodded softly, and frowned. "I'm sure." What could be the worst thing about losing her voice just for a while?
Melancholia cast the spell, taking Faye's voice away from her, and giving her more magical powers. She then smirked. "Have fun never being able to talk again." She grinned. Faye's eyes widened, and she tried to object but she couldn't. Melancholia smirked still "Did you think you would get you're voice back after you cast the spell yourself?" And Faye nodded in response. Melancholia laughed. "Sorry Faye. But like you said when you left, I'm just a bitch." She grinned. 
Faye scowled but there was nothing the teen fairy could do, She quickly left, and Melancholia turned back into 'Alyssa', just in case someone in the house had heard her's and Faye's discussion.

'Alyssa' got an idea from seeing Faye that night, mostly about once the real her was gone (the fairy version of herself) there would be no one else related to her left. Maybe another fairy heir was needed...
She grinned when she got an idea. There was a man inside who loved the woman she was pretending to be, and real Alyssa already had one brat with him... All it would take was a little convincing.
She grinned, maliciously, mortals were so easy to mess with.


AN: I let my little, Disney princess loving, kid out in this chapter (despite the fact that Beauty and the Beast used to terrify me when I was little, I hated it when Beast got angry and it scared me :c ) . I was going to stick to the actual fairy tales but the Disney versions were a lot more... Ah... Child friendly shall we put it.
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