Right, so I've been doing a little bit of spring (even though it was October when I edited this) cleaning with my simmies.
On each one, you will find summaries chapter by chapter. Warning, they're long. And you will also find links to download each of the sims in that generation, excluding the heir.
Now, on with the summaries! Just click on the link to see the page.

Heir: Thomas Matthews
Family Structure: Single with Help
Number of Children: 3
Primary Income: Military
Secondary Income: Busker
Generation Goal: Expansionist
Miscellaneous Fun: Tattoo Addict

Heir: Alyssa Matthews
Family Structure: Second Chance
Number of Children: 5
Primary Income: Science
Secondary Income: Inventor, Freelance Scientist
Generation Goal:  Awesome
Miscellaneous Fun: Half Siblings

This may not be completely up to date (because I can be rather forgetful) it's easier to just trust the side bar.
Still rather short, ah well, I'm only on Gen 2

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