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Chapter 1.18 Snow Day

Today was probably the day Erin was least looking forward to.

Everyone was still happy, even though it was the third birthday for the third day in a row. Well, almost everyone was happy.

Everyone was celebrating, everyone was happy. Even Toby was joining in for crying out loud! There was only person who wasn't happy though...

The only unhappy person there was the birthday girl herself. Erin honestly didn't want to age up. She wondered where her life went. All that time partying in the city, all the time spent here, it was all gone, like that. Closing her eyes, she blew out the candles. As they went out, Erin took out the candles and got herself the first slice of cake.

To say she was listening would be a lie. She aimlessly separated the crumbs of the cake as she frowned down at the colourful icing. Sure, she loved what she had here, but if she had waited just a little longer, or had been a little less impulsive... Would she still have the same-ish style life? Of course not.
She placed the fork down on the table, and mumbled "I'm going up to my room." She walked off, fairly quickly without letting anyone interject or ask why she was walking away.

Rosie and Connor stayed sat at the table while Thomas cleared away the plates. They had a snow day today as the school was shut due to the heavy snow. Thomas sighed, sitting down in his chair
"Do either of you know what's up with her?" He asked, and both of them shook their heads, almost insync.
"She seemed pretty upset yesterday." Connor murmured, looking away. "She kept saying how she didn't want me to grow up..." He trailed off, still not making eye contact with either of them.

Rosie then got an idea, probably the best one both her and Connor have had. She turned to her Daddy
"Can me and Connor go to the Festival today?" She grinned, putting on her best puppy dog eyes. 
"You do know that Snowflake Day is really soon, right? We can just go then." He shrugged off the suggestion, and Rosie frowned.
"Please Daddy? Pretty, pretty please?" She pouted. "I promise I'll be good until forever."
Thomas sighed, "Fine, you two can go. As long as you both promise not to get into any trouble."
"We promise." Rosie grinned, and went into her bedroom, dragging Connor along with her.

"What was that about?" Connor asked, looking down at the floor then up at Rosie. "I thought we were going to try and talk to my mom today..." He trailed off, confused. As far as he was concerned, he thought that Erin was only upset about, well that's just it. He wasn't sure why she was upset. Girls can be so confusing.
"Its over." Rosie murmured, frowning. She honestly looked really upset. "I think I screwed it all up." She sniffled a little, feeling guilty. Was Erin upset because of what she said? She really didn't mean to make her upset. She was just curious about her. She was the closest thing Rosie had to a mom, and she wanted to know more about her. Is that such a crime?

"What happened?" Connor frowned, looking up at Rosie. The bad feeling was spread across the room as she looked away. It was obvious she did something wrong, she looked guilty and couldn't make any eye contact, not even close.
"The only thing I can think of now is just letting Erin and Daddy spend some time together..." She trailed off, sighing. She honestly wondered what the point was in even trying now.
"Then we better go to the fair." He grinned a little, and stood up. "Come on, if those two being alone might help them be together, then we better get going." He helped her up, and then he went into his own room.

Pretty soon after she ran off upstairs, she went to the tattoo parlour unnoticed by anyone in the house. It was a skill that she was fairly proud of. The fact that no one heard her come into the parlour either possibly proved that she was a little too good.
She also noticed that the two men in there weren't the usual stylist and tattoo artist. What was with this town and no one keeping their jobs too long?

As soon as Connor and Rosie got there, he went straight to the concession stand.
"Aren't you a little young to be here on your own?" The concession lady asked, and Connor just shrugged.
"I'm here with my older sister, so..." He trailed off, half smiling. He then ordered what was apparently a 'Hot Chocolate'. He really hoped they were nice.

"You know... You're kinda cute." Erin mused, slowly inching herself closer to the tattoo artist. She wasn't fully sure whether it was the fact she was feeling alone or that she actually did like this guy, but she just felt like being flirty again. Being the person she was before she was a mom.
"I'm not interested." He mumbled, a little put off by her. She nodded anyway, a little hurt that he said that. He was probably into guys anyway, was the only think she could think about.

Rosie slowly ventured out on to the ice rink, scared she'll end up landing on her backside. She had the ice skates in her hand, unsure of what the use actually was. A few stumbles before even making it very far, she managed to get back to the edge of the rink to put them on. Obviously, it wasn't best to ignore things like that.

"I didn't exactly come here for that." Erin murmured, still fairly disappointed. "I wanted to know if I could get a tattoo? I've already got two from the past two guys who worked here." She explained, and the newest tattoo artist held his hand up to stop her.
"I don't need your life story, princess. All I need to know is what and where." He grumbled, getting to the point quickly. She wasn't so sure of what to think about this new guy. She much more prefered the one before.

Connor slowly lifted the drink up to his lips, hoping it wasn't too hot. Nothing sucked more than a burned tongue. He had learned that a few times. He gradually lifted up the cup, tasting the rich, smooth texture of the drink. He grinned, wishing he had tried this before.

"Baby steps... Baby steps..." Rosie murmured to herself, watching where she went as she skated along. She was really scared of tumbling and falling. As long as she didn't end up on the floor like a certain deer, she'd be fine. She slowly glided along, holding her arms out so she wouldn't fall flat on her face. After the first lap, she managed to go a little faster.

She made a whimpering noise when the ice seemed to come up to her. She tried to steady herself with any way possible. That's when Rosie realized that ice skating wasn't any fun, at all. In fact, ice skating was dangerous and if she was clumsy enough, the blade could probably run over her hand! She soon came off the ice, not liking it at all.

It was the exact same feeling being sat in this chair again. The exact same pain from the needle and the exact same wanting to run off. It hurt but it wasn't all too painful, not nearly as close to how painful it was the first time. That seemed like a lifetime ago now...
Once it was done, she went back home. Again, she went unnoticed.

She flopped down on to the bed, sighing heavily as she did. She outstretched one of her arms as she looked up at the ceiling. She couldn't help but think about everything that has happened since she came here. There was when she moved in with Thomas, her fling with Danny, finding out about Connor, and then Rosie moving in with them too. And all that was before she even got her dragon tattoo. After that, there was the warning about Rosie, after her fling with Alex
She sighed softly, closing her eyes. She wanted to imagine anything other than what might have been. She closed her eyes tighter, wanting any way at all to get rid of those thoughts. There was a knock on the door, which then broke her train of thought. 

"Hey, you alright?" He asked, frowning as he slowly closed the door behind himself.
"No." Erin mumbled, frowning. "I feel old, and I've done nothing with my life." She whined, looking up at the ceiling.
"Why do you think that?" He frowned, and went to sit down on her bed with her.

She sighed softly, sitting up a little so she wasn't on her back. "Remember when I first came here? And how I never actually told you the proper reason why?" She looked up at him, frowning uneasily.
He nodded "Yeah, of course I do." He moved one of his legs in front of himself, and now she brought it up, he started to wonder why she even came here. Surely, if she was from the city, wouldn't she have wanted to stay there? "Why did you come here?"

"I ran away." Erin mumbled, and Thomas got fairly worried for a second. Was she actually as old as she said she was? Or was she secretly younger? She rolled her eyes, guessing she knew what he was thinking. "Yes, I am still an adult." She frowned.
"Then why did you run?" He asked, confused, why would anyone freely run away?
"Because I didn't want to get married." She whispered, frowning. She sat up, and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I was engaged to this guy called Alex." She started, frowning. She held her head in her hands, honestly hating thinking about it. "It was literally a week before our wedding and I panicked." Her voice was slightly muffled by the heels of her hands. "I went down a bad track, that I really don't want to talk about, and then I left." She managed to pull her hands away ever so slightly, just enough to see Thomas's shocked reaction.
"I uh... I wasn't expecting you to say that." He admitted, shocked by her confession.
"And now I've given up practically my only chance of ever getting married." She whined, trying not to cry. "To make it worse, I'm pretty sure I found a grey hair." She tried not to cry, but she just couldn't help it.
She felt alone, and regretted being here. The only thing she had tying her here was Connor, and she knew she wasn't heartless enough to leave. There was still always that temptation though, and the knowing that Alex would come straight back if she wanted him to.

"You're not old." He mumbled, putting his hand on her shoulder. He bit his lower lip, not fully sure of what actually to say. What are you supposed to say at times like these. After about half a minute, he continued with "If it means anything, I'm glad you're here." He mumbled. "I mean, at first I didn't know what I got myself into, to be honest." He lowered his voice even more at that bit, not wanting to offend her right now. "But I honestly can't imagine not knowing you." He smiled "And I can't picture you not being here, and Connor not being here."

She shuffled away from him, wrapping her arm around one of the posts in the headboard, her head resting on her hand. "That's sweet, really and truly. But that's not what I want right now." She bit her lower lip, aware that her thoughts right now were all mixed up.
Thomas furrowed his eyebrows, unsure of what she actually wanted. "What do you..." He trailed off as realization struck "Oh." He mumbled, looking at her.
"But, I don't want it to lead to anything more." She clarified, untangling herself from the headboard. "I just want it to be one time, no strings attached."
"No strings attached?" He couldn't help but smirk a little "Fine with me." He mumbled

And so with that, all their clothed quickly and swiftly landed on the floor. As their lips locked and their 'no strings' agreement came to a beginning, only a few things could be considered. What if the stringless agreement fell through? Or perhaps that nothing will go wrong.
Maybe, at least...

Chapter 1.17 Don't Grow Up                                                          

AN: AH! I keep forgetting to add this! This chapter was probably about 10 pictures longer than my usual ones, I should be sticking to keeping them fairly short-ish about 20 pictures though. I like this chapter, and the drama that follows it... 
But for now, that's a mystery! 

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Chapter 1.17 Don't Grow Up

"That was your grand idea?"

Connor sighed, looking down. It was Rosie's idea to meddle in the first place. He was merely just roped into all this and now it seemed like he was the actual brains behind the plan. "Dying my mom's hair blonde isn't going to get to anything, all you've done was lighten her hair color." He grumbled, honestly a little annoyed.

"There's no need to be so mardy about it, sheesh!" Rosie sighed, rolling her eyes at him, "Besides, I thought it was a good plan. My Daddy likes blondes." She smiled slightly, feeling more proud of herself than she should do. 
"I'm not being mardy!" Connor quickly defended himself. He was not mardy.
"Are too." She smirked, folding her arms. She was trying to wind him up, again.
"Are not." He growled, annoyed already. It was early, and these early morning meetings were pointless.
"Are too." Rosie grinned, watching Connor getting annoyed. Even though it was slightly mean, there was something satisfying about seeing him annoyed. 
"Are not!" He snapped, snarling at her. "I hate you." He growled.

"Fine, I'm sorry." Rosie murmured, knowing that she needed Connor. He was smarter than she was, even though there was no chance she would ever admit that. "Can you please tell me what you were planning?"
"You should be." He growled, glaring still. He adjusted himself slightly before continuing with his plan "And I'm pretty sure my idea will work better than yours. Mine doesn't involve hair dye." He muttered, shaking his head a little.
Rosie was honestly a little disappointed, she honestly wanted to see what her Daddy would look like with different colored hair..."What is it?" She sighed, hoping this wasn't too much of a long winded plan. It can never just be simple with him.

"I was thinking about making both of them realize that they should be with someone, starting with my Mom first then moving on to your Dad." He murmured, and looked up at Rosie.
She nodded slightly, then asked "But how though? If we force them together, then they might break up." She bit her lower lip. If they did get together then break up, it would be even more difficult! 
"We'll do it over time. We can talk to my Mom today, and your Dad a little later on." He shrugged, and Rosie groaned
"That'll take forever though! And they're already old. Who knows how much time they have left?" She shrugged, frowning a little. 
"It's not going to be that spread out." He grinned a little. "Maybe a week or two, or maybe just today and tomorrow." He suggested, waiting for Rosie's reaction.
She nodded "Sounds like a plan. If you want, I'll talk to Erin and you can talk to my Daddy." She smiled slightly, thinking Connor's plan may be slightly better than hers.
"Deal. I'll talk to your Dad tomorrow though." He nodded a little.
"And I'll talk to Erin later today." She grinned. "Operation Parent Trap; Mission Two." She said in a deep, robotic voice, and both of them went into a fit of giggles.

There was a certain dread when Thomas saw that damn cake. He certainly didn't want it to be his birthday, but at least he had most things sorted out for himself. He had a good job, and Rosie hasn't got herself in any trouble, avoiding the fact that she dyed Erin's hair blonde, and the day he thought she went missing. As for love, he wasn't exactly too bothered about it. If anything, he wasn't dreading his birthday all too much. His life was pretty much the way he wanted it to be.

It wasn't just a big day for Thomas though, it was a big day for Connor too. His first day of school. He wasn't dreading it half as much as Rosie was, he was actually looking forward to it. He was hoping that it would be a good, and fun thing. 

Erin really wasn't looking forward to it though. She didn't want her baby boy growing up too fast. It was all going too fast for her liking. If only she had some sort of remote to pause time and pause everyone's age so she could just enjoy Connor still being young. She didn't want him to go off to school, because she knew next it would be high school and then he'd be moving out. She wanted him to stay a baby forever.
She sighed softly as she closed the drawer, frowning. Was it too much to ask to live in a place like Neverland? It probably was too much thinking about it...

Connor was about to get himself some breakfast when his Mom came up and hugged him tightly "Don't grow up too quickly." She mumbled, frowning. 
He was slightly confused, as he began to hug her back "I can't help it, Mom..." He trailed off, starting to feel a little guilty. He could tell that his mother was bothered about him growing up and getting older, and he honestly hated that he felt guilty. There was no actual way he could stop aging... Well, there was some age freeze potion, but that was way too expensive if it was even real. Only certain people have managed to get their hands on the myth. His train of thought ended when Erin hugged him a little tighter.

"Can't you just try though?" Erin whispered, not knowing how ridiculous she probably sounded. She really didn't want him to get any older though. 
"I'll try Mom." Connor mumbled, fairly certain he wanted his Mom to find someone she liked. Obviously whatever happened with his Dad didn't work out, and he just wanted his Mom to be happy. 

She smiled, a little happy he would at least try for her, "But don't think of me when your at school. I want you to have a good day today. And remember that if anything bad happens..."
"Tell the teacher?" He asked, a little confused. Wasn't that always the best thing to do anyway?
She scoffed "God, no. The teacher won't do anything. Tell me, and I'll make sure to beat up their parents." She grinned, and Connor laughed a little.
"What if the bully's parents are bullies too?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Then I'll get Thomas to beat them up." She smiled, and nodded. "We have back up, don't worry." There was the sound of the school bus pulling up outside and Erin gave him one last hug "Have a nice day." She mumbled, then let him get on the bus.

That day was pretty much like any other, doing laundry and making a few beds. She sighed as she waited for the dryer to be finished. She couldn't help but think about who she was before she came to Dragon Valley... Well, she certainly wasn't blonde, and she she didn't have half as many responsibilities. She knew why she left the city, and honestly felt the same way being around here as when she did about a week before she left.
She closed her eyes tight, not wanting this to happen, not wanting these thoughts again. She swore to herself she was done with that part of her life.
Opening her eyes again, she let those moments and memories fade as the dryer began to beep, meaning that it was done.

Wanting to get out of the house, Erin went to the Subway station at Town Hall. She made sure to have her guitar with her so she wouldn't look like a generic crazy, subway station stalker. Besides, her music usually helped her to take her mind off of things she doesn't want to think about. It was probably the best thing for her right now.

After a few hours of playing, and very generous tipping, she decided it was probably best to head home. After all, she couldn't spend her life in that subway station, forever playing music and living off vending machine snacks and crappy cafe coffee. 
As she ventured outside into the still snowy town, she couldn't help but wonder if it will ever actually stop snowing. She really hated the snow right now, it was annoyingly deep to walk around it but at least the roads were cleared off early that morning.

Erin came home to see Thomas, Rosie and Connor all in the front garden, building snowmen. She smiled softly, laughing a little at how far behind Connor was, and how Thomas was pretty much done. She went unnoticed as she watched her family in the snow, and honestly considered joining them. She didn't though, she didn't exactly feel like having too much fun right now.

Rosie smiled at the snowman she made, making sure the scarf was on just right. It had to be perfect! What would be the point of it being sloppy and a mess like her Daddy's? His even had a broken nose for crying out loud! Or at least it seemed like one... Dusting the snow off her jeans, and making sure her snowman was perfect, she went back inside.

Thomas came to help Connor with his snowman, seeing that he was struggling to make one.
"Thanks." He murmured, not all too happy about having someone help him. It made him feel like a baby.
Thomas smiled slightly, seeing Connor wasn't quite so thankful about the help "Its alright." He spoke quietly, then added "And its normal to get help sometimes, you know."
"I still don't like it." Connor glanced at Thomas, before shaping out the head. "But I guess its fine." He mumbled under his breath, honestly hoping he didn't hear that.

As Rosie walked inside, she noticed Erin sitting on the couch, and though what better time to talk to her than now? "I didn't know you were in." She sat down next to her on the couch.
She shrugged slightly "I've only been in for a while, I was out most of today." She murmured

"That's a really big fish." Rosie noted, watching the TV. She honestly wondered what Erin was watching, and why she liked it. All that was happening was some guy going on about a fish. 
"Yeah... I haven't quite figured out how to work the remote." She laughed a little, "I'm not all too keen on fish. They're all slippery and slimy." She crinkled her nose.

"Are you ever going to get married?" Rosie asked, fairly abruptly. 
"I-I uh..." Erin stumbled over words, unsure of how to answer the question. "I'm not really-"
Rosie cut her off by saying "Because you're not getting any younger." She pointed out simply "Why didn't you marry Connor's Dad? Or that guy you had over that one time?" 
Erin pressed her lips together, "Rosie... Can we please talk about something else?"
"Why?" She asked, oblivious to how upset Erin was getting with this conversation. She didn't want to think about Alex or getting married right now, especially not now.
"Because." She answered, unsure of an excuse why. She couldn't explain it all to Rosie without crying.
"Because what? Did they not love you?" She asked, more curious than anything now. She honestly didn't realize how much she was hurting Erin.
"I said I don't want to talk about it!" Erin snapped, glaring at Rosie. "There's some things adults just don't want to talk about." She lowered her voice to a whisper, knowing Rosie didn't mean to be mean.

She looked down at her shoes, honestly wanting to lock herself away and cry. Today has probably been the worst day she's had here, and she's had some pretty bad days while being here. 
"I'm sorry." Rosie whispered, feeling really bad now "I didn't mean to make you angry." She looked away from Erin, feeling guilty.
"It's fine." She lied, and sighed standing up. "Come on, its your Daddy's birthday. We should be happy for him." She half smiled, and took off her outerwear, as did Rosie.

It was all happy for the second birthday within those two days, as Erin tried to ignore what Rosie said. She didn't mean it, she was just curious, that's all. She managed to push back her own emotions for her friend, and cheered along for Thomas's birthday.

As the candles went out, Erin couldn't help but wonder where she actually got to in her life. She was a single parent without a proper job, and the only stable thing she had here was this house and her family, and half of who she called her family weren't even related. She honestly felt as if she was having a Mid-Life Crisis.

Chapter 1.16 Parent Trap                                                                                    

Friday, 24 January 2014

Chapter 1.16 Parent Trap

The first snowy morning was spent sorting out the laundry.

Erin honestly felt upset that it was Connor's birthday. It felt like just yesterday when she was taking home a little blue bundle, and now he was walking and talking. She frowned a little, closing the dryer door, she hated how fast her son was growing up.

Pretty soon, everyone gathered around for Connor's birthday. Erin helped him by leaning forwards so he could blow out the candles on the top of the cake. She helped him blow out the candles, mainly so he wouldn't get upset if he couldn't reach them.

Its always exciting ageing up, mainly because you get first dibs on the cake. Now everyone was old enough to actually eat it, well, this birthday would be a little different.

They all gathered around the table to eat the birthday cake, with mainly idle chit chat going around. Most of it was about upcoming birthdays, and what to do in the snowy season. Erin and Connor were the first ones to finish their cake, leaving Thomas and Rosie to talk.

Rosie had just about finished her cake, when Thomas asked "So, where did you go yesterday?" He asked calmly, not getting too angry. Surely, she must have just gone out for a little while, but he could help having the negative thoughts plague him.
She shrugged "I went to a friend's house." She mumbled, which wasn't a full lie. Elli used to be her friend at least. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you though." Her apology was sincere too, she truly did feel bad about everything that had happened, and why she wasn't being fully honest with him. But in truth, he wasn't being fully honest either. Even though it was only a brief mentioning of her mother, Rosie was still curious about her other parent. She must have a mother, its not like she could have just magically appeared one day.
"Just tell me in the future, okay?" Thomas asked, and could tell that Rosie was thinking about something. She had that distant look in her eyes.
She nodded quickly, "Promise." She murmured, honestly wishing it was that easy. She stood up and put her plate away.

Connor was honestly hoping for quiet the rest of that day, mainly just staying in his bedroom. Its not like he didn't like hanging out with his family, he really did, but sometimes he just preferred to be on his own. Kind of like everyone, really. Everyone needed time alone, so what if he preferred it a little more than most.

He certainly didn't count on his sort-of older sister coming in and disturbing him.
"You know, I think you've forgot our little arrangement." She mumbled, then looked around the room, it was very green, an obvious sign Erin decorated it.
"What arrangement?" He murmured, not really wanting to talk. He wanted to be alone right now.
Rosie rolled her eyes, and sat on the other side of his bed. "The arentpay aptray." She winked, talking in code. When Connor didn't get what she was on about, she sighed "The parent trap, remember?"

"Oh right yeah." He mumbled, then furrowed his eyebrow "Wait, I thought the parents were divorced in that movie."
She sighed "Technicalities, technicalities. The main point is, the kids in that movie tried to get their parents together, and that's what we're gonna do!" She grinned. "But, I can't just convince them on my own." She pointed out, smiling sweetly at him.
"What if I don't want to help?" He frowned a little, not so sure if this idea would actually work. He was mainly worried about getting in trouble, which would be the last thing he wanted.
"If you don't help..." She started threateningly, but then faltered. She wasn't sure what she would do if he didn't help "Just please? Can't you be nice?" She kept the sweet smile on, hoping to convince him.

"Fine, I'll help." He grumbled, putting the book into his bedside drawer. "But you owe me." He looked at her, honestly hoping to get something out of this at a later date.
"Great." She grinned, and there was a lingering silence. Rosie honestly hasn't thought this through all too far.
"So...?" He started, confused. "What exactly are we going to do?" He asked, waiting for her answer.
In response to his question, she laughed nervously "That's where I kinda need your help." She scratched the back of her head, embarrassed.

"You don't have a plan, do you?" He asked, looking at her and rolling his eyes. She pouted, hating how someone younger than her was making her feel stupid.
"I have a plan." She scoffed, "I just don't fully know how to do it without being caught." She shrugged.
"What is it?" He asked, and Rosie began to tell him the first, and probably only step of her parent trap. Afterwards, he gave her an unimpressed look "Seriously? That's your plan?"
"Yeah! I thought it was pretty good." She grinned, obviously a lot more proud of her work than he was.
"My mom is going to go nuts at you for that." He pointed out, raising an eyebrow.
"And she'll forgive me when she and my daddy are getting married." She folded her arms.

"If you have a better idea, fine. But I'm still doing mine too." She huffed, and looked away from him. At least she was older than him.
"How about we just try making them spend time together? So they can realise it on there own?" Connor suggested, thinking his plan would work a lot better than Rosie's plan.
"Then we can work together while being against each other." She looked back at him. "Kind of like a competition with the same goal." She shrugged.
"Okay, fine. But I'll win." He shrugged back, grinning, "Mainly because I have more than one idea."
"Oh, shut up!" She glared at him, then walked out and into the bathroom.

She got into the shower, but not turning it on. How silly that would be if she did though! Rosie was determined now to show Connor that her idea wasn't stupid. Her idea would work and when she's the pretty bridesmaid at their wedding, she'll stick out her tongue at him all the way through.

After searching through the few things in the shower, trying to find out what was what, Rosie picked up the shampoo, grinning. She knew Erin was going to be really angry at her about this, but she'll understand, hopefully. She began to tamper with the shampoo, still grinning.

"Well see who's plan won't work." She mumbled, walking out of the shower. She was fairly certain her plan would sooner or later work. Or maybe it would take both hers and Connor's plan. Either way, she was positive her daddy and Erin were going to be together one day. Unfortunately, she was more sure that for now, Erin was more going to be angry at her. She was assured of this when she heard a scream from the bathroom.

Erin's eyes widened when she stepped out of the shower. She was blonde. Well, not blonde more like bright yellow! Her hands went through her hair, wondering why her hair went this way. She turned back to look at the shower, and saw the yellow suds slowly making their way down the drain. She groaned, annoyed and got back into the shower. She had to wash out the yellow.

Erin began to look through the shampoos, and saw the empty contents of a dye bottle behind the other shower stuff. She turned the shower on again, using one of the other shampoos to try and get rid of the yellow.

She stayed in the shower for a lot longer, almost using a full bottle of shampoo. She waited until the water turned clear again, and crossed her fingers before getting out of the shower. All she hoped was that her hair wasn't as yellow.

She sighed, seeing her hair was still a bright blonde. She honestly had no clue what kind of dye was in her shampoo, and now her hair, but it was a really good kind. She frowned, and took her hair down for once, seeing if it looked any better down.

After the initial shock was over, she was furious and partly embarrassed. What would Thomas think? He'd probably just laugh. She frowned, running her fingers through the tips of her hair. Her hair felt horrible and straw-like.
Erin had a pretty good idea she knew who exactly did this "Rosie!" She yelled, and went into her bedroom.

"What were you thinking?" She asked, storming into her room.
"I'm sorry Erin." She mumbled, frowning and sniffling "I-I just thought..." She trailed off, and looked at her knees.
"You thought what?" She snapped, obviously annoyed.

"I-I thought you'd like it." She mumbled, not giving her full reason away. She honestly did it because she thought that Erin would look prettier blonde, and maybe her daddy would think that too.
She bit her lower lip, "Next time, can you just suggest it to me before sneaking dye into my shampoo?" She tried to keep her voice calm, not wanting to upset Rosie. It's been a difficult few days for her, mainly with the things that have happened with the monsters under her bed and the whole thing with Elli.

"So... Are you going to stay blonde?" Rosie asked, and looked up at Erin, who seemed to be ignoring the mirror.
"I don't have all too much of a choice, do I? If I dye my hair back brown, it might fall out." She sighed. Even though she didn't like being blonde, she'd rather that than to have next to no hair.
"Rosie?" There was the sound of Thomas's voice from outside of her room, and Rosie saw Erin's eyes widen as she quickly went upstairs. She furrowed her eyebrows, watching as the last few electric sparks disappeared.

He frowned a little, and could've sworn he heard Erin's voice as well as Rosie's "Was Erin in here?" He asked.
She looked up at him, and nodded "Yeah, she was. She went upstairs though as you came in."
He was even more confused now "What? Why? Did I do something to upset her?" He asked, honestly confused.
"Nope, she was worried you'd make fun of her because she accidentally dyed her hair blonde." Rosie shrugged, not adding that it was her fault.
Thomas's eyes widened, Erin was blonde? He tried to hide his grin as he managed to say "I'll go check she's alright."

"You know, it really doesn't look that bad." He mumbled, trying to hide his grin. It didn't actually look that bad, it was just... A surprise. He didn't even know she had thought about going blonde.
"I know it does, so stop sugar coating it." She frowned, looking anywhere but at her now blonde locks.

"It really doesn't, besides, your hair looks nice down. Why did you always have it up before?" He asked, honestly wondering.
"I would still have it up if I was still a brunette." She stood up, and flopped down on her bed. "I don't want to be blonde." She whined, pouting.
"Then why did you dye it that colour?" He asked, and sat down on her bed too.

"I didn't. A certain someones daughter put blonde dye in my shampoo." She looked up at him, frowning. "She thought that my hair would look nice blonde."
"Rosie dyed your hair blonde?" He asked, grinning. "I'm sorry, but I don't believe that."
"Well, I didn't die it blonde, you didn't, and I'm pretty sure Connor doesn't even know what hair dye is." She pointed out.
"Okay, fine. There's a possibility she did, even though I have no clue where she would have got hair dye from, but you know she didn't mean it like that." He shrugged.

"I know, I just..." She sighed, trailing off. "Does it really look okay?" 
He rolled his eyes "Yes, it looks fine. You look like a princess." He muttered, sarcastically.
She hit him playfully, "Don't be mean. This is a serious thing. I don't want to look like a blonde idiot." She looked up at him.
"You don't look like a blonde idiot. You look fine." He chuckled lightly, "Maybe you should stay blonde." He shrugged.
She scoffed "Don't count on it. I'm not staying blonde." She mumbled.

Chapter 1.15 I Promise                                                                               
AN: Hehehe, I kinda like Erin blonde. I only came to this idea the other day when I was thinking of what else to do for a Parent Trap. I wanted to prank one of them and I'd prefer Erin blonde than Thomas with some 'unique' hair colour. 
This was actually a really quick chapter to do, I guess there weren't too many scenes and I didn't need to fuss too much over poses.