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Chapter 1.38 Last and First Days

Unlike Rosie, Connor decided to wait until after school to become an adult.

He didn't feel all too different from what happened the night before. There was supposed to be this huge deal about not being a virgin anymore, but he honestly didn't get that feeling. Maybe its because he was also thinking about other things too?

It was weird to think that his last day at high school was also Alyssa's first day at high school. He couldn't help but feel at least a little sorry for her, at least he had Rosie for support most of the time, Alyssa has him and only for a day.

Meanwhile, in her own room, Alyssa was doing her hair for the first day. She had to make a stunning impression first time. All popular girls have to be pretty, and she could be pretty enough if she tried. However, the hair she aged up with didn't suit her. That's why she changed it.

As well as being pretty, she had to be quick on her feet with possible insults. It was going to be a difficult thing to achieve, but that doesn't exactly matter. She knew she'd be able to do it, as long as she just became friends with the right people. As she was doing her makeup though, she could hear Boo barking from downstairs.

There were three new puppies in the house. Two boys and a girl. The 'odd one out' puppy was a boy named Puggles. The girl was the one with white inside her ears and with brown eyes, and she was called Poppy. The last of the puppies was another boy called Percy. Obviously, the thing with giving the puppies a name beginning with 'P' carried on.

Alyssa grinned at Poppy when she went downstairs "Aren't you cute!" She cooed, bending down to where she was. She noticed there was also two other puppies running around, and she then whispered. "I think we need to get your Mommy and Daddy fixed though." She mumbled, not particularly wanting even more puppies running around. She then went outside to where Connor was waiting for the school bus.

"Hey." Alyssa grinned, walking down the front steps. When she got Connor's attention, she asked. "Are you looking forward to your last ever day at school?" She asked.
He shrugged a little "Its kinda sad to be honest. Its weird too, I'll never, ever got back to school." He mumbled. He then asked, "What about you? Are you excited about your first day at high school?" He asked.
With a smirk, Alyssa replied "You bet I am."

As Alyssa walked into school, she saw two girls giggling about something just outside. She didn't pay all too much attention, only remembering their faces. They looked like popular girls, perhaps they were the two that she would have to be friends with. She kept walking until one of them called.
"Hey, you! Ginger!" It was the blonde one, and Alyssa went over to them

The blonde girl studied Alyssa, as did the girl with purple hair. "Why don't I know you?" The blonde girl mused, seemingly entertained.
"I'm new, it was my birthday yesterday." Alyssa half smiled. "I'm Alyssa." She spoke fairly quietly, almost a little afraid. These two girls were older than her.
"I'm Colette and this is Nora." The blonde girl replied, grinning. It wasn't a nice and friendly grin, there was a hint of maliciousness behind it.

"So, are you guys going to go in?" She asked, a little confused about why they were still outside.
The two girls laughed, loudly. "You can't be serious." Nora grinned, finding Alyssa adorable.
"I think she is." Mumbled Colette. "Sweetie, its Wednesday. No one goes in on a Wednesday, only nerds do." She grinned. "Unless, if you're a nerd?" She raised an eyebrow, and Alyssa quickly shook her head.
"No, I'm not. Certainly not. Who the hell would go into school at all?" She grinned, and right then knew she won these girls over.

"You're alright, Ginge." Nora grinned, and Alyssa could tell that people would probably be more likely to refer to her by her hair colour for the mean time.
"Alyssa." Colette corrected, then grabbed on to Alyssa's wrist. "Come on, we're going ditchin'" She grinned, and her and Nora walked off, with Alyssa in tow.

The two girls dragged Alyssa to a dive bar, which was the only thing open right now, at this time in the morning.
"Waylon's Bar?" She asked, a little uncertain. They had cocktails and juices in there, things she knew she wasn't allowed until she was at least a little older.
"Don't tell me you've ever had a drink." Colette pouted, finding it adorable. "Isn't that cute Nora?"
"N-No, I have." Alyssa lied, fairly easily. "I just... Its kinda early, isn't it?" She asked.

Nora scoffed, "Chicken." She mumbled, "Why don't you just go back to school, Gingie?" She teased, finding a new way of making fun of Alyssa's hair colour.
"Am not." She protested, frowning. She really didn't like Nora, she wasn't just mean, she was bitchy and annoying.
"Oh yeah? I dare you to down one of the cocktails, one of my choice." She grinned, a mean grin, one that Alyssa couldn't see. "Unless if you're too chicken too...?"

"I am not a chicken." She growled, thinking that this foolish game would be over by way before high school even started.
"Then do it." Nora grinned wickedly, entertained. She couldn't help but wonder if she actually would do it or not. Probably not.
So Nora was plenty surprised when Alyssa snapped "Fine!" And stormed inside.

She walked up to the bar, and was immediately confused about which one to order. She turned back to the girls. "Which one?" She asked.
Colette grinned at the bartender, clearly the two knew each other "Give her our usual, Domni." She folded her arms, whereas Nora just had her head tilted at Alyssa.

While Alyssa sat down uneasily at the bar, Colette and Nora turned to face each other.
"She's so adorable." Nora mused, grinning. "Little Gingie." She spoke quietly so Alyssa couldn't hear her.
"Yeah, she really is." Colette smirked back, glancing at their newest little 'pet'. "How far do you think we could push her?" She mumbled.
Nora grinned, wickedly "As far as we damn well please. She's practically desperate for popularity, and I've not been this mean in months. I kinda miss it." The two girls laughed about it, and carried on talking.

'Domni' slid the drink over to Alyssa, and she picked it up. She couldn't help but notice all the colours it contained, and started regretting this decision. Maybe it wasn't a good idea, but at the feat of ignoring loneliness... It seemed like a perfect idea. She was nervous though. Her first ever cocktail, and she didn't even know what it had in it. Its not like it would kill her though, right?

And without a second though, Alyssa drank her first ever cocktail, at the first ever bar she's been into. She was nervous, but then a nice feeling washed over her. It was difficult to explain, but it felt as if everything was slowed down, and it was nice...
Unfortunately, that was the last thing she remembered that night.

When Connor came home, he was greeted by a herd of dogs. Two dogs and four puppies all barking at him as he walked in. Little to say, it was getting fairly out of hand. He knew that he was going to be taking three of the puppies with him when he moved out. He wanted some dogs, and it would half the total number of dogs in the house.

Connor didn't care all too much that Alyssa wasn't there. She was probably hanging around with those two girls he saw her talking with before school that day. It didn't exactly bother him though, birthdays didn't matter all too much to him. He had his Mom here and Thomas was there too so it wasn't like he was alone. He was bothered by the fact that there was a continuous buzzing on his phone, probably Sabrina texting him

Once the candles were blown out, Erin couldn't help but feel old. Her eldest son was soon to be an adult, and her daughter was already in high school! It felt like just last week when she came here, and last week was the whole hair dye fiasco. Now Rosie was gone, and Connor would be too. It didn't matter as much to her now, she knew she had a family. Even though it wasn't text book perfect, it was perfect to her.

When he went upstairs, he saw Sabrina, and she was obviously bothered by something.
"Sabrina? Was it you who kept texting me?" He asked, and she nodded. "Why?"
"There's something I need to tell you." She frowned, looking to the side. It was clear that she was uneasy about something.

"What is it? You know you can tell me anything/" He half smiled at her, trying to be reassuring, but right now she was kinda scaring him...
"Just, don't get angry." She spoke in a small voice, and he was confused and scared even more.
"I won't, I promise. Why would I? I doubt its that bad." He smiled at her, freaking out right now.
She looked at him, for the first time, and she mumbled "I'm pregnant."

Chapter 1.37 What Am I Going to Do?                                                        
AN: Kind of a mean cliffhanger, I know. Actually, its a very mean cliffhanger... 
But, yay! 2/3 are adults and the youngest is in high school. I can almost sense the closeness of Generation 2. But, don't let that fool you, I still have a plotline for Alyssa's teenage years.
Oh, and I changed Alyssa's hair because I saw this one and fell in love, that and her previous one wasn't all too nice.
I'll probably properly edit Connor's clothes before next chapter. Its getting late and I only needed adult him for two pictures in this chapter.
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Chapter 1.37 What am I Going to Do?

"I mean, its my birthday soon, and I have no clue what to do." Sighed Connor

He was laid on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He had honestly never given the future any consideration. It was only when Rosie left that made him realize how close it was until he became an adult too. The today was Alyssa's birthday, and then tomorrow it will be his.

"Its mine too, y'know." Sabrina pointed out, turning to look at him. "We have the same birthday." She half smiled. Since her immortality ended when she aged up to teenager, which just so happened to be Connor's birthday before, he and Sabrina shared birthdays.
"Yeah, but you've had over four hundred years to think about what you wanted to do." He glanced at her, then looked back up at the ceiling. "I've only had a normal lifespan to think."

"So think about it now." She shrugged. "Seeing as though you've been procrastinating thinking about it." She half smiled.
Connor thought for a while, before mumbling "I want to make a difference. I just don't know how." He sighed slightly.

"What about being a doctor?" Sabrina suggested, "Then you can make a difference, and save lives and be a hero." She grinned.
Connor crinkled his nose "I'd rather not be a doctor. Blood and organs and stuff." He shuddered. "And I don't want that kind of pressure." He said, as he started to sit up.

"That and the work hours are really long. I'd never be able to see you." Sabrina pouted a little, realizing being a doctor probably wasn't the best thing for him. "What about fireman?" She then suggested.
He shook his head, "I don't particularly like the idea of possibly being burned to death. Then you'd never see me." He joked a little.

"Not all firefighters die, besides you could just teleport away. That, and you could be on one of the calendars with sexy firemen." Sabrina grinned, only half kidding. 
Connor laughed "Still, I'd end up panicking and not being able to get away from it all." He shrugged, laying back down.
She turned her back to him, her back against his chest. She closed her eyes, as she felt his arms drape around her.

"Okay, so not a doctor, and not a fireman." Sabrina summed up, keeping her eyes closed.. "How about... Uh..." She thought about it, "How about being a cop?" She asked, glancing back at him. "No long work hours, and you won't be burned to death. That, and you'll still be helping the world." She smiled.
"A cop..." He thought about it, and half smiled. "Yeah, that sounds alright." He mumbled.

Alyssa was focusing on her homework. It was simple stuff for her, but most people her age would find that kind of stuff difficult. Now if she could just keep her attention on her work and not on the pretty purple cake...

"Okay, focus on the maths." She started murmuring to herself, her eyes betraying the order and looking at the intricate purple cake. "Focus on the work, not cake. Focus on the work." She kept mumbling to herself. Somewhere down the line, she turned out to be mumbling "Focus on the cake, not work." And that was the point when she decided to do her homework upstairs.

At long last, Alyssa finally managed to celebrate her birthday. She was going to be a teenager! She could do so much now... But first, she had her eyes on that cake. She couldn't wait to try it. Last time, she was too preoccupied with wanting to check out her room, but she wasn't getting her room redone this time.

It was a little weird without Rosie being there. But, she was busy and had her own life now. Alyssa couldn't help but feel disappointed in her older sister though. She was there for her birthdays, but she couldn't make it to her teen birthday? It honestly didn't feel too good, but she managed to push that to the side.

She closed her eyes, thinking of a wish. She knew what she wanted, she wanted her big sister to be here, or at least a reason why she wasn't there. Sure, she was an adult, but Alyssa felt alone. Maybe as a teenager she could be popular, then the lonely feeling will go goodbye! She took a deep breath, and blew out the pinky purple candles.

Right now, all she could think about was how even though she had her family around, she felt alone. Perhaps surrounding herself with others was the option. After all, it would soon almost be as if she was an only child. She knew a lot of popular girls were mean, a lot of them were downright cruel. But, if that was the way to escape the lonely feeling... That's what she will be.

As of now, the cake didn't matter as much to her, neither did her studies. All she could think of was what she was possibly committing to and how possible it actually was. It was possible, more than possible. She just had to play her cards right. The thing is, would she be able to live with herself knowing she was going to be a bitch? Being a bitch or lonely, Alyssa would certainly prefer bitch. It was better to be mean than lonely.

After Alyssa's birthday, Connor went back upstairs. He wanted to spend more time with Sabrina before responsibilities and maturity hit him. He was still wondering about what he would want to be, but was fairly certain that being a police officer was for him. Then he realized, he didn't know what Sabrina wanted to do. "What about you?" He asked, fairly quietly.

"What about me what?" She murmured, sounding fairly tired. She snuggled up closer to him, keeping her eyes closed.
"You know, what do you want to do? Do you want to be a doctor, or do you want to be a scientist?" He asked, assuming she would want to do something smart.
"Honestly? I want to work with children." She mumbled.

"Really? You want to work with kids?" He asked, sitting up and resting against the headboard of the bed. He was not expecting her to say that at all. She didn't exactly strike him as the type to love children.
She shrugged, "Yeah, I want to work with kids. Either in a daycare type thing or in a school." She half smiled. "I doubt I'd ever want my own though. I'll just borrow other people's." She grinned.

"I just thought you'd want to do something else, like, smarter." He shrugged, not wanting to seem dismissive of what she wanted to do.
"Well, I could do something smarter, but I want to help people too. Instead of putting bad guys behind bars, or putting out fires, I'd want to teach people new things." She smiled. "Its my own way of helping, after all, if there were no teachers, we'd all be fairly stupid." She laughed a little. She then bit her lip a little, "What about us though? Like, do you think we'll still be together?" It was clear there was something a little more than that which was bothering her.

"What?" He asked, caught of guard by her again. He was honestly confused about her question. "Uh, I still want to be with you. I still love you Sabrina." He half smiled, still confused.
"There's something I've been thinking about..." She trailed off, getting off of him. "Would you mind standing up and facing the other way?" She looked at him, smiling sweetly albeit nervous.

He did what she said, but was still greatly confused. "You know, if you wanted to talk about something, you can just say it. I won't judge you or anything."
She sighed, before starting to speak "I love you too, and I trust you. There's just something I've been thinking about a lot recently." She paused before saying it quietly "Sex." Again, she had caught him off guard, yet she continued. "I trust you, and I know a lot of people have it when there still teenagers." She looked down.

"I've not thought about it all too much." He admitted, although it did seem like the right thing to do. The conversation made him feel at least a little awkward, like it would make anyone. "I get its probably a big deal, and I doubt you'll be ready, but I am if you are." He looked to the side still, so she could hear him better.
"Turn around." She mumbled, honestly glad it went the way it did. It would be very difficult to quickly put her clothes back on.

His eyes widened when he saw her, she seemed to be full of surprised tonight. "I um uh..." He honestly couldn't form any words.
"If you're ready, and I'm ready, then why not?" She asked, smirking slightly before saying "But you have to join in too, no clothes allowed." She joked lightly.

Before they even started kissing, he asked "You're sure, right?"
She nodded, and half smiled. "I'm sure. I trust you." She smiled softly, and she started to kiss him.

Like most first times, it was a little clumsy. But that didn't exactly matter, did it? What should matter is the passion shared that night. Often, its difficult to forget, sometimes for more reason than one.

Chapter 1.36 Bird Born for Joy                                            
AN: So, a few hours after Rosie moved out, she and Liam got married. At first I was surprised to see that so soon on, but ah well. Rosie was always one to do things quickly.
That last scene felt so awkward to me. I was cringing while writing it. I think that erotic author should also be crossed off my 'jobs I can never do' list. Not too disappointed by that one to be fully honest.

Oh! And thank you to Sunny for telling me where the cc cakes are. There will never be another blue cake again! (Unless if I run out of cc cakes to use...)

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Chapter 1.36 The Bird Born For Joy

Even though it was her birthday, Rosie wasn't the first one up.

Alyssa was up early the next morning, checking out her new telescope. Sure, most girls would like dolls or toys, but she would much more prefer something of practicality, of actual use rather than to just sit there and look pretty. That being said, she still did like dolls all the same. She looked through it and always mapped out where the stars were.

Luckily, she had quite a lot of books about stars, and she was trying to find the north star (Or Polaris as it is otherwise known.) She glanced down at the book to check the coordinates. She set it up to the right position, mumbling idly as she did so "Right Ascension at 02 Hours 42.8 Minutes? But why isn't it... Oh, not 42.8, 48.2." She adjusted the telescope, grinning when she saw it. Once she got the hang of it, telescopes weren't all too difficult.

Luckily, Alyssa didn't hear the dogs getting 'friendly' with each other. She was focused on her stargazing, and physics in general. She didn't have time for trivial things like watching the dogs all too much.

When Rosie woke up, Liam was on the edge of her bed. It wasn't too much of a surprise though, he wanted to be the first one to wish her a happy birthday.
"Hey birthday girl." He grinned, it was his birthday the day before, not like Rosie remembered, especially not so early.
"You're already an adult?" She murmured, lounging on the bed. She wasn't ready to sit up just yet.
"I told you the other day, remember?" He raised an eyebrow, and she just grinned.
"Its too early to remember things." She flopped backwards on the bed.

"Besides, its my birthday. You should be waiting on me hand and foot." She murmured, resting her head off of the bed.
"I will when we have our own place." He laid down next to her, and she hesitated before murmuring.
"Yeah, once I tell my dad and Connor we can." She said that quietly and quickly.
He sighed, "You can't keep me a secret forever Ro. I get that your dad came back only a little while ago, but what about Connor?" He mumbled.
"I'll tell them both after I age up, I promise." She half smiled at him. "I think I'll age up before school, so I don't have to go there today." She grinned.

Rosie blew out the candles when everyone was awake. She didn't want to go to school that day, she wanted a full day of being an adult before graduation, if she even wanted to go. Besides, why go to school if you could possibly spend the whole day doing whatever you wanted to, as your own person?

When the candles went out, that was when it started to dawn on her. She would no longer be a child, she would no longer need someone to look after her. She was going to be independent, and it honestly scared her. It was the good kind of scary though.

Soon after the cake was ate, Connor and Alyssa had to go off to school. Erin went out to play for tips, which is something she hasn't done for a long time.

So, it was just Thomas and Rosie still left in the house. It was weird for them both being able to look at each other straight on. They were both used to Rosie being smaller than him, and now they were about the same size.
She hugged him tightly, knowing that today was probably her last day in the house. "Is being an adult scary?" She asked quietly.
He couldn't help but laugh a little, "No, its not. Especially not when you have a family behind you." He smiled at her, but couldn't ignore the fact that he could feel something weird on her hand. "What's that on your hand?" He asked.

"And just what is that?" He growled, not even wanting to look at the ring on her finger. Right now, he was just hoping that she had got her lefts and rights mixed up again.
"Its a ring." She answered simply, trying to put off as long as possible before admitting what it actually was.
"I can see that, but what type of ring is it?" He tried again, obviously angry.
"A claddagh ring." She answered, still staling. She wanted to put off the yelling as long as possible.
"Rosie..." He warned, and she sighed.
"An engagement, claddagh ring." She murmured. "I'm engaged."

"You're what?! Rosie, how could you be-" He started to yell, but then was interrupted.
"Before-" She yelled louder, getting his attention and making him listen to her, "You get angry, at least let me explain myself." She spoke normally again, sighing.
"Go on." He narrowed his eyes.

"First of all, my mom technically had me when you both were younger than I am now." She pointed out, not caring if it was a low blow. It was the truth, and whether he knew about her or not, it still counted.
"We've been over this Rosie, I didn't even know about you until you were a toddler." He frowned,
"Maybe not, but it doesn't change the fact that you still did a lot more than what me and my fiance have done. We've not gone all the way, obviously you and my mom did and you were younger." He stayed silent, his eyes narrowed. She tilted her head slightly.

Rosie then sighed, "That, and I love him." She mumbled, "When you were gone, Erin pretty much broke down and Connor was off doing his own thing and I felt alone/" She frowned. "He was there for me when no one else was. I know that it was a bad time, but my point still stands. He was there for me, and he always wants to make sure that I'm okay. I want to be with him, and honestly? You can't stop me. I'm an adult now." She folded her arms.
Thomas stayed quiet for a long time, he then sighed "Fine, but I want to meet him." He tried to reason.

"You... Wanna meet him?" She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. She managed to hide how much she was really freaking out about this.
"I don't see what the problem is if I did." He pointed out.
"Sure, I'll go call him now." She put on a smile, and went upstairs.

"You're as beautiful as ever." Liam grinned when Rosie walked back into the room, yet when he saw her scared expression, he asked "What's wrong?" He frowned, worried.
"My dad wants to meet you." She murmured, her eyes still wide. "He's fine with us being together, but he wants to know you."

"He what?" He asked, starting to freak out too "I'm not good with dads, Rosie. He'll end up hating me." He sighed.
"We'll be fine, okay? I doubt he'll want to have a full five hour discussion with you. He'll just want to make sure you're safe and you're not likely to harm me or anything." She half smiled, trying to reassure both herself and Liam.
"Seriously, can't I put it off?" He practically pleaded.
"You're the one who wanted me to tell my dad and Connor." She pointed out, folding her arms. There was the sound of someone coming upstairs, and Rosie figured that Thomas must have heard them, "And no, I'm taking you can't put it off." She bit her lower lip. "You'll be fine." She assured him.

Rosie was stood fairly far away when Thomas walked in, and seeing his already angry expression made her want to leave. As mean as it was, she didn't especially want to hear this conversation. Luckily, she didn't have to be the one to excuse herself because her dad said.
"Rosie? A little privacy?" He asked, and she left. She didn't object, but she did pause ever so slightly to try and seem as if she did want to stay. She left the room though.

There was a short silence, before Liam braved enough to speak up, "I'm uh..." He started, only to be interrupted.
"I know perfectly well who you are." He growled, causing Liam to step back a little in defence. "I'm not even going to ask why you're in my daughter's room, or about how you even know her. All I'm concerned about is her. You dare hurt her, or do anything to her..." He trailed off, glaring.

"I'm not going to hurt her." Liam quickly snapped on defence, before realizing what he actually did. Thomas just raised an eyebrow at him, letting him continue. "I don't plan on ever hurting her, and I hate that you think I would." He frowned, angry. "I plan on being the best I can be for her, and to be honest, there aren't a lot of nice guys out there. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm not the worst." He spoke honestly, hardly even sure of where the confidence to say that came from. But oh well, he did it.

Much to his surprise, Thomas seemed to be alright with it. "Its nice to see you actually have a backbone." He mumbled, looking Liam up and down. "You'll need one with Rosie, she can be a little headstrong sometimes." He smiled ever so slightly.
Lian nodded briefly, "I kinda noticed."
"But if you do ever hurt her, just remember that I've been in war, and I know perfectly well how to handle a gun." He was back to being angry again, but not as much as before. When he walked out, Liam sighed, relieved it went alright-ish.

"I'm so sorry, sweetie." She mumbled as she walked back in.She hugged him tightly, honestly feeling bad. "Did it go alright?" She asked.
"I'm not dead, so yeah, it went alright." He half smiled, and pulled away enough to see her smirk.
"Aren't vampires already dead?" She asked, whereas Liam just rolled his eyes.
"Whatever, all that matters is that me and you can be together." He grinned.
She hesitated, "I just have to tell Connor. He won't come in here and yell at you though." She half smiled.

Just before she was supposed to leave, she went to Connor's room. "Knock, knock." Rosie half smiled, walking into his room. "I'm not interrupting, am I?" She asked, not that her homework ever mattered all too much to her.
"No, I need a study break." Connor turned to face her, looking up at his now adult sister. "Is this your goodbye or something?" He asked, honestly upset. He didn't want to be the eldest child in the house, it just felt as if everything was moving really quickly. Fairly soon it was Alyssa's birthday, then his was the day after.

"Kind of, there's something else I wanted to tell you." She started.
"You're engaged? I've noticed the ring, Rosie. I'm not blind." He mumbled, looking up at her.
She narrowed her eyes slightly, "I hate how you're smarter than me." She grumbled.
There was a short silence before Connor asked, "Do you know what you're going to do?" He looked up at her, honestly unsure himself.
She shrugged, sighing a little. "Adventure around, explore. See what's what. I doubt I'm just going to stay here though, there's too much outside of this little town to see."

"Aren't you scared though? I know you have your fiance but still." He murmured, trying to hide that he himself was scared of growing up.
"I am." She admitted, "But, I saw this quote somewhere, that summed it up perfectly. It went something like 'How can a bird born for joy, sit in a cage and sing?'." She half smiled. "If you're meant for better things, reach out and grab any opportunity with both hands." She explained, and there was the sound of a taxi horn outside.

He stood up and hugged her. "I'm really going to miss you Rosie." He mumbled.
Rosie hesitated a little before saying "Its going to get a little lonely on my own, would you mind if I took one of the puppies?" She asked, knowing how Connor was probably the main one to ask about the dogs.
He paused before mumbling "Seeing as though you named her, you can take Piper."
She grinned, "You're the best." Before pulling away and smiling at him. "Good luck as the oldest kid here."

So Rosie (with Piper in tow) left the house, for the last time. It was a scary feeling, knowing she was now an adult. But she was excited. She was her own person, and could do whatever she wanted to do. It was an end, sure, but it was the end of the beginning, however the beginning of her new life. A new, independent life...

Chapter 1.35 Lost in the Hurt                                                     Chapter 1.37 What am I Going to Do?
AN: I hate this, I'm letting go of Rosie. *Sighs* ah well. She'll forever be in the neighbourhood, and I'm going to save her to the bin and probably put her up for download when I have others too.
The quote, if anyone was wondering, is by William Blake. I remember I heard it about two years ago, and I only just remembered it. I thought it was fairly suiting for this chapter...