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Chapter 1.52 Beginnings and Endings

Birthday cakes aren't as magical when you're older...

When she was little, Alyssa thought there was a more magical way of how the birthday cakes appear at your house. She had theories about how it was some magical gnome that she hadn't yet collected, or some kind of good fairy brought it.
Now, she realised that it wasn't a fairy, it was usually her mom. Now her parents were gone though...

It was hard being back home. She remembered just how big (and empty) her house really was all on her own. She knew it would be a lonely place for a while longer. Right now, she had to focus though. She had to focus on not thinking about Matteo, or anything that happened in France, especially while around Tyler. He can't read what's not there, right? Like he said before, he wasn't good at it.
Right now, school can wait. She needed girl talk, pronto.

The two girls squealed when they saw each other again (like how most high school girls do).
"Lyssie!" Tallulah grinned, giving her best friend a hug. "How was France? Did you get me any fancy nectar? What about boys? Were there any cute boys? Wait, you have Tyler, don't you? Actually, wait, how did that go? I didn't see you after the party." She spoke quickly, and it took Alyssa a moment to register just what exactly she had said.
"There's quite a lot we need to talk about, and yes I got you some nectar."

Both girls sat down at the bar, and Alyssa started to go over all the things that had happened. Her magical kiss with Tyler at the party, and getting together with him. How she had to leave when she found out her parents had passed away, her trip to France, her date with Matteo and how she and him spent her last night together.
Tallulah stayed quite for at least four minutes, before mumbling, "You never seem to live a drama free life, do you?"
"Trust me, its not that fun." She sighed, "What do I do? If I see Tyler, I know he'll find out somehow." She frowned.

She shook her head a little, grinning. "Is little Lyssie stuck in a love triangle?" She teased. "You can either be happy with Tyler here, and stay here, or you can run off with some French guy who you don't like as much. You're choice."
She sighed. "Why can't I have them both?" She pouted. "I want a guy I'm happy with and can still have the adventure."
"You can't have it all, Lyss." She put on a pout. "If I were you, decide on who's bigger." She grinned.

"Bigger?" Alyssa asked, confused. "I haven't really checked how tall Matteo was." She murmured. Why would it matter so much about height.
Tallulah was on the edge of bursting out with laughter "You're so adorable sometimes. I didn't mean it as in height."
It took a while, but Alyssa got it eventually. "Oh!" She laughed a little, "I didn't get quite that far with Matteo." She blushed a little.
"You gotta pick one or the other, or you might lose them both." She then lowered her voice to a whisper. "But if Matteo has a friend... You know what to do." She grinned.

Alyssa was about to leave, but before she did, she pulled out a present. "But before I forget, even though it is my birthday, here's your fancy French nectar." She grinned.
Tallulah grinned back, "I can't believe you actually got me this!" She took the present. "But don't worry, I won't drink it all on my own, I'll bring it to your party." She smiled, "However, you are on a limit. We know how you get when you've had a few." She winked.
She scoffed, "I'm not that bad."

Fairly soon after Tallulah left, Alyssa got a phone call. "Hello?" She asked, not recognising the number.
"Miss Matthews? We've heard quite a lot about you, and would like to offer you a job." The woman on the phone responded with.
Confused, she asked, "Uh, who is this and how did you get my number?"

"Sorry, I'm bad at introductions." The woman laughed. "I'm Shauna O'Connell, head biologist at the MLLFF, or the science facility as you'd better know it."
Alyssa paused. They really wanted her to be a scientist with them? "Right, and you want me to interview?" She asked.
"Not quite. We've seen your performance in school, and how varied you are with all your skills, not to mention you seem naturally clever. Would you mind coming down the the offices for a proper talk?" She asked.
Grinning at the possibility of getting a job, as easy as that, she responded with "Yeah, sure. I'm coming down now."

Alyssa walked into the offices, nervous. She honestly wasn't so sure about all of this. It seemed rather suspicious, but then again, nothing was as it seemed. "You were the woman I spoke to on the phone, right?" She asked.
Shauna smiled, "Yes, I am. And don't look so worried dear. I promise you won't end up like him." She motioned with her head to the skeleton in the corner, and laughed. Alyssa laughed too, more of a forced one though.

"Sorry, I'm just a little uneasy." She folded her arms, her left hand rubbing near her elbow. "I'm also confused about why you chose me." First Bonnie, now this woman. What was it with people and choosing Alyssa?
"Well, why wouldn't I choose you?" Shauna grinned. "You're a bright young woman, and I believe that you'll be able to start with us as soon as possible, if you choose a job with us, at least. Why don't you have a seat?" She asked, and sat behind her desk.

Alyssa sat down in the wooden chair, "I was half considering going into science, I used to play with a telescope when I was little, marking down star coordinates." She smiled, but was honestly envious of the chair Shauna was in. It looked so comfy and plushy. If she joined them, would she get a chair like that?
"I'm glad you were considering, and I would honestly be delighted if you did join us. See, here its not as much about making money, its more about sharing what we know, like a family." She smiled sadly, "And I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your parents. Why is it always the good that go first?" She frowned, closing her eyes and resting her head against the back of the chair.

Alyssa frowned, "I'd prefer it if this stayed simply business." She mumbled, not wanting to get into her family life (or the lacking of it) right now.
"Ah, yes, my apologies. Anyway, we're willing to do you a special offer. If you join us when you age up, you'll get a position straight away. I'm not saying its too much of a good one, however its better than what most people have to do. So, I'm offering you the choice of either going to college and joining us at a slightly higher position, or saving years of your life and joining us right now. Your own choice Alyssa." She smiled.
She thought about it for a long time, "I'll join you now, but I want to ask if there is room for promotion?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Always, especially for someone like you." She smiled softly.

Her birthday 'party' was more of just a mini gathering. Seeing as though Rosie and Connor were a little busy (they did stop by for a few minutes earlier to give her presents). When Tyler and Tallulah were talking, Alyssa gave Bonnie the Moon Stone. "I got it, and I wrapped it up just in case." She grinned. "I almost broke my nails, but I got it." She laughed a little.
Bonnie grinned, "Thank you so much Alyssa!" She was smiling almost from ear to ear, "You have no clue how much this means, and I got you a little something for your birthday too..." And she pulled out a present.

"Its a Spooky Day gnome. Me and Tyler saw it at the festival, and we both got it for you. Well, he suggested it. I thought it was a little weird, but he said that you had some random thing for gnomes." Bonnie explained.
Alyssa smiled, "Thanks, I love it." She grinned, but hearing Tyler's name honestly made her feel guilty. She had cheated on him. As long as she kept the memory of Matteo out of her mind, he would never know. Like she thought before, what isn't there he can't read.

Alyssa was about to blow out her candles, before she could talk to Tyler. Well, she didn't exactly want to talk to him until she could face him without feeling so guilty. She stepped forward to blow out her candles. She was excited about being an adult! No more school to bother with, and she already has a job lined up.

As she blew them out, it became harder and harder to not think about... That thing. She was almost chanting in her mind Don't think about it, Don't think about it. She managed to blow out the candles, Don't think about him. She took a step away from the cake, and watched as the sparkles surrounded her, like the embers on fireworks. Don't think about Matteo.
Then, she cracked and thought about him.

She didn't even think about a time when they were just talking. She thought about a moment when she kissed him, passionately as well. Then, the rest of her memories just came up too. She thought about how he called her 'Mon Belle' or 'Belle' for short. She thought about how sweet he was, and how he cared about her. Once all the memories were up, the only thing she could think about was how guilty she felt. 

The first look she got as an adult was a glare. It was obvious that Tyler saw her memories too. She frowned, regretting what she did now. She shouldn't have cheated, or even considered it. But, what's done it done, and there isn't all too much she can do about it.
"Alyssa, can I talk to you outside?" He asked, managing to keep the anger out of his voice.

It was freezing outside, which made Alyssa wish she aged up with a cardigan on or something. She felt awkward right now. Awkward and cold. Of course, this was her own doing though. If she had thought about what she was doing, or going to do... This conversation wouldn't happen. "Its weird how quickly it gets cold." She murmured, trying her hardest at making basic conversation.
"You cheated on me." He stated coldly, frowning. 

She took a step back, "Look, I didn't mean to-"
"Obviously you did, otherwise you wouldn't have done it Alyssa." He interrupted her, "Don't lie. The moment my back was turned, you went off and found some other guy." He glared, sure they hadn't been dating long, but she ruined any chance of a future.
She frowned, "It wasn't like that. I... He..." She tried to come up with something to say, but words weren't coming out of her mouth in proper sentences.

"Then what was it like? Because it seemed that way." He folded his arms. "As soon as I was gone, you moved on and made out with another guy." He glared.
"Tyler, I'm really sorry." She frowned. "If I could take it back, I would, but I can't." She did feel bad, but that last bit... That wasn't the full truth. She did feel bad, but she loved the feeling of someone caring about her so much, and even having a cute little name for her, Belle.
"I'm going to give you a choice, Belle." He said that name sourly,  "Its either me or him." He folded his arms, "If you choose me, then you're never seeing him again, and visa versa."

She looked away, frowning. "You can't expect me to just choose." She murmured, sighing. It wasn't that easy. She wanted them both, but she knew she couldn't have that.
"You should be able to, Alyssa. If you actually felt something for me-" He glared at her, but it was her turn to interrupt now.
She looked back at him. "I did feel something for you, and it hurts that you think I didn't. But now, I don't" She spoke coldly. 
"Then maybe its best that we're not together anymore." His voice was now ripped of emotion. He honestly thought that she would choose him.
"Maybe it is." She mumbled, looking away again.

She looked away as he left. She couldn't help but hate herself right not. She had made this happen, and she put herself in this situation. But, not all that had happened over the last few days was her fault. Her parents passing away wasn't her fault. Maybe she was guilty of cheating, but now, she wouldn't be. Alyssa knew what she was going  to do the next morning.
She was going to go back to France, and to see Matteo again, and no one could stop her.

Chapter 1.51 Moon Stone Retrieval et Au Revoir France                       
AN: This is the end of Generation 1! *throws confetti* Ah, I can still remember when Erin was a brunette, and when Rosie was a toddler with her little side braid <3 Now I have my little Lyssie taking over.
But, a lot has happened in this chapter. I'll put up the known rolls for Generation 2 on the start of next chapter. So far, we only know her career though. The rest will all fall into place (somehow).
But lets hope the next nine generations go well!
Oh, and I lost all of my precious gems in an accident with saves. After recovering what I could, the gems were still lost :( At least it was an easy way of getting rid of them without deleting them (Seriously, they were taking up the house)
Also, I just want to bring to attention how girly Alyssa's scooter is. She bought one while in France (And I bought this one again once she lost that one): 
It looks like the kind Barbie would ride, if she had a scooter... Psch, Barbie isn't awesome enough for a scooter.

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Chapter 1.51 Moon Stone Retrieval et Au Revoir France

Alyssa woke up early on the second day in Champs les Sims

She decided to get up before sunrise, as she had an important day of exploring to do. Hopefully she won't be distracted by another boy, because she already has one that she's keeping a secret. It would be better off without two boys that she had to keep from Tyler.

After showering and getting dressed, she headed out. She went to where the moon stone was supposed to be hidden, and looked around a little for a way in to this tomb. When she saw the rock opening, she figured this must be it.
"Ha! This is easy." She grinned, and went down the stairs.

When she got downstairs though, she came face to face with a pile of rocks. Did she have to destroy these to get pass? As the slight bit of wall she could see behind the pile was a little different to the rest. She glanced around the room, and the only other thing she could see in there was some metal and a nearby pickax. So, after collecting it, she got to work on all the rocks, hopefully it wouldn't be too hard.

After a while of trying to destroy the rocks with a nearby pickax, Alyssa realised that she had spoke too soon. This would not be an easy task, especially if this was the first barrier.

Luckily, the next room didn't have too much of a Herculean task. All Alyssa could do was hope that she would make it out of here, somehow, with the Moon Stone with her.

She had to stick her arm in possibly spider and cockroach infested holes, as a way to open all these damn locked doors. Whoever wanted to protect this Moon Stone, they did a fairly good job of it by setting up a bunch of traps along the way.

When she had found the heart key stone, she was honestly excited. She thought this was the Moon Stone, but she soon realized it wasn't as it just seemed like any ordinary rock, that and there was a hole in the wall that was clearly made for that key stone.
"I guess it's just never ending." She murmured, picking up the heavy stone and managing to open one of the doors.

As any normal person would, Alyssa felt uneasy seeing the skeleton there. Another explorer that tried to come in here, and probably got trapped behind the door she had just opened. After picking up the gem (Still not the Moon Stone) Alyssa ran out of that small room, leaving the skeleton alone.

Alyssa has never been a strong girl, and since this pressure plate needed something heavier, she honestly considered going home. She powered through, and grabbed the heavy statue and began to pull it on the the plate. "This f*cking Moon Stone better be worth it." She grunted, slowly pulling the statue.

As she came down the stairs, she knew she was close. She had to be close! The Moon Stone had to be somewhere down here, she just needed to carry on figuring out which wall was pushable or linked to some step.

After taking all of the relics down here (what? It wasn't like anyone was using them) Alyssa moved another heavy statue into the pressure plate near the door. She was so close to the Moon Stone! When it was in place, she heard the now familiar click of the doors opening. She opened the doors.

When she walked in, she saw glistening near one of the holes. That must be where it was kept. After a long time of digging through rocks, jumping on pressure plates, pulling and pushing statues, and sticking her arm in bug infested holes, she finally had done it.

She went over to the hole, and put her arm in. She searched around for it, until her hand hit something cold. The Moon Stone. She practically jumped up and down with giddiness when she found it, but she quickly put it away, just in case anyone saw her with it. Not like anyone could make it down here, but just in case.

Once she was out of the tomb, she saw how late it had gotten. Then, she started cheering "I got it!" Over and over again. But, her expression then turned into a frown when she realized she would be coming back home again soon. She had to say goodbye to Matteo, and spend some more time with him.

Alyssa told him all about her adventures in the tomb, much to his shock and surprise. "Mon Belle, you should not have gone in there. Its a very dangerous place to go." He frowned. "And your Tyler, he told you to go in there? For what reason?"
"It wasn't just Tyler, it was Bonnie too. They wanted me to go in there to retrieve something special for them." She half smiled. "Its not that big of a deal, really." She assured him, "I'm fine anyway. Its not like I got hurt."
"But you could have." He pointed out. "I don't want my precious Belle getting hurt." He frowned.

"I'm fine Matteo." She smiled slightly. She loved how caring he was of her, even though they hadn't known each other long. "Well, I could be better. Tonight is my last night here." She frowned.
"You only came for a few nights?" He asked, and she nodded.
"My birthday is soon, and I want to be at home for it. I'm sorry." She sighed.

"You can't help when your birthday is Belle." He half smiled. That was another thing she liked, he gave her a cute little name, Belle. Well, in full Mon Belle (my beautiful). She looked away, thinking about something before she looked back at him
"Do you wanna come over to my base camp?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

When they were back at hers, he asked, "Belle, how far do you want to go?" He felt as if he had to ask, mostly because he didn't want to pressure her by going too far.
"I'm willing to go as far as making out in our underwear, but no further." She looked at him, seriously. "That's as far as I want to go right now." She whispered.
And so that was what they did, but they went no further than night.

Unfortunately, she had to leave in the early hours of the morning. She hugged him tightly, stood on her tip toes slightly. "I'm really going to miss you, Matteo." She whispered, sniffling.
"I'll miss you too Belle." He murmured in reply. "Promise me you will come and visit again, once you are an adult. We can spend more time together, and my birthday is also soon."

"I'll be back, I promise." She didn't trust her voice to go any higher than a whisper. "When I do come back, we'll spend the whole time together." Her voice was slightly muffled as she stayed close to him. With a heavy heart, she back away. "Au Revoir." She smiled sadly, "See? My French isn't that bad."
"It getting better Belle." He smiled. "Maybe one day you'll be a natural."

She gave him one last kiss, but there was one thing that was bothering her about it.
There were no fireworks.

Chapter 1.50 Bonjour Champs les Sims!                                   
AN: The tomb was a pain in the ass. I got this bug where after midnight, nothing could be clicked on or used. A lot of other people have this trouble, so Alyssa had to go back home and back to France. 
Next chapter she'll be back in good old Dragon Valley (Where it is her birthday and the last chapter of Generation 1. Woo!

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Chapter 1.50 Bonjour Champs les Sims!

Alyssa breathed in the French air, basked in the sunlight.

She looked out across at the beautiful little village, hoping the see the world, outside of her home. It wasn't that she didn't love home, but with the recent death of both her parents, she needed some time away. That, and she had important stuff to do here.

One of her best friend and boyfriend had told her that she had to go and get the moon stone, in order to get the moon back in its proper cycle, instead of being stuck in one phase. But before that, she had other things she needed to do...

Champs les Sims was a really pretty town, and Alyssa even got a free motor scooter too! (Well, rented of course). She wasn't allowed to rent a car, because of her age, but she would honestly prefer the scooter, and it wasn't that hard to drive, especially not after learning how to not crash or abruptly stop.

It was a beautiful building, really. But all Alyssa could focus on was the gnomes that were inside there. She would have to be stealthy and quick, as she knew the gnomes moved often, and that if someone saw her, she'd be in trouble. It wasn't like they were one of a kind, but still.
"You know, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be on her own." She heard a voice, it was obviously a local, as the accent was a thick French one.

He approached her, and Alyssa half smiled at him, "Trust me, I'll be fine on my own." She sighed, "I have to get used to solitude." She attempted to turn away, but he grabbed her hand.
"You are not from here, I presume?" He asked, taking by her odd accent. He seemed confused for a moment, then asked "Puis-je vous faire visiter?"

Blinking, Alyssa said "I don't speak French. I came here for a holiday." She smiled, partially embarrassed. "I didn't read up on the language, sorry."
"Oh, right. May I show you around?" He translated, smiling at her. "I'm Matteo by the way."
"I'm Alyssa, but I think I'll be alright on my own around the art gallery. Maybe we could meet up again later?" She suggested.
Grinning, he nodded, "I would like that, mon chéri. How about we meet here, later tonight?" He smiled at her.
"Sure, I'll meet you here." She grinned.

Alyssa walked into the gallery, thinking about her sort of date tonight. Was it a date? She wasn't so sure. Whatever it was, she should make sure Matteo knows that she has a boyfriend, Tyler. She didn't want to turn into the kind of girl she hated.
Then again, Matteo was a French guy.

After walking inside and up a flight of stairs, she glanced down the corridor. Nope, not there. But she had better look further.
Her mind was preoccupied with her French boy. Would it be really all too bad? Just one little date? Its a whole different place, for crying out loud! Surely, there won't be any repercussions of anything that might happen here.

It amazed Alyssa how the museum was empty. Did people not bother about these precious artifacts? Or were there other things to see in France?
She hated how most of her mind was plagued with a way of seeing Matteo without Tyler knowing. It couldn't be too difficult, right? All she had to do was to not think about him when she was with Tyler again.
"My oh my, I've gone boy crazy." She murmured to herself, grinning.

So many corridors in this place, it was huge! She had to be here, then go to the nectar garden to get a bottle for Tallulah as a present, and then she needed to retrieve the moon stone. The true reason of why she actually came here. She didn't come here to meet any boys, or even consider cheating.

Perfect. All three of them were here. The French gnome, the Egyptian gnome (from Al Simhara) and the Chinese gnome (from Shang Simla). After glancing both ways, Alyssa took all three of them. These were her presents to herself for doing this, and going to all the trouble.

It wasn't exactly stealing because she left some gems in place of where the gnomes were. It was more trading, (although an unfair trade). After the little swap was done, she went to the nectary.

"Bonjour." Alyssa greeted, using the only word of French she actually knew. She thinks it meant 'Hello' or something along those lines. She didn't quite have the accent down though.
"Bonjour mademoiselle, puis-je vous aider?" He asked, not paying all too much attention to her confused reaction.

"I kinda don't know all too much French. In English please?" She smiled, trying not to be all too rude.
"May I help you?" He asked, then looked her up and down, "You are over the age limit, aren't you?"
She nodded, "Yeah, I am. And I was wondering if I could buy some nectar." She grinned. "For myself and as a present for a friend." She explained.

After looking at all the nectars, she wasn't impressed. "Is there anything else?" She asked.
The salesman, Gustave as she later learned was his name, replied "The nectar on display isn't our best. For the best, you may want to check downstairs."
"Downstairs? Am I allowed?" Alyssa asked, just to double check. With a nod from him, she smiled "Great, I'll go look."

Once in the basement, Alyssa approached the purple dive pool with caution. The bright purple colour of it honestly discouraged her, but she had to gain at least a little culture and adventure here, right?

Getting soaked obviously wasn't worth it, even if she did find really good nectar, perfect even. She went back to base camp, to get ready for her 'date' with Matteo. She was honestly excited about it, but she knew she had to mention about Tyler. She couldn't be a cheater, that wasn't the person she was.

"I am happy you met me here, mon Belle." Matteo smiled, his hand moving up to her cheek. "I was honestly worried you wouldn't come. Someone with limited time here may not want to spend so much time with the locals."
"Belle?" She asked, and shook her head, "No, my name is Alyssa." She corrected, "And I'd be happy to spend the evening with you, as long as we don't have a snail eating contest." She teased, grinning.
"You really don't know French, do you?" He laughed a little, "Mon Belle means my beautiful." He explained, and Alyssa tried to keep the blush away. Even though it was wrong, she didn't want to mention about Tyler. She was happy being called beautiful.

They went to a fancy restaurant. Luckily they had food Alyssa was familiar with, and there was the English underneath the menu name.
After a while of casual conversation, she thought it would be best to bring up the subject of Tyler. "Look, there's something I need to tell you."
"Yes, mon Belle?" He asked, wondering what she had to say. Surely whatever it may be, it couldn't be all too important.
"I have a boyfriend back home, his name is Tyler." She bit her lower lip.

"So, there is nothing here?" He asked, frowning. So much for not important. The first pretty girl to come to France, she has a boyfriend.
"Not exactly." She smiled, "See, I'm usually not this kind of girl, in fact I hated my sister for doing this, but you're cute, fun, and incredibly smooth." She grinned, and not to mention he was French. Had she thought that already?

Matteo was very confused at this moment in time. If she was already with someone, why was she complimenting him? "Belle, I'm not so sure if I understand..." He frowned. "Do you want to be with both me and him?" He asked.
Alyssa smiled, "Only if you can keep it a secret." She winked.

Chapter 1.49 Alone                                     
AN: Sorry if the start bit was a tidbit long.
Also, for the record, I don't know French. All I know how to say is what my name is and I'm eight years old. (Obviously, only one bit of that is useful now, and I'm not still eight.) So, all of this French came from Google Translate. If I got anything wrong, please correct me. Estudio esponol en mi instituto, y no hay espana en el Sims de tres. (I study spanish in my school, and there isn't Spain in the Sims 3).
Once the misc fun and family structure is revealed for Alyssa's generation, I hope it'll become clear why she's cheating (or at least greatly considering it)