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Chapter 1.25 How I Met Your Mother

Thomas waited until after school to tell Rosie about her mother

Obviously he wasn't all too comfortable with this, but he kinda owed it to Rosie. After all, he hasn't even mentioned anything of her mother around her. Probably because when she was younger, he was more focused on making sure he spent time with her and stayed on top of his work.

He sighed slightly, looking at her. His little princess who used to have a braid and wear a little dress with a duck on it was almost all grown up.
He then asked "Are you sure you want to know?" He looked at her, and there was a slight hope that she would say no.
Rosie nodded though, half smiling. "I'm sure, but what about Erin and Connor? What if they listen in?" She asked, knowing this can't be easy for her Daddy.
"Erin's out with her guitar and Connor's doing some work experience at the business building. So its just you, me and Alyssa." He glanced over to check Alyssa was still okay playing with the doll house.

"You're sure you want to know though, right?" He asked, one last time. He really wanted some way out of telling this story.
She laughed a little "I'm sure, I want to know."
With a deep breathe, he began to tell the story of how he met Rosie's mother.

"Me and your mother were practically inseparable, we grew up together. Neither of us had too much of a family, so we just stuck together through everything. She was my best friend, and I was hers. We were our own family, and we didn't need or want anyone else. Neither of us payed attention in school, and neither of us were role model students either..." He started, hating how quickly the memories of Roxie came back to him as he then continued to tell the story.

"There was this abandoned barn we always used to hang out at. It just me and her, never anyone else. We doubted if anyone else even knew about it. It was freezing in winter, we would usually just sit in the hay that there was upstairs, and in summer it was way too hot." He grinned, thinking about it in summer. "Most of the time, we just sat there in our underwear, once even-"
Rosie quickly interrupted "Don't. Need. To. Know." She covered her ears. She was pretty sure she didn't need to know that much. "If you and Mom were happy, why did she leave?"

He stayed quiet for a moment, before saying in a quiet voice "That's what I wondered too." He sighed softly, looking at the space next to his feet. The silence made Rosie feel as if she made a mistake in what she asked. 
"Can you tell me what happened right before she left?" She asked. She knew her Daddy probably didn't want to talk about it, but she wanted to know. She wanted to know more about her mother.
"I'll tell you." He murmured.

"Your mom wasn't at school that day, and I was a little worried, but mainly pissed off she abandoned me that day at school."
"Wait, you had school?" Rosie asked, looking at him. 
He sighed, loudly, "I'm not that old Rosie, thanks by the way." He mumbled sarcastically. "Anyway, I was annoyed at her. But, I knew where she would be so I went to the barn."

"I waited outside the barn for a little bit, mostly to check no one was actually in there. I knew it was only your mother in there though. I heard her do something she almost never did, I heard her crying. I stayed outside for a moment, making sure it was actually her, and I went into the barn."

Rosie frowned a little, "Why was she upset?" 
"You can rush a story teller, Rosie. When I went inside, she stopped crying right away. That, I expected but if she was ever upset, she would usually go back to crying when she knew she was around me. This time was different though. I knew where she would be, sat near one of the bales of hay, usually either sat on the lowest one or her back to it."

"I asked her what was wrong, and she just shook her head. She didn't want to talk about it, but I wanted to know what was wrong with her. I stayed with her for a long time, hours went by and we were sat in silence. She eventually told me that her dad, your granddad, had kicked her out."
"Why?" Rosie interrupted again.
"I didn't know, she didn't say."

"Shocked by this, I then asked her why, and like I said, she refused to answer. She kept mumbling things under her breath, which is something she always used to do when she was worried. All I heard her mumble was something about mistakes and something else I couldn't understand. Whenever your mom got stressed, angry or worried, she would start doing that, and start making no sense at all. It was one of the reasons she wasn't good at school."

"I told her that me and her could find a place when we both graduated the next day. She shook her head though, and told me that she was moving away from Dragon Valley, and wanted to travel the world and do new things."

"I asked her why and she told me that she needed to get away from here, and there were bad things keeping her chained to here." Thomas sighed as he spoke, hating this memory. It was probably the one that hurt him most of all. The memory of his first heartbreak, and he didn't even know why.

"I wanted her to tell me what was wrong, and what she was hiding from me. She kept on changing the subject though. She refused to tell me what was wrong. I kept trying and she just kept shaking her head or saying something random. One of the subject changes was her asking things about my mom." He frowned a little, looking down.

"What happened to Grandma?" Rosie asked, never actually hearing anything being said about her grandmother.
"My own mom died when I was young, and my dad wasn't around so I got put into care." He shrugged, looking at Rosie again. "That's actually where you got your name from, or at least I'm guessing that's why your mom called you that. My mom was called Rosie too." He smiled a little.

"Anyway, when I finally did manage to get an answer off your mom, she said that she 'didn't want me having to be tied down to her'. I asked her what that meant and she kept shaking her head and saying that her and I weren't meant to be. She kept repeating different excuses, and I gave up on an answer. I gave up on whatever your mother might have wanted to say."

"I was angry and heartbroken. So I just walked out of the barn and left her alone. Thinking back on it now, I probably should have stayed to make sure she was actually alright. The next day, I graduated and I honestly had no clue what I would do. That's when I saw some military guys walk past, and I thought that because I didn't have a family to worry about me, I should go into a career like that."

"After I signed up was when I met Erin. She was new and only ever planned on staying with me for a few days." He couldn't help but laugh a little.
"She's kinda stayed for a little bit longer than a few days." Rosie pointed out, raising an eyebrow. "Why did she decide to stay here though?" She couldn't help but ask. 

"She stayed because that was when she found out about Connor, and she had next to no money, well, neither of us had a lot. So we stayed poor together because it would be a lot easier to afford things that way. There would be two people paying for the house, and we'd both be able to look after the baby while still being able to do what we want."

"Erin usually played her guitar for tips around town as a way to earn money, and that was when she met your mother. When I found out, I went to where your mother used to live when we were younger, and that's when I met you." He smiled at her, remembering exactly about the braid she had and the brown dress with the duck.

At some point during the story, Alyssa had wandered over and wanted to know what was going on. Neither of them noticed her until she started whining at Thomas's feet, wanting cuddles. He picked her up, and sat her down on his knee. "And the rest of that you should know." He sighed slightly, glad that was over with. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about your mother earlier, it was just a difficult thing to talk about."
Rosie shook her head a little bit "It's okay, I get it." She smiled slightly back. "Do you ever wish you were still with mom though?" She couldn't help but ask.

He thought about it, then shook his head. "I'm honestly happy the way everything has turned out so far. Sure we're not a perfectly normal family, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I have my two girls, Erin and Connor. Some people might look down on us because we're not the classic family, but what we have is more than good enough for me." He smiled, honestly meaning what he said. He loved his family.

His mini-speech about how happy he was made Rosie feel a little guilty. She's been keeping a really big secret from him for so long... 
She sighed softly "There's something I need to tell you." She mumbled, frowning.
He furrowed his eyebrows, honestly expecting the worst. "What do you need to tell me? It's nothing bad, is it?"
She pursed her lips a little, unsure if it was actually bad or not. She sighed, and quietly said. "I'm a witch."
Thomas blinked a few times, looking at his eldest daughter. He certainly was not expecting that.

Chapter 1.24 Well, Hello                                                                            
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Chapter 1.24 Well, Hello

Rosie honestly loved her baby sister.

She had taken a real shine to her baby half sister, and loved spending time with her. Erin and Thomas were shocked of how close the two were, mainly based on the fact Rosie reacted worst to the news.

Rosie would spend a lot of the time in the nursery, often rocking in the rocking chair with Alyssa or feeding her, and just basically spending time with her. Its not like she would ever do the things she didn't want to like the early morning feeds or diaper changes, Erin or Thomas usually did that.

Rosie was in the nursery, as always. Its where she spent most of her time when she wasn't out somewhere else. She was watching Alyssa in her swing one morning, grinning as her little sister was giggling away. If it was up to her, she would spend all day like this, just watching Alyssa in the swing, having fun.

She stood up straight, hearing a strange sound. It almost sounded like a voice telling her to do something. She tried her hardest to focus on what it said. It was speaking about school something about her school. She sighed softly, and turned off the swing. She didn't want the swing to malfunction while no one else was around. After the swing was off, she went into her room and got dressed.

As she shut the chest of drawers after getting changed, she heard the voice even louder "Don't go to school Rosie." She shook her head, trying to get rid of this voice. It wasn't her own voice, it was someone else's. It was a male voice, and that was probably the thing that freaked her out the most. How was this guy talking to her?

Rosie went straight for her bedroom door to leave, just as she heard the school bus pulling up outside. She put her hand on the doorknob, wanting to open the door, only it wouldn't budge. She heard that same voice again "I need to talk to you Rosie. So, I can't let you go to school today." She sighed, frustrated and kept trying to open her door.
She wondered how she could get in contact with this weird voice "Just let me out." She murmured, as the sound of the school bus pulling away was heard. Then, she was let out of her room. She went back into the nursery, making sure to be quiet as she knew she would be in trouble for skipping school, even though it wasn't her fault.

She sat down in the rocking chair, hoping that whatever or whoever the voice was, it would help her or at least say what it wanted.She knew that Erin was downstairs playing the piano, as Rosie could hear it up here. She closed her eyes, trying to listen to the music, when she heard that voice again.
"She's quite good at playing the piano, isn't she?"

Her eyes shot open, hearing the voice again. It wasn't in her head this time, it was in front of her. She looked him up and down, and then stood up. 
"What do you want? Why did you make me skip school?" She didn't hold back with questions. 
"I needed to speak to you. I'm taking that you already know my sister, Elli?" He folded his arms, and Rosie couldn't help but stare at him. She knew he wasn't human, as humans certainly don't have fangs.

"Yeah, I know Elli." She furrowed her eyebrows. "And she's your sister? How? I mean, she's a fairy and you're a vampire..." She trailed off. 
"There's no point going through all that now." The stranger murmured, sighing. "I'm Liam by the way, and I want you to get rid of the wand she gave you." He spoke sternly.

Rosie scoffed "Why? And I'm not answering to you until you answer my question." She folded her arms, glaring at him.
"Just listen to me okay? You're not safe with that wand." He snarled, annoyed at how she wasn't listening to him.
Tilting her head and grinning, she asked "Isn't there some brooding emotionless girl you should be with in the woods?" She raised an eyebrow "And is that why we're talking inside? I'd hate for you to sparkle like a fairy." She laughed.

He raised an eyebrow "Seriously? I think its more hilarious that you actually know that." He smirked back, much to Rosie's displeasure. "And I'll give you the very basics of why I'm this way. I was another one of my sister's experiments. She felt lonely being the only supernatural, and I kept teasing her about it as she could never go outside and play. She put a vampire elixir into my drinking water, and I turned into a vampire. It was her own way of showing that even though she was different, she could still go outside. I can't go outside in sunlight without burning to death." He went through the story with no emotion, as Rosie listened.

"So, basically, when you and Elli were younger, you made fun of her, she got annoyed. She turned you into a vampire, the end." She clarified, and Liam nodded.
"Basically, yes. Now can you get rid of that wand?" He asked. "Its really dangerous and far too powerful for you. You could end up killing yourself, or hurting someone very close to you." His eyes drifted over to Alyssa "Is she yours? Or your little sister?" He asked, honestly not knowing as he walked over to the little green swing.

Rosie frowned a little, looking at Alyssa and walking over too "Half sister." She murmured quietly. She didn't want her baby sister getting hurt because of her own stupidity and stubbornness. She would never be able to forgive herself if anything ever happened to anyone in her family. She sighed.  then looked back at Liam. "If I do give up this wand... Won't Elli be angry?"
Liam hesitated, "Very, but there's something I can do, but I'll need your help." He explained, then begun to whisper his plan in her ear.

Later that day, it was time for Alyssa to age up into a toddler. It was only a family party as always, there wasn't really any other family that lived in Dragon Valley anyway.  Erin was the one who was going to help Alyssa blow out the candles after both Connor and Rosie were home from school. Its funny because Erin didn't even hear Rosie coming home from school, yet here she and Connor were...

Once the birthday cake was lit, Erin leaned over the cake and blew out the candle for Alyssa. It was the same usual routine for birthdays. Apart from this would almost certainly be the last first birthday all the family and only them would celebrate. It was sad for a second, but more happy about the fact that Alyssa would be able to walk and talk soon.

Almost as soon as she aged up, Alyssa went straight over to the doll house, wanting to know what it was and what it did as Erin put the cake away for leftovers. Rosie soon retreated back up to her own bedroom, thinking about this day.

Today, she had met a vampire, and had  been told that there could be a possibility that she could seriously hurt someone with the wand. She wanted this curse to go. She didn't want to hurt anyone. She didn't want to be the bad person. She squeezed her eyes shut, wanting some way out of thinking about this. Which was when she felt someone touching her.

She opened her eyes to find Liam there, and she smiled softly at him "Hey." She murmured, looking up at him. 
"Hey." He half smiled back at her, and bit his lower lip slightly. "You were upset?" He asked, raising an eyebrow and placing his hand on her bare waist.
Rosie, confused about how he knew, nodded. "Yeah." She sighed and murmured "I wanna help you with your plan." She placed her hand up to his shoulder, making sure there was still at least a little distance.

Liam's eyes widened a little, honestly surprised she said that. "Are you sure you want to?" He asked.
Rosie nodded again, half smiling "I'm sure. But not for a while yet. We can talk about the plan whenever you come over, but I can't do it yet. I still haven't told my Dad that I'm a witch." She whispered, making sure he couldn't hear.

"You've not told him yet?" He asked, in a low voice. "You need to tell him Ro, you can't keep this secret from him."
"Ro? What, is that a nickname for me now?" She asked, grinning. He gave her a look, silently telling her not to change the subject. She sighed "Soon, he's going to talk to me about my mom, and after that is when I'm going to tell him." She looked at him.
"If I don't see you before then, good luck. I'm gonna have to go before Elli suspects something." He smiled at her, and then almost in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Rosie sighed, sitting down on a chair at her desk. She knew she really would need good luck. But she knew she would need even more luck and courage for their plan on how to take down Elli.

Chapter 1.23 Birthday Blues                                                      
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Chapter 1.23 Birthday Blues

"Its my birthday today."

Connor looked at Sabrina when he spoke, he was honestly excited about being a teenager. He could go out and party all night, and do things all teenagers do. The look on Sabrina's face made him feel uncomfortable though. She was frowning, clearly upset.
"What's the matter?" He asked, wondering why she was upset about his birthday.

"We won't be able to be friends anymore." She mumbled, looking like she was on the edge of tears. 
He furrowed his eyebrows, confused "Why not? I don't get it..." He was confused. He knew she would stay the same way, but that didn't mean they couldn't be friends.
"Only people in the same age stage can see me. That's why your Mom, Thomas and Rosie haven't noticed me." She confessed, and right then was when it clicked. They never asked about Sabrina because they never saw her, that's why Rosie thought she was imaginary.

"That's right." He murmured, confirming what she already knew was true. "None of my family can see you. Why is that?" He asked, looking at her.
She sighed, looking at him. "Its one of the side effects of being forever immortal. You can't age, but only people of a similar age can see you." She mumbled.
"Oh, I think I get it. So all magic people who don't age can't be seen?" He asked.

"Kinda..." She mumbled, then continued to explain. "When you use magic, you naturally don't age as quick. Like, you could be eighty and still act like a twenty year old. It depends how long you've been using magic. But, I'm immortal, so I never age. Which means that we can't be friends."
"Why can't you just start aging again? Can you do that?" He asked, wanting someway to still be friends with Sabrina. She was pretty much the only friend he had.

She hesitated before answering "I'm not so sure Connor. I mean, I can, easily I can. I just..." Hearing that made him annoyed.
"Wait, so you can either still be friends with me, or carry on being young?" He narrowed his eyes, angry, and sat up. She would rather live forever than be with him. Was their friendship really that one sided?
"Yes, and don't be angry with me. You don't get how difficult it is for me." She frowned.

"You're my best friend Sabrina, I lo- like hanging out with you." He quickly caught back on what he was going to say then, he didn't want to screw up what he was going to say. "But you probably don't feel the same way, do you?" He glared at her, angry and hurt. He wanted to be with her, but she didn't want to be with him.
"Connor..." She started, feeling bad. She could easily see he was hurting, and hated it too. She didn't want him to be upset over her, and she knew it was her own fault at the end of the day. It was a difficult choice. Connor was her best friend, but did she really want to fully give up being a child?
"Just go." He said, turning away from her.

And as he finally stood up, he knew she was gone.

Rosie meanwhile was trying to see what the big fuss was about babies. So far, all she learned was that they cried and didn't do much. She pursed her lips to the side, watching Alyssa in her crib and keeping her eye on the doll one of Erin's great aunts sent. Or at least that's what the letter said. The doll gave Rosie the creeps.
"You don't do all that much, do you?" She asked, not that she expected a response from the baby. Alyssa stayed silent, just looking up at Rosie.

"Why do people even want kids?" She wondered aloud, looking down. She had to admit, it was a pretty nursery, she especially liked the birds going up the sides. She didn't really remember having a nice bedroom when she was little, at least it wasn't fantastic enough for her to remember. Times were probably different back then though, she remembered mostly spending the days with Erin when she was very little, and a little of someone with red hair and a skull on their chest...

She continued to look down at Alyssa, "It would be a lot easier if you could talk, or if you were older. I've always wanted a sister, someone to gossip with." She laughed a little, smiling slightly. She then lowered her voice to a whisper. "You know, when I was a child, I tried to set your Mommy and our Daddy up. I thought they would get married though, but I guess I got you instead." She laughed a little, smiling at Alyssa.

"Don't tell them though, it was a secret." Rosie laughed, remembering how badly that actually went. "Most kids turn their parents grey, I turned my mom blonde." She laughed, until she realized what she said. She called Erin her mom... She sighed softly, in a whole new bad mood. She sat down on the floor, her back against the crib. She still wanted to talk to her baby half sister, even of she couldn't respond.

"You're really lucky you know both your parents." Rosie whispered, sniffling. "I know that she didn't want me, and I know that she gave me up, but I really want to know about my mom." She mumbled, frowning. "I get that I have Erin, and she's like a mom. She's always been there for me, helped me through some stuff too. She was the first one that I told about... Something." She mumbled. "But its just not the same."

Rosie heard a few whines from the crib, and stood up so she could pick Alyssa up, "You don't like this talk either, huh?" She mumbled, snuggling her baby sister close. Pretty soon, Alyssa was happy again, and Rosie couldn't help but smile "Is it really this easy? I guess you're just an easy baby, aren't you?" She cooed, smiling. 

Then, lowering her voice to a whisper, she said "When you're older, never tell Daddy about boys. I don't know what will happen, but he'll probably freak out." She giggled, then looked around before lowering her voice even more, almost to an angry whisper "I'll always be his favourite though, get that? I was his princess first." She put Alyssa back in the crib, "But you're alright." She half smiled and went out of the nursery.

Connor managed to feel a little happier playing with his non-human best friend though. For a second, it almost helped him forget how sad he was, and it made him remember how much he did love Toby. He loved all dogs really, but Toby was his favourite by far. Toby and Connor had fun together until Thomas kicked them out of the bathroom so he could fix the washing machine.

However, he was less than happy about his birthday, but he put on a smile for his family. They didn't know about Sabrina anyway, she was invisible to them, and soon to be invisible to him too. Today was the day he was going to lose his best friend forever. He really didn't want that at all, he wanted to always be friends with Sabrina, but that obviously wasn't what she wanted.

Blowing out the candles, Connor felt worse than ever. He just wanted today to be over and done with. How much worse could this day get anyway? He had lost his best friend, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He stayed downstairs and had the cake, he didn't want his family thinking that he was too upset. If this is what heartbreak felt like, he was pretty sure that he never wanted a girlfriend. It just hurt too much. It felt as if someone was purposely stabbing him over and over, a sadistic thing just to make him hurt. He went up to his bedroom once he was done, wanting to be alone.

It went almost unnoticed that there was something wrong with Connor, the only person who knew he was upset was Erin. She could tell that there was something wrong with him, and honestly hated that there was something bothering him. Then again, she knew how teenagers could be, even though Connor was only just a teenager. She went over to the door when she heard someone knocking. She wondered who it could be, as it was fairly late...

She was fairly surprised to see a girl at the door, one about Connor's age. She raised an eyebrow, honestly not sure what to say. "Are you here to see someone?" She asked, trying not to seem rude.
"I came to see Connor, is he in?" The girl asked in reply.

Erin nodded in response, "He's in his bedroom, up the stairs and straight on." She told the mystery girl, still fairly confused "Who are you by the way?" She asked, half smiling. She knew that probably sounded fairly rude, but it was an honest question.
"I'm Sabrina. I'm one of his friends." She smiled softly as she walked in and went upstairs. 

Upstairs, Connor was just moping around. He felt horrible and miserable. Maybe it was a good thing that his family thought Sabrina was invisible. They probably just thought she was an imaginary friend of his. He was stood up, aimlessly looking out the window at a whole bunch of nothingness.

He didn't hear the door open, but he immediately recognized the voice. "I made my choice." Sabrina murmured, standing in the doorway. Connor turned to look at her, she was even more beautiful now she was older. 
He went over to her, "So, what does that mean?" He asked, looking at her. "I mean, you can't be immortal anymore so..."

She sighed softly "I still have a few powers, but I'm not going to use them often. I wanna try being normal." She laughed a little, smiling at him.
He smiled back at her, "Normal? As long as you won't get bored being normal..." 

Smiling, and looking into his eyes, all she could say was "I have you, I'm fairly sure I won't get bored." She grinned, and he grinned back. He didn't lose his best friend that day, and honestly hoped he never would lose her, because what he felt for her was stronger than just friendship. He wasn't so sure if she felt the same way though...

Sometimes in life though, you just have to take a chance, and take a risk. After all, most people don't live four hundred and thirty five years. There's no better time than the present to do brave things, and as long as you prepare yourself for it, you'll make a lasting impression.

And sometimes, things work out the exact way you want them to.

Chapter 1.22 Interlude; The Antagonist                                                           
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Because Connor has the Dog Person trait, he gets a lot of wishes to play and talk to and care for Toby (Who I had to recreate). And Alyssa got the doll in the mail. I had to try and play it in somehow because I had already taken the pictures before realizing that the doll was there. I'll play it into the story.