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Chapter 2.08 Accident Prone

Alyssa found herself in an all too familiar place...

Hunched over the toilet again almost straight after waking up, it was a feeling she certainly did not miss and it was a sight she could more than do without. Her first general thought was to give up cooking and just rely on takeout, but the pasta couldn't have been that bad, right? It was hardly even burned! Unless if she undercooked it...? She wasn't so sure.

The coldness of the toilet seat was almost relaxing against her forehead. She knew not to get too used to it otherwise she'd probably end up falling asleep and that would be far from a good thing. She half wondered what it was that was causing her to be ill. There was one possibility that caused her to be this ill before, but she couldn't be that accident prone, could she?

Its not like she wouldn't love to have another baby, she would, it was just rather bad timing. She had just started work for real after her previous maternity leave, and she doubted her boss would be all too happy with her taking more time off (even though there was nothing her boss could do about it), but she was mostly worried about her relationship with Damon.
Everything was only just starting out, and she didn't know what a baby this soon could cause. She was fairly certain that it would either make or break their relationship, and she really didn't want it to end this soon!

After her morning illness, Alyssa tended to Belle and gave her breakfast and gave her something to do while she got at least another hours sleep. She was exhausted, and was honestly happy it was just going to be a day of her being with Belle (considering if her daughter forgave her for leaving her yesterday, or 'forever' as Belle worked it out to be.)

She groaned when her phone started ringing, and she answered it, "Hello?" She didn't look at the caller ID, and attempted to hide the tiredness in her voice. Damn it, wasn't she at least allowed one nap? She sat up ever so slightly, her head resting against the headboard.
"I'm really sorry Alyssa." It was Damon on the other side of the phone and he sounded panicked. She couldn't help but get a little panicked herself. Did he somehow know about her morning sickness? Wait, could werewolves read minds? She honestly didn't need another mind reader boyfriend. Been there, done that, got dumped (even though it was her fault.)

"Huh? What are you sorry about?" She asked as she sat up. She yawned, "I literally just woke up from a nap." She explained.
"Did I wake you? Sorry." He sighed. "I didn't intend for her to do this, she really wanted to meet you and she just got away from me." He explained.
Confused, Alyssa furrowed her eyebrows. "What are you on about? Who got away from you and who wants to meet me?" She asked, and heard a knock on the door. "Someone's at the door, I have to get ready and answer it." She put her phone down on her bedside table, and tried to get ready fairly quickly. Whoever was at the door, they were either impatient or wanted to knock the door down.

When Alyssa managed to answer the door, she found a teenage girl stood there. The girl gave Alyssa a look "You sure do take your time, don't you?" She rolled her eyes, and walked inside.
Blinking, Alyssa turned to look at the fairly rude teenager, and asked "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

The girl raised an eyebrow at Alyssa, "Really? I'm surprised my dad didn't tell you about me." She glared. Alyssa's eyes widened, this was Damon's daughter.
"Oh! You're Tawni? It's nice to meet you, I'm-" She started, trying to be nice, but she was soon interrupted.
"I know who you are Alyssa. I honestly thought my dad would go for someone prettier than a ginger mortal." She scoffed.

"I'm. Not. Ginger." She growled. "My hair is strawberry blonde, not ginger."
"Just because you're in denial doesn't mean you're not ginger." She snapped back, then smirked. It pleased her to get under Alyssa's skin.
"I'm not in denial, there's nothing wrong with my hair colour anyway!" She sighed, exasperated. She took a deep breath, calming herself before continuing. "Where is your dad anyway?" She asked.
As if on cue Damon walked in; Tawni seemed to change into a completely different person.

"Tawn, I told you not to go and run off." He chided, knowing what his daughter could be like around new people. He honestly didn't plan on bringing Alyssa up until at least things got more serious between the two of them. Well, too late now.
"I'm sorry daddy, I just really wanted to meet Alyssa." Tawni pouted, then went back to smiling sweetly.
Alyssa eyed the girl next to her, finding it hard to believe that the girl who just insulted her and called her ginger was now acting like a perfect angel. She could've sworn she was never this bad. Sure, she kept a few secrets from her parents, like when she used to go out drinking, but she was never two faced.

"I get you wanted to meet her, but I've got a lot I need to do and the last thing I need is to worry about where you are." He tried to reason with her. Even though she was a teenager, it wasn't like he didn't worry.
"Then how about I spend the day with Alyssa?" She suggested, grinning. "I could get to know her better and I'd be out of your way." Tawni turned to face Alyssa "Wouldn't it be fun?"
"Sure. Really fun." She plastered on a smile, trying to keep up with the illusion that Tawni actually liked her. Today just seemed as if it wasn't going to go her way.

"You know, I'm sure your dad would have been fine if you just stayed with him." Alyssa gently brought up. She didn't really especially want to spend the day with Tawni, if it was up to her, she'd just go back to bed and sleep.
"I wanted to come here." She answered, rather coldly. "I thought, it's probably best if I get to know you better." She narrowed her eyes. "After all, you are dating my dad."

"You know Tawni, I'm sure me and you could get along." She gestured with her arm, while trying to keep Belle back. She seemed to want to run off and grab all the balloons at the park.
"Yeah, sure." Tawni grumbled, rolling her eyes. Right now, this wasn't going to plan. She wanted her dad to see how much of a bitch Alyssa probably was, but she wasn't doing her any favours by being all friendly and nice.

While Alyssa was in the bathroom, Tawni decided to have a little fun. "Hey Belle... You're quite a big girl, aren't you?" She spoke sweetly.
Belle grinned in response "Big girl." She parroted, idly swinging her arms back and forth.
"How about me and you play a game?" Tawni asked, smiling.

Her arms stopped swinging about half way through a swing when the 'g' word was mentioned. "Game?" She asked, excited.
Tawni nodded, "Mhm, a game. Wanna know how to play?" She asked, pretending as if it was the best thing in the world. Belle nodded eagerly, and she continues. "Well, there's a lot of pretty coloured eggs around, how about we go on an egg hunt? Whoever finds the most wins." She smiled. "So, do you want to play?"
She nodded eagerly again, and soon ran off to find some of the coloured eggs.

This game was easy peasy for Belle! There were tons of not-so-hidden eggs, more than she could count. She was so easily going to win, after all, she had found a pink one. Pink ones should be worth twice as many points as the others because the pink ones are pink. She probably should have told Tawni that rule though...
She tried to get a good grip on the egg so she could pick it up and show it off.

However, Belle was unaware that Tawni had walked off. She was more focused on getting a good hold of her pretty pink egg to show it off.
When she finally stood up with her egg in her hands, she couldn't find Tawni anywhere! She also couldn't find her mommy anywhere either. Maybe Tawni had gone off to find eggs herself? Still, it didn't mean that Belle was any less scared.

"Mommy?" Belle called, but not very loudly. She figured that if she couldn't find her mommy, maybe she was hiding too? That wasn't a very nice thing to do! She began to wander around, trying to find her mommy, or at least Tawni. But her mommy would be much more of a better find to make.


Two minutes. That was it, but why did these two minutes seem to take forever? Probably because these two meant a lot more and Alyssa was much more nervous about what would happen after these two minutes, rather than two minutes spent getting changed or the two minutes she spent arguing with Tawni this morning (before she knew who Tawni really was, of course.) When the two minutes were up though, Alyssa had mixed reactions to the results.

At first, she wanted to panic. Why did she keep making mistakes like this? Not that she didn't love Belle, and she will certainly love the new baby, but it might be nice to have a planned baby at some point or another in her life. She started to panic about her relationship with Damon, and how Belle would be with a new brother or sister.

Then, after her initial freak out, she started to smile slightly over the fact that there was going to be another baby in the house. Someone else to make the house seem a little less lonely. Her slight smile widened a little at the thought of Belle being able to play with a little brother or sister. That, and it wasn't like there was any money problems to worry about or worrying about how she'll be with a baby. She's already had Belle, and she thinks she's done an alright job at raising her.
Alyssa however wasn't aware of that her daughter had ran off to find her.

Chapter 2.07 The Woman with the Blue Shoes                                    

AN: This is a two part chapter. I was going to make it all in one, but I was at about 17 pictures at the start/middle-ish, so I decided to split it in two, and I think I ended it at a fairly cliffhanger-ish place.
So, yeah. Not much else I have to say, other than the fact that I'm sorry for a cliffhanger, also that a lot has happened in this chapter.
ETA: Oh! I made a simself! Which is now my profile picture instead of the drawing. I think sim me turned out alright. 

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Chapter 2.07 The Woman with the Blue Shoes

Belle had quite a large collection of books scattered around on her floor.

She could read on her own by now, and she often managed to pull them off the bookshelf quite easily too. However, putting them back was still a difficult thing to do, so she had to just get by with tiptoeing around her room, and trying not to fall over or slip on any of the many books on the floor.

It was almost amazing how she never actually got bored of such samey looking pages. Then again, everything is a lot more magical when you're younger and don't know quite as much.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes at herself in the mirror, it was her first day at work. For some bizarre reason, most of their employees had to wear glasses, either fake or real. In her opinion, it was idiotic, but it might have been there to give off the illusion of looking smarter?
She adjusted them a little, trying to get used to seeing herself in them. Rules were rules, besides, she couldn't help but like how she looked with them on. It was almost a shame she had perfect eyesight.

She flattened down her skirt, breathing out. It seemed as if everyday she was nervous for something. Then again, a life where she's content wouldn't be all too exciting, would it? 
Alyssa had to remember that she would be starting off at almost the bottom though, seeing as she didn't go to college before getting the job. She got the job handed to her, so she couldn't get her hope up all too high for it being all too good.

"Are you going to be alright without me today?" Alyssa cuddled Belle close, not fully comfortable with leaving her alone with a babysitter. She's heard how bad some of them can be! But hopefully, nothing bad will happen today.
"Stay. No go." Was Belle's response. As far as she was aware, her mommy was leaving her all alone.
"I can't, Belley Boo." She sighed, "but I'll be back sooner than you think." She tried to put a happy spin on her leaving Belle alone for the first time. "Maybe when I get home, we can learn what tidying up is." 

Belle crinkled her nose, not liking the sound of 'tidying up'. She pouted, looking at her mommy, but was soon amazed by her own reflection in Alyssa's fake glasses. She reached to try and get them, but Alyssa moved her head away.
"Nuh uh, these are mine." She told her, laughing a little. Belle retreated her hand, but Alyssa kept a little bit of distance. As much as she loved her daughter, she didn't need her fingerprints all over her fake glasses. She was nervous enough, and didn't need mucky fingerprints from Belle.

"I'm a little surprised to see someone new here." The woman with the blue shoes commented, as Alyssa managed to match her pace. "What was your name again?" She asked. "Alice, is it?"
"Alyssa." She corrected, looking the woman up and down. She didn't quite want to admit that she had forgotten her name in return. 
She shrugged lightly, "I got the first half at least." Her eyes then narrowed at Alyssa, studying her as she paused for a moment. "Are you that girl who got offered the job as a teenager?" 
"Yep, that's me." She half smiled, stopping as she did. "I'm sorry if it sounds stupid, but what was your name again?" She asked.

"Phedra." She answered, starting to walk again. "I know there are quite a few other colourful people around here, but I'm not from around here." She then tilted her head again, seemingly studying Alyssa again. She wasn't so sure whether Phedra was more judging her than looking at her. "You got your job practically handed to you?"
"Pretty much." She answered, half smiling. "I'm not expecting it to be glamorous or anything but-" She was soon cut off by Phedra talking again.
"I just want to get this perfectly straight, you didn't have to go to college or do any extra work, you just got the job handed to you?" She raised an eyebrow. "They must have really liked you, but why didn't you start when you got an offer?"

"I went on vacation, then I got pregnant." She explained briefly, not wanting to go into all too much detail. "I don't exactly want to go into too much detail with a stranger."
Phedra shrugged one shoulder, "I get it, I'm just nosey." She laughed lightly. She then smiled softly at Alyssa, "but if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure you'll be fine today."
"I'm just a little nervous, half about being here and half about leaving my daughter without me for the first time."

Phedra hesitated, frowning a little before placing her hand on Alyssa's shoulder, "Everything will be fine, trust me. I'm sure your daughter will be fine without you, besides, she has to be on her own at some point. It's not like you can exactly follow her to school." She joked lightly, and Alyssa half smiled in return.
"I could, if I got a teaching degree." She pointed out, letting out a little laugh. "It just feels as if she's growing up quickly, you know what I mean?" She asked, as they turned 

"No, no. I do not know what you mean." Phedra spoke harshly, withdrawing her hand suddenly before sighing "Sorry, that's just a bad subject." She murmured.
Alyssa looked over at her, a little unsure about where the random outburst came from. "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, honestly rather concerned.  She couldn't help the side of her that wanted to know why she was this way.

Phedra stayed quite for quite a while, honestly considering it. The only person she had told the whole truth to was her little sister Layla. Could she really confess to a family focused stranger that she left her only son with her brother to follow her own dreams? Well, right now it wasn't really what she wanted to do. She wanted to travel and teach the underprivileged , and right now she was in a town in the middle of nowhere in science offices. She knew she'd be back out flying soon though...
"Phedra?" Alyssa asked, folding her arms. She wanted to reach out and hug her, but she kept herself to herself, mostly still because they had only just met.
"No offence, but I don't exactly want to tell my life story to a stranger." Behind the false frames, there was an evident cold look directed at her. Alyssa wasn't quite so sure why or when, but she struck a nerve.

"I'm sorry." She murmured, figuring it was best. She didn't quite know how she had managed to upset her, but she had, and she felt bad.
"Its fine." Phedra answered, rather coolly, but not as cold as before. "Anyway, I didn't volunteer to talk to you while inspecting the corridor, I'm supposed to show you your new office." The smile was back on her face, as if nothing had happened. 

"Tada!" She grinned, showing off the fairly plain office. Alyssa was half hoping for a place with at least a little bit of decor, but at least there was a computer for her. 
"Its a little plain." She confessed, rubbing the back of her neck. She didn't want to seem ungrateful, but it was quite impersonal.
"The offices get nicer as you go up the ladder." She half smiled. "Make sure to tell me what the bigger ones are like. I know Shauna has the best, mostly because she's pretty much owns the place."

Alyssa nodded, "Her office is really nice and big. There's more space in there than what she actually needs. I'm sure you'll get a larger office sooner or later though." She shrugged, smiling a little.
Phedra shook her head, "I'm not going to be staying all too much longer. I want to travel the world and help people who need help." She sighed.

"So, you're going to be leaving soon?" She asked, more to clarify. "What about your family, and friends here?" She asked.
She shook her head a little. "All my family lives a few towns over. I've already done quite a lot of traveling, but I'm not done yet." She smiled softly. "There's still more people out there that need help."

Alyssa looked over at Phedra, almost a little jealous. She'd love to have an ambition like that, but that just wasn't her. "How do you do it?" She asked, quietly. "I mean, I like science and all but, I'm not as dedicated as you are to traveling and saving the world."
She shrugged a little. "When its something you want to do, you don't think about how you'll be able to do it, you just do it and not care so much about if anything goes wrong." She smiled softly "No matter what, it'll still be the thing you love."

Alyssa nodded, taking in Phedra's advice. She was really wise for her age, especially because there probably weren't all too many years between them. She couldn't help but wonder what she was doing with her own life, should she go out and travel and help people?
That probably wasn't for her though. It would be kind of cheating to steal someone else's ambition anyway.
"Anyway, I'll go through what you can do around here." Phedra smiled, and began to explain everything to do with the offices.

Alyssa was tired by the time she got home, but luckily today ran a little longer than what most days would do, so the tired feeling would only be a one time thing.. She went straight upstairs to check on Belle after dismissing the babysitter who seemed to be more drawn to the TV rather than Belle.

It was a relief to see that she was okay, and even though she did have her doubts about the babysitter, they must have done an alright job based on the house was still standing. She picked Belle up, and cuddled her precious baby girl close. 

That was when Alyssa truly realized what she wanted to do, she wanted to be the best mom for Belle and for any future children she may have. Maybe her ambition wasn't quite the 'helping the world' type, but it didn't make it any less important. She was going to be Supermom.

She had Damon over for dinner, partly to show off how she managed to make pasta without burning it. "I'm getting better, aren't I?" She grinned. "No burned bits in it this time."
"I'm impressed." He smiled back at her, "Perhaps one day you'll be able to not even worry about burned bits."
"I think that's wishful thinking." She laughed.

It was the same usual routine of having dinner and chatting. She told him all about her first day at work, and he listened and spoke about his own day. And just like before, Alyssa honestly didn't want him to leave. If she could, she would have asked him to move in with her, but it would be way too soon.

"Do you have to go?" She pouted. "We could have another adult sleepover..." She sang spoke, smiling seductively.
He grinned back, "As very tempting as that is, I can't. Tawni's coming over tomorrow, and I need to be back home. Unless if you wouldn't mind me leaving early." 
"I wouldn't mind." She grinned, pulling him towards the steps and then up to her bedroom.

Chapter 2.06 Splash                                                                                    

AN: First of all, a massive thank you to Sunny for letting me borrow her gorgeous Phedra Dean (Pink), and for letting me put glasses on her. For those of you that don't know the Sixkiller legacy, click right here

I feel as if I should explain myself for the glasses thing. I usually don't like them, but I wanted to see what Alyssa would look like with glasses and I liked it, so on the glasses went. It half reminded me of what they do in Candor in Divergent, so I used the 'appearance of looking smarter' thing. I feel a little bad for giving her hipster glasses though. 

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Chapter 2.06 Splash

Alyssa was really looking forward to her date.

Luckily, she had enough time to get changed out of her formal clothes and sort her hair out so it was back to how she usually had it. Even though she was looking forward to this date, she was nervous too. It was the first date she's been on since Matteo in France.

She exhaled, running her fingers through her hair. She didn't understand why she was so nervous. Alyssa had spoken to Damon countless times and she was comfortable around him, it was just now that it had the name of 'date'. She was almost thankful that they couldn't go out to the restaurant, she had no clue how nervous she would be there. When there was a knock on the door, she swiftly went downstairs to answer it.

They hugged when he came inside, and it seemed as if all her nerves just faded away. This was the exact same guy that she had been talking to all this time, and she shouldn't be nervous. Hell, the idea of being nervous was ridiculous to start with.
"I'm glad you could come over." She smiled, as she began to pull away.

"As am I." He gave her a small grin, before asking "So, where is the little date ruiner?" He joked lightly, smiling.
"Belle's upstairs, feeling a little bit sorry for herself. I think she should be fine, but she's just got a high temperature. I didn't want to leave her with a babysitter when she wasn't all too well." She explained.
"It probably is just nothing. I remember one time when my daughter, Tawni, had an ear infection when she was a toddler. Her mother was so worried over what turned out to be something really small." He couldn't help but laugh a little. Alyssa offered a simple half smile, partly knowing that she would've too gotten really worried.

"So, anyway before we have my attempt at mac and cheese, I kinda promised Belle that she could have a bath." Alyssa smiled a little sheepishly.
"Belle likes baths?" Damon seemed fairly surprised.
"I think she more prefers throwing half of the water out of the tub and splashing me, but she absolutely loves them." She laughed a little.

Alyssa wasn't overreacting when she said that Belle prefered splashing over actually taking a bath. Belle threw her arms up in the air, flicking water drops onto Alyssa, prepared to splash again.
Sighing, she asked "Can you please stop for a minute to let me wash you?" But her wish went ignored as Belle just splashed again. As she raised up her arms again, Alyssa managed to get ahold of one of her arms before she could.

Belle was very unimpressed knowing that Alyssa had won that one.
Damon however, was trying to bite back a grin, "Has she always been like that?"
Alyssa sighed, laughing a little. "You don't know the half of it. On her birthday, I left her for ten minutes at the most, and she had managed to find and play a little on my mom's old keyboard." She shook her head. "I don't even know how she managed to get up on the stool."
He grinned "Anything's possible for a trouble maker."
Alyssa pulled away from the bath after she had washed Belle, and she just let her play for a while.

The two of them spoke for a while, while Belle was more interested in the way the water moved when she pushed it.
Damon hesitated a little bit, before he asked, "So, has Belle's dad never been around?" Of course he knew it was a bad subject, and it wasn't like he was the best person to judge, but he didn't fully understand what had happened. He hadn't asked before now, mostly because it wasn't one of those things you could talk to someone about impersonally.

Alyssa looked down at the conversation detour, and murmured. "Belle's dad lives all the was in France. I tried calling him to tell him about her, but he just never spoke to me about it, or even phoned me since then." She sighed slightly, and right now she felt stupid about what she did. She wouldn't swap the life she has now for anything, but she half wished that she could have been at least a little bit older, and a little more grown up before it happened. "I just took it as he didn't want anything to do with me or Belle."
Damon frowned, starting to feel bad about bringing up the subject. "I'm sorry for bringing it up Alyssa." He apologized.
She smiled ever so slightly at him, "I'm not. We have to talk about our exes at some point or another, right? Which means, you owe me the story of what happened between you and  your ex." She told him, and couldn't help but smirk a little. "It's only fair."

He sighed slightly, before starting to talk. "Me and my ex were together when we were teenagers. We had Tawni when we were really young, and things just fell apart." He shrugged. "There's not all too much to really say, other than that."
Alyssa was about to say something, but before she could, she felt a lot of water hit the side of her which was closest to the bath. She turned, and saw a grinning Belle who simply said "'Plash momma!"
Damon grinned, his eyes going from Alyssa to Belle and back again, "I think someone needs a taste of her own medicine." He chuckled.

He went to the side of the bath, and very gently splashed Belle back. She squealed and giggled, splashing him back. Before all too long, the two of them were having a splashing war. Alyssa couldn't help but smile at the two of them as she rested against the edge of the bath. At least Belle approved of him.

She partly glanced over at him, and realized she had quite a few things to think over... She couldn't help but fall into a little bit of a daydream while she thought about her future, and whether or not there was even a possibility of Damon being in it.
She quickly snapped out of it though, chiding to herself that it was only their first proper date. She shouldn't be thinking so far ahead of herself.

After bath time, and after Belle was put to bed, Alyssa tried her best at cooking.
"I know its nothing fancy, but I'm honestly proud I didn't burn the house down." Alyssa joked. Despite being good at science, she was worse than useless at cooking, even though cooking and baking were just a simpler version of chemistry with ingredients instead of chemicals.
"I can hardly tell the difference between this and the food they have at the Bistro." He tried, trying to make her feel a little bit better over her cooking.
"I think the difference is pretty obvious, like theirs doesn't have burned bits in it." She smiled sheepishly, knowing that it would probably be best to practice her cooking.

"Your cooking really isn't that bad." He half smiled at her, "Maybe I could teach you a few things?" He suggested.
"I think I need to learn a bit more than just a few things." She acknowledged. "I mostly messed around in cooking classes." She grinned. "Flour went everywhere."
"And now I bet you're half regretting not paying attention?" He raised an eyebrow, smiling back. "You could take a cooking class? But I think I'd have to go along with you, to make sure you don't mess around this time." He grinned, idly resting his hand on the table.
"I'll never regret it." She grinned. "But, I think I might pass on taking a cooking class. Maybe the next time you come over, you can just teach me?" She suggested, grinning. Her hand went over his.

They spent quite a lot of the night just getting to know each other better. She told him a little more about herself, like how she did have a career in science (although, she hasn't had all too much time to actually work because of Belle's surprise arrival) and she learned that he mainly invented little things to sell at the consignment store while trying to find a job.

"I really enjoyed tonight." She told him, smiling at him. She was almost a little sad that tonight was over, however she was thankful that it went alright. "I think Belle liked you too." Her smile turned into a grin.
"I'm happy she likes me." He replied, taking her hands. His eyes went behind her, to where there seemed to be a colony of gnomes on her front garden. "Are they the gnomes you told me about."
She simply grinned, answering his question for him.

At their kiss goodnight, Alyssa couldn't help but feel at least a twinge of sadness. Part of her didn't want him to go, and that part soon turned into all of her. She still hated how empty the house felt, even with Belle around it was still quiet. Would it really be so bad of her to just want one night where she didn't feel as alone?

"You know, you don't have to go if you don't want to..." She suggested, a sly smile coming across her features. "You can stay over, it is fairly late." She shrugged slightly.
"Uh, sure I'll stay." He half smiled at her. "You said there's a few spare bedrooms, right?" He asked, not wanting to be too forward if that wasn't the path she was taking.
She gave him a look, grinning a little, still sly. "I was more thinking of my room." She raised an eyebrow slightly. "An adult style sleep over." She laughed a little, and they went back inside and up to her bedroom.

Alyssa's mind couldn't help but wander, and she knew that some people would classify it as moving fairly quickly, and some might say it was stupid, but she was still young. She was still young enough to make her own mistakes, but she knew that whatever happened between her and Damon was far from any mistake.

Chapter 2.05 Dolled Up                                                

AN: I don't know why this took me forever to write. Actually I kinda do. It's because I'm bad at writing date-ish stuff, and this chapter was annoyingly difficult for me to write. But I dids it! I doubt the next chapter will take me about 2 weeks to complete.

I feel as if Alyssa is flitting from boy to boy, but there is a reason behind it, it's mostly to do with the rolls. My master plan will all be revealed at one point or another.