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Chapter 2.31 Sandcastles and Fish

Video games were a very important thing

Tyler was helping Nathaniel play, but unfortunately, not much progress was made. "Okay, so if you just press the green button, no the other green one." Tyler tried to help him, but Nathaniel was much more interested in pressing random buttons over and over again,
"Do you really think he should be learning how to play violent video games?" Belle glanced up from her book to the two of them. 

"It's not violent, it's just a racing game. Besides, it's just something to do while your mom gets a birthday cake for Nathaniel" Tyler murmured, watching the TV screen closely. He furrowed his eyebrows seeing the car that Nathaniel picked out, "The purple one? Are you sure Nate? We could have the red one, or the blue one?" Tyler suggested.
"Purple car." Nathaniel decided,  pressing the green button on the controls.

Tyler helped Nathaniel blow out the candles while the family gathered around to celebrate, and he couldn't help but wonder why Alyssa didn't want to help Nathaniel blow out the candles. Whatever the reason, Tyler was more than happy to help Nathaniel blow out the candles.

"It's my birthday!" Nathaniel grinned, looking up at his mom. He figured seeing as though it was his birthday, he should get whatever he pleases.
"I've noticed, based on you were a toddler but now you're not." 'Alyssa' responded, starting to get a little bored of all this mundane family life style
He frowned, a little bit hurt. "Anyway... I was hoping we could go to the beach!" He grinned, managing to stay enthusiastic. He really wanted to go to the beach, he could build a sand castle and a sand car and a sand flat screen TV

"It's Autumn." 'Alyssa' grumbled, rolling her eyes. "It's too cold to go to the beach." She rolled her eyes.
Nathaniel frowned, wondering why his mom was being so mean. "Oh, okay." He frowned. 'Alyssa' got even more annoyed now he looked like he was about to get upset. The last thing she wanted was a sniveling little kid.
"Why don't you ask Belle to drive you down?" She suggested, sighing. At least he didn't look  like he was going to cry anymore. She couldn't help but wonder how kids could be such idiots sometimes.

"There's someone in the sandcastle bit." Nathaniel frowned, once him and Belle were at the beach. He didn't really like being around other people he didn't know.
"And? Just go over and play, you might end up being friends with her." Belle smiled at her little brother. "And she looks like she's quite good at building sand castles, just go play with her."

Nathaniel wasn't fully sure what to say to her, he wasn't used to talking to people he didn't know. "Y-You're sandcastle's pretty." He spoke quietly, looking at his shoes more than the pretty girl.
She smiled at him briefly, then her attention went back to her sandcastle. "Thanks. My aunt taught me how to make them." She then shuffled over slightly, looking up at him. "Want to watch me build a new one?" She asked, destroying the sand castle in front of her.

"Why did you destroy it?" He asked, frowning as he sat down on the sand. "It was good already."
"Good, but it wasn't perfect. I wanted it to be perfect and it wasn't perfect." She looked at him, holding sand in her hands. She smiled again, and introduced herself. "I'm Callie."
"I'm Nathaniel." He introduced himself in return. "And I thought it was pretty perfect."

"That's quite a long name." Callie noted, frowning slightly. "Don't you have a nickname or something?" She asked. "I want to call you something shorter if we're friends."
"My dad calls me Nate." He shrugged, then tilted his head. "You like things to be perfect, don't you?" He asked.

"Of course!" She grinned, lifting her hands up with sand following. "If things aren't perfect, then what are they?" She asked. "Anyway, I'll show you how to build a sandcastle." She smiled.
Nathaniel watched as Callie started to build the sand castle. She was a little bit weird sometimes, but he didn't really mind. She seemed nice.

The two of them skipped stones after getting tired of sand castle building. They wanted to see who could throw their stone further, and it was a fair game as neither of them were particularly sporty. It was just fun spending time with one another.
"Did you see which one went further?" Nathaniel asked, looking over at Callie who was grinning.
"I think we should just say I won. I'm a girl, and girls are always right, so I won."

Nathaniel spent most of the day with Callie, while Belle was probably somewhere else on the beach. He wanted to just watch the waves for a while and Callie happily agreed. After a long time of being quiet, she said "I'd like to be a fish." She smiled to herself, seeing the occasional fish jump out of the water.
"A fish?" Nathaniel shook his head. "I wouldn't want to be a fish. Someone would try and eat me." He shuddered, not liking that thought,

"Not all fish get ate." Callie pointed out, laughing a little. "I think it would be nice. You can swim wherever you want to, and there's such a huge area to swim around in. That, and if something goes wrong, you can just swim away from it. That, and you wouldn't have to ride everywhere on a bike, you could just make friends with a turtle and ride on your turtle friends" She smiled, then sighed. "It's not like that for us. We have school." She grumbled.
"Fish live in schools, so, y'know." Nathaniel laughed at his own joke, whereas Callie just shook her head.
"That wasn't what I meant, Nate." She looked at him, but he could see that she was trying not to grin.

"That, and if you were a fish, you wouldn't be able to tell the time. Like, you wouldn't know that it's about six." Nathaniel pointed out, smiling slightly.
Callie tensed, "It's six?" She asked, notably worried. She didn't realize it had gotten that late! She was going to be in so much trouble.
"Yeah, why? Do your parents want you home or something?" He asked, rather worried. She had seemed to have gone from being happy to seemingly terrified.

"My dad really doesn't like it when I'm late home." She frowned, and stood up. She was about to go before he stopped her to ask.
"Will I see you at school again tomorrow?" He really did want to. He didn't want to lose his first friend (family doesn't count in this case).
She smiled slightly at him, "Yeah, probably." She soon left the beach, needing to get home.

Once she and Nathaniel were home, Belle couldn't help but glance around at her younger brothers and sisters.
"Who dares disturb my village? I as Queen demand the intruder be gone!" Belle first saw Melody preside over her royal court. 

And she then saw her brothers playing some video game about some sport or another.
"No, no, no! I had the ball, you just took it off of me!" Nathaniel complained, rather annoyed by the fact Ashton was winning.
"Too bad, sucker." Ashton grinned. "Even Maya's on my side." He gloated, using the fact Maya was sat next to him as the dog being on his side.
Belle couldn't help but wonder why she was so different to her siblings.

She went into the study, trying to find a book she hasn't yet read. She really did need to go to the bookstore and get some more. She had already filled up her own bookshelf. 
She was about to choose one until she heard the phone behind her beep. Curious, she went over and saw there was a message still there.

She went over to the phone, and pressed the button to listen to the message. She wasn't all too interested in what it was on about, figuring it was probably just about her mom's work. She looked out of the window at the message started to play.
"Bonjour? Commet alez-vous, mon Belle? Je suis très bien et..." The message got Belle's attention when it said her name, and she began to think back to a conversation she and her mom had a while ago.

She remembered her mom was reading her a story about a princess with a similar name to her, and she asked "If I wasn't names after a princess, what was I named after?" And then she queried "Was I named Belle because you like bells?"
"I called you Belle because, uh... " Belle remembered her mom hesitated before answering her. "... I called you Belle because when I met your dad, he used to call me 'Mon Belle' which means my beautiful."

Belle wasn't fully sure of how exactly to react, and she replayed the message, at least up until the point where she needed it to be.
"Bonjour? Commet alez-vous, mon Belle?" Was that her dad? She wasn't fully sure, but what are the chances that someone else was French and called her that? "I'm sorry it took me a long time to answer, I was scared. I didn't know what to do with a baby. I'm not scared now though, and I know he or she likely isn't a baby anymore." And she stopped listening then. That was her dad. Who the hell else could it be?

No one else came to her mind, who else would her mom be talking to that was French and called her that? That must have been her dad. But that raised the question of why her mom hadn't yet told her about it. Then, a thought hit her.
Her mom purposely didn't let her know about her dad.

Her mom has kept her dad a secret from her, even when she did nothing but ask? Oh, that wasn't right. That was not fair. Belle had a right to know who her dad was, and her mom just kept that from her! Belle was not happy, at all.
She was furious.


AN: I was feeling almost negligent to dear Nathaniel, so I gave him a pretty girl and his own little story line.
I bet some of you were forgetting about that phone call from Belle's dad. I didn't forget though, at all. 
See, I had partially a story line if Belle took over, and seeing as though it's going to be quite a while before Juniper's ready to take over, I decided to focus a little bit on Belle (because she's my favourite (I didn't say that!)) And I came up with little ones for the other kids too, so still as interesting as ever!

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Chapter 2.30 Queen of the Birdies

Juniper watched the pigeons, grinning.

Birdies were so cute! She wanted a birdy. She wanted a pigeon, but her daddy always said that they were dirty. They didn't look all too dirty. They looked nice. Maybe she could be friends with one of them! She would like that. She could be friends with all the birdies! She could even be the Queen of the Birdies!

"If you go up to it, it's just going to fly away." Holly noted dryly as Juniper went a little closer to the pigeon. Holly was the only one out of Rosie's kids that was a vampire, and she kind of liked it that way. She didn't like the sun though, nor the outside, but her aunt Alyssa was over, and her mom had told her to spend time with her cousin.
"Birdie!" Juniper chirped, and began to go towards the bird. She went slowly at first up to her first follower. She could almost picture it. She would have her own tiara and all the birdies would sing to her. It was perfect! She approached the pigeon cautiously.

Juniper went to the pigeon and leaped on to where it was to catch it. She didn't fully think it through, as she was now on the cold, hard ground with the pigeon long gone.
Holly shuffled over, sitting in the shade now. It still kept the horrible sun off of her, which she wanted. "I honestly can't say I didn't see that coming." She laughed a little. "What did you expect?"
Juniper didn't find it as funny. Her birdies were all gone, and her knees hurt and her hands and arms were all tingly from the landing. She started to cry, experiencing one of the worst times of her life. She couldn't be Queen of the Birdies now. She didn't have any birdies to be queen of.

"My arm's squiggly!" She cried out, not knowing the word for tingly. She didn't like the squiggly feeling at all. It kinda hurt.
Holly sighed, and went to look at Juniper's arm. It looked perfectly fine. "I'll get aunt Alyssa." She stood up, "She'll know what to do." She half smiled, then quickly went to find Alyssa.
"Squiggly." Juniper murmured as Holly left, shaking her arm. She really didn't like the feeling. She knew that her mommy would make it all better though. Mommy always made everything feel better, it was her job.
Something weird happened next though... Juniper saw something strange.

What she saw was a little fuzzy, and really bright, it hurt her eyes a little. It was a weird feeling Juniper got, it was as if the picture had overtook what it was she was looking at. The picture took over the grass and trees of outside.
What Juniper saw was her mommy, and she was upset. Juniper hated it when her mommy was upset. It made her feel not very nice inside. She wondered where her daddy was in that picture. Her daddy always made her mommy feel better, and he always made her smile again.

Meanwhile, inside, 'Alyssa' didn't really have much input on the conversation between the bit witch and her 'sister-in-law'. Surely, she should have had something to say, if she was going to keep up the lie, but it was easier to claim she was staying out of it.
"I'm just saying self-soothe is better for babies. It's tough love. They can't always be depending on you." Rosie pointed out, and 'Alyssa' could tell that she was trying to keep her cool. She grinned inwardly, finding it amusing as she got annoyed. Maybe she should agree with 'her' sister-in-law, just for the amusement,
"How is it better? It's better to look after them, and care for them. Daisy's only young, and I don't want her crying in the night because she misses me." She defended herself, frowning. Sabrina then turned to her. "What do you think Alyssa? Do you think you should look after and care for your child, or do you think you should be neglectful?" Sabrina shot a look at Rosie, who rolled her eyes.
"Its called teaching the child independence." She corrected. "But what do you think Alyssa?"

'Alyssa' had no actual view on this. She didn't really care all too much, it wasn't like she had kids. Sure, the real Alyssa did, but they were old enough to not fully needed her, The youngest two, maybe need her. She knew Tyler would just look after them two though, after all, that was the main reason she made him come here too. Juniper wanted to come here with her, and 'Alyssa' didn't want to deal with her on her own.
She half smiled at Sabrina. "I personally agree with you, Sabrina. I think it's better to attend to a baby when it's upset." And she ignored the look Rosie gave her as she smiled back at her like nothing in the world was wrong.
Sabrina grinned at Rosie. "See? Told you I was right. Maybe you could try the right way with the next baby."

Rosie scoffed. "I'm not doing that. Independence is a good thing, and the baby needs to know that." She sighed, but soon smiled when she saw Holly up at the table. "Is something wrong, Holls?"
Holly frowned, and looked at Alyssa. "Juniper's upset." She said basically, knowing that Alyssa would probably do something. Moms were always good at this sort of thing.
"Is she?" 'Alyssa' asked, humming a little. She knew that the little spawn would soon cheer herself up when she saw some butterflies or whatever. Juniper was like that, and it bugged her. Always optimistic and happy. Most children were the same anyway. Easy to upset and fun to mess with, which was exactly why 'Alyssa' wasn't taking all too much interest in Juniper being upset.

Juniper was really bothered by what she saw. She didn't understand, why was her mommy upset? And where was she? Wasn't her mommy inside? She didn't get it, and it really upset her more on top of her birdie followers flying away and her squiggly arms (which were partially fading by now). How could a day get any worse?!

She was slightly happier when she got cuddles from her daddy, but that still didn't mean she was fully happy. "Why mommy sad?" She asked, "Where's mommy?" She asked again, wanting to know. She didn't get it.
Tyler was rather confused by what Juniper was going on about. "She's inside, and she's not upset." He told her simply, figuring it was just more of kids having wild imaginations. Still, he would much rather be confused by Juniper than near Rosie's husband. Tyler knew that some vampires were alright (and Rosie being fine is a sign of that) but he still couldn't help but be at least a little uneasy.

Juniper shook her head. She knows what she saw. "Mommy's upset. Saw it." She frowned, looking up at him. "Where is she?" She asked, wondering where her mommy was.
Tyler frowned, curious about what Juniper meant. "What did it look like?" He asked her, and sat her down on the floor as he sat down opposite her, He had a sneaking suspicion about his daughter and her persistence on believing what she saw.

"Mommy was sad." Juniper frowned. "And she was on floor." She described, tilting her head. Why did it matter what she saw? She wanted him to know that he should make mommy happy again.
He sighed ever so slightly, remembering that she was only young and didn't understand. "Was it really bright?" He asked. He had an inkling that Juniper had developed clairvoyance powers from somewhere. He knew that there was magic in both his family (obviously with him being a mind reader) and he recalled Alyssa mentioning something about her mom being a teleporter. Neither of them stemmed clairvoyance though, which confused him.

She nodded. "Ouchy on eyes." She frowned, which was Juniper-ese for it hurt her eyes.
Tyler frowned, figuring his suspicion was right, "Right." He murmured. He knew someone who was a clairvoyant and well... Needless to say, he didn't want his daughter turning out that way, He sighed, before speaking. "You're going to have to do a favour for me, Juni. Can you do that?" He asked, putting on a smile as he did.

"Imma big girl. I can do it." She grinned, not taking in how serious her daddy was being.
"I know you are." He smiled at her, then continued with, "Whenever you see something, you can't tell anyone, okay? You have to keep it a secret. You can tell me, mommy, your teddies and your brothers and sisters, but no one else." He was stern but soft. He didn't want people to treat her differently because she could see into the future.
"Can I tell Maya?" She asked, tilting her head like how a dog would. "Maya's good with secrets." She whispered, smiling.
Tyler grinned, "Yes, you can tell Maya. But make sure she doesn't tell any of her puppy friends." He smiled at her.

Once Tyler was gone, Sabrina grinned. "What did I tell you, hmm?" She then started to mimic what the real Alyssa had said a while ago "There's nothing there. You're clutching at straws, me and him are purely platonic. Sure, there was something there once upon a time, but I doubt there's anything there now." And she laughed. Obviously, 'Alyssa' had no clue what was going on. "So, when exactly is the wedding?" She asked.
Before 'Alyssa' had time to talk, Rosie playfully hit her on the arm. "You and him are getting married? You tell your sister that first, and then your sister in law." She grinned.
Alyssa shook her head. "We're not engaged, Rosie. And I'm honestly I'm not sure what's going to happen." She shrugged.

"Are you being stupid on purpose?" Sabrina teased, grinning. "I mean, he loves you and you love him. What's going to happen that will get in the way of that?"
"I can answer that, nothing." Rosie grinned, then looked at her little sister. "And when you do get engaged for real, you tell me first. Echoing what Sabrina said, nothing will get in the way of you and him being happy." She smiled.
'Alyssa' grinned, all too knowingly. "I was being silly before. Nothing is going to get in the way of me being happy."

The real Alyssa had almost the opposite feeling that the fake one. She missed her family, she missed Tyler, she was even beginning to miss the washing machine that was always breaking on her (no matter how many times she kicks it). It was really making her upset being away from her family for so long.
She heard someone behind herself, and rolled her eyes. Another damn fairy. They were all like little pests, all of them are like mosquitoes. Unfortunately, she left her bug spray at home.

Alyssa moved her hair forwards slightly, not wanting the fairy to know she was crying. "I swear, those kids of ours." She heard the fairy laugh, and Alyssa gritted her teeth. "I mean, Juniper, God bless her, she isn't very smart, is she? She doesn't take after us." She grinned. Melancholia preferred being herself whenever she could be.
"Don't talk about my daughter that way." She was starting to get annoyed now. "She's my daughter, and they're my kids." She growled.
The fairy sighed, "You never know Alyssa. As it stands, I could be their new mommy. Your boyfriend certainly can't tell the difference between you and me. Maybe I'll get used to this, playing happy family." She mused.

"They've my kids. No matter what you do, they will always belong to me. Me. They're mine." She growled, and it was a good thing for the fairy that there was a fence, otherwise there would be fairy face confetti all over the floor.
"That's cute, you trying to intimidate me, when I'm the one on this side of the fence." She grinned. "You're not going to be able to go until I have what I want." She smiled dryly. "And thanks to the little pep talk your sister and sister in law gave me, I know nothing is going to stand in my way."

"You will never, ever get away with this. They'll realise you're not me." Her fingers curled around the fence, furious.
"I don't think so. Your kids will soon forget what you were like, I mean, lets face it, they have a two second memory. That, and your sister and sister in law think that your precious boyfriend wants to propose. Wouldn't it be funny if I got the ring and you didn't?" She laughed.
Alyssa frowned, going through a mix of fury and wanting to cry. Tyler was her boyfriend, not the fairy's. "He's mine, not yours. You can't just steal away my life!" She yelled.
The fairy simply laughed. "I already have, Alyssa. I already have." And Alyssa watched as the fairy walked off.

Once the fairy was gone, Alyssa sat down on the bed, and started to cry. She felt helpless as that fairy slowly tore apart her family life. She had worked so hard to make her life the way she wanted it to be, and now she finally had it, someone was just going to come and take it from her.
She would have been optimistic in thinking that she could somehow beat that fairy, and somehow get out of here and somehow get back home, what how could she? She felt utterly helpless.

Chapter 2.29 Fine, Just Fine

AN: :(
Poor Alyssa. And I mean real Alyssa there.

The conversation/argument that Rosie and Sabrina were having, I honestly have no opinion on it. I just heard that argument on Desperate Housewives (between Lynette and Susan over how to help baby Paige when she was crying) and that's where I got it from. I have no personal views.

As for Juniper, she's adorable to write for. I can't remember who it was, but they said that they used to say their arms felt squiggly when they meant that tingly feeling. Thinking about it, I think that person meant when they had pins and needles, but it can transfer :)

I also love the way Holly looks, she's the only vampire out of Rosie's kids and I think I have a thing of naming children after plants (Rosie, Juniper, Holly (was called something else, I renamed) and Connor and Sabrina had a daughter (she was originally called something weird) called Daisy)

And now I need to be off downloading outfits because there's birthdays next chapter! 
Thank you for reading!

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Chapter 2.29 Fine. Just Fine

The fair was fun

It was starting to get colder as it was autumn and there was a slight sign of frost on the ground, it was still fun however. Plus all the leaves littering the floor, and the colourful trees made it feel even more autumnal.
Belle challenged the twins to a pie eating contest. She mostly did it with the knowing that she would win. By logic, she should win because she was the biggest and the oldest. Then again, her younger brother and sister were werewolves so... She wasn't so sure.

She was relatively sure that Melody wouldn't win, she got distracted very easily. That was probably why their mom never got one of those kid ovens, Melody would probably forget about anything she might have put in it and burned the house down.
By accident of course.

"I'm going to win." Belle said confidently, grinning at the blueberry pie in front of her. She knew she was going to win. She was the oldest, she should win.
"Nuh uh! I'm gonna win." Ashton corrected, ready for this. He wanted to win, and he was going to. He wanted to show his sisters that he was clearly the best, and boys are the best.
"In your dreams." Melody retorted. "I'll be the winner."

And as the contest started, their faces went down into the pies. Each of them were determined on winning, so hopefully the pie trays didn't slip off of the table. A noticeable thing was that the blueberries got almost everywhere. Belle honestly saw herself as lucky having a rather small nose being that blueberries were everywhere.

Melody was the first one with her head up from the pies. "I won!" She yelled, grinning. "Haha! I won!" She jeered at her siblings, who were still working on their pies.
Belle still had hopes that she could at least come in second. She couldn't lose to both of her siblings, that would be embarrassing. She tried eating it faster, ignoring the nauseous feeling she was getting. She wasn't able to ignore it for too long though. She probably shouldn't be eating so fast...

It became even more apparent when she couldn't finish the pie and had to throw up because of it. So, there Belle was, throwing up from a damn blueberry pie, with it smothered all over her face. How the hell could it be even worse?

"Belle?" Of course it was her boyfriend there. Her boyfriend who had probably just seen her throw up. Great. "Are you alright?" He asked, slowly walking up to her.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just fine." She muttered, wiping the pie muck off of her face. She didn't want her boyfriend to see her with pie muck all over her face. That was not a good look, at all.

"I could always take you home if you want?" He suggested, smiling at her.
She shook her head, almost too quickly. "Somehow, I doubt that Tyler would let me go home, on my own, with a boy." She looked up at him, and as his hands set on her hips, one of her hands ran through his hair.
What Belle said was partially a lie. She knew her mom and Tyler trusted her alone, but she wasn't so sure if she trusted herself. Don't get her wrong, Axel was perfect for her, and she was sure of it. She just didn't want things to change between them, and she was terrified that going to far would. She was scared that sex would ruin things between the two of them.

She rested her head on him, her arms wrapping around him. She didn't want to get upset over it again. It was such a silly thing to get so bothered over. She knew that everyone had to grow up, but part of her wished that she could do the growing up but without the sex part of it all.She knew he would never, ever pressure her, and he never has. She felt like a bad girlfriend for not wanting to go too far. She almost felt as if she was keeping him from something, but she just couldn't bring herself to want to do it.
She knew that sex meant almost nothing to other people, she had seen people panic more over losing their phone than losing their virginity. But it was a huge deal to her whether or not if she didn't or did want the label of not being a virgin anymore. It meant a lot to her.

She wanted love to be the way it was in fairy tales. She wanted it to be as cheesy as most fan written stories were. She didn't want lust nor sexual yearning. She just wanted love. She wanted kissing to be the worst thing one could do. She buried her head into his shoulder, knowing that she was getting herself in a state over nothing in particular, but others just didn't seem to get it.
"Belle? Are you sure everything's alright?" Axel asked, noticing that she had been quiet for a while. He's noticed that she's been acting strangely lately.
"I'm fine. Just fine." Her voice was quiet. She didn't really trust it to go all too much louder. She pulled away from him. "I think I'm just going to go home, on my own." Belle murmured, and walked off before he could say anything or stop her.

She went straight home, and sat down on the floor next to the door. She didn't want to explain why the subject of sex made her react this way. She wasn't fully sure herself to be honest. She just wanted someone to sit with her while she was upset.
Even though Belle thought her mom would be in, and perhaps her mom would sit with her (not that she would ever tell her mom what was wrong), she was more than happy to have Maya by her side. She knew she could tell each and every one of her secrets to her dog, and nothing would ever come of it. Belle knew Maya would just listen, and maybe Maya would nudge her with her nose every so often. Nothing else was needed to cheer her up.

Alyssa was fast asleep in bed. She had no clue where she was, based on the fact the last thing she remembered was recalling what had happened before passing out. It seemed like it was almost a trend now.
Melancholia couldn't help but wonder if she should freak the human out with what she had planned. It would be a good laugh, wouldn't it? But when she saw Alyssa start to wake up, she decided against it. Perhaps if she had stayed asleep a little longer...

She woke up groggily, possibly experiencing the worst hangover imaginable. She  could kind of understand it though. There was ethanol in chloroform, and ethanol in alcohol. She didn't feel the same pang of fear she got when she saw the fairy. She wasn't afraid. What could she do to hurt her? She knew her family was behind her.
"Morning." Melancholia smiled, watching her, "Or it may be evening, you don't know. We're quite far underground." She mentioned, rather nonchalantly.
Alyssa laughed. "Are you trying to scare me? If so, you're really doing a bad job." She grinned.
She glared. "You're brave, aren't you? Well, Alyssa. I actually have a little surprise for you."

"Surprise, hm?" Alyssa couldn't help but be slightly cocky. She had no reason what so ever to be afraid of this fairy. She knew in her heart whatever would happen, it would take a lot to break her. She knew she'd be out in no time. She couldn't help but feel at least slightly nervous however though,
"Surprise indeed. And I really don't appreciate the tone. Just for that, I'm going to be even worse." She smiled bitterly. She felt the usual sensation of magic surround her, but this time was slightly different. She was slightly used to the different feeling of magic through practice though,  "You might want to close your eyes." She warned, as the bright light started to surround her.

Once the light was gone, Alyssa's eyes widened at what she saw. She went up to the fence, her hands up against the gate. It was locked, of course. She blinked a few times, making sure she was seeing what she was seeing. She couldn't be seeing right, could she? Surely not. But no matter the amount of blinking nor pinching herself, what became of the fairy didn't change.

What she saw in front of herself, was herself. Obviously it wasn't the real her, it was a fake her. It was the fairy. The fake Alyssa raised an eyebrow, grinning. "Speechless, eh? Told you I had a surprise for you. I think I pretty much nailed it."
The fake her even sounded like the real her. The real Alyssa frowned. "Why are you doing this?" She asked, quietly. She didn't understand. Why was this fairy hellbent on interfering with her life? It wasn't even her fault what happened to the fairy who hates Rosie (well, it appeared as if all fairies hated Rosie...).

'Alyssa' rolled her eyes. "I swear, I've not yet got the dimwitted part down yet." She grumbled, and sighed. "Basically, I figured that I'd prefer to drive your sister insane over the fact that you, well us now, were miserable. But then you just had to go off and be happy and fulfilled." She rolled her eyes. "So, I came up with a new plan. If I wanted what I want to happen, I'd have to do it myself. I need to actually do something to sort the problem out." She looked at the real Alyssa accusingly. "Then, I figured, I'd hurt you and your family without your input. I'd do it on my own. You know what they say, if you want a job done, you've got to do it yourself." She grinned, maliciously. The real Alyssa wasn't so sure of what to actually say.

"By the way." 'Alyssa' continued, glancing behind herself slightly. "In case you ever do manage to get out of your little cage, you won't be able to leave. Unless if you somehow get strong enough to move the boulder blocking the entrance. I'm not going to keep you here forever though. You'll stay in here until I'm done with the whole family thing." She smiled rather dryly. "Maybe I'll like having little spawns around.  I especially like your little Juniper. She seemed rather moody though the last time I saw her though."
That made Alyssa angry. "Stay the hell away from my family, and stay away from my daughter." She growled, trying to attack the fake her, despite the gate in the way. She didn't often got angry, but her family was the most important thing in the world to her. "You'll regret getting too close to them." She snarled, knowing right now that her words were her only source of defense.

"Sorry, sweetie." 'Alyssa' said nonchalantly, walking to the middle of the room, "You'll be out before you know it. I'm not going to kill you though, I'm not a monster. I'm just going to destroy everything." She grinned, and just like that she disappeared.
Alyssa was left alone then, worried and anxious. She wanted her idealistic family life, and she finally had the picture perfect one. She didn't want some impersonator to take over what she had created. But what could she do? She couldn't get out and leave. The only thing she could do was hope everything was fine. Hope that everything would be just fine.

Meanwhile, at the fair, Juniper was playing with her toy. "Stay. I count." She told the toy, expecting it to listen. She left her teddy there, and went off to count. Her and her toy were playing hide and seek together, but her toy needed a little bit of help hiding. It wasn't very good at that. As Juniper began to walk off, she felt someone pick her up.

"I thought I told you not to wander off." Tyler held Juniper up high. "Or was someone looking for trouble?" He grinned at her. Even though he did have what he thought was a heart attack when she wasn't next to Nathaniel, he was more than relieved to see that she was okay, and it made him smile to see her happy.
"Twouble!" Juniper exclaimed, giggling. "Twouble! Twouble!" She repeated. kicking her legs in the air and giggling loudly. It was slightly scary when her daddy held her up high, but it was the fun kind. Juniper liked being tall. She wanted to be as tall as a tree one day!
He held her so he didn't have to look up when speaking to her. Juniper pouted lightly about not being as high up. "Stay near your brother, okay? And where did your toy go?" He asked, looking at her.
"Twouble." She repeated, grinning. It became apparent to Tyler that Juniper had a new favourite word now.

Nathaniel was good however. He didn't go wandering off and he did everything his parents told him to but he was rather quiet. At first, Alyssa was worried that he might have something wrong with his speech, but it wasn't that he couldn't talk, he just didn't really want to. He sat patiently and played with his robot toy.
Nathaniel's mommy always managed to find the best toys and she always got the best ones. He preferred his robot toy to Juniper's fairy toy. Their daddy got her the fairy toy, he remembered that. His is cooler though.He watched as their daddy placed his little sister down next to him after getting the toy back for her. 

Juniper cuddled her toy close once she 'found' it. "Found." She chirped, happy. She didn't go wandering off again, listening to what her daddy had said.
Nathaniel watched her, a little confused. She didn't find it, their daddy gave it back to her. He shook his head as if to say that she didn't find it, but Juniper wasn't exactly paying attention. She was mostly just too proud of herself for 'finding' her bear, and happy her bear was fine.

"I was starting to wonder where you were." He smiled, seeing her there.
'Alyssa' gave him a rather skeptical look. "I was fine. Were you worried? You know you don't have to." She smiled at him, remembering that she had to be nice. Ugh, it was a lot easier being a bitch. You don't have to get people to like you if you're a bitch. "I'm fine."
Tyler smiled at her, but he couldn't help but feel as if something was different about her.

Chapter 2.28 Too Old For This                                                        

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The section with the two Alyssa's may have been rather confusing. In basic, Melancholia kidnapped (adultnapped? Alyssa's technically older than Melancholia...) Alyssa, and Melancholia intends to keep her locked up in a cage/cell until Melancholia (who shape shifted to look like Alyssa) has destroyed her family. The fake 'Alyssa' with have ''s by the name.

Also, the bit with Juniper was actually based off what my friend's little sister did. What she did was she played hide and seek with this little toy dog. My friend's sister also wore one sock for a while, and told my friend that she was saving the other for later. When my friend pointed out that she was supposed to wear both at the same time, her little sister looked at her like she was nuts and just said something like "whatever you say, Indie". She's so cute <3

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