Generation 1 Summaries

Generation 1:

Family Structure: Single with Help
Number of Children: 3 (Rosie, Connor and Alyssa)
Primary Income: Military (Thomas)
Secondary Income: Busker (Erin)
Generation Goal: Expansionist (Based on I have a two bedroomed, single story house and I now have a five bedroomed, three story house... I think I can tick that off the list)
Miscellaneous Fun: Tattoo Addict (Erin and she looks hot with them)


Chapter 1.01 Mystery Girl: We start off by meeting Thomas Matthews. After he joined his new job in the military, he adventures around to find a mystery girl, Erin. She then confides in him that she came from a city far away, that she's a teleporter and that she, as of yet, doesn't have anywhere to stay the night. Reluctantly, Thomas lets her stay in the guest bedroom at his house.

Chapter 1.02 The Teleporting Busker: Thomas realizes that waking up at five am isn't fun. Meanwhile, Erin tries her hardest at busking as a way to make money. She meets a world famous musician (Danny) while out, and when most people were gone, they had a fling in the haystack at the corner of the festival grounds.

Chapter 1.03 Fear: Erin wakes up to morning sickness, and can't help but have a rising suspicion about what it could be. She goes to the hospital to see what it is and finds out that she's pregnant. She immediately starts worrying about how she'll manage to support herself and a baby. She then attempts to tell Danny, but he's a jerk to her before she can even say why she came to see him. Then at home, Erin tells Thomas and he says that she can stay with him as long as she needs to.

Chapter 1.04 Something Wicked This Way Comes: Erin and Thomas begin to hope that nothing dramatic will happen again for a while, oh how wrong they were. While Erin is out busking, a mysterious woman comes up to her and starts yelling. Her name is Roxie and she claims to know Thomas. Its later discovered that Roxie is Thomas' ex-girlfriend and that she had his child. A girl called Rosie.

Chapter 1.05 Leisure Day After arguing with Roxie about the fact that she never told him about Rosie, Thomas takes his toddler daughter home with him. The next morning, Erin wakes up and hears something from what she thought would be her baby's room. She is obviously shocked at first to see a toddler there, but after talking to Thomas it makes more sense and she goes out to busk for more money. Thomas spends the day with Rosie, and realizes that it's not that difficult to be a father.

Chapter 1.06 Two Things New: Erin spends a little time getting to know the newest little member of the family, and Erin goes into labour later that night. She has a baby boy and calls him Connor. Later that day, she gets a tattoo of a dragon to symbolise her new life here. Those two things being her two things (that are) new. She then has a dream about a man she used to know, and he tells her that there's something strange going on in Dragon Valley.

Chapter 1.07 Exploring: As Autumn comes, Erin begins to search around for what the man she knew was on about in her dream. She visits multiple places, and when she goes to the Elixir Store, she realizes that her actions haven't been too private. She begins to mumble to herself, regretting her decision, which is when the man from her dreams overhears her. We then learn that his name is Alex.

Chapter 1.08 (My) Old Flame: Back outside the Elixir Store, Alex is angry at Erin because she didn't tell him about Connor. She then teleports them away somewhere private, so they can have a little talk for a while. He comments on how bad he thought it was that Connor's father left Erin, and then we find out that Erin left Alex because she couldn't cope with commitment (Ironic?) Then, they go back to her bedroom, and she sleeps with him.

Chapter 1.09 Aftermath and Warning Signs: The morning after the night before, Erin and Alex have to be quiet so Thomas doesn't realize she had a 'guest' over. As she said goodbye, she was holding Rosie, which was when Alex got a bad feeling from Rosie, realizing that something wasn't going to be quite right about her future. Also, this chapter also had Connor's toddler birthday in it.

Chapter 1.10 Stupid Smiling Sunflowers: Erin was left alone with the two toddlers, and she honestly wasn't feeling her happiest. Mostly because of what happened with Alex before. She then notices a new door on the side of the house, one she could have sworn she hadn't seen before. Then, when Thomas got home, he said he had a surprise for her. It turned out that behind that mystery door was a little music room for Erin, with a bass and keyboard in also, which cheers her up. Not all too much happens in this chapter, its kind of a filler one.

Chapter 1.11 Things That Go Bump in the Night: On Rosie's child birthday, she explores around her newly done up room. Upon exploring, she hears a few weird noises from her room. She looks around, and doesn't see anything until she looks under her bed and sees a pair of red eyes. She quickly leaves her room, scared but then decided that no monster was going to get the better of her! She goes back into the room, and checks under the bed to see the monster was gone.

Chapter 1.12 Spooky Day: Rosie spends the day with Thomas at the Autumn Festival, and while there, Rosie met a fairy called Elli. Amazed, Rosie starts asking a lot of questions, mostly about if she was the only fairy, and if witches were real too. Back at home, Thomas teaches Erin how to carve a pumpkin, and Rosie gets a theory that the two adults like each other. She goes to tell Connor (Who doesn't quite understand) and then, Rosie starts to plot for 'The Parent Trap'.

Chapter 1.13 First Day and New Friends: Its Rosie's first day of school (Which she really isn't looking forward to.) and everyone seems to know that. Meanwhile, Erin spends a little time with Connor at a new dog park, which inspires her to get a dog, a Boston Terrier who Rosie later names Toby. When Thomas gets home, he is rather surprised to realize that there's now a dog in their house. He then sort of interrogates Erin and questions if she can actually look after a dog. She teases him slightly, and they end up keeping Toby.

Chapter 1.14 Monster: During the night, Rosie was greeted by the fairy Elli in her bedroom. She warns Rosie that something really bad is going to happen to her family, unless if she listens to her. Rosie, still unsure, asks why she would even need to. Elli explains that if she wanted her family to be okay, that she would need to become a witch to protect them. Seeing no other choice, Rosie goes with Elli to her castle and was still unsure about becoming a witch when Elli knocked the elixir on to the floor near Rosie, turning her into a witch and knocking her out at the same time.

Chapter 1.15 I Promise: The morning after Rosie's disappearance, no one seems to realize she left because it was pretty much silent. Over breakfast, Thomas makes Erin promise that she won't get another tattoo on her 'Me Day'. She accuses him of not trusting her, which he had every right to because she then goes and gets another tattoo (Not too relevant, I just like that). Afterwards, she does a little busking but only to be interrupted by Thomas calling her and saying that he can't find Rosie. Erin goes out looking for Rosie, while Thomas stays home and looks after Connor. Rosie tells Erin everything, including the fact that she's a witch. Erin then promises that she'll do what she can to make sure Elli doesn't return.

Chapter 1.16 Parent Trap: Winter rolls around, and with it Connor's child birthday. When Connor is back in his bedroom, Rosie joins him, and starts talking to him about a 'Parent Trap'. He reluctantly agrees to help, and he tries to come up with a plan with Rosie. She already has one, which seems a little... Off. Never the less, Rosie does it and she puts blonde dye in Erin's shampoo, which turns Erin's hair blonde. She then confronts Rosie about it, who doesn't give the full reason behind why she did it. After sulking a little and then talking to Thomas about it, Erin decides to keep her hair blonde, and down instead of up in a ponytail.

Chapter 1.17 Don't Grow Up: Connor judges Rosie's 'grand plan' and then tries to come up with his own. Connor has the idea of making them realize that they needed someone else. They decided to start with Erin, who was already feeling fairly old, mostly because it was Connor's first day of school and her adult birthday was soon. She went out busking then came home to see her family building snowmen. She really wasn't in the mood so she just went inside. After a while, Rosie came inside and started asking Erin a lot of questions, mostly ones she didn't want to answer about Connor's dad,  why she wasn't married and about Alex. It was then Thomas' birthday, and as Erin watched, knowing it was hers the next day, she started to feel as if she was having a midlife crisis.

Chapter 1.18 Snow Day: This chapter starts with Erin's birthday, which she really isn't looking forward to. She gets upset after blowing out the candles, then went straight upstairs to her bedroom. Rosie then tells Connor that their parent trap has come to an early end, and then she and Connor went off to the fair. Meanwhile, Erin (who was suffering from a midlife crisis) went to the tattoo parlour to get another tattoo. Once she got home, she was still upset about feeling old. Thomas comes in to comfort her which is when she tells him all about her past, and about Alex, and then says that what she wants most is just a meaningless fling to try and make herself feel a little better. He says he's up for it, and one thing leads to another and they have sex.

Chapter 1.19 No Strings Attached?: This chapter starts with Erin throwing up. She had a sense of deja vu with the sickness, knowing she's felt that bad once before but couldn't quite remember when or why.As Thomas was leaving his bedroom, he noticed Erin wasn't feeling well and they had a very little talk. Meanwhile, the kids went out ice skating, which was when Connor met this girl called Sabrina. He talks to her and she then tells him that she's magic, and she's trying to help a mortal who's been turned into a witch. Soon enough, Rosie comes over and drags Connor home, without even glancing at Sabrina. Its Rosie's birthday, and afterwards Thomas goes up to see Erin, which is when she tells him that she's pregnant. However, they agree to stay friends, mostly because of her issues with commitment.

Chapter 1.20 Reactions: Erin and Thomas tell Connor and Rosie about the baby. Connor reacts fine to the news, but Rosie really doesn't. She calls Erin fat then starts to yell at Thomas, mostly about how she thinks he's trying to replace her. Thomas tried his hardest to calm her down, but Rosie just storms out after telling him that she hated him. After the whole ordeal, Sabrina's over with Connor, and he tells her about what happened, and she listens and gives him advice. She then asks if he knows if Rosie is the witch or not, when Connor then suggests that she could talk to his mom. Sabrina refuses to and then leaves. Meanwhile, Rosie is out sulking in the snow, when Elli comes up and gives her a wand andRosie accepts it. She goes home, and says sorry to Thomas and Erin, then asks him if she could one day learn the truth about her mother.

Chapter 1.21 New Secrets, New People: Connor starts off this chapter by exploring around Rosie's room, trying to find the wand. He then finds it, and goes to ask Sabrina about it. Sabrina recognized the wand, and told Connor that this wand was a very powerful one, and she told him the story of the last time this wand was used. After the story, she confesses to being over four hundred years old, and that she's immortal until she chooses not to be. Thomas then shows Erin the baby's room, and they have a little talk about the baby, and how nervous they were. The next morning, it was just Rosie and Connor in the house, as Erin and Thomas went to the hospital in the middle of the night. Connor confronts Rosie about the wand, which is when she lashes back by threatening to tell Erin, who walks in a few minutes after with Thomas and a little baby girl called Alyssa.

Chapter 1.22 Interlude; The Antagonist: A little filler chapter. We get insight on Elli's plans, while we meet someone new, Elli's brother who happens to be against what she is plotting.

Chapter 1.23 Birthday Blues: Its Connor's teen birthday, and he starts off by talking to Sabrina who is really bothered by this. She then confesses that only people the same age can see her, hence why Rosie thought she was imaginary. Connor then gets angry at her when she says that she could age up, but wasn't so sure if she would want to. He asks her to leave. Rosie spends a little time bonding with her new half sister, and admits that she really wanted to meet her own mother. Connor has his teen birthday, which he really didn't want, then he went upstairs to sulk. A little while later, Sabrina comes over, as a teenager. She goes upstairs to see Connor. He went over to her and kissed her, and then she kissed him back.

Chapter 1.24 Well, Hello: Rosie spends some more time bonding with Alyssa, when Rosie began to hear voices.The voice kept telling her not to go to school. As she went back to her room, she realized that some force was locking her in her room. Once her door opened again, she went into Alyssa's room and she hears the voice again. It turns out to be Elli's brother (Liam as we soon find out is his name). At first, the two seem to disagree while Rosie makes fun of him for being a vampire. He tells her why he's a vampire and his sister is a fairy, and then warns her about the wand. He and Rosie come up with a plan to get rid of Elli. Then, it's Alyssa's toddler birthday.

Chapter 1.25 How I Met Your Mother: (This has no reference to Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily or Marshal. Just putting that out there.) Even though he doesn't exactly want to, Thomas tells Rosie about her mother, mostly about the last time he spent with her. Afterwards, Rosie tells Thomas that she is a witch.

Chapter 1.26 Witch!: Thomas honestly thinks Rosie is kidding with her 'news' whereas she's being fully serious. He puts Alyssa to bed, while Rosie yells again that she hates him. Angry, Rosie tests out a spell, fairly confident she can prove to him that she is actually witch, but she accidentally sets the house on fire. Luckily, it was only small and Thomas managed to put it out before anything bad happened. Rosie then showed she was a witch, and explained everything that had happened. Once he was okay with it, she went upstairs in case he changed his mind. Liam is upstairs, and we learn that Rosie and Liam are dating. And the chapter ends on Thomas getting a phone call from work.

Chapter 1.27 A Friend For Toby: Connor asks Erin for a new dog, and she agrees (Because she's kind of a pushover, and dogs are cute). Thomas goes into his boss's office which is when he is told about a war going on over in Starlight Shores, and how there isn't any other option and he has to fight in it. Erin was a little suspicious of why Thomas was gone, while Toby makes friends with the new dog called Boo. When Thomas comes home, Erin confronts him about where he was and he then tells her that he had to go off and fight in a war.

Chapter 1.28 Silence: Erin's been ignoring Thomas since he told her about the war. Boo and Toby have some 'friendly time' together (Wink, wink). Connor has his first proper date with Sabrina, but before he could go, Thomas asked if he could take Alyssa and look after her for a little bit while he spoke to Erin. Reluctantly, Connor agreed to taking his little half sister on his first date. When Erin finally did get home, she was confronted by Thomas. Seeing no other way to get out of a conversation, she tries teleporting away but before she could get away, Thomas held on to her and they both ended up tumbling on to bare land in the middle of the hills in Dragon Valley. After making sure they were both okay, they started to have a talk. She tells him that she wants him to come home safe, and she friendzones him. (Irrelevant, I know)

Chapter 1.29 Last Day: Alyssa starts playing with this doll, which she has called 'Bowa' (Lola). Then, she, Erin and Thomas spend some time at the little playground that Thomas took Rosie to all that time ago. When she gets home, Rosie starts to get upset, and Liam comes over to comfort her. The family try and stay up as long as they could, but all eventually going off to sleep and saying their goodbyes. Starting with Alyssa, then Connor (Who then tells the truth about the parent trap, and then confronts Liam when he finds him coming out of Rosie's room), Rosie and finally Erin and Thomas are left alone. The two adults talk about what would have happened if they actually did get together. They go up to his bedroom, and she falls asleep. When she wakes up, he's gone.

Chapter 1.30 Down In The Willow Garden: Alyssa seems to always sing a creepy nursery rhyme whenever she was around Lola, and Rosie gets very suspicious of it. Erin then took Alyssa out to a local Chinese Zen Garden to get some reading done with her. Alyssa starts to talk about her 'singing adventures' with Lola, and asks if Thomas could buy them a castle. Erin explains that he's still gone, but promises a pink bedroom. After school, Connor and Sabrina start to talk about a few things, which is when Connor wonders about his own dad. Sabrina said that she knew who he was, and told him who, and she lets on that he's more interesting than what he realized. Rosie walks past Alyssa's room, and hears someone else singing that same creepy song. Rosie then finds Elli in Alyssa's room, and she tells Elli to leave. Elli sings the last part of the song, but stops and questions if she ever knew her mother's last name. (The girl in the song is called Rose.)

Chapter 1.31 Love Day: This is a happy filler chapter. Boo has puppies, a girl and a boy called Piper and Pippin. Connor spends Love Day with Sabrina, doing all lovey stuff. They tell each other that they love each other. Rosie meets Liam at the beach, and they watch the stars while talking about their plan to get rid of Elli. On the way home, Connor realizes he can teleport.

Chapter 1.32 Gnomes and Monkeys: Its Alyssa's child birthday, and she ages up. Instead of only her room being done up, hers, Connor's and Rosie's rooms are all redecorated. They all admire their new rooms, even though Rosie won'e spend all too long in her room as she'll be an adult soon. Alyssa goes out to the Spring Festival, as she has a new found obsession with the gnomes that are lying around the house. Connor then has Sabrina over ans shows her how he can teleport but he accidentally goes downstairs, which is when Erin realizes her son can teleport like how she can. Alyssa got a gnome from the concession stand, but a certain fairy is watching her. Later that day, the news announces that there has been a terrible accident in the Starlight Shores war, and says that if you don't get a letter that someone's still alive, they're dead. More people are dead than alive.

Chapter 1.33 Battling My Demons: Rosie gets a call that Alyssa has been taken by Elli. She goes over and rescues Alyssa while they have a magic fight where Rosie defeats Elli by freezing her, yet Rosie almost dies from it. Liam then proposes to her once she's awake. He said that he didn't ever want to be without her, and seeing her almost dead make him want to be with her forever.

Chapter 1.34 Heart for Love, Hands for Friendship, Crown for Loyalty: Erin's been fairly short tempered since they got the news that Thomas was gone, and they haven't got a letter saying he was okay. So, she had to go to 'grief counseling' until she knew how to dealt with it. She was very skeptical at first, but then began to realize it may help when she met her doctor, and saw how good of an insight he could get on her. After school, Rosie was helping Alyssa with her homework when she told her that she was engaged. She explained what the ring meant too.

Chapter 1.35 Lost in the Hurt: Erin's back in the doctor's office, and she starts by talking about how she reacted to Rosie's news about her being engaged, and about a dream she had with Thomas. She then started to talk about the moments before he left, and confessed that she loved him. She then finally cries about him being gone. She goes home early, not exactly wanting to spend too much time there. When she gets home, its about the middle of the day. She hears Thomas' voice, believing that it wasn't actually his until she saw him. She ran up to him, and kissed him. She told him for real that she loved him, and he felt the same way back.

Chapter 1.36 The Bird Born For Joy: Rosie ages up to adult before school, with all her family back together again. She speaks to Thomas when he realizes she has a ring and that she is engaged. He is obviously angry, but she quickly explains herself before he had a chance to yell. He then said he wanted to meet Liam, and when he did, he almost threatened him, and told him that he better be good to Rosie. Liam sticks up for himself, which Thomas seems to be alright with. Connor has a small talk with Rosie before he leaves, and she helps him ever so slightly with his fear of growing up. Rosie then leaves with Piper (the puppy in case you forgot.)

Chapter 1.37 What am I Going to Do?: Connor wonders about what on earth he'll do when he's an adult, and soon decides on becoming a cop (with Sabrina's help). Alyssa has her teen birthday, and she honestly feels let down when Rosie can't come. She then decides to get rid of the lonely feeling by choosing to try become a popular girl. When Connor gets back upstairs, he and Sabrina have a little talk about sex and they both lose their virginities together, at the same time.

Chapter 1.38 First and Last Days: Connor decided to wait until after school before aging up. Meanwhile, Boo has another set of puppies, three this time (Poppy, Puggles and Percy). Alyssa gets ready for her first day at school, whereas Connor has his last day of school. Alyssa meets two popular girls, Colette and Nora, who make her skip class and take her out drinking. Feeling pressured and wanting to be liked, Alyssa goes with them. When Connor gets home, its only him, Erin and Thomas. He doesn't mind that Alyssa isn't there, and has his birthday anyway. When he goes upstairs, he finds an adult Sabrina, who then tells him that she is pregnant. (Dun, dun duuuunnn...)

Chapter 1.39 Ready or Not: Connor freaks out. He accidentally said the wrong thing and angered Sabrina. She told him to never speak to her ever again. Erin asks him what's wrong and he just dismisses her. He hardly sleeps at all that night, and when he woke up, he went downstairs to try and think about everything. Thomas is also awake and Connor asks him for advice. He makes a choice and goes to talk to Sabrina, and tells her that he got them a house and he said that he wanted to be with her until the very end. They move to their new house (Along with Pippin, Puggles and Percy, the dogs.) But he tells Erin about everything before he leaves. Alyssa wakes up fairly late, unsure of how she actually got home. She sees a letter on her bedside table, and its from someone called Lola.

Chapter 1.40 Lazy Friday: Alyssa has the day off of school, and decided to spend it by researching some science-y stuff and tending to her new garden. She gets a call from Nora telling her to meet them at the beach. When Alyssa gets there, she listens as Nora and Colette recall memories of another girl called Tallulah who seems to be a worse version of both of them. When they go out that night, Alyssa meets this Tallulah, and she invites Alyssa on a boy hunt.

Chapter 1.41 The Boy Hunt: Tallulah takes a drunk Alyssa to another bar, in the hope for a boyhunt. Unfortunately, the bar is practically empty with only two other teenagers upstairs. Alyssa talks to the boy (Tyler) while Lulu interrogates the girl (Bonnie.) We find out just who sent the mysterious letter, and Alyssa has her first kiss.

Chapter 1.42 Sisterly Talks and Wedding Bells: Alyssa wakes up with a hangover, but after Lulu brings over some nectar, she managed to get over it. She goes out to meet Rosie for Leisure day, and then goes off to buy a new gnome. Later that day, Erin's trying to fix Thomas' bedside drawer, and when she opens it, she finds an engagement ring inside. She freaks out.

Chapter 1.43 Erin's Dream: Erin tries to forget that she saw the ring, but to no use. She goes to bed, and has a weird dream about the moments before she gets married. She sees herself in a wedding dress, and Sabrina and Rosie behind her in bridesmaids dresses. She then learns that getting married isn't such a scary thing if you love the person you're marrying, and her and Thomas decide to get married. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tyler have a talk, and they plan on going and seeing Alyssa.

Chapter 1.44 Mermaid Princess of Saturn's Imaginary Purple Ring: Alyssa goes to her science room to see someone is already in there. Startled, she goes in to see Bonnie and Tyler. Bonnie confesses that she is Lola (Alyssa's Imaginary Friend Doll) also that she is a shapeshifter. After initial doubt, Bonnie and Tyler talk to Alyssa, eventually ending with them telling her that the moon is out of orbit which is throwing off some magical abilities. They need a Moon Stone collecting from Champs les Sims to restore order. Alyssa agrees to go and get the Moon Stone from Champs les Sims.

Chapter 1.45 Love, Lies and Spies: Erin and Thomas decide to get married that day, because she wanted to get married one day before she was too old to. With their elder birthdays soon, they decide that there's no time like the present. Meanwhile, Alyssa and Tallulah were ditching school at one of the local pubs, when the bartender starts to talk about Rosie. Which was when the two teenagers hid and spied on Rosie who seemed to be flirting with the bartender, even though she's engaged, and pregnant (Which Alyssa previously didn't know). The two girls left, after Alyssa found the sight of her sister's cheating unbearable. Erin and Thomas get married on the beach, and plan on inviting Rosie and Connor over the next day for a family day. At the bar, it turns out Rosie wasn't cheating, but she was just friends with the bartender, however Alyssa still thinks her sister is a dirty rotten cheater.

Chapter 1.46 Family Days: Partially a filler chapter. Its Erin's birthday, and both she and Thomas are elders now. Rosie and Connor (and his daughter) go over to the family house to spend some time as a family again. Erin says that she's worried about Connor being in the police force, and wants him to stay safe for Sabrina and his daughter. When Alyssa gets home, she's cold to Rosie (about what she saw in the last chapter) and she heads off upstairs. The two sisters have a talk in Alyssa's bedroom, and Rosie says how she still loves Liam, and how the basic flirting with the bartender didn't mean anything. The two of them are friends again, and its a happy ending, which doesn't happen all too often so, hurray!

Chapter 1.47 The Grand Plan: Bonnie and Alyssa go over the plans for her trip to Champs les Sims, and then she asks Bonnie (fairly unsuccessfully at first) if she thinks that Tyler likes her, in more than a friend way. Bonnie says that he's said a few sweet things about her, and that she isn't the best one for this kind of thing. Alyssa rings Tallulah, and they talk about it a little.

Chapter 1.48 Fireworks: Alyssa tries her hand at trick or treating, yet she gets a fairly scary looking gnome from it. Tallulah tells her how weird most of them are. Alyssa models a few outfits for her best friend to look at, mostly because Alyssa needed help with Halloween, and the party that was going on later. Alyssa went as a mermaid, and Tallulah went as a fairy (much to Alyssa's discomfort.) Alyssa gets a little tipsy, and sits outside drinking. Tyler comes to join her and they both kiss after talking for a while. They're interrupted by a stream of calls and texts on Alyssa's phone from her two siblings. She goes home and sees Rosie crying on the sofa, and Connor looking upset. She's told that something bad happened to both of her parents.

Chapter 1.49 Alone: Connor puts off telling Alyssa what has happened until she gets changed into more appropriate clothes. Reluctantly, she does, which is when she realized what happened to her parents. They passed away. She goes downstairs to ask Connor and Rosie about it, and they confirm her suspicion, that Erin and Thomas are gone. The three of them spend the rest of the night upset, until Connor and Rosie both leave. After that, Alyssa looks around the empty house, knowing that the only person was her. She was alone. The ghosts of Erin and Thomas talk a little about what has happened, and they say their final "I love you"s to each other.

Chapter 1.50 Bonjour Champs les Sims!: Alyssa arrives in France, and goes to the Art Museum almost straight away. She hasn't got a moment to spare. As she had to collect her gnomes, some nectar for Tallulah and retrieve the Moon Stone. She gets her gnomes first, but runs into a local teenage boy, called Matteo. He asks her out on a date, and even though she has Tyler (and hated her sister for cheating a few chapters back) she agrees to the date. She gets the gnomes (and places gems there in the gnomes places.) and gets nectar for Tallulah. She meets Matteo, and he is charming towards her. At dinner, she confesses to having a boyfriend, but adds that she doesn't just want Tyler alone.

Chapter 1.51 Moon Stone Retrieval et Au Revoir France: Alyssa wakes up early to retrieve the Moon Stone (The real reason why she actually came to France). After destroying rocks, pushing and pulling statues, rummaging through wall and floor holes, and pushing walls, she manages to find it and retrieve it. She then goes and meets Matteo, who was worried about her adventuring. She invites him over to her base camp, and they spend the last night she had in France together (Not going all the way though.) He then says goodbye to her, and she promises she'll return to France when she's an adult. At their goodbye kiss, she doesn't feel the fireworks that she felt when she kissed Tyler.

Chapter 1.52 Beginnings and Endings: Its Alyssa's adult birthday, and being back home is hard on her. She realises just how much she is missing her parents and with her boy drama, girl talk is too overdue. She meets Tallulah and they talk a little about what happened, but she doesn't give all too good advice to Alyssa. She gave her the bottle of French nectar that she had promised. At her party, Tyler finds out that Alyssa cheated on him. They break up and Alyssa decides to go to France, with no one there to stop her.

Generation Notes:
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