Friday, 26 December 2014

Belated Christmas/10000 Pageviews Gift(s)

Merry the Day After Christmas! (Boxing Day_
Not a good start as I almost spelt Christmas wrong and my computer has me questioning the word spelt
It is a word.
I planned on posting this before Xmas just fyi, but tis still the season, right?

Anyhoo, slight technical spelling issues aside, I have four presents for you guys as 'Tis the Season and I have 10000 Pageviews (yay)
And the four presents are four of Alyssa's kids: Belle, Ashton, Melody and Nathaniel.

Let's go chronologically in age and start with Belle:

Belle Matthews

(Don't tell any of the others, but she's my favourite)
Artistic, Bookworm, French Culture (hidden) Hopeless Romantic, Perspective and Virtuoso

Download her from here

Ashton Matthews

(Out of the twins, he was the planned one(well, planned for me. None of these kids were planned for Lyss, whoops))
Charismatic, Couch Potato, Flirty, Genius, Hot Headed

Download him from here

Melody Matthews

(Despite being a surprise, I like her. She's pretty too, which messed with my plot line for her.)
Absent Minded, Angler, Brave, Insane, Over Emotional

Download her from here

Nathaniel Matthews

(At first, I didn't intend on him. I intended on Alyssa only to cheat but then I played around in Cas and I liked the possibilities so, there we go.)
Dog Person. Good, Genius, Loner, Workaholic

Download him from here

Merry Belated Christmas/Boxing Day!
and here's hoping for another 10000 pageviews soon

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