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Chapter 1.02 The Teleporting Busker

Mornings suck. 
What? Its a known fact.

Even though it was his dream to be a soldier or maybe even an astronaut one day, Thomas had to admit that morning sucked. A lot.
Waking up at nine's fine. Its not too bad, maybe even blissful waking up then. Waking up at eight, yeah okay, maybe you have some stuff to do. 
Seven's a little worse, possibly if you had something you had to do before hand or if you have something to do before work.
Waking up at six... That's starting to ask a bit too much off of any one, however waking up at five in the morning... That was still night time to Thomas.

He was glad though, it was a happy day. He finally had his dream job, even if it did mean starting right at the bottom. The only place to go was up though, right? He couldn't possibly go any further down.
At seven was when his carpool got here, all before Erin even woke up.

When she did wake up however, she decided to make the beds and do any other housework that may need doing. It was the least she could do for Thomas, right? He was letting her stay at his place.
It was a weird feeling, someone being nice to her. Back in the city, everyone was mean to each other. Maybe she would fit in here... It was a nice enough place to. 

After cleaning up and having breakfast, she sat outside and watched the fire for a little while. It was nice sat out here in the woods, like being one with nature. Erin was known back home as that weird busking girl who spent most of the day wandering around. 
No one back home ever seemed to get Erin. She wasn't too easy to understand though in their defense. A probably insane teleporting busker? Yeah, nothing out of the ordinary there.

However, she had a habit of forgetting what she was supposed to be doing. Like then, she was going to get changed and go out to play around town. But as soon as she saw her guitar, she wanted to pick it up and play it. It was a strong connection she had with her guitar, she remembered when she first got it, back home in Ireland/
She didn't come from a rich family, so something like a guitar was a precious thing to her. It was the only thing that had been with her through everything, so she was going to cherish her precious guitar.
After playing inside a little, she remembered she wanted to get changed. She quickly went into the bedroom, putting on her normal clothes. She then went outside to practice again, trying to think about what she should try and play. 
Busking was a serious thing!

Playing outside... That was probably her greatest love. She loved the suburbs, it was so peaceful and no one ever actually questions you about anything. Its just so tranquil.
Erin knew that she had to leave Dublin though, hell she had to leave all of Ireland. It wasn't like she could just move to a separate part either. It would just be too difficult to stay there. Besides, it wouldn't do anything for the shards of sanity she still had.
Sometimes its just best to get away from you're past. However when fighting isn't an option, all you can do is run.

Erin made sure to teleport far away, she didn't want others knowing about her 'talent'. If anyone found out... Well... 
Lets just leave it as it would be a bad, bad thing if someone found out about Erin's 'special skills'.
She went to the Summer fair, and decided to play her guitar there. It was so nice here, they had a modern park with lots of fair type things, even water balloon fights!
The next time Erin isn't busy, she has to check that out.

She's a little rusty at guitar, it wasn't something that came too naturally to her. She was a little bit scared of breaking a string, when she couldn't afford a new one, so she only played fairly quietly. 
Hardly anyone came to watch her at first, maybe everyone was busy with real work?
Real work was just too much of a hassle for Erin. People would claim stuff like 'She got there from nowhere' and that 'she seems insane'.
Erin just didn't like dealing with some people, but that doesn't mean she has any difficulty being nice and friendly to them.

Thomas Matthews, Astronaut. That had a sweet ring to it. Almost as if he could see it happening one day, but that would probably be a far off day knowing his luck. Even after working hard for two hours longer than he should, he still couldn't even get a promotion.
Maybe he should try another approach to everything... Mainly starting with the chin up bars back at his house.

Her love for her guitar is uncanny. She loves it as if it was her child, well it was like a child to her. She loved her guitar, and she couldn't imagine not having it...
Maybe people would think she's insane for having such a love for wood and some strings, but it was more than that to Erin.
Even if people weren't watching, she didn't care. All she could see right now was her and her guitar, and it was the best sight ever.

Up and down, up and down... That's all he had to do. All he had to do was to simply lift himself a little bit off the ground, so why was it so damn difficult? 
Practice was key, that was a main thing. As long as he tried, there wasn't going to be a failure, or at least not too much of one, right?
Right. He can do this, easy. Just need to do the first one, and it'll all be easy sailing.

People started to come as Erin began to pack up. She couldn't help but notice how 'different' a lot of the people here looked, then again, a lot of people also had pet dragons here... So maybe a different hair, skin and eye color wasn't too much she should pick up on. She couldn't help but notice a few people with light blue hair though...  It started to get cloudy and dark down near the stairs, so she went away from them. THat and there was a gathering crowd. She saw a celebrity over there too, Danny Applegate, the only rock star there is in Dragon Valley. 

As she walked over, he  came up to her. "Hey, you're the girl who was playing that guitar, right?" He asked, and Erin nodded eagerly.
"Yeah, that was me." She loved speaking about music, even to someone who probably didn't know much, but obviously he knew a lot.
He narrowed his eyes at her "You're not from here, are you? You sound different."
She nodded gingerly "Yeah, I'm from..." She trailed off, then wondered what to answer. She didn't want to tell the truth, as hardly anyone would actually know where Ireland was... "I'm from Sunset Valley." She smiled, knowing that was another town, fairly far away from here.

"You know... I like foreign girls, even if you are only from Sunset Valley." He mumbled, then kissed her softly as the sun started to set.
As they say celebrities can have whatever they want, and he wanted Erin.

Lucky for him, she didn't pull away disgusted. She took the opportunity, and kissed him softly back. How often is it that a famous rock star comes on to you? Not that often as one could expect.
Once she pulled away, all she could mumble was "Wow..." She grinned, blushing. She was starstruck. Even though she had never been too big of a fan of his, still wow.
She got kissed by Danny Applegate. The famous rock star. 

"You're a really good kisser." She muttered, trying to keep away her blush. Again, its not everyday something like this happens, even if you live in the celebrity central Bridgeport, its not a likely thing.
"I'm a lot better than just kissing and guitar playing." He smirked.
Erin tilted her head, her ponytail following "What else are you good at?" She was innocently clueless of what the rock star wanted off her. 
"Well, how about when it gets dark, you and I get it on in the haystack in the corner?" He grinned slyly, and Erin blushed to a deep red.
"S-Sure." She stuttered, not so sure what to think. They made out until it turned dark.

When it did, they both went over to haystack, which was probably there to mean something about Dragon Valley's past. 
Its somewhat sad because now its mainly used to have sex in... Ah well.

Erin quickly turned, hearing footsteps behind herself. Luckily she was dressed again, unlike Danny who was strutting his stuff around like there was nothing to lose.
Celebrities could probably do that, scandal like that brings up press stories. However if that was Erin there, all she would get would be a warrant for nudity.
That and she only just arrived in Dragon Valley. She didn't want to be known at that girl who was caught doing it with the only rock star in a haystack.
Their goodbye was cut short as other started to gather around a naked Danny. She went back home.

When she was there, she told Thomas all that had happened. "Just imagine it though!"
"I don't really want to..." He narrowed his eyes. Everyone knew how much of a player Danny Applegate was. Well, everyone but Erin.
"I mean, me." She grinned, starstruck. "He did it with me." She sighed, happily. Thomas couldn't help but think how delusional she was... 
"Does he even know you're name?" He asked, skeptical but he hid it. He just didn't want to see her get too disappointed when it all went wrong.
Erin frowned "Well, no, but still." She half smiled and asked "You don't mind me crashing here another night, do you?" She asked sweetly. She had nowhere else to go if it wasn't for here...
"You can stay as long as you want." He smiled slightly. "As long as you help pay bills."
 She grinned, and hugged him "I owe you one." She mumbled against him, her eyes closed.

Chapter 1.01 Mystery Girl                                                                                          
AN: Hm... There's not much I have to say about this, other than a massive thanks to everyone who read the previous chapter =3
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  1. HAHA! Thomas would hate my job. I get up at 3.30 to start at 5 :P

    Oh Erin... I feel awful. She clearly isn't great at reading people :| I hope she's not pregnant................ lol. ;)

    and it's ok! I enjoyed both the previous chapter and this one, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the next! :D

    1. No, she's really not good at that... She reminds me a lot of one of my childhood friends, not so smart and fairly clueless.
      Oh well, everything's gonna be happier for her soon, so yay :)

  2. lol Gemma--I would hate your job too! 3:30...a.m.? O.o

    Both Erin and Thomas are interesting sims, they seem a bit career obsessive. Poor Erin though, to get tumbled in a haystack, how itchy! haha
    I hope she didn't end up pregnant too, that rock star didn't seem like the sticking around type!

  3. I have to wonder with Thomas's reactions at the very end if he isn't a little bit jealous? Erin is definitely naive.

    And I'm no longer working there, but I had a job where I had to be at work by 4 a.m. so I had to be up and semi-functional by 3 a.m. :P I'm happy I've found something with a more reasonable start time.

  4. Thomas wouldn't be able to handle my cat Yang. She used to come in and start yelling at us to get up at 4.

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    1. My cat Hollie is a lot like that now, she always sleeps in my bed with me and I can't have my door open its just a thing with me, anyway she'll always either meow or scratch the bed to get me up at stupid o'clock in the morning

  5. Ha, I'm totally with Thomas on that one. 5am is still night! that was really random sex in a haystack. Not exactly getting off on the right foot, is she?

    1. I remembered seeing the work start time and feeling sorry for him. I'm more zombie than awake if I ever did wake up at 5 am.

      Very random haystack sex. I'll agree with you on that. I wasn't all too good at writing... that kind of stuff so, random haystack sex it was.