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Chapter 2.01 Cakey or Gooey?

"I never want you to leave, Mon Belle."

Alyssa heard the voice purr into her ears, and sighed contently. She adored it here. The sun was gorgeous, the sea was a divine bright blue, and the sex... Well, Alyssa wasn't one to kiss and tell, especially when she's too busy 'kissing' to even tell anyone.
"Lets not think about when I have to leave." She whispered, looking up at him as he climbed on top of her again.

As much as she hated to admit it, she wasn't thinking all too much about Tyler and their breakup at that moment. She was too busy on what she was doing right here, right now. Maybe it was time to be a little more spontaneous? Take more risks, gamble a little more, live life to its fullest. Have some fun, before she would be like all the other old monogamous people in Dragon Valley.
"Je t'aime." She purred, looking up at Matteo. This was love, right? Well, it was as close as she has been, and as far as she has ever been with someone. Close enough to love to count, right?

"You're so sexy when you speak French, Belle." He smirked, and with that, on went Round... Well, you kind of lose count after so long. All Alyssa knew was that she never wanted the moment to end, but when it did, she didn't feel satisfaction or as much pleasure as she had wished to. She just felt guilt. She was a guilty person.
She was a guilty cheater.
And all this wasn't love. It was meaningless lust, which even though it was good at that moment, it left a dirty feeling afterwards which wouldn't just wash away in the shower.

The memories ricocheted in her mind, although it was bad, that was much more fun that was to this. Hell, even just being with a French boy in the sunshine, tops throwing up on your own in the cold winter. At least this house had heating, that was something she was extremely thankful for.

She slowly pulled away from the toilet, still feeling bad. She could not get sick right now, with her new job that she's going to start soon, and she's supposed to be meeting Tallulah for coffee in a little while. Alyssa had spent so long in France, she had missed her best friend's birthday.

Alyssa leaned back against the wall, her hand going through her hair. She couldn't help but wonder what it was that was making her feel so ill. Maybe it was something she ate over in France? She wasn't exactly used to that kind of cuisine, and the steaks over there were practically still raw when cooked.

She went back over the toilet, cursing. Damn steaks. She was so close to becoming a vegetarian right now if it meant never being sick like this again. This was not fun. It was far from fun.
She made a mental note, no more rare steaks and verbally muttered, "Bow down to the porcelain bowl."

She managed to get away from the toilet for long enough to decide what to wear. Alyssa took over Connor's old room, mostly because she wanted to keep the gnomes in her room, and didn't yet want to redesign her either her parent's room or her mom's old room.

She just hoped that she could last long enough before throwing up again. Yep, red meats were off the cards forever for her. Especially rare red meats. She couldn't admit that she was all too surprised though, most of the meats there were practically still bleeding. She swallowed thickly, deciding it was best to stop thinking about this and to try and make it to the coffee house before throwing up again.

"I like your new hair colour, it suits you." Alyssa smiled, managing to get to the coffee house without throwing up. She was starting to feel a little bit better at least, but she regretted missing breakfast right about now, especially because the brownie in front of Tallulah smelled really good.
"Thanks, I thought I should probably get away from the black and the streaks, it didn't even look all that good anyway when I became an adult. So, how was France?" She asked, fairly absently. She wasn't too bothered that Alyssa missed her birthday, she was going through her own stuff.

"France was really chocolate." She murmured, then laughed a little, "I mean, brownie was really-" She sighed, stopping herself, then managing to say "Sorry, I've not had breakfast today. I'm only just realizing I regret it." Even though Tallulah was her friend, Alyssa was very embarrassed.
However, her best friend slid over the plate, "Was France cakey or gooey?" She teased, while grinning.
"Cakey. Very cakey." Alyssa responded, and both girls laughed.

"But seriously, why did you skip breakfast? If its because of that eight hour diet, that's really not a good idea. I tried it and I ended up passing out." Tallulah shook her head a little, "Not fun."
Alyssa shook her head a little, "No, I'm not on some bizarre diet. I was just feeling sick this morning, and I wasn't hungry." She shrugged.
"It wasn't bizarre, it made sense." She frowned, then raised an eyebrow at her feeling sick. "Too much fun with your French boy, huh?" She smirked a little.

Alyssa smiled, a little bitterly, "Not that. It was the food that was off. All the meat was bright red on the inside, it's just how it is over there." She shrugged.
"So, there's no one that Aunt Tallulah needs to know about?" She grinned, then sighed slightly, "Because, they might not know her all too well." She was frowning a little. Alyssa couldn't help but wonder what she meant.

"Why?" Alyssa tilted her head slightly, confused.
Tallulah looked her best friend on straight, honestly nervous about saying this. "Because I'm moving to Bridgeport soon." She murmured.
She was glad she had finished the brownie by that point, otherwise she would have ended up choking on it. "Bridgeport?!"

"Yeah, Bridgeport. The Big Peach." She grinned, clearly excited. "I'm going to be a socialite when I go over there." She was clearly more enthusiastic about it that how Alyssa was.
"Bridgeport though?" She frowned, upset obviously. She didn't want to lose her best friend to the big city! "That's hours away, and I'll never get to see you, like ever again."

"Then come with me. Can't you imagine the two of us tearing up the clubs in Bridgeport? How fun will that be?" Tallulah grinned, trying to convince Alyssa to join her. "It'll be lonely on my own, and if you come with me then you know you'll be over Tyler." She smiled sadly, knowing that the two of them broke up. Tyler couldn't really be blamed though, she did cheat on him.
"I am not still hung up on Tyler." She spoke defensively, maybe a little too much. She sighed "okay, maybe I am a little bit. But I still can't go, I have a job here and my brother and sister and two nieces are here." She frowned, not that she exactly wanted to go anyway. A very small part of her honestly wanted to get together again with Tyler. "How is Tyler by the way? Have you spoke to him?"

"He still likes you." Tallulah said, outright. There was no point beating around the bush with these things, really. Who knew how long it would be before either of them found someone else?
"He does?" Alyssa asked, partially uncertain as she tucked moved some of her hair. She made it go behind her ear, then back to how it was. It was more of an attempt to hide any blushing that may spring up at any given moment.
"Of course he does, why wouldn't he?" She raised an eyebrow. "He's hurt though, after all, you did cheat on him with some French guy." She shook her head a little.
"Matteo." Alyssa corrected, "And I wasn't thinking right when I did cheat, and I realize now how bad it was."

"It was bad of you, but you should just try talking to him later today, and tell him how bad you feel and that you're sorry." She suggested. "Maybe he'll forgive you, but if he doesn't want to get back together, you could at least be friends with him."
But what if she didn't want to be just friends? She nodded though, smiling slightly, "I'll ring him when I get home, hopefully he won't still be too angry at me."
"Can you really blame him if he is though?" She frowned.

When she got home, after saying goodbye for a while to Tallulah, she got her cell phone and decided to call Tyler. She felt uneasy as the phone rung, and honestly considered hanging up and saying she butt dialed him.
"Hello?" She heard him answer, too late to hang up now but that didn't keep her from hesitating a little. "Hello? Is anyone there?"
"H-Hey, its me." She stuttered at the start, kind of regretting calling him now.

"Alyssa? I thought you were still in France." His voice was kind of cold, and it honestly made Alyssa regret calling him. How could she be so stupid as to think he wouldn't still be hurt by what she did? Things don't just magically get better with the word 'sorry'.
"I came home last night, and I just wanted to say that I feel really, really bad about what happened. I know you hate me, but could we meet up some time?" She asked, fairly hesitantly.

"I don't hate you, I just hate what you did." There was the sound of him sighing over the phone, which made Alyssa feel that much more guilty.
"And I'm sorry. Really, really sorry Tyler." She frowned. "So, shall we meet up a little later?" She asked.
"Sure, we can get some drinks at the bar at about nine-ish?" He suggested, and she agreed. They spoke for a little while afterwards, about not all too much in particular, but she made sure to stay away from talking about France.
Eventually, she hung up and got in the shower, however she came across an unwelcome surprise when she went to get changed.

A pile of tried on clothes later, Alyssa was getting very frustrated. "Why are all of my clothes too fucking tight?" She growled to no one in particular, and went to hang up all of the clothes she had previously thrown on the floor. Maybe she could find the one that was the least unbreathable.

She decided to just check her makeup again, and complain about it to herself. She didn't even understand how they were to tight, as far as she knew, she hadn't put on any weight. How could she when she was throwing up all morning?

She thought about it for a while, and it was the only explanation she could think of that fully made sense. Food poisoning doesn't make your clothes tighter, or make you hungry once you have thrown up. There was only one thing she could think of that caused that, and with remembering that a lot of the 'kissing' that happened in France... It wasn't too much of a surprise.

Luckily, she had managed to find something at the very back of her wardrobe that should be alright. She texted Tyler that she couldn't meet him for drinks, lying and saying that she had work to do. She knew that he wouldn't react all too well if she told him about her 'condition'.  Although, he wouldn't be all too pleased about her cancelling either. And they said girls were complicated.

That being said though, she couldn't help but smile about the little soon to be arrival. She was going to be a mommy soon, how could she not be excited about that?
Sure, a lot of girls her age would be more scared than happy, but Alyssa had almost everything sorted out for herself. She had a job, money and plenty of space for a baby.
That, and another person in the house, no matter how small they may be, would make this place seem a little less empty, and make it seem a little more happier here.

Chapter 1.52 Beginnings and Endings                                              


AN: Happy ending in my opinion. 
Unfortunately, we say goodbye to Tallulah in this chapter, as she's going off to be a famous socialite in Bridgeport. We'll see her again though, promise. As for the eight hour diet she mentioned, I tried it last summer and I ended up throwing up (because not eating = throwing up, logic) but that might have been due to I'm incredibly squeamish and I just got my belly button pierced. Its not got the bar in anymore though, so frowny face.
Also, I added the content warning because of the first few pictures.
However, seeing as though this is the second furthest I have ever gotten in a legacy... *throws confetti* Fiesta!


  1. Naughty Alyssa ;)
    It's sad to see Talullah leaving, but atleast she'll be back eventually.
    And so good to see she's excited to have a baby. Will Alyssa tell Matteo though?

    1. Girls just wanna have fun, right? ;)
      She'll be back, but not for a really long time. She's got big city dreams to fulfill.
      I was going to make her be all "Oh no" about it, but I didn't want to do that, it doesn't fit in with her traits all too well. Whether or not she'll tell Matteo is whether or not I decide to go one way with this or the other.

  2. Congrats on making it so far! It feels good when you do, doesn't it?

    Boys are always more complicated than girls are Alyssa. Always. They just like to pretend they're not.
    I loled at Bridgeport being "The Big Peach." Ah Bridgeport! Here's hoping Tallulah doesn't get caught in any nasty routing in the big city.

    Well well well. At least she's happy and Matteo is cute! But what will she do about Tyler now?

    1. Yep! It does, and next chapter I'll be about one generation behind you (scared? ;))

      They pretend they have simple everything, when they can be even more catty than girls are. I noticed that with a lot of boys at my school.
      Well, I couldn't call it the Big Apple, now could I? And there's probably worse routing in Dragon Valley if you mean it literally. If you mean danger by routing then I'm sure Lulu can handle herself.

      Yeah, at least little Lyssie is happy. On the subject of Tyler though, she's not so sure what to do.

  3. I'll miss Tallulah too, but hopefully she'll find her own path in Bridgeport and then we'll see her again.

    I'm also happy to see that Alyssa is okay with finding out that she's pregnant. Although I'm worried what this will do to her attempts to reconnect with Tyler though...

    1. But, we won't see her again for a while. I'll warn you that much.

      Her pregnancy won't do wonders with trying to reconnect with Tyler (especially as the father is the man she cheated on him with...) But, yeah. At least she's happy about it.

  4. Hmm, is it wrong of me to feel glad that Alyssa feels guilty about her fling with Matteo? Although I'm definitely glad that she's pleased to be having the baby (even if it does make things more awkward with Tyler)

    1. Its not wrong. Alyssa's had it fairly easy to say she got off with almost no problems.
      Hmm... It will be fairly awkward when she meets Tyler again, not just for her reason either.

  5. Aw, that's a shame that Lulu's moving away, though I bet she'll have fun in Bridgeport.

    Well of course she's pregnant. I'm trying to figure out where you're going with with Tyler, if you're going to do sort of a reverse step-child roll. Guess I'll find out soon!

    1. She's a party girl, and what kind of party girl would stay in the suburbs if she doesn't have a family?

      The rolls are secret until I reveal them ;) (or if I can't think of a way to add it, I'll write what it is in my AN and put it on the side)