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Chapter 2.29 Fine. Just Fine

The fair was fun

It was starting to get colder as it was autumn and there was a slight sign of frost on the ground, it was still fun however. Plus all the leaves littering the floor, and the colourful trees made it feel even more autumnal.
Belle challenged the twins to a pie eating contest. She mostly did it with the knowing that she would win. By logic, she should win because she was the biggest and the oldest. Then again, her younger brother and sister were werewolves so... She wasn't so sure.

She was relatively sure that Melody wouldn't win, she got distracted very easily. That was probably why their mom never got one of those kid ovens, Melody would probably forget about anything she might have put in it and burned the house down.
By accident of course.

"I'm going to win." Belle said confidently, grinning at the blueberry pie in front of her. She knew she was going to win. She was the oldest, she should win.
"Nuh uh! I'm gonna win." Ashton corrected, ready for this. He wanted to win, and he was going to. He wanted to show his sisters that he was clearly the best, and boys are the best.
"In your dreams." Melody retorted. "I'll be the winner."

And as the contest started, their faces went down into the pies. Each of them were determined on winning, so hopefully the pie trays didn't slip off of the table. A noticeable thing was that the blueberries got almost everywhere. Belle honestly saw herself as lucky having a rather small nose being that blueberries were everywhere.

Melody was the first one with her head up from the pies. "I won!" She yelled, grinning. "Haha! I won!" She jeered at her siblings, who were still working on their pies.
Belle still had hopes that she could at least come in second. She couldn't lose to both of her siblings, that would be embarrassing. She tried eating it faster, ignoring the nauseous feeling she was getting. She wasn't able to ignore it for too long though. She probably shouldn't be eating so fast...

It became even more apparent when she couldn't finish the pie and had to throw up because of it. So, there Belle was, throwing up from a damn blueberry pie, with it smothered all over her face. How the hell could it be even worse?

"Belle?" Of course it was her boyfriend there. Her boyfriend who had probably just seen her throw up. Great. "Are you alright?" He asked, slowly walking up to her.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just fine." She muttered, wiping the pie muck off of her face. She didn't want her boyfriend to see her with pie muck all over her face. That was not a good look, at all.

"I could always take you home if you want?" He suggested, smiling at her.
She shook her head, almost too quickly. "Somehow, I doubt that Tyler would let me go home, on my own, with a boy." She looked up at him, and as his hands set on her hips, one of her hands ran through his hair.
What Belle said was partially a lie. She knew her mom and Tyler trusted her alone, but she wasn't so sure if she trusted herself. Don't get her wrong, Axel was perfect for her, and she was sure of it. She just didn't want things to change between them, and she was terrified that going to far would. She was scared that sex would ruin things between the two of them.

She rested her head on him, her arms wrapping around him. She didn't want to get upset over it again. It was such a silly thing to get so bothered over. She knew that everyone had to grow up, but part of her wished that she could do the growing up but without the sex part of it all.She knew he would never, ever pressure her, and he never has. She felt like a bad girlfriend for not wanting to go too far. She almost felt as if she was keeping him from something, but she just couldn't bring herself to want to do it.
She knew that sex meant almost nothing to other people, she had seen people panic more over losing their phone than losing their virginity. But it was a huge deal to her whether or not if she didn't or did want the label of not being a virgin anymore. It meant a lot to her.

She wanted love to be the way it was in fairy tales. She wanted it to be as cheesy as most fan written stories were. She didn't want lust nor sexual yearning. She just wanted love. She wanted kissing to be the worst thing one could do. She buried her head into his shoulder, knowing that she was getting herself in a state over nothing in particular, but others just didn't seem to get it.
"Belle? Are you sure everything's alright?" Axel asked, noticing that she had been quiet for a while. He's noticed that she's been acting strangely lately.
"I'm fine. Just fine." Her voice was quiet. She didn't really trust it to go all too much louder. She pulled away from him. "I think I'm just going to go home, on my own." Belle murmured, and walked off before he could say anything or stop her.

She went straight home, and sat down on the floor next to the door. She didn't want to explain why the subject of sex made her react this way. She wasn't fully sure herself to be honest. She just wanted someone to sit with her while she was upset.
Even though Belle thought her mom would be in, and perhaps her mom would sit with her (not that she would ever tell her mom what was wrong), she was more than happy to have Maya by her side. She knew she could tell each and every one of her secrets to her dog, and nothing would ever come of it. Belle knew Maya would just listen, and maybe Maya would nudge her with her nose every so often. Nothing else was needed to cheer her up.

Alyssa was fast asleep in bed. She had no clue where she was, based on the fact the last thing she remembered was recalling what had happened before passing out. It seemed like it was almost a trend now.
Melancholia couldn't help but wonder if she should freak the human out with what she had planned. It would be a good laugh, wouldn't it? But when she saw Alyssa start to wake up, she decided against it. Perhaps if she had stayed asleep a little longer...

She woke up groggily, possibly experiencing the worst hangover imaginable. She  could kind of understand it though. There was ethanol in chloroform, and ethanol in alcohol. She didn't feel the same pang of fear she got when she saw the fairy. She wasn't afraid. What could she do to hurt her? She knew her family was behind her.
"Morning." Melancholia smiled, watching her, "Or it may be evening, you don't know. We're quite far underground." She mentioned, rather nonchalantly.
Alyssa laughed. "Are you trying to scare me? If so, you're really doing a bad job." She grinned.
She glared. "You're brave, aren't you? Well, Alyssa. I actually have a little surprise for you."

"Surprise, hm?" Alyssa couldn't help but be slightly cocky. She had no reason what so ever to be afraid of this fairy. She knew in her heart whatever would happen, it would take a lot to break her. She knew she'd be out in no time. She couldn't help but feel at least slightly nervous however though,
"Surprise indeed. And I really don't appreciate the tone. Just for that, I'm going to be even worse." She smiled bitterly. She felt the usual sensation of magic surround her, but this time was slightly different. She was slightly used to the different feeling of magic through practice though,  "You might want to close your eyes." She warned, as the bright light started to surround her.

Once the light was gone, Alyssa's eyes widened at what she saw. She went up to the fence, her hands up against the gate. It was locked, of course. She blinked a few times, making sure she was seeing what she was seeing. She couldn't be seeing right, could she? Surely not. But no matter the amount of blinking nor pinching herself, what became of the fairy didn't change.

What she saw in front of herself, was herself. Obviously it wasn't the real her, it was a fake her. It was the fairy. The fake Alyssa raised an eyebrow, grinning. "Speechless, eh? Told you I had a surprise for you. I think I pretty much nailed it."
The fake her even sounded like the real her. The real Alyssa frowned. "Why are you doing this?" She asked, quietly. She didn't understand. Why was this fairy hellbent on interfering with her life? It wasn't even her fault what happened to the fairy who hates Rosie (well, it appeared as if all fairies hated Rosie...).

'Alyssa' rolled her eyes. "I swear, I've not yet got the dimwitted part down yet." She grumbled, and sighed. "Basically, I figured that I'd prefer to drive your sister insane over the fact that you, well us now, were miserable. But then you just had to go off and be happy and fulfilled." She rolled her eyes. "So, I came up with a new plan. If I wanted what I want to happen, I'd have to do it myself. I need to actually do something to sort the problem out." She looked at the real Alyssa accusingly. "Then, I figured, I'd hurt you and your family without your input. I'd do it on my own. You know what they say, if you want a job done, you've got to do it yourself." She grinned, maliciously. The real Alyssa wasn't so sure of what to actually say.

"By the way." 'Alyssa' continued, glancing behind herself slightly. "In case you ever do manage to get out of your little cage, you won't be able to leave. Unless if you somehow get strong enough to move the boulder blocking the entrance. I'm not going to keep you here forever though. You'll stay in here until I'm done with the whole family thing." She smiled rather dryly. "Maybe I'll like having little spawns around.  I especially like your little Juniper. She seemed rather moody though the last time I saw her though."
That made Alyssa angry. "Stay the hell away from my family, and stay away from my daughter." She growled, trying to attack the fake her, despite the gate in the way. She didn't often got angry, but her family was the most important thing in the world to her. "You'll regret getting too close to them." She snarled, knowing right now that her words were her only source of defense.

"Sorry, sweetie." 'Alyssa' said nonchalantly, walking to the middle of the room, "You'll be out before you know it. I'm not going to kill you though, I'm not a monster. I'm just going to destroy everything." She grinned, and just like that she disappeared.
Alyssa was left alone then, worried and anxious. She wanted her idealistic family life, and she finally had the picture perfect one. She didn't want some impersonator to take over what she had created. But what could she do? She couldn't get out and leave. The only thing she could do was hope everything was fine. Hope that everything would be just fine.

Meanwhile, at the fair, Juniper was playing with her toy. "Stay. I count." She told the toy, expecting it to listen. She left her teddy there, and went off to count. Her and her toy were playing hide and seek together, but her toy needed a little bit of help hiding. It wasn't very good at that. As Juniper began to walk off, she felt someone pick her up.

"I thought I told you not to wander off." Tyler held Juniper up high. "Or was someone looking for trouble?" He grinned at her. Even though he did have what he thought was a heart attack when she wasn't next to Nathaniel, he was more than relieved to see that she was okay, and it made him smile to see her happy.
"Twouble!" Juniper exclaimed, giggling. "Twouble! Twouble!" She repeated. kicking her legs in the air and giggling loudly. It was slightly scary when her daddy held her up high, but it was the fun kind. Juniper liked being tall. She wanted to be as tall as a tree one day!
He held her so he didn't have to look up when speaking to her. Juniper pouted lightly about not being as high up. "Stay near your brother, okay? And where did your toy go?" He asked, looking at her.
"Twouble." She repeated, grinning. It became apparent to Tyler that Juniper had a new favourite word now.

Nathaniel was good however. He didn't go wandering off and he did everything his parents told him to but he was rather quiet. At first, Alyssa was worried that he might have something wrong with his speech, but it wasn't that he couldn't talk, he just didn't really want to. He sat patiently and played with his robot toy.
Nathaniel's mommy always managed to find the best toys and she always got the best ones. He preferred his robot toy to Juniper's fairy toy. Their daddy got her the fairy toy, he remembered that. His is cooler though.He watched as their daddy placed his little sister down next to him after getting the toy back for her. 

Juniper cuddled her toy close once she 'found' it. "Found." She chirped, happy. She didn't go wandering off again, listening to what her daddy had said.
Nathaniel watched her, a little confused. She didn't find it, their daddy gave it back to her. He shook his head as if to say that she didn't find it, but Juniper wasn't exactly paying attention. She was mostly just too proud of herself for 'finding' her bear, and happy her bear was fine.

"I was starting to wonder where you were." He smiled, seeing her there.
'Alyssa' gave him a rather skeptical look. "I was fine. Were you worried? You know you don't have to." She smiled at him, remembering that she had to be nice. Ugh, it was a lot easier being a bitch. You don't have to get people to like you if you're a bitch. "I'm fine."
Tyler smiled at her, but he couldn't help but feel as if something was different about her.

Chapter 2.28 Too Old For This                                                        

AN: I was a model today(at a friend's party)! I got my hair and makeup done and I got to pose and be all pretty <3 I really loved it, the perfect thing for a vain person like me to do :D (now if only I could convince my mum to let me actually do more things like that... But I doubt I could because I love chocolate too dearly)

Anyway, sims related. I didn't intend for that scene with Belle to be that heavy. I wanted her to be quite teasing about it, but I don't see her as that kind of girl. That, and I was listening to a kinda sad song while writing that and got carried (hehe, Carrie) away.

The section with the two Alyssa's may have been rather confusing. In basic, Melancholia kidnapped (adultnapped? Alyssa's technically older than Melancholia...) Alyssa, and Melancholia intends to keep her locked up in a cage/cell until Melancholia (who shape shifted to look like Alyssa) has destroyed her family. The fake 'Alyssa' with have ''s by the name.

Also, the bit with Juniper was actually based off what my friend's little sister did. What she did was she played hide and seek with this little toy dog. My friend's sister also wore one sock for a while, and told my friend that she was saving the other for later. When my friend pointed out that she was supposed to wear both at the same time, her little sister looked at her like she was nuts and just said something like "whatever you say, Indie". She's so cute <3

Thank you for reading!


  1. First Belle lost an eating contest to her younger siblings, then her boyfriend saw her throwing up with a face full of pie. That would be embarrassing for anyone.
    It's technically not sex that worries Belle, she's worried about changes. She's had a lot of them in her life, so it's not that strange she worries about that. (hobby psychologist ftw) I didn't quite get if Axel's trying to get her into doing it though, probably not. He seems nice so far.

    Nice twist with the Melancholia thing. I was always wondering why the IF shapechanger thing was mentioned, and never used again. But I really didn't see that coming. I had to mentally tell myself to close my mouth. Damn. Tyler could read minds, and Juniper can tell the future, but is still a toddler. Please say that the werewolves can smell it or something. Oh wait, is this were Belles dad comes in and ruin things between Tyler and "Alyssa", and all hell breaks loose. Then she ruins the family, and Rosie will wash her hands of "Alyssa"? No, it's something worse isn't it? Melancholia isn't that nice.

    Poor Alyssa, you have been really mean to her haven't you? This is the second time she's been locked in by a fairy. Maybe Worm starts feeling bad? No? It was worth a shot...

    On another note, the toddlers are insanely adorable.

    1. Embarrassing indeed. I was planning on her winning, but then she threw up. It was too good to pass up. Sorry Belle.
      That makes sense. I do psychology in school, but right now we're doing 'how we see the world' it would be interesting but the teacher is a bore. However, I do know about criminals and what makes them do what they do (and the exam always has funny things about castrating violent eight year olds, hehe.)
      Anyway, back sims related, Axel is a really nice guy. He's not pressuring her, but Belle still feels slightly pressured.

      Thank you. I did want a shape shifter because they're fun to write for. The Melancholia-taking-over-Alyssa's-life bit was thought of about two or three weeks ago and I decided to roll with it :3
      Tyler can read minds, but Alyssa told him not to a while ago. And Juniper can see the future, but people might not believe her because of her age.
      Melancholia isn't nice at all. She's going to do her absolute best to destroy their family.

      I have been rather mean. I felt like I was being meaner though with the whole thing to do with Damon and Adrian where she cheated and felt guilty and all that jazz. I am being very mean to her.
      Even if Worm did feel bad, he wouldn't do anything. He's too scared of his queen.

      Yay for toddlers being cute! <3 At least there is some degree of happy.

  2. Congrats on the modeling gig!

    Oh poor Belle! Blueberries all over her face, vomiting in public and there's her boyfriend! Talk about some rotten timing. And Go Melody for winning the sibling pie eating contest! lol

    Blah, Melancholia! And after reading Urunwa's comment I'm so hoping she's right about the mind reading, fortune telling, werewolf relatives at home being able to see through her disguise. And you've got to hand it to her. To leave Alyssa alive to have to live through the disaster Melancholia makes of her life really is worse than death. Darn it Tyler, figure it out now please!

    Lol at Nathan and Juniper's differences. True siblings there. :D

    1. Thank you :3 it was really fun. I got to look pretty and I got to pose. It was amazing!

      Poor Belle indeed. Like I mentioned to Urunwa, it was all done by the game. I wanted Belle to win, but Melody did instead. And yay her for winning!

      Melancholia knows that it'll be worse for Alyssa if she had to go back to her family all broken than to kill her. She's just mean like that. She's planning on destroying their family through and through.
      Tyler can only figure it out as fast as I let him though,

      True siblings indeed. It just freaks me out when siblings are similar. No siblings should be like each other. It's just weird. Hehe.

  3. Oh, how fun! Alyssa vs Not Alyssa! I love how Not Alyssa finds it hard to be nice, I think that's where she'll get caught, since Tyler can't use his powers because Alyssa asked him not to, (at least not yet). That and the dog, dogs can sense these things, right? lol

    I look forward to what happens next! (I bet Alyssa will be glad to hand the reins over to the next generation, she's had her fair share of trouble, lol )

    1. Very fun! That scene was rather confusing to shoot, I kept getting confused between them. Not Alyssa is almost the complete opposite of Alyssa Alyssa.
      Tyler knows not to read Alyssa's thoughts, and he wants to respect her privacy like that. Maya has a natural dislike to Not Alyssa/Melancholia. So, maybe Maya might save the day ;) Hehe.

      I think Alyssa is more than happy to hand over the reins, but Juniper is still a toddler so there's still a fair share amount I have planned for my little Lyssie

  4. Aw, Belle. It's more like she feels pressured by the culture and teenagers in general than Axel. Hopefully she can explain her feelings to him.

    I was totally not expecting the shapeshifting! Now i'm really worried about Alyssa's family, but i'm also interested to see where this goes.

    1. Axel really isn't the one pressuring her. It's her pressuring herself. I didn't want it to come off as him being the one pressuring her, at all.

      Haha! Plot twist indeedy! Only time will tell what 'Alyssa' does though ;)