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Chapter 2.27 A Gift

"I-I'm really, really sorry Your Highness."

Melancholia scoffed distastefully at the sound of the maggot behind her. "I thought you knew my room was off limits, no matter what form of sniveling apology you had." She glared at nothing in particular.
It was safe to say that she was far from happy. Very far from it. Her plan had been ruined at the very first step; fallen at the first hurdle! It made her look pathetic as their Queen. She moved towards the table where her nectar glasses were. She needed to relax more. Stress caused wrinkles, and her looks was a big factor of Melancholia's power. How would she be able to seduce mere mortals like the way she could without her looks?

"I was just thinking, maybe, if it would please you..." He trailed off, unsure of how to say what he wanted without her going insane at him. He loved his Queen, like any follower would, but she had a habit of being mean and bad with criticism.
She sighed, irritated. "Just spit it out, and maybe I won't kill you this time." She growled, and huffed. "Maybe though." She warned.

"Ithinkyoushouldleavethemortalfamilyalone." The maggot spat out quickly, and noticed Melancholia's obvious anger. "I know you've worked hard on your plan, but why not just wait a while? Why not just relax for a while? Get your revenge another time?" He suggested gently.
"Please tell me you're kidding." Her fists clenched into balls, counting to ten in an attempt to calm down and not rip off his head there and then. "You do realize their family killed one of our own!" Her voice rose to a yell, and she stormed over to him. "We will not just 'relax for a while'." She mimicked his voice, rolling her eyes.

Her hand went over his cheek, and she took joy in seeing how truly terrified he looked. Of course, he was wise enough to know what she could do. She wanted her worms and maggots to be afraid of her, especially her little henchman one. "You are scared of me, yes?" She asked grinning while her hand was still on his cheek.
He wasn't all so sure of what to answer with. Either answer could end badly for him. If he disagreed, she would kill him, but if he agreed she would probably still kill him. However, agreeing may make her happier. "Yes." He answered carefully, knowing that there was a wrong answer, but unsure if there was actually a right answer also.

Her hand drifted down his cheek, moving towards his chin. "As you should be," She answered simply, still seeing the fear in his eyes. It made her feel high and mighty knowing her monkey followers were terrified of her. She felt the usual tingle of magic running through her fingertips, and the little sparks lead directly to him, and she watched as the ice took over his features.

She rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving him frozen. He'd be unfrozen again in about a little over half a day, he was just lucky that she was nice enough to only freeze him this time. She could have burned him alive, or she could have done what she tried to do to the bitc witch's sister. It infuriated her all the more when she remembered how her perfect plan fell at the first hurdle.

Melancholia watched the fire at the back of her bedroom with interest. She watched as she thought and thought as she watched. She wanted a way to get back at their family and she wanted that more than anything in the world. She watched as the fire took over the wood, and burned it to a mere crisp, and that was when it dawned on her.

The wood didn't just burn and disintegrate on it's own. It needed help from the fire to do so. If she was going to get what she wanted, she couldn't just let it happen on it's own, she had to help. She had to be like the fire. If she wanted there to be warmth (or in her case, revenge) the flame would have to help otherwise nothing would get done, Without the flame, the logs would just lay there, doing nothing and staying the same way.

She smirked, finding a whole new plan to get her way. If she wanted what she wanted, she would need to interfere. She had the perfect plan for it too. Melancholia looked down at the way she looked, knowing that things would look and be different for a while to make her plan work but she also knew that it would be truly perfect. She would be able to damage their perfect little family so easily.
She grinned, figuring that her now frozen worm was right. Perhaps she did need to be a little bit nicer to their family. Maybe a gift to their newest little spawn should suffice.

Melancholia couldn't help but smile at least slightly at the little human spawn. Some of them were cute, when they weren't crying, puking or slobbering everywhere. It was being rather cute though, that's a bright side. At least it wasn't crying. She looked at the small spawn, trying to remember what it was called. It was some form of tree... Maple? Wait, Juniper! That was it. It was an odd name for a mortal.

She sighed softly. "It would be so much more interesting if you were called Clair, as in Clairvoyant. It would make what I'm going to do all the more better with an added pun." She grinned and felt the usual tingling of magic spread through her fingertips and on to the spawn. She watched at it struggled slightly. "You might not like the power of sight, Spawn. But I don't care all too much about you." She said simply. "If anything, you should thank me. Being able to see the future would make your life so much more interesting." She shook her head softly. "That, and they say you should give babies gifts, it's some sort of social protocol, so here's yours."

Melancholia pursed her lips, and rolled her eyes as it started to cry. "Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. It was just a little tingling, you're really over sensitive." She sighed. She bit her lower lip when she started to hear someone in the house come into the spawn's room, and glared at it. "Maybe if you just shut up, I'd be able to talk to you longer. It's a bit of a shame though seeing as though all you can do apparently is drool and cry, you can't add anything to the conversation." She huffed "But I'm positive we'll meet again." She grinned slyly, and put the spawn down before vanishing out of the room just in time.

Melancholia was gone before Alyssa went into the room to check on Juniper. "Were you just lonely?" She asked Juniper, cuddling her close. She couldn't help but feel slightly uneasy in here. She can't fully remember what happened, she did however remember that whatever did happen to her happened in here. She glanced over in the back corner, making sure nothing was there as she held Juniper just a little bit closer feeling as if she needed to protect her more from whatever it was that may be in the room. There wasn't anything there, but she couldn't escape the feeling.

She smiled however when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and her worries just dissipated.
"Morning." Tyler grinned, and kissed her cheek. "Are my two girls alright?"
She sighed slightly. "One of us was crying because one of us was lonely, and the other is crying because one of us is going to have a birthday tomorrow." She frowned. "I think you should be able to work out who is upset over what."
"Yeah, and I'm a little worried that Juniper's upset about her birthday today." He teased, and got a deserved eye roll off of Alyssa.

Alyssa sighed, and went to place Juniper back down in her crib. "She's probably looking forward to her birthday today, she probably doesn't feel old." She grumbled, almost jealous.
"You're not old, Lyss." Tyler knew he had to play this right so he didn't accidentally offend her. "It's only your adult birthday, it's not like it's a death sentence." He shrugged, saying it like how it was.
"That's easy for you to say. It's not your birthday until the day after." She grumbled.

"But you'll still be a young adult while I'm not." She pointed out, turning and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. "I don't want people to think I'm a cougar with a younger guy on my arm." She giggled.
He grinned at her. "You better buy me something nice if you want me to stay." He grinned, and she smiled in return.
"We'll see, based on if you're a good boy toy or not."

A while later, Tyler helped Juniper blow out the candle on her pretty little pink cake while the rest of the family watched and cheered for Juniper's first birthday.

Alyssa picked Juniper up after her birthday, finding it a little weird how there weren't any babies in the house anymore. She knew that Juniper was the last of her kids though, she didn't want any more babies.
Juniper giggled as her mommy and daddy kissed her on both cheeks. Being the center of attention was great! Why can't it be her birthday every day?

Chapter 2.26 The Only One                                                                  

AN: I'm very happy with the way Juniper looks (right now at least I am. She looks cute as a toddler) She has the purple eyes too! Squee! Carrie's happy
Speaking of her, the previous scene with Melancholia with Juniper should hint (strongly) at what her career is gonna be.

This chapter would have been out sooner but I was in London for the weekend so I was busy shopping and I got another Hard Rock Cafe shirt. I'm collecting them now. I have 3 (New York, Rome and London) so I now have a collection <3
I think my favourite is my London one. It's black and purple and rock/punk-ish. It's cool 

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  1. Oh! I got the careere hint!! I'm a bit unsure of what Melancholia's going to do with this gift though. If Juniper can foresee the future, and Tyler can read minds, Melancholia can get in for a nasty surprise. Or, even worse, if Juniper inherits Tylers mindreading abilities.

    Though when I saw her with the baby, I thought for a second she had made a spouse for Juniper to meet :D Then I realized it was Juniper.

    Juniper's really a cute toddler. But I don't like that Alyssas getting older. Even if she has a younger man (go Alyssa ;) )

    1. :D Career hint, yay! I may just pull something out of the dark and Juniper might be a musician, you never know ;) (she's not)
      Melancholia's mostly gave Juniper the gift as an act of torment. She would never be nice.
      It would be very interesting if Juniper could read minds also.

      Melancholia doesn't have her own spawn. She's far from wanting her own. However, Juniper will meet someone special soon (not for quite a while though).

      She is adorable, I got ponytails for her and everything <3 Alyssa's only an adult, so she still is quite young (especially to say she has a teenage daughter)
      It makes me giggle thinking of Alyssa as a cougar, she does seem like that kind of woman.

  2. I'm rather surprised Melancholia didn't go with the idea of a changeling, taking the real Juniper back with her to raise to hate Alyssa and Tyler. The second I saw her holding that poor baby I just knew that's what that b!+(# was doing. I'm super glad she didn't go that direction though. And if Juniper wants, she can turn that torment into a blessing in disguise. At least, I'm really hoping she's able to do that to foil Melancholia's plans once more. (twice, three times if necessary.)

    Aw! Happy birthday all around there! Juniper is a cutie. <3

    1. That would have been really interesting if she did take Juniper, but I didn't want her to do that. I want Juniper to have a happy life with both of her parents (whether or not that'll happen though...)
      Whether or not she sees the torment as a blessing may fluctuate based on what she sees and plans were made to be foiled ;)

      She is a little cutie <3 I love those ponytails on her!

  3. Hmm I think this will most likely backfire on Melancholia, but we shall see how this works.

    Alyssa's only going to be a cougar for one day; hopefully she'll live lol.

    1. Whether it will backfire or not is up to your own interpretation on the events that will soon follow.

      Hopefully, hehe. Nothing's known for certain though ;)

  4. I like that shot of Melancholia and the fire - very ominous!

    1. I too liked that shot, I was like "yes!" when I took it xD