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Chapter 2.09 Where's Belle(a)?

"What do you mean, you don't know where she went?!"

Alyssa honestly felt sick after hearing Tawni's mesly excuse for losing her daughter. Belle was only a toddler still! What if she got herself lost or hurt? What if someone bad got their hands on her? Sure there weren't many bad people in Dragon Valley, but there were still some!
"Well, it's not like it's my fault!" Tawni yelled in return.
"Oh, please do tell me how it's not your fault." Alyssa retorted in disbelief that she would even try to pull that.

"I told her to try and go on an egg hunt and I just lost her." Tawni shrugged, not telling Alyssa the full truth.
"How did you lose her? You can't just lose someone!" She snapped, then sat down on a nearby bench. She was really starting to panic, and couldn't give a damn if she was being 'mean'. She left Tawni with Belle for a little over five minutes, how could she possibly lose her by accident on purpose in that short space of time?

"Well, it's not that difficult because I did, and I doubt my daddy will be all too pleased to learn how much of an irresponsible parent you are by leaving me alone with Belle." She smirked, and that was the last straw for Alyssa. 
"Are you threatening me?" She asked quietly, glaring. She was trying to keep her temper right now, mostly because she didn't exactly feel like making a scene right now.
Tawni just shrugged, "So what if I am?"

"'So what'?" Alyssa growled, but in a low voice as she stood up. "So what is that it's wrong, and I've not even done anything to hurt you!"She kept her voice quiet, not wanting to make a scene, but she made sure that she still had the same impact as if she was yelling. "And you can threaten and blackmail me all you like, but that doesn't mean that things between me and you're dad are just going to stop. So grow up." She glared, and to her surprise, Tawni didn't get angry, nor did she retaliate.
She got upset.

"You've not given me any reason to like you either." She frowned. "All you've done is drive the wedge between my mom and my dad and make sure they're even further apart. But, I bet you don't care. I bet you never had to cope with your parents splitting up, or had to cope with your dad moving out." She sniffed, and Alyssa began to realise why Tawni was acting the way she was towards her. She wasn't being a bitch for no reason, she was just someone who wanted her parents to be together again.

Alyssa sighed, starting to feel bad about getting angry at Tawni. "Look, if it makes you feel any better, my parents weren't always together. My dad was away when I was little and they got together when I was a child. I know it isn't exactly like your situation, but I kinda understand what it's like." She tried to be nice, and smiled softly at Tawni. "I really don't want you to hate me."
"I don't hate you, I just don't like the idea of my dad dating someone." She murmured, "and I guess it's a little better knowing that." Alyssa could have sworn she saw at least a small smile on Tawni's lips.

Belle, meanwhile, was far from smiling. Who knew how mean strangers could be? She had tried asking people, but they were only mean to her in return!
"Have you seen my mommy?" She asked someone, in her very best grown up voice. But what did they do in return? They made a scary face, and said something mean like:
"How irresponsible" or "You need a leash on you" or "What a bad mother you must have." or even "Great, another orphan running around."

Belle wasn't fully sure what exactly it was they meant, but she did know it was hopeless. She would never see her mommy ever again! No more cuddles, and no more warm house. Bye bye books and pretty pink room. She started to get upset, and held on to the closest thing she could find, which turned out to be someone's leg. She didn't care though, she wanted a cuddle, even though a leg can't cuddle back.

At last, her luck was seemingly turning around a little bit and the stranger didn't immediately shoo her away or just glare at her. Strangers were really mean sometimes, or maybe they were just moody from not having a nap? Her mommy often said she got moody when she hasn't had her nap.
"Have you seen my mommy?" She asked the nice stranger, as he bent down to her height.

Obviously Tyler was surprised when he felt a toddler hold on to him. He wasn't going to help her though, after all, how could he help find someone who he didn't even know? But when he saw the little girl's purple eyes, of course he knew who her mommy was.
"I'll help you find her." He smiled at her.

Alyssa was relieved when she had finally found Belle. Even though her daughter was only gone for a short while, it was the most terrifying time she's yet experienced.
"There you are." She sighed, and picked Belle up, she didn't register anything other than the fact that she managed to find Belle again. "I'm really sorry, she just got-" She froze when she saw who Belle had held on to as he stood up. Out of all the people here, Belle had to chose Tyler.

"She just got away from you, even though it wasn't actually your fault, and you're just apologizing on someone else's behalf." He summed up.
Alyssa narrowed her eyes a little, "I kinda don't like it when you do that, given that it's only a one way street. You can read my mind but I can't read yours." She looked down, then back up at him. "It's a little bit unfair."
He gave her a small grin, "How about I stop until you learn how to?" He teased.

She laughed a little, "The day I learn how to, you'll regret it." She didn't notice Spirit until she cleared her throat. Alyssa half smiled at her, "Hey, Spirit, it's nice to see you again." She still thought that name was idiotic. Who would name their child Spirit? Obviously her parents did.
"You too, Alyssa." It was obvious that she was plastering on a smile. Alyssa couldn't help but wonder if Spirit was the reason why Tyler had been ignoring her. But surely that wasn't it, was it? He would tell her if that was the reason behind it all.

Then again, Spirit really did seem like the jealous type. Even though she had never experienced it first hand, Alyssa knew that jealousy wasn't a pretty look.
Spirit kept up the obviously fake smile. "Anyway, we were about to get going." Tyler gave her a confused look, and she murmured "My feet kinda hurt." She explained briefly, before walking off with him following her.

Alyssa stopped Tyler before he could get too far away from her though. "I know Spirit doesn't really like me, but try not to be all too much of a stranger? I know you've been ignoring me." She looked at him, frowning.
"I'm sorry Lyss, it's just not that simple." He sighed.
She narrowed her eyes, "She told you not to speak to me, didn't she?"

"It's not that straight forward. Spirit didn't like that I was still close to you and I didn't want to upset her but-" He started, but Alyssa cut him off.
"I'm glad you didn't upset her." She spoke coolly. It wasn't the fact that Spirit said that, it was the fact that he went on as if everything was normal."You should probably get going. You wouldn't want to upset Spirit" She spoke scornfully, then walked away.

Alyssa wasn't fully in the mood to spend much more time at the fair with Belle and Tawni, but she made sure not to make a dull day out of it. She was angry about what had happened with Tyler, but what could she do? If he cared about Spirit so much that he was willing to be whipped for her, then fine by her.
She still thought that Spirit's name was a stupid way of trying to be original.

She was more than happy to return home though however. It had been an extremely long and hectic day, possibly about to get even longer and more hectic depending on how Damon would take her news. She put Belle to bed, after an extra long cuddle, which both of them really needed. She couldn't help but wonder what Belle would be like with a little brother or sister. Only time will tell though.

After Belle was asleep, and after Damon had dropped Tawni back off at her mother's, he and Alyssa had time to themselves. She knew that now was probably the best time to tell him about her pregnancy.
"So, there's something I found out today, and that I need to tell you." She started, smiling slightly. She started to get more nervous about how he'd react to the news.
"Oh yeah? What?"

She started to lose confidence a little about telling him. "Well, uh..." She trailed off, biting her lower lip. She couldn't help but hesitate, she was scared in case he would react badly to it.
Damon could see she was nervous about whatever it was that she needed to say. He didn't understand what she was so worried about, but he smiled reassuringly at her. "You know you can tell me anything, you don't have to be so nervous."

"I'm pregnant." Alyssa said, just ripping the bandaid off. No turning back and going to a time where she hadn't said it. She admittedly got more nervous when he was surprised. It's not like she could blame him though, at all. A baby was probably far from what either of them were planning.
"You're pregnant?" He asked, mostly just for clarification that he did hear her right.
She grinned, nervously, "I found out today, surprise." She honestly felt relieved though when she saw him smile widely.

"We're going to have a baby?" He grinned, trying to get it to process. He was going to be a dad again! 
She nodded, grinning back, "We're going to have a baby." She repeated, and he kissed her softly.

For the first time, Alyssa was almost glad she did cheat on Tyler all that time ago. After all, what would life have been like if she did stay with him? She wouldn't have Belle, and she wouldn't have met Damon either. She felt bad for thinking it, but it seemed to work out for the better that she did cheat. Now knowing that he's with someone else and happy, and she's happy with someone else, it did feel as if it was for the better.

Chapter 2.08 Accident Prone                                                                              
AN: I found it overly funny how at the fair, pretty much all the women there needed to go to the bathroom and they were all waiting outside whereas the male toilets were pretty much deserted. I knew it simulated real life, but to that degree? xD
This had a nice ending to it, I think. Not much else to say without giving away my plans. 


  1. I feel... like bad stuff is coming soon.

    Things with Tawni worked out, Bella was found, Alyssa moved past Tyler, and Damon was thrilled by the pregnancy. What are you going to do to poor Alyssa now?

    *So nervous*

    1. Maybe I've changed into a really nice person and I'm going to treat my sims nicely?

      HAHAHA! XD I'm not a nice person. I'm a psychopath when it comes to simming and storytelling.
      I can't tell you what I've got planned though, you'll find out soon enough.

  2. Belle is so adorable! That part where she cuddled Tyler's leg even though it couldn't cuddle back was really cute! At least her fears were unfounded and she managed to get cuddles from her mom again.
    I'm happy Damon took the news about the pregnancy so well, but I still can't help but wonder how Tawni will take it. If she's so hung up over her father dating, how much worse will it be when she hears he's going to have another child?

    1. I think I've succeeded in making Belle adorable. I tried harder with her to make her a little cutie <3 and luckily she will always be able to get cuddles from her mommy.
      I never intended for him to take it bad, I want him to be the good guy. Tawni's reaction however will be quite interesting though.

  3. Yeah um, let's maybe save the personal confrontation and insults until after Belle is located. Priorities, y'know.

    Phew, Tyler to the rescue! Yeah right, Alyssa. Of course Spirit is the reason Tyler's been avoiding her. Not that I like Spirit or am defending her, but to assume that Tyler would give Alyssa priority over his own girlfriend is a little silly.

    LOL--I loved that she said "surprise" to Damon when she told him the news =P

    1. Its not that Alyssa wants priority, its more that she's hurt that he didn't even tell her that Spirit didn't like him talking to her. She thought that he would at least tell her, but he didn't and that stuff hurts.

      Well, it was quite a surprise, wasn't it? ;D The word seemed fitting

  4. Haha, and there's Tyler, like the proverbial bad penny. I'm glad that Belle found her mother. It was a rather mean joke to play on a toddler, no matter what her (Tawni) reasoning was. At least Alyssa knows not to ask Tawni to babysit! =)

    1. I had to look up the bad penny idiom and it does seem rather fitting xD
      I wouldn't really lose Belle, I love her too much <3 and I suppose its a good thing because who knows what would happen if Tawni babysitted?

  5. I did have a laugh at the fact Twawni and Alyssa had to hammer out their differences while Belle was running around. And I'm glad Tyler found her! I was wondering when he was going to show up again. Is Spirit pregnant? I thought I saw a bit of belly.

    While it's obviously not good that Alyssa cheated on Tyler, she's gotten some good things (Belle and Damon) out of it. I love the chapter title, BTW!

    1. I kinda felt it would be a little 'oh of course it was him' if I made him find Belle, but it was better than a stranger and I had to get him to admit the whole him not seeing Alyssa thing so, there he is!
      Yeah, Spirit is pregnant. SP stirred that up for me, and then she and Tyler had a shotgun wedding. I only realized those could happen when Rosie had one with Liam. (Shh. its a secret.)

      Its not a good thing that she cheated, but she feels as if it was a good thing that she did do it. She's got happy things out of it.
      I'm glad you got the reference in the title chapter. I thought it was appropriate.

  6. Tawnis still a bitch, no matter how many good reasons she thinks she has. She's old enough to know better than to leave a toddler unattended. It was good Belle was found by Tyler, but it worries me that so many people saw her running around without Alyssa. Especially the irresponsible comment.

    I don't like Spirit either, even if I get where she's coming from. And Tyler is actually a good boyfriend for respecting her wishes.

    Damon is actually a good guy? It's worrying. Something bad is going to happen, it has to. It always does.

    1. It is a bitchy thing to do, and even though her parents separation was a bad thing, it isn't much of an excuse to be horrible to Belle.
      There won't be any repercussions of Belle's short disappearance.

      You don't like a lot of people, do you? Jokes. She is coming from a good place, and if I were in her shoes, I would honestly act the same, if not bitchier.

      He is a good guy! I'll say that until the day I go. He is a nice guy.
      But of course not everything is perfect. If everything was perfect, well, how boring would that be?