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Chapter 1.10 Stupid, Smiling Sunflowers

It was a lot different waking up today... Today she woke up alone.

Erin looked at the flowers on her dressing table, especially at the artificial smiling light ones in the middle. She couldn't help but sigh slightly, and grumble about the flowers. Why couldn't she be that happy? The main thing that made her happy was her music, and all she had so far was only a guitar. Sure, she wanted other instruments too, or even just a stereo but there was always something money wise which stopped her. Even when she was little.
She got up out of bed after staring at the flowers for a long time. Thomas was at work today, and she was left at home with two toddlers. She went to get them up so they wouldn't make a fuss.

As she walked into Rosie's room, she saw the small girl standing up to greet her 
"Ewin!" She squealed, always excited to see her. "Play day?" She asked, that was usually what she called it whenever Erin had to babysit.
"Play day." She plastered on a smile for Rosie, even though she's been feeling rather down. She honestly felt like as if she got here, everything was just made to be dramatic and long winded for her. Erin honestly never pictured her life going this way.

"Does Connor have to play with us?" Rosie pouted, obviously not too keen on Connor. She didn't want to share her Erin. She hated sharing!
"I can't just leave him in his crib all day." She laughed a little, looking down at Rosie. "Besides, its your birthday soon, and you'll be heading off to school. That's when you'll have more friends than just me and your Daddy." She kept on that fake smile, it was very weird thinking about how Rosie would soon be at school, and the only baby in the house would be Connor.
"B-But I like staying here." She muttered, frowning. "I don't want to leave!" She looked as if she was about to start crying. She really didn't want to go to this evil 'school' place.

"Hey, its not like you're going right this minute." Erin frowned in response, looking down at Rosie. "You'll be glad you went when you meet nice boys." She grinned.
Rosie closed her eyes, crinkling her nose "Icky! Boys have cooties!" She shook her head again. Erin laughed a little, and went into the main room, and put Rosie down. There was a new doll house in there for her to play with, mainly so Erin could focus on Connor.

Rosie observed the doll house, before checking everything was okay with it. She wasn't so sure of what to think, and wondered how it got there... Did magical fairies bring it to her? She got one of the dolls inside the small house, before realising what she was supposed to do with it. She began to make up a story.

Erin was in Connor's room as she picked him up. He was still extremely wobbly on his legs so he couldn't stand up to greet her like how Rosie had. It was still an instinct to keep her hand at the back of his head, almost as if he was still a baby. She kissed him on his forehead, and took him into the main room with Rosie.

As she put him down, she couldn't help but overhear what Rosie was saying, or more like acting out with her dolls. It seemed as if she was speaking in gibberish, mainly because Erin was only half listening. Rosie still wasn't all too good at saying some words, and it seemed as if most of the important ones were.
"RAWR! RAAH!" She then yelled, and put the current doll she was holding in her mouth. She then muffled something which probably was supposed to be "Evil monster attack!"

She soon went into her bedroom to get ready, even though she really wanted a day without getting ready, she knew that she had to. She did ignore the stupid smiling sunflowers though. She began to consider getting rid of it and getting a normal lamp instead. That'll show those freaking happy flowers.

She was about to get the toddlers changed out of their pyjamas too, when she noticed a door... How long had that been there? Surely it couldn't have been too long, right? She wanted to go over there, and see what was actually behind this mystery door, but soon decided against it. What if it was something private?

Erin sat down with Connor, trying to coax him into talking. Even though she was occupied with him, she still tried to overhear what Rosie was saying. Ever since Alex's reaction to her and his warning she's been edgy about Rosie. She knew that Alex wouldn't just make up something like that.
She frowned, remembering that it still hurt to think about him, but she had to move on-ish. She couldn't stay hung up on him forever, and she wouldn't stay hung up.
Her thought pattern was broken when she heard a scratching noise outside. She left Connor and Rosie in the house while she went out to investigate.

She saw a little raccoon outside, clearly wondering where it was. Curiosity and slight adventure got the better as Erin bent down a little, and make clicky noises with her tongue, trying to get it to come closer to her.

"Come here, come on. I won't hurt you." She cooed, reaching over to try and pet the sweet looking racoon. She's never actually saw one before, only in movies has she ever seen one. Unfortunately, Erin didn't notice how hostile the raccoon looked.

She squealed, and flailed back as the damn thing tried to attack her. She had honestly had enough of today and this week. She stamped her feet, and yelled random gibberish, mainly just to scare it off. She didn't care how mean that was, that overgrown rat tried to attack her!

As she went back inside, she picked up the newspaper. She hasn't ever actually read it before now. She never saw any need too, but she was proven wrong by all the things they had in there. Sure, it was mostly gossip but Dragon Valley was getting a new subway system, kind of like what Erin's home town had. So that was probably a sign of getting better tips in the nearby future. She heard the front door open, and Thomas walked in.

She looked him up and down as she walked over to him. If he had been at work, why wasn't he in his work clothes...?
"I thought you were at work." She mumbled, furrowing her eyebrows. She folded her arms, straightening how she was stood. Was he lying to her?
"I wasn't at work, but I was doing something." He grinned, which bugged Erin. He had left her with the kids all day while he went off to do stuff? How was that fair?
"What?" She asked through gritted teeth, obviously annoyed. It didn't catch on to Thomas though, he still seemed fairly pleased with himself.
"First, you have to close your eyes." He grinned still.

"Is this really necessary?" She asked, sighing. Surely there couldn't be all too much behind that door, it was just an ordinary door. It probably wouldn't distract her from how much she missed her music, or keep her from wondering what if she actually stayed in the city with Alex...
"Yes, it is necessary." He stated, and used the hand he used to guide her to open the door. He took away his other hand, letting Erin open her eyes. Her eyes then widened.
"Oh my God." She stepped inside the room, Thomas following her.

She looked around the room, too shocked to know what to say.
"I got the keyboard and the bass for quite cheap. This room was originally already attached to the house, it just never actually had a door to it. So, I put on the door and made it into a practicing room for you." He grinned, watching her reaction.
She turned to face him, "You did this for me?" She smiled back, widely. This was probably the lift she's needed.
He shrugged "You know that I wanted to make this place bigger, and I didn't do it for Rosie."

He stiffened slightly when she hugged him tightly. He really wasn't expecting her to be that happy. He knew she liked her guitar, so he got the idea from there.
"Thank you!" She grinned, resting her chin on his shoulder. She knows that they never really hug all too often, but it felt as if it was right. "Its more than perfect." She smiled at him.
It honestly felt as if things were starting to go better again for her. She had an amazing 'family' and she was really happy. Maybe she will actually keep the stupid, smiling sunflowers.

Chapter 1.09 Aftermath and Warning Signs              
AN: Happy endings! I figured Erin has gone through a lot so she now has a music room. Also, I got my ten chapters! Woop! I honestly thought I wouldn't make it past five, so I'm proud of myself right now. I just need to get through ten generations... Not that hard, right?


  1. Hehe, stupid smiling sunflowers... ;)
    Loved her thought process when she noticed the door! "Oh, a door has materialised... Nah, can't be important!" :P

    That was such a sweet thing for Thomas to do!! <3 What a babe!

    1. I wanted her to notice it but not go into it, I suppose I may have made her seem a little stupid with that. Whoops

  2. Thomas is very sweet to do that for Erin *hugs Thomas*

    I love the way you incorporated the way things just appear in the sims :)

    1. *Takes my Thomas back, scowling* Mine.
      It bugs me more that it should that items just appear... I want it to be real-er, or the option for it at least.

  3. Haha! Erin has better restraint than I. If I saw a random door I wouldn't be able to settle down until I knew what was on the other side. My mind would be making up all sorts of crazy stuff that might be on the other side :P

    But Thomas is super sweet. Erin's a lucky girl so she better cheer up after this and realize that :P

    Also, all this focusing on Rosie has got me really worried. I hope you don't do anything too mean to her. Not that I'm one to talk... *hides legacy behind her*

  4. LOL @ her annoyance with the stupid sunflowers! When you're having one of Those days, bright happy things really can be annoying.

    That was so nice of Thomas to make the extra room into a music room for her! And now she has more instruments to learn. And when the subway system goes into town, she'll definitely be able to make more money.

    1. I have those days fairly often, and everything seems to be a lot more optimistic on those days.

      More money and more instruments! Woop! She has the One Sim Band LW so I needed to get the extra instruments at some point or another

  5. Ooh, how sweet of Thomas to prepare that practice room for Erin! He really wants her to stick around :)

    1. He does, he really likes having Erin around the house ^-^ For a start it's less lonely, and secondly... Well... You'll just have to find out why (although I think you can guess why ;) )