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Chapter 1.12 Spooky Day

Happy Spooky Day, a day for screams and scares

Even though today was supposed to be a scary day, Rosie was excited. She was going to spend the day with her Daddy. First at the Autumn Fair in town, and then going around and getting sweets. It wasn't all too much of a scary day to her to be fully honest.

Especially when the monsters were no longer lingering around, and hiding out in her room. She turned on the lights, just to scare away any more unwanted pests which lurk in the dark.

She made a note to herself to put the Loch Ness Monster toy back in the box as she walked to the chest of drawers to get changed.

The house was almost silent as Rosie went to get breakfast, the only noise that was there was her footsteps. She at least expected her Daddy to be up. He's always up early for work, like really early. Super early. She opened the fridge, getting some cereal then sitting down at the table.

Pretty soon, Thomas was sat at the table along with Rosie.
"Are we still going to the fair?" She asked through a mouthful.
"Yeah, and don't talk with your mouth full." He chided lightly.
"Sorry." She mumbled, then asked "Is Erin coming too?" She smiled, looking up from her now half empty bowl.
He shook his head "She's spending today with Connor in here, apparently she never used to celebrate Spooky Day and doesn't want to now." He shrugged, honestly finding that story a little sad. What child doesn't celebrate it?
"Oh..." Rosie muttered, staring back down at her cereal as she started to eat again.
"Anyway, once you're done with your cereal, we can go." He grinned at her, then got up out of his chair. "And don't forget to wash the bowl."

When they got there, Rosie ran down the stairs, wanting to see what was where and where was what. She didn't care all too much that she left her Daddy behind, he could easily catch up with her. She luckily didn't fall down the stairs, and started to explore.

She stopped when she saw someone. What was she? A fairy? A real life fairy?! Fairies were real?! Rosie grinned as she watched this mysterious woman mutter something about the haunted house. Some of the words Rosie didn't understand, like a word that sounded like duck but didn't have a 'd' at the start. She cautiously approached the fairy, unsure of whether or not she was nice.

"H-Hello." She spoke quietly, slowly going closer to the fairy. The fairy seemed to be nice though, as she smiled at Rosie
"Hi, did you get lost or something?" The fairy asked, curious.
Rosie shook her head, trying not to giggle a little "No. I came here with my Dad. I'm Rosie." She grinned, "You're wings are really pretty by the way."
The fairy's eyes widened a little, and it seemed as if she just got a lot warmer towards Rosie "Rosie, huh? Well, I'm Elli." She grinned, showing off her pearly white teeth. "Its nice to meet you, and thank you."

"Are you the only fairy? Are witches real too? What about unicorns?" Rosie's questions all spilled out at once.
"No, yes and there's a legend about unicorns..." Elli smiled, looking down at Rosie. There was a certain gleam in her deep eyes. Rosie wondered what color they really were, surely they couldn't actually be the red she saw... "You know, one day you could become a fairy too, or maybe a witch? I think you would make a good witch." She grinned.
She was about to answer when she heard her Daddy call "Rosie?" She turned her head, but then turned her head back to where Elli was, only she was gone again. Blinking, Rosie turned back to where her Daddy was.

"I thought I told you not to run off." He said, looking down at her.
"Sorry, but I met a fairy!" She grinned, looking back up at him "Her name was Elli, and she said I could be just like her." She bounced a little, excited about it. She couldn't help but wonder what color wings she would have. Pink or white? Or maybe yellow?
"Right. So what do you want to do while we're here?" He smiled slightly, ignoring her speech about a so-called Fairy. Fairies weren't real, but he was a little worried that she was talking to strangers. Erin's warning a while back still had him on edge. He didn't want his little Princess getting hurt.
"The haunted house, and I want my face painting! Oh, and can we get some pumpkins to carve too?"
He nods "I'll go get the good pumpkins while you explore the haunted house and get your face painted." He half smiled and watched her go off to the haunted house.

Rosie found the smoke pretty cool as she walked into the haunted house. It was all dark inside, so the best she could do was to aimlessly walk around and try not to run into anything. Sure, there were spooky noises and it was a little scary how ghosts and evil witches were jumping out from everywhere, but apart from that it was like any other house. Obviously they had to try harder if they wanted to scare Rosie!

Afterwards, Rosie got her face painted in a pretty pink whimsical design. It was all swirly and flowers in between her eyebrows. She met back up with Thomas, and they went home.

"You can go get changed into what you want to wear for trick or treating, but you might have to wash off the face paint you have on." He tried not to stare at the 'unique' face paint. It looked like some kind of odd markings, not like he would ever tell Rosie that.
She frowned a little, realizing that what she was going to go as wouldn't have pretty pink swirls on their face. They both went inside, and Rosie went straight into her bedroom.

She decided to go as a pretty tiger. She's never actually seen one in Dragon Valley, but she's read about them in books at least. Even though it meant getting rid of her face paint and trying to make her face look like a tiger's, it was worth it. She then heard laughing outside of her bedroom, and went to see what was going on.

"This is seriously gross." Erin grumbled, getting the pumpkin seeds out with her hands, crinkling her nose in disgust as she did.
Thomas grinned, looking at her out of the corner of his eyes, "Its only seeds, stop being a baby."
"They might as well be pumpkin guts." She muttered, laughing a little. She then pouted, seeing how far ahead of her he was. "That's not fair! You said you'd go slow."
"I did." He chuckled, and she hit him on the arm playfully.
They were both unaware of the Little Tiger that was watching them be together, probably getting the wrong impression.

Rosie walked into Connor's room, knowing he was the only one she could actually talk to about this. Even though he probably wouldn't understand what she wanted to say, she had to at least try. "We have to talk."
"Talk?" Connor looked up at her, and she went down on her knees so they were at a similar height.
"Yes. About my Daddy, and your Mommy." She looked straight at him, as he got confused.
"Momma? Where Momma?" He asked, whereas she sighed. This would probably be a long conversation...

"So, you've honestly never done this before?" Thomas asked, finding it ridiculous how Erin's never carved a pumpkin before. "What about trick or treating? You've got to at least gone out trick or treating."
"Nope. Never." She answered, not seeming all too bothered by it. Sure, it seemed like a fun thing to do for suburb kids, but it wouldn't have been half as fun in the city.
"Why? Even I used to go out, usually me and Roxie together." He grinned at the memory. He prefered to think of her as the one he used to know, and not the person she was now. "We always used to cause hell around the town." He laughed a little, grinning.
"What can I say? In the city no one really knocks on anyone's door unless they want something more than just candy." She shrugged.

"I think they like each other." She whispered, grinning. She treated what she just saw as if it was a secret that only she knew.
"Like each other? They're friends? Good, friends are good." He grinned back, and Rosie figured that Connor wasn't getting what she was trying to say.
"No. More than friends." She said, sighing. Honestly, was it that difficult to understand?
"Best friends?" He asked.

Erin tried to get the knife through the pumpkin, first by trying to get into it like how you would cut any vegetable. When that didn't work, she stabbed it. "Ha!" She exclaimed to herself, grinning. 
Thomas looked over at her, shaking his head "That proud of a line, huh?" He grinned back.
She rolled her eyes "Oh, shut up. I've never done this before. You should be proud that the pumpkin guts didn't gross me out."
He chuckled "Fine, I'm proud that you didn't get grossed out by seeds." He looked over at her, and she sighed. 
"I bet I'm doing better than how you did on your first time carving." She muttered.
"Based on I was five when I first carved one, yeah you kind of are doing better than me." He mumbled back.

Rosie made a noise that proved she was annoyed "I swear, its like I have to spell everything out for you." She covered her face in her hands, annoyed. "Why can't you be smarter?" She muffled, and Connor didn't quite get what exactly she was saying.

Erin looked at Thomas for a second, before saying "Exactly, so you're pretty much perfect at this." She shrugged.
"I wouldn't say I'm perfect, and its not like your not better than me at some stuff. Like, you're really good at music." He shrugged.
She smiled, fairly widely "You think I'm good?" She managed to hold back a slight blush. She honestly never thought she was too good at it, and maybe the people here were just nice.
"Yeah, well better than me at least." He grinned, seeing that her cheeks were slightly pink.
"Thanks, you're good at all that athletic-y stuff." She laughed and couldn't help but wonder why that last sentence came out so teenage girl-ish. 

Connor, thinking that Rosie covering her face with her hands was some sort of game, copied her. He left a little crack between his fingers though, so he could see when she took her hands off her eyes too. He waited for Rosie to take her hands off her face, and he copied just as she did.

"I thought you had to put faces on them." Erin wondered aloud, tilting her head as she looked at the light up pumpkin.
"There is a face, its just on a ghost." Thomas shrugged, grinning. "You don't just have to stick with a scary face you know."
"I know, I made mine look stupid." She laughed, and walked over to her own pumpkin.

"Look, I'm going to say this slowly and simply,okay?" She whispered and Connor nodded. She was happy she was at least somewhat getting through to him. "I think that your Mommy and my Daddy like each other. Like how a normal Mommy and Daddy would." She then lowered her voice to a quieter whisper, "But I don't think they get that, so its up to you and me to show them." She grinned.

He laughed "And how is this supposed to be scary?" He looked at her, grinning.
"Its not supposed to be scary. I don't like the scary ones." She shrugged, smiling slightly. "Besides, its not like yours is all too terrifying either." She pointed out, and he smiled back
"Fine. Both of us suck at scary stuff, happy?" He turned to face her. 
"Happy." She grinned, looking at him in the eyes. There was a long lingering moment where they just looked into each others eyes, seeming mesmerized. 
He broke the eye contact though after a while and mumbled "I'm going to go back inside, I have work early tomorrow morning." He went inside. Erin spent a little longer outside before following him inside.

There was the sound of the front door opening, and Rosie stood up. "Don't tell your Mommy about any of this." She looked down at Connor, and he stood up too.
He held out his arms, and asked "Hug?" He looked up at her, and Rosie gave him a hug.
She quietly whispered "When you're older, that's when the planning will start." She pulled back a little, grinning "Let the Parent Trapping start." 

Chapter 1.11 Things That Go Bump in the Night                    
AN: If we could all just ignore the wallpaper change, that would be perfect. The yellow one was driving me nuts and I had to change it to a nicer one. 
I was going to make Rosie go out trick or treating, but the option never actually came up apart from after curfew when it was greyed out. Oh well, hardly anyone was actually in anyway. 


  1. Ah, Rosie. She's so sweet and innocent, but that fairy really worries me, especially with the comments about Rosie becoming a witch or a fairy. :/

    And I'm with Rosie - I totally ship Erin x Thomas. They seem like they just need a little push into the right direction. >_<

    1. Yay my legacy has a ship =3
      The family structure part honestly upsets me. Its single with help so they can't be together but whenever they talk one of them always get a romantic-y wish and I always have to cancel it D= I feel so heartless
      Rosie is really sweet, but she's also very curious and adventurous. Not a lot of good can come from too much curiosity.

  2. Rosie is adorable, especially her attempted conversation with little Connor...

    I'm disturbed by that fairy - her comments about Rosie making a good witch concern me somewhat and Rosie thinking about her eyes being red is very worrying!

    1. Yeah, I figured there would be a little bit of difficulty with those two trying to talk to each other
      And it would be best to watch out for that fairy, she's not someone you'd want to be friends with

  3. Haha! I love Rosie. Already planning to get her daddy and Erin together. I agree with Rosie though, they make a sweet couple. I hope her secret master plan succeeds (when she comes up with it). (And I also love how you used the peek-a-boo interaction to pretend like the two of them were talking. You got really good shots of that.)

    And now I'm finally caught up! *cheers*

    1. Her master plan may or may not work if she ever does come up with it, and thanks. I couldn't find any other toddler to child interactions so I had to make peekaboo work. But I'm glad you liked it =D
      Woo! And I'm caught up on yours too! *Double cheers*

  4. You know... When the youngest child is halfway through teen stage, you can change the marital roll... ;) ijs <3

    Heheeee! I love that Rosie has noticed, before the adults have even noticed. Kids are so observant.

    Like everyone else, I worry about the fairy and her comments D: Be careful, Rosie!!

    1. Oh honey, you don't think I have something planned for them? ;)
      Kids are good at noticing things, very good. They can also be very cheeky sometimes though...

  5. I didn't even notice the wallpaper change. I'm pretty oblivious to things like that, no worries, lol.

    Ah, so that's why the trick or treating never happened. I was wondering why everyone was just doing their thing when Thomas was supposed to take Rose trick or treating. Shoulda known it was a game issue.

    1. Good, that yellow-y one was ick. I'm glad I got rid of it,

      Yeah, the trick or treating messed up for me, which is very annoying, so I added in this ending which would have probably happened in the next chapter or something.