Generation 2 Summaries

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Generation 2

(Alyssa usually doesn't wear glasses, just as a 'so you know' thing)

Family Structure: Second Chance
Number of Children: 5/5
Primary Career: Science (Alyssa)
Secondary Career: Inventor (Damon), Freelance Scientist (Tyler)
Generation Goal: Awesome
Miscellaneous Fun: Half Siblings


Chapter 2.01 Cakey or Gooey?: Alyssa starts off her generation by throwing up in the winter and remembering her romantic adventures in sunny summery France with Matteo (even though not much sunshine was seen.) She goes off to meet Tallulah, thinking that her sickness was just from bad meat. Tallulah tells Alyssa that she's moving to Bridgeport, and obviously Alyssa is upset. She begins to consider talking to Tyler again, and with Tallulah's encouragement, she does and at home, she calls Tyler and he suggests they should meet for drinks. However, before she can go out and meet him, she finds out that she's pregnant, and she decides against meeting him that night.

Chapter 2.02 Perfect Fake Family: Alyssa finally tells Rosie about her baby, and her older sister grills her over the fact that she's still young and probably hasn't thought it all through and how she wants her little sister to move in with her. Rosie asks about the father, which is when there's a knock on the door and Tyler is there. Tyler pretends to be Alyssa's boyfriend to impress/trick Rosie. Once she is gone, Alyssa and Tyler talk a little, and he agrees to stay with her for a little while, but she learns that he has a girlfriend.

Chapter 2.03 Beauty and the B**ch: Alyssa starts by calling Tallulah, who gives her a pep talk about managing to win over Tyler again. Both her and him spend the day together, much to her dismay. They build a snowman and then go to the winter festival. Alyssa then has a baby girl (name Belle) and Tyler's girlfriend comes over, and she tells him that she doesn't want him talking to Alyssa. Tyler tried to tell Alyssa of what his girlfriend said, but he just couldn't. Alyssa signs up for online dating.

Chapter 2.04 Daughter Dearest: It's Belle's toddler birthday, and she explores around the house a little. Alyssa reminds herself of both what her brother and sister said, and she decides that even though people may judge her for being a single parent, she would rather spend time with Belle rather than finding some new guy. Belle, meanwhile, had found Erin's music room, and had a go on the piano. Alyssa sees that someone had messaged her on the online dating site, but before she can respond, she heard a loud crash from Belle's music playing. She goes to check her daughter is okay, unknowing that Belle's music had attracted more than just the dog's attention.

Chapter 2.05 Dolled Up: Alyssa has been talking to her mystery man (named Damon) and even has a date with him. She tried calling Tyler, but it just went straight to voicemail, and it is discovered that this is now the normal. Before she goes out on her date, she finds out that Belle has a fever and she called Damon to cancel. He then confessed that he was a werewolf, and she took it rather well. She then told him that she couldn't make their date, but they rescheduled for an (old school) babysitting date (even though Belle is Alyssa's.)

Chapter 2.06 Splash: Damon comes over, and Alyssa and him have their date. Because Alyssa promised Belle, they gave the toddler a bath (where she spend most of the time splashing around.) After Belle was put to bed, Alyssa and Damon talk a little, and just as he was about to go, she convinced him to stay the night.

Chapter 2.07 The Woman with the Blue Shoes: It's Alyssa's first day at work! When she's there, she meets another woman called Phedra (who the storyteller stole from another legacy...) and the two of them have a general conversation. Alyssa starts to wonder about what she really aspires to be, after knowing that Phedra dreams of helping and saving the world via her many travels. However, when Alyssa gets home, she knows that she wants to be 'Supermom'. Damon comes over to Alyssa's and they have dinner, talking and then having an 'adult sleepover'.

Chapter 2.08 Accident Prone: Just like in 7 chapters earlier, Alyssa finds herself throwing up over the toilet again. She wonders what it is, and it's fairly obvious what it is. She goes to try and take a nap, but is interrupted by Damon calling and a knock at the door. She answers the door and it turns out to be Damon's teenage daughter, Tawni. The two girls get off on the wrong foot (mostly by Tawni calling Alyssa ginger, then Alyssa denying it). Tawni then invites herself to join Alyssa and Belle at the park, where Alyssa wanted to spend the day with Belle. When Alyssa was away, Tawni talked Belle into playing a game called 'egg hunt'. While Belle was distracted, Tawni walked away, then Belle went off to try and find Alyssa. Alyssa finds out that she's pregnant.

Chapter 2.09 Where's Belle(a)?: Alyssa finds out that Tawni managed to lose Belle. The two girls get into a small fight, before they try and find the toddler. Belle, meanwhile, is trying to find her mom in return, but there's a bunch of mean adults saying horrible things to her. She manages to find someone who doesn't immediately turn her away, and it turns out to be Tyler who's out with his girlfriend Spirit. Alyssa finds Belle, and has a small talk with Tyler which is when she learns that Spirit told him to stay away from Alyssa. She's hurt and walks away from him. Later, back at home, Alyssa tells Damon about her pregnancy and he's happy about it. She starts to realize that maybe it was a good thing that she did cheat on Tyler when she was a teenager.

Chapter 2.10 Forgetful: Alyssa almost forgets that the baby's new room used to be hers, and she can't help but reminisce slightly. She has to go into work for a few hours, based on someone really wanted to talk to her about something. She goes in to meet whoever it was, and finds out that he wants her to help him with something. He introduces himself as Dr Newman, and that he needed her help with looking after some dragon eggs. He gives off an overall fairly shady impression, but Alyssa agrees to help anyway and he then says she can call him Adrian. After her hour or two back at work, she and Damon go out for dinner. It's at a really fancy place, and she starts to suspect that there's an ulterior motive behind it all. They had a nice dinner, and he proposed to her. She accepted it, after marvelling at how pretty the ring was.

Chapter 2.11 First Bad Steps: Rosie's at the family house and is looking after Belle while Alyssa's at the hospital having the baby. When she gets home, we find out that she'd had a boy called Ashton. Rosie notices her engagement ring, and starts to get excited and interrupts Alyssa as she was about to say that there was a surprise at the hospital. It turns out she had a boy and a girl. She called the girl Melody.
Alyssa soon realizes that the twins are a lot more difficult to look after than Belle was. She and Damon almost get into a big fight, before she excused herself so they wouldn't. She had a nap, because she was tired, and she had a rather strange dream. In her dream, she sees Adrian and they're both in his office. He makes a move on her, but she stops him because she doesn't want to cheat. She caves, and ends up almost dream cheating (thinking that no one will know) but stops when he asks her to take off her ring (because it's cold). Alyssa starts to feel the guilt of what she did, and even though it was only a dream, she felt bad. She swears that she's going to try and forget what happened in the dream.

Chapter 2.12 The 'S' Word: There's a flashback of Belle's birthday, and her cousin Elvie (Rosie and Liam's daughter) tells her that she can't wait until they can go to school together. Belle thought her mom wouldn't make her go to school, but it turns out she did have to go. Alyssa spends the day with her sister and sister-in-law (Sabrina) and they talk about things. It becomes apparent that Rosie and Sabrina think that it isn't a good thing that Damon spends so much time with his daughter, especially if his ex-wife is around too.
Belle's day at school meanwhile is rather boring. She's sat next to a boy who hardly even talks to her, but he's the brother of one of Elvie's friends. The four of them hang out after school, but Elvie mostly hangs around with quiet boy's brother, leaving Belle and Quiet boy alone. The two of them get to know each other, and actually become friends. He even kissed her just before she left! The twins have their birthday.

Chapter 2.13 Ice: Alyssa realizes that the twins have a special connection to Toby. She goes back to work, figuring Damon could look after the twins while she was there. Adrian then talks to her about a conference over in Bridgeport, where her dream wedding dress happens to be. She asks to go along, mostly because she wants to see the city, and not really for the conference. She goes to tell Damon the good news, and it turns out that he isn't as thrilled. The two of them get in a fight, but Belle overhears and gets upset over it. She makes Alyssa and Damon stop fighting, and Alyssa takes Belle back to bed. She reads her a story, and Belle talks about her father a little. The chapter ends with Alyssa realizing that she definitely needed someone to help her with all three of her children, however she partially questions whether or not she truly does love Damon.

Chapter 2,14 Something Special: Alyssa goes off to Bridgeport, after saying goodbye to her children and a rather awkward goodbye to Damon. Adrian picks up that their goodbye seemed a little dry, and she merely points out that she wouldn't be gone that long. (Even though she did want him to be at least a little bit bothered.) Once there, Alyssa goes off to the bridal boutique and meets a seemingly psychic sales woman (I stole her from here.) She tries on the dress, but soon gets a choking feeling from what she convinced herself was the dress being too tight, but was more like cold feet. She realizes that her and Damon shouldn't get married if that was her reaction to simply trying on a dress.

Chapter 2.15 Interlude; The Ex and The Incident: Damon's ex wife Vicky comes over to the family home, and it is learned that the two of them shared a mistaken kiss. He tells her that he's with Alyssa, and Vicky soon leaves but not before saying that if he ever wants someone 'more like him' that she's always there.

Chapter 2.16 Dancing Isn't Cheating: Alyssa starts by rambling on to a half listening Adrian about what she thinks has gone wrong in her's and Damon's relationship and what would happen if she told him she wasn't ready to get married. She suggests watching a movie, but he suggests going out dancing instead. She doesn't know how to, so she's doubtful but soon agrees to let him teach her in the ballroom upstairs. She starts to learn with his help, and realizes she can trust him and that she's actually having fun. She confides in him that she had a suspicion that Damon has cheated on her, but thinks it may just be her being paranoid. As if to fight fire with fire, she cheats on him and sleeps with Adrian.

Chapter 2.17 Reflections of Actions: Alyssa's upset and feels bad about something. It's known that she wants to talk to someone. She doesn't want to talk to Damon though, and it's learned that she recently told him about Adrian and he left her. She doesn't want to talk to Adrian either because a problem has risen in their 'relationship' which ended it quickly. It's learned that she wanted to talk to Tyler, and she tells him that she cheated. He snapped at her telling her it's the wrong thing, and she starts to cry. He tries to cheer her up by saying that Damon will forgive her and come back. She knows he won't because of the problem in her's and Adrian's relationship which was an unplanned pregnancy. Alyssa tells Tyler all about Adrian, and asks about Spirit. He says that he's broke up with Spirit because of her constant jealousy. Alyssa lets Tyler move in with her and to help out with Belle, Ashton and Melody.

Chapter 2.18 Successful Woman, Scarlet Woman: Alyssa wakes up to hear Ashton squealing. She doesn't even think about what it could be about, and freaks out going into his room. She realizes it's just Tyler taking care of him. She warns him lightly about how Belle might react to seeing him here, but he thinks it's not all too much of a big deal. Little did he know, Belle was outside (after hearing him and Alyssa talk) and this time she's ready to confront this stranger. She tells him that Alyssa's hers, and that she doesn't like him. Alyssa has a doctor's appointment to go to and Tyler takes her. While there, she runs into Vicky. Vicky's mean to Alyssa (by calling her a scarlet woman, mocking her and saying she spends most of her time having kids rather than working) and Alyssa also learns that Damon did cheat on her. Once back home, Alyssa considers swearing off all men, but Tyler convinces her not to swear off them all (also, he tells her he knows the baby's a boy) and he cheers her up. She realizes that she really has missed him being around.

Chapter 2.19 Making Friends: Belle and Melody try to bond together, and after getting bored of just playing with the toys, Belle teaches Melody how to play Peek-a-Boo. The two of them get bored of that after a while, and Melody decides to go into Alyssa's room where she's currently napping. Melody wakes Alyssa up by jumping up on to the bed. After Alyssa tells her she's not in the mood to play, Melody begins to question her about where babies come from. Alyssa answers the question the best that she can.
Meanwhile, downstairs Tyler tries to bond with Belle again. He sees that she's reading a book (The Witches by Roald Dahl) that he read when he was about her age and he talks about it with her. After teasing her a little and almost making her believe that her Aunt Rosie was a witch like in the book, Belle gets along with him a little better. Alyssa interrupts their little bonding moment and tells Tyler that she's in labor. He freaks out momentarily, then takes her to the hospital.

Chapter 2.20 Daydreamer: Belle catches a butterfly, and wants to show it to her mom but has to go to school. It's learned that Sabrina talked to Alyssa about Tyler and the possibility of the two of them being together (like, together together *nudge nudge*). Alyssa denies it at first, but can't help but think about it. She keeps thinking about it, especially when she goes out to the park with the twins and new baby Nathaniel. Melody and Ashton go on an adventure, and get stuck on the fountain edge. They manage to get down though. After a while of putting it off, she talks to him about what Sabrina said. He confesses that he likes her, and they kiss and give them a try again.

Chapter 2.21 Loonies in a Lift: In this chapter, it starts with Alyssa cooing over Nathaniel, and she admits that she doesn't want to go into work, even though it's only for an hour or two. It's Nathaniel's birthday too, so the family celebrated that (even though Ashton and Melody are more entertained by the new doll house.) Alyssa goes to work, and is thankful she didn't run into Adrian, until she's about to leave. He was in the lift, and not wanting to look stupid, she got in with him. The lift then breaks down, and Alyssa's stuck in the lift with Adrian for a while. The two of the initially argue, but soon come to an agreement to just shut up and not talk to each other.
Adrian eventually breaks the pact by asking how she was and how the baby was. She tells him that it was a boy, she called him Nathaniel and that he looks a lot like him. She then talks a little bit about how she and Damon broke up and how she's with Tyler now. She realized that Tyler doesn't actually have any of his own kids.
They hear a dog barking, and realize that they're on an actual floor so they can get out. The dog is an Alsatian and seeing as though her work is trying to give away all the animals there, Alyssa decides to keep her and calls her Maya.
Once home, Alyssa tells Tyler that she wants to talk about the possibility of the two of them having their own baby, and she realizes it'll be a long conversation.
(Wow, this one is long)

Chapter 2.22 Discussion: In which, Tyler and Alyssa discuss having a baby (and even though I didn't actually write it (silly Carrie)) they agree to start trying to have a baby of their own.

Chapter 2.23 Dress Up and Happiness: Alyssa takes a pregnancy test, but we learn from her desperateness that she's had her fair share of negatives before and this current one turns out to be negative. She's briefly upset over it, before she hears Melody calling her. It's Melody's and Ashton's birthday, and afterwards when Melody wants Ashton to play dress up with her and Belle, he refuses. The two girls squabble over who's going to be the bad guy, until they spot Nathaniel. They dress him up in a bear costume (while the two girls are princesses) and they start playing together. Melody starts talking and seemingly playing on her own, so the game is given up on.
Alyssa and Tyler spend a while outside, and she soon throws up over the side of the patio fence. (lovely, eh?) He asks her if the test was actually negative, and she confesses that she wasn't 100% sure. She takes another test, and she gets the positive she wanted.

We then meet a new character, a fairy called Melancholia. She's the Queen of the Fae, and it's then known just how power desperate and sadistic she is. She has a plan to go after Rosie after what she did to Elli (an evil fairy that turned Rosie into a witch. Rosie then killed her when she was a teenager). Melancholia makes it known to her henchman that she plans to hurt Rosie's family, specifically Alyssa, in a way to hurt Rosie more.

Chapter 2.24 Hide No Seek: It's Belle teenage birthday! (*sniff* my baby Belle isn't a baby anymore </3) and she wishes for something other than a pony this year. She wished to meet her family, specifically her father. Alyssa gets a little welled up at the fact her eldest daughter isn't a baby anymore.
At school, Belle talks to her cousin Elvie (Rosie's daughter) and Elvie confesses that Rosie's been acting weird, and keeps having weird dreams. Belle soon spots her boyfriend, and Elvie walks off to go to class while Belle and her boyfriend (Axel) skip class to be together. They stay up in the deserted library, and she tells him that she wished to meet her dad for her birthday. He tells her that whatever she wants, he'll be there for her.
Meanwhile back at the family home, Alyssa goes into the office, and finds an old message on the answering machine. It was from Matteo, saying that he wanted to meet their baby. Alyssa doesn't know how to respond, so all she did was re-listen to it.

Chapter 2.25 Sweet Dreams: Alyssa shows Tyler the message Matteo left, and the two of them talk about it for a while before they agree that she was going to tell Belle soon. Speaking of her, she comes home almost as soon as they finish talking, and she goes into the study and asks if she can be taught how to drive, Alyssa starts by saying no, but Tyler interrupts and says he'll take her out driving. Belle goes off happily, whereas Alyssa questions him on it. He says that she was going to ask them what they were doing in the study and why it looked as if Alyssa was blocking the phone.
Tyler takes Belle out on a driving lesson, and she asks him if he knew anything about her dad. He says that he didn't (which is true, but he still leaves her not knowing that Alyssa cheated on him with Matteo all that time ago,)
Meanwhile, Alyssa's looking around the baby's room and she recalls how her and Tyler went a little over the top with all the stuffed toys. She feels rather uneasy about the fairy one in the crib though (the baby's a girl so a fairy teddy actually makes sense.) Speaking of fairies, Melancholia appears behind her. She taunts her for a while, which obviously scares Alyssa because she hated fairies (Elli, the fairy that was bad to Rosie and kidnapped Alyssa, hence why Alyssa doesn't like fairies). Melancholia makes Alyssa go unconscious/on a slippery slope towards grim's door. Melancholia hears Tyler, then disappears.

Chapter 2.26 The Only One: Tyler reflects on his past with Alyssa (when they first met, when they had their first proper kiss, when they convinced Rosie that he was Belle's dad) while in the hospital waiting room and he knows for sure that he wants a future with Alyssa, and that he really doesn't want to say goodbye, ever. Rosie comes with all the kids in tow, and while Belle has the chance, she quizzes her aunt over her dad. Rosie said she didn't know anything, but told Belle that she didn't get her hair colour from her dad, but she got it from her grandmother (Erin, before she was blonde she was a brunette).
While getting a coffee (because he has no clue how long they're going to be waiting) Tyler thinks a little more about his and Alyssa's past, which is when a doctor comes up to him and tells him that Alyssa and their baby are alright. He doesn't really listen to the doctor all too much and goes straight to Alyssa's room. He also meets their daughter Juniper. Alyssa doesn't really remember what happened, but she knows that it's going to take a lot more to ever break her.

Chapter 2.27 A Gift: Melancholia isn't happy because Alyssa survived (as did baby Juniper) which foiled her plan at the first steps. Her worm suggests to her that she lets it go for a while, which only leads to him getting frozen from the outside (not killing him, she still needs him to be scared of her.) She was watching the fire, when she got an idea. A new plan. She also realized she needed to give Juniper (or the youngest spawn as she refers the baby as.) a gift, as it's social protocol.
Melancholia goes to the house, and gives Juniper the gift of sight (so she can see into the future.) Juniper gets upset, and Melancholia leaves before Alyssa comes into the room to see to Juniper.
Alyssa gets a bad feeling from the room. and is a little uneasy because of it. Tyler comes in too, and the two of them talk and Alyssa confesses that she's rather upset about her adult birthday being soon (let alone that it's Tyler's the day after her's) and the two of them joke around a little which cheers her up.
It's Juniper's birthday, and she turns out cute <3

Chapter 2,28 Too Old For This: Alyssa has her adult birthday, and starts to feel old. In an attempt to feel young again, she decides to go out and have lowbrow fun like how she used to. She went out that night, which was filled with meeting new people, having drinks, swapping shoes, swinging around (and falling off (seductive, eh?)) a stripper pole, getting three piercings and a tattoo. She wakes up the next morning with no remembrance and has hazy memories of the shoe swapping and stripper pole incident and (even though she couldn't remember getting it done) freaks out over the piercings she's gained. She however does keep the nose stud (because Tyler likes it) and figures that she can just hide the tattoo.
She goes out to the bar later in an attempt to give the shoes back. Alyssa has a weird feeling that someone is watching her. She tries to ignore it, but it turns out it was Melancholia who was watching her, and grabs her and knocks her out via chloroform. Alyssa recognizes Melancholia's voice and remembered what happened in Juniper's room (in Chapter 2.25) but she can't do anything before passing out.

Chapter 2.29 Fine. Just Fine: At the fair, Belle challenges the twins to a pie eating contest. She's confident about winning, but it turns out Melody wins instead, and Belle throws up because she ate too fast. She realized that her boyfriend saw her (how fun) and asked her if she wants him to take her home. She quickly denies, not trusting herself to be alone with him. She gets upset over the thought of sex, but she knows that he would never pressure her. She felt like a bad girlfriend for denying it to him, but she's really scared about having sex. She walks off and goes home before her boyfriend can say anything. Belle sits with Maya for a while, upset.
Alyssa wakes up in a cell, Melancholia in front of her. Melancholia says she has a surprise, and the fairy shape shifts into Alyssa. She says that she's going to pretty much destroy Alyssa's family, and there's nothing Alyssa can do as she is locked up in a cage, a huge boulder covering the archway entrance.
Back at the fair, Juniper and Nathaniel are happy playing with their toys. It is noted that Nathaniel sees Tyler as his own dad. 'Alyssa' (the fake one) walks up to Tyler, and he can't help but think that something has changed...

Chapter 2.30 Queen of the Birdies: Juniper is watching the pigeons, while at Rosie's house and she is imagining life as Queen of the Birdies. She runs and tries to catch one, but they fly away and she lands on the floor. Her cousin Holly goes to find Alyssa.
Meanwhile, inside, Rosie and Sabrina are arguing over which parenting technique. 'Alyssa' agrees with Sabrina, mostly just to spite Rosie. Holly tells 'Alyssa' that Juniper is upset, but 'Alyssa' is less than concerned.
Juniper sees an image of the real Alyssa upset, and she gets confused and more upset over it. Tyler comes out, and is confused by Juniper's questions of where Alyssa is. He figures out that Juniper is a clairvoyant, and tells her not to tell anyone outside of their family about it.
Meanwhile, inside and once Tyler is out of the room, Sabrina tells 'Alyssa' that she knew the two of them were going to get together, and she and Rosie assure her that everything she wants it going to happen, not knowing what 'Alyssa''s intentions really are.
Melancholia (back as herself) taunts Alyssa and upsets her. The real Alyssa feels hopeless about everything that has happened.

Chapter 2.31 Sandcastles and Fish: Nathaniel has his birthday (yay him!) and he wants to go to the beach, despite the fact that it is Autumn. He asks 'Alyssa' and she tells him to just ask Belle. Belle takes Nathaniel to the beach, and he is first wary as there is someone there who he doesn't know. Belle tells him to go and talk to the girl who was there. He does, and he learns that her name is Callie and that she likes things to be perfect. The two of them spend the day together, but she abruptly leaves once she knows what time is it.
Once home again, Belle considers the differences between her and her siblings as she walks into the study. She hears the message that was left by her dad, and gets angry over how her mom never told her.

Chapter 2.32 Nasty: Belle confronts 'Alyssa' over the message she found and calls her selfish, where 'Alyssa' tells Belle that she was an accident and that she never wanted her. Belle goes off and ends up in the music room where she cries. She gets angry, and is about to smash the guitar until ghost Erin stops her. Erin consoles Belle, and tells her that if she wants, the music room is all hers, and Belle takes advantage of her inheritance.
It's the twins' teen birthday, and they both end up cute.

Chapter 2.33 Princesses and Fairytales: Juniper has a nightmare, and goes to ask Belle for a story. Belle tells Juniper two stories, the first one being Sleeping Beauty, and the second Beauty and the Beast (if you wanna know who was who, look at the chapter ;) )
Once Juniper gets tired again, Belle puts her back to bed. Meanwhile, downstairs and outside. Melancholia is talking to a teenage fairy called Faye. Faye turns out to be Melancholia's daughter, and she tells her mother that she had a crush on Ashton, but she can't talk to him and needs her mother's help. Melancholia agrees, but for the offer she wanted her daughter's voice. Faye accepts, thinking it'll only be temporary but Melancholia takes her voice for good.
Melancholia, back as 'Alyssa' begins to consider maybe having another child, one that won't go good like how Faye did. She remembers that Tyler is inside, and that he loves Alyssa (who Melancholia is pretending to be) and she gets an idea.

Chapter 2.34 The Diary: Juniper has a vision where she sees Belle cuddling a baby, and she goes off to see where she has hid it. She figures it might be a future little brother for her. Belle catches Juniper (who was rummaging around her room) and takes her back into her own room. Belle's boyfriend is over and she tells him that her mom's odd behavior has been bothering her, and she has her mom's diary to try and work out why she's being weird. Her boyfriend encourages her to look through it (but only the important parts).
Melody feels a little self conscious, and asks 'Alyssa' on what she thinks. Being the b!tch fake Alyssa is, she told Melody that she looked plain and flat which obviously upset her while Belle is flicking through the diary, and fings odd looking letters in the last entry.
Juniper tells her dad about the vision she had, and Tyler dismissed it and told her that sometimes some visions don't come true and afterwards Faye puts her plan of trying to meet Ashton to use and uses a lure spell, but he ends up collapsing. Whoopsy daisy Faye.

Chapter 2.35 Notes and Pages: Juniper has aged up and she realizes that glasses suck. Ashton wakes up in Faye's house, without remembering how he got there (because he passed out before). She tells (well, writes) a little about what happened, but not all of it yet. Belle goes over to Sabrina's and Connor's house because she remembered that Sabrina was good with historical things. Sabrina gets a little uncomfortable when Belle says that it was almost as if Sabrina lived back then (that links to this chapter when Sabrina first told Connor that she was immortal). Sabrina reads the letter, and tells Belle that it is a very old language like what Belle had thought, and that the context is rather disturbing,
Ashton and Faye talk more, and Faye tells Ashton about Melancholia's plans, and that she knows where Alyssa is being kept, yet Ashton doesn't really believe Faye.

Chapter 2.36 Identity Uncovered: Belle reads the diary entry, and she learns about Melancholia's want for a child and what she has been doing to Alyssa. She confronts 'Alyssa' who then turns into Melancholia and Melancholia tells her to mind her own business.
She goes into the bedroom, and when Tyler comes in, 'Alyssa' tries to get her plan to work. It's unsuccessful, (especially when he asked about their age and she just shrugged it off) and Tyler tells 'Alyssa' that he knows she isn't real Alyssa. 'Alyssa' turns back into Melancholia and throws a hissy fit over how none of her plans are working and how the Matthews family seems to be immortal (like, unbeatable).
Real Alyssa gloats about it, and as vengeance, Melancholia turns Alyssa into a fairy (because y'know, why not?)

Chapter 2.37 Miss Miserable: The subject of prom is brought up, and Belle isn't all so sure on whether or not she even wants to go. Her cousin Elvie convinces her to go and try on prom dresses with her and to invite Melody too. Melody mocks the idea lightly (along with Belle) but both of them go anyway, and despite Melody having a change of heart and liking the whole prom scene now, Belle is still against it. After a while, Melody and Elvie quiz Belle over whether or not she's going to have sex on prom night. She gives a rather cryptic answer and hurries off to the changing room.
Meanwhile, Ashton is hanging out with Faye again, and she tells (writes him a note saying) that she knows where Alyssa is and that she can help get to her.
Belle falls in love with a dress and warms up to the idea of prom. When Melody and Belle get back home, they see that Faye is over at their house and they learn that there is a way to get Alyssa back home.

Chapter 2,38 Endgame Tactics: Rosie is muddled over why Alyssa wanted to talk to her so late, and she notices that her little sister is upset. Alyssa tells Rosie that her and Tyler have broken up. Rosie consoles Alyssa, but Rosie doesn't know that Alyssa really isn't Alyssa at all.
The real Alyssa is feeling rather useless being locked up in her cell, and she wonders about how long she's even been there. She then hears her name, and realizes that it's Tyler and he's come to save her (yay) and as soon as she's let out she hugs and kisses him for quite a while. Alyssa then recalls something that Melancholia said to her earlier about endgame tactics, specifically in the war, and she realizes that Rosie may be in trouble, and she borrows Tyler's phone to call Rosie.
Rosie originally answers the phone rather rudely before realizing it was Alyssa on the phone (and was rather confused until Alyssa explained the situation.) 'Alyssa' turns back into Melancholia and tries to kill Rosie but then Rosie basically kicks the sh!t out of Melancholia.
Tyler and Alyssa meanwhile are trying to escape, but soon find themselves surrounded by fairies, and it turns out that the person leading the fairy army is Elli (evil Elli that turned Rosie into a witch and who Rosie then froze to 'death'.)

Chapter 2.39 Too Many Fairies: Alyssa is very surprised to see Elli there, and Elli explains that magic can do a lot (like thaw and revive someone). Alyssa's wings fade away, and Elli says that both her and Tyler will be dead soon because the fairy army would kill them. Tyler points out they don't have anything to kill them with, and then Elli gives them guns. Elli is mean to Alyssa and then leaves. Alyssa and Tyler quickly come up with a plan to escape the fairy army, and they go through with it but Alyssa freezes part way through the plan and they just run out of the room.
They go into another room, and find a very pissed off Elli there and despite the two of them trying to defend themselves, she's prepared to kill them before she has a random spasm attack and there's Rosie standing behind her. Obviously, both Alyssa and Tyler are confused about why she's there, and it turns out that a certain teleporter (Connor) helped her get to the castle, specifically where Elli was. Rosie and Connor have a good old fashioned argument before the four of them leave. Alyssa and Tyler are back outside the family house and for that moment, everything is happy.

Chapter 2,40 Prolonged Secrets: Nathaniel has his teen birthday, and Alyssa realizes how much she has missed out on. She decides that she should tell Belle about her father. Nathaniel meets up with Callie, and the  main discussion between them seems to be about prom and whether or not they'll go together.
Alyssa tells Belle about her dad, and mentions that she cheated on someone with her dad. Meanwhile, Melody asks Juniper if she can see into the future and tell her if she'll have a date for prom. Juniper tells Melody that she can't exactly see into the future and Melody storms off in a huff.
Alyssa tells Belle that the person she cheated on was Tyler, and Belle then asks about Nathaniel's dad. Alyssa tells Belle that Nathaniel's dad was her boss and that if Belle ever wanted to meet her dad, she would help whichever way she could.

Chapter 2.41 Prom: Someone rather special catches Melody's eye, however there is the issue of his name which she doesn't yet know. Belle however really dislikes the guy that has caught Melody's eye, and lets slip his name (Alder Kahekili from Nirar's legacy). Back at home, Belle discusses her plans on losing her virginity that night and has second thoughts but Melody convinces her to 'live a little'
At prom, Faye's rather uncomfortable with all the people she doesn't really know. She tells Ashton that she's partially researched prom, and warms up to the idea of being a normal teenager instead of fairy royalty (refrained from calling her a fairy princess because that makes her sound too five year old-ish)
Meanwhile, Melody meets a girl in the bathrooms called Sophie who is rather peed off that Melody is shooing for prom queen because she's there with Alder. Melody calls it stupid, but kind of wants to win just so Sophie doesn't.
Nathaniel and Callie have a conversation about their futures while dancing. Callie tells him that she can see him being something important like being a doctor and when he asks her what she wants to be, she admits that she really can't picture herself doing anything, and almost confesses to a secret she's been hiding from him.
Meanwhile, Belle and her boyfriend Axel have sneaked off from prom and went up to the roof. They dance and she gets bothered how they might not last if he goes away to Bridgeport on his music scholarship. He gives her a promise ring to promise that they'll be together no matter what. They go back to her place and everything gets all hot and heavy between them. They almost have sex, but stop because neither of them have protection, but then caught up in the moment, they decide to risk it.

Chapter 2.42 Big Girls Don't Cry: Belle's feeling sick at school, and her cousin Elvie (Rosie's daughter) comes to comfort her. She notices Belle isn't wearing her promise ring, and Belle confesses that she thinks she might be pregnant, and that she broke up with Axel because she didn't want to get in the way of everything he's worked for. Elvie promises that she'll always be there for Belle, even if her family strongly disapproves of what she did. Belle goes home early from school.
When she gets home, she goes straight to bed. A while later, Alyssa goes up to her room and has her own suspicions about Belle (being that she has gone through the same symptoms four times first hand.) Alyssa asks when Belle was going to tell her and Belle says she doesn't know for sure yet.
Alyssa gets Belle a pregnancy test and drops it in front of the whole family that is downstairs. After almost giving Tyler a heart attack (if sims could even get them...) she tells him that it was for Belle. She goes upstairs and calms Belle down before she takes the test. It's implied that it is positive as Alyssa says that she's going to be a grandparent soon in the next scene.

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