Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chapter 1.26 Witch!

Thomas gave Rosie the look.

"Come on Rosie, I thought you were over the stuff in fairytales." He sighed, thinking what she was going to say was serious. Meanwhile, Alyssa had crawled off elsewhere.
"I am. I'm serious!" She frowned, narrowing her eyes a little. He didn't believe her? "Like, that day that you thought I ran away, that's when I got turned."

"Rosie, stop. This isn't funny." He frowned back. "Stop making up stories. I thought you wanted to tell me something serious."
"I am!" She raised her voice slightly, "There was this evil fairy, I met her when we went out to the festival for Halloween! She came to my bedroom one night, and she took me back to hers and turned me into a witch. She has a brother that's a vampire too."

"Rosie, seriously, stop." He started to get annoyed. She was obviously trying to be funny, and it wasn't working. Witches and fairies and vampires weren't real.
"Look! She even gave me a wand too! And it has special powers and that's how witches use their-"
"Rosie, stop!" He shouted, causing both Alyssa and Rosie to go quite. Alyssa was more scared than Rosie was though.

"Don't make up stories and fairytales and try to sell them off as real." He lowered his voice as he stood up, aware that Alyssa probably didn't like it. Even though he was annoyed at Rosie for lying, he didn't want to upset Alyssa. The toddler hasn't done anything wrong, unlike her sister. "I'll talk to you in a minute." He murmured, going upstairs with Alyssa.

Rosie growled, standing up and watching him go "I swear, I hate you!" She yells, hoping he would hear. She huffed, pacing back and forth. She was annoyed by her dad. How could he not believe her? Why would she even lie about something like that?

Meanwhile, Thomas was putting Alyssa up to bed. He wanted to think through what he would tell Rosie. She lied to him, and it wasn't even a good lie. She made up some bizarre thing, and it honestly made him feel as if she was mocking him. Alyssa, however, had almost forgot about this problem as she tried to reach out for the mermaid on her wall.

Alyssa soon remembered it, as she frowned, looking up at Thomas as he put her in her crib. "Angy?" She asked, looking up at him. She knew then that she didn't like it when her parents were angry. Once was enough for her.
"Rosie's just being silly." He mumbled, frowning a little. "Go to sleep, okay?" He kissed her on the top of her head, and turned off the bedroom light and closed the door.

Rosie was still downstairs, fuming now. How could he not believe her? Why would she even lie about this? She'll show him though. She'll show him when she makes the doll house fly to the other side of the room or something. She just needs to learn how to work this wand... It couldn't be that difficult, right?

Wrong. She honestly had no clue how she did it, but before she knew it, there was a fire. Her eyes widened, scared. She didn't mean for that to happen. She quickly backed away from the growing fire, knowing how quickly it would take to wood. The house was going to burn down. She was the reason for if her house burns away.

She was stood stiff, from the shock of the fire, and hardly heard Thomas yelling at her to move out the way. She just continued to look at the fire, watching as it slowly disappeared. There was a ringing in her ears, as even though the room was warm, she was still frozen stiff. She did that. She caused a fire without even meaning too.

Rosie woke up when she heard Thomas, but only registered what he said halfway through "-know what to say!" He yelled, looking at her. All he could wonder was what was this all about? Was his daughter insane? No, surely not. At least, that's what he thought.
"It was the wand!" She yelled back, scared. She didn't want this anymore, she had to get rid of the wand. Not before she has at least proven her point though. "Look." She said, pulling it out.

"Rosie, this has gone far past a-" He stopped when he saw the train of what he can only describe as sparkles coming from the tip of the wand.
"See? Magic." She replied quietly, not liking how quite Thomas was being. She began to wonder if telling him was a mistake now. What if he didn't accept her? And told her to move out, and go live with her mom? No, surely he wouldn't do that...
"Explain, now." He spoke almost like a robot, ripped of emotion or tone. Rosie couldn't tell if he was angry or not, he probably was though.

She frowned a little, before going over everything. She went over how the fairy told her that her family would be in trouble if she didn't become a witch. Rosie went through most of the little details while Thomas just listened.
There was a long silence, before he finally spoke. He sighed before speaking "Don't use your magic too much around the house, okay? There's only so many fire extinguishers we can have before people get suspicious." He half smiled at her.
"I won't, I promise." She mumbled, unsure if he was okay with it or not. He wasn't yelling, so that had to be a good sign, right? Rosie quietly excused herself upstairs.

She walked into her room, closing the door softly behind herself. She waited, then said "I told him." She waited again, walking into the room a little more.
"How did he take it?"

She turned to face Liam "Alright I suppose. I didn't tell him the full truth though." She went closer to him.
"Oh yeah?" He raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Miss Rosie decided against telling her Daddy about the vampire she's dating?" He grinned, teasing lightly.

She laughed a little, looking up to him "He only just learned I was a witch, I'm pretty sure he would have a heart attack if he knew I knew a boy, let alone dating." She closed her eyes, feeling his palm against her cheek. She smiled softly, "I think maybe leave the introductions to another time."
He tilted his head a little, "I'm not that bad, am I? I mean, take away the fact that my species is probably one of the most dangerous there is... I'm not a bad guy if I say so myself." He smirked.

Rosie rolled her eyes, grinning, "No, but we're past the time of father's setting up their daughter's marriages. If my Dad finds out I'm dating... I think he probably will have a heart attack." She raised an eyebrow ever so slightly.
"Lets hope he doesn't walk in then." Liam murmured, and right now both teenagers were right next to each other and then he kissed her softly.

Downstairs, Thomas was busy with a call from his boss. It was weird, bearing in mind that tomorrow was supposed to be his day off.
"We need to see you tomorrow. 0700 hours." His boss informed him.
He couldn't help but wonder what was wrong, was he getting fired? Surely, that couldn't be it. "Is there's something we need to discuss?" He asked, wanting to know why he was being called in.
"The time for talking is tomorrow. Goodnight." And with that, the line was dead.

Chapter 1.25 How I Met Your Mother                                     
AN: In the pictures where you can see Thomas, Alyssa and Rosie, I always want to change one of their hair colours. It feels like there's too many people with the same hair colour. 
So, here's the ever awaited chapter of Rosie finally telling Thomas her secret. In the fire scene, Rosie refused to freak out over the fire. Probably because she caused it.


  1. Phew! Poor Thomas. That's a pretty big thing to be told, so I can't really fault him for getting upset with Rosie. And while I don't like that Rosie tried to use that awful wand, at least she got her dad to believe him. And I totally would have frozen too. lol. 'I made fire with a wand? Cool! How did I do that so I can do it again?' Though I really hope she gets rid of that wand before something horrible happens. And now what is that call all about?

    1. I was going to make him accepting, then I thought it was too big of a thing to be "Lol, k" about.

      I would love to be able to have magic powers, I could be like Elsa! Or maybe a fire version if my power was fire... I'd prefer shadows though. I would do small things to annoy everyone! Mwahahaha!

      Tangent aside, with the wand drama and the phonecall, that'll come soon. Phone call before wand though (Probably). They will actually kind of link at some point though

  2. I think Thomas' reaction was quite realistic, although, given he already knows that Erin can teleport he might have been a little more open to the idea... I'm glad he's come around to it and that Rosie didn't do too much damage with the wand. I am however more than a little concerned about the telephone call Thomas just had.

    1. The thing is, when he found out about Erin's ability to teleport, he literally only just met her. He's known Rosie for pretty much all her life so it would be a little different in that sense.
      The phone call, I think it would be considered sadistic what I'm going to do considering that little phone call... Of course, I can't tell you what I'm going to do, that would be spoiling it...

  3. Oh wow! Oops!

    I didn't expect Thomas to not believe her, but tbh it makes perfect sense. It is ridiculously far-fetched, but I guess I'm so used to sims it doesn't surprise me... lol.

    And the fire... Uhm, yep! Get rid of that wand pronto!
    and they're dating now? Yeah, best to keep that one quiet for a while. I wonder if Thomas will find out Erin knew all along, and what he'll think to that?

    And that phonecall... :| I hope it's not bad news.

    1. Yeah, if you think about what Rosie confessed in the real world point of view, she'll be locked up in a white room. Simnation? Perfect sense of course!

      But everyone loves a fire starting wand, don't they? (No? Just me? Okay) And I think it would be best leaving the whole vampire dating thing for another time. Baby steps still. Baby steps.

      The thing about what if Thomas finds out Erin always knew gives me ideas... Not the good and happy ideas though. Heh heh heh.

      You'll know about the phone call soon.

  4. Wow, that was intense. Did she really have to set a fire to demonstrate her magic, though? XD I wonder how the wand is going to continue to play a part in the story. And what their plan to thwart Elli is.

    That was also quite the place to leave off. I wonder what the phone call is. I hope it's not more bad stuff on top of everything else...

    1. Fire demonstrates a lot of things. If you need to prove a point, set stuff on fire.
      Not so sure how good that advice is though... Plans and wands will come later, promise.

      I'm glad that everyone specifically caught on with the phone call. That's all I'll say

  5. Haha, I kinda laughed at the way she was explaining it to him. It sounds ridiculous when you say it like that! I guess starting a fire got his attention, though. It made me think of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz: "How about a little fire, Scarecrow?"

    Oooh, I can't wait to find out what the call is about!

    1. I try and made things at least a little realistic, I mean, if someone in your family causally said they were a witch, you would think they're joking.
      I love the Wizard of Oz. Its a whole movies about two girls fighting over shoes <3 (Apart from Wicked gives it a whole deeper meaning about Elphaba, the green witch)

      I'm not sure if you will want to know what the phone call was about...

  6. I can understand Thomas' reaction, but at the same time I feel sorry for Rosie. It must've hurt to finally confess her deepest (one of her deepest, since she has a vampire boyfriend now, I guess) secret and be brushed off as a liar. And although setting the room on fire really wasn't the best way to go at it, at least her dad believes her now.

    That phone call really worries me...

    You're so right about Wicked! I read the book and watched the show, and it completely changed my view about the Wizard of Oz. Really loved the show though.

    1. Huh, I honestly never thought about it that way. I guess it would upset Rosie that he thought it was a lie. Hmm
      Fire usually does get people to listen to you. I've learned that much so far

      Is it weird that I'm glad the phone call worries you...?

      I just realized, on the subject of Wicked, that Idina Menzel who is Elphaba (the original one at least) is also Elsa in Frozen, and Rachel's mom in Glee

  7. Hm, she's just met Liam and they haven't gone anywhere outside of her house, but they're already dating?

    1. You don't know what they do in private ;)
      (I know its lazy storytelling, but I couldn't fit in them getting together properly with all the stuff I had going on.)