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Chapter 1.39 Ready or Not

Connor stayed quiet for quite a while...

On the inside, he was freaking out. Not just a little either, like, a lot. He and Sabrina were only just adults and it wasn't like they were all too prepared for the rest of their lives either. Connor didn't even know what he was going to do a short while ago!

He sat down on his bed, and Sabrina followed after him. He knew it wasn't easy for her either, in fact, it was worse for her.
"What are we going to do?" He murmured, resting his head in his hands. He was too young to be a dad! Sure, he knew Sabrina wanted kids, but he honestly wasn't so sure if he wanted them. He had only just decided what he wanted to do in the future.

Sabrina's hand wavered uneasily. Part of her wanted to hold his hand, let him know that they were in this together. She was mostly uncertain because she felt as if she was the problem. Right now, obviously she was a lot more calmer than Connor, she had already had her freak out time. She had come to realize that it didn't matter how soon it was, and the dawn on those facts is useless feat.

He moved one of his hands down, and Sabrina gently placed her hand down on top of his.
"Well... Like I said, I want kids some day." She murmured, looking down at their hands. This conversation was almost as awkward as their first time together. "I know we're still young, but you know." She murmured.

He placed his other hand on top of hers, and half smiled for a split second "Right, I forgot that you liked kids." He looked over at her. "But, we're still young." He mumbled, biting his lower lip.
"Yeah, I figured that you may have forgot." She half smiled back at him, though hers lasted just as long. "And I know we're young, but there's not much else we can do about this." She spoke quietly.

"I'm just saying, I think we're too young for this amount of responsibility." He said, turning to face her. "I know we're both adults, but I'm not ready for this, and I know if you think about it, you'll realize your not either." He spoke fairly quietly, mostly because he didn't want anyone but Sabrina to hear him. He only realized Sabrina was upset when he heard her sniffling. Guilt washed over him, and he leaned forwards a bit "Sabrina?" He tried to reach out to her, but she slapped his hand away, glaring at him.

 She stood up, folding her arms. "I can't believe you!" She yelled, glaring still. "If you didn't want to be with me, just say so!" She glared still.
"Huh?" He asked, honestly confused. "I never said I didn't..." He tried, but he was just interrupted.
"You 'can't deal with this'? How do you think I feel?" She growled, frowning. "All you think about it yourself, and I hate you!" She started to yell again. She felt hurt, and she honestly didn't want to see him right now. She knew they were young, but it wasn't like a baby would be a bad thing. She was kinda happy about it until their conversation. "Never talk to me ever again." She snapped, then walked out. He tried to stop her, but it was no use.

Connor felt like crap. Today was probably the worst day of his life. He had lost Sabrina, and even if he tried to forget about the reason why he had lost her, he couldn't. He was going to be a dad, and he doubted Sabrina would even want to talk to him or their child. He had screwed up grandly.

Erin had heard the yelling from downstairs, and came up to check if Connor was okay. "Connor? Is everything okay between you and Sabrina?" She asked quietly, already knowing the answer though. She couldn't help but notice the painting though, she could've sworn it didn't look like that before...

"I don't really want to talk about it." He mumbled, frowning. "And no, nothing's alright between me and Sabrina." He felt bad about not talking to his mom about it, but he knew she would only get angry if he told her the truth.
Erin sighed, then nodded "Okay, but if you ever want to talk, you know you can always talk to me." She half smiled, then walked out of his room again.

Alyssa came back home during the early hours of the morning. She had fun with Colette and Nora, more than what she thought. Even though the two girls weren't all too keen on Alyssa, all three of them managed to have fun. They even briefly mentioned of a third girl 'Tallulah'.

When she did come back in, she was unaware of who helped her back, and was even more unaware when they left, only leaving a letter behind as they did. As she rolled over in her bed, there was a faint sound of the door closing. It was too little for her to notice though, as she kept sleeping soundly.

Connor woke up early the next morning. It was still partly dark outside. His insomnia was caused by what happened before, and he found it amazing that he could even sleep at all last night, even if it was only for a few hours. He didn't want to stay in his bedroom all too much, so he teleported downstairs, not wanting to wake anyone up.

When he was downstairs, he heard the clinking noise of the exercise equipment being used in the spare room. It was where Thomas put his exercise machines, and based on the early hour and they were actually being used, Connor knew he was probably in there. It was still weird to think that once upon a time that was his bedroom.

Connor went into his old bedroom, figuring that he could probably talk to Thomas about everything that was going on. After all, he was in a similar situation once, though it was a long, long time ago.
Thomas heard the door open, and glanced over at Connor, who was still shirtless. "You know, its kinda common courtesy to wear a shirt." He pointed out, half smiling though.

"There's actually something I kinda wanted to talk about." Connor murmured, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked straight ahead. He felt awkward about thinking about talking about what happened.
"Don't you want to talk to your mom about it?" Thomas asked idly, more focused on lifting up the weights.
"Its kind of a guy thing. Mom won't exactly get it..." He murmured, then continued to tell Thomas about what had happened between him and Sabrina. "...And now she's angry at me, and I have no clue how to make everything alright again." He frowned. "I really don't know what to do."

Thomas sighed, standing up and going over to Connor. This conversation felt weird, probably to them both. It was weird for Thomas because he honestly thought of Connor as a little kid still, even though he was grown up now. "I know what I would do, but this isn't my choice." He folded his arms, looking at him. "This is your choice, and your decision alone. No matter what you do, ready or not, you're going to be a dad. It just depends on if you man up and be with Sabrina, or if you chicken out and pretend none of this ever happened. It depends on what you want to do." He tried to speak as unbiased as he could, but he couldn't help but be favoured to one side. He just hoped Connor would make the right choice.

Connor thought about it for a while, ashamed to say he was honestly considering both options. After thinking for a while, he knew what he had to do. "Thanks, I think I know what I have to do." He smiled, still a little uneasy. He turned toward the door, but Thomas soon stopped him.
"Connor?" He asked, and he turned back around. "Please, remember to get dressed before you go out somewhere." He grinned, and Connor grinned back before heading upstairs to get changed

He was fairly sure he knew where Sabrina was, and luckily he was right. The library seemed like a her-ish place to try looking. He wasn't all so sure how to let it known he was there though, without her being startled.
"Sabrina?" He asked, and she gasped. Obviously his plan didn't go all too well. She glared at him, then tried to walk away. He held on to her wrist before she could go too far though, and teleported somewhere else with her.

Sabrina raised an eyebrow about where he took her. "Okay... So we're in the middle of nowhere outside a house, which has an excessive amount of plants..." She murmured. "You mind me asking why?" She looked at him, and he went beside her.

"Yeah... There weren't too many other places, and there's a lot of plants inside too, but I can take care of that." He mumbled mostly to himself, while scratching his head.
She furrowed her eyebrows, her attention still focused on the house "What do you mean? Have you been inside?" She asked.

"Yeah, I have." He glanced at the house, then turned to face her. "I've been thinking, and I'm sorry about upsetting you yesterday." He meant it, really and truly. "I'm still scared, but I'd rather be with you than be without you." He smiled at her. "Even if it is kinda scary. I thought that if we were going to be a family, that we should at least have a place to live." He grinned, if anything a little nervously. He was mostly worried in case she was angry.

She grinned "You got us a place?" She looked at him. She hugged him, smiling "That's so sweet!" She kissed him softly, grinning. "I'm taking that you're alright with all this then?" She asked, looking up at him.
"Still scared about it." He murmured, mostly hoping she didn't hear that. "But, whether I'm with you or not, I'm still going to be a dad, and I want to be with you." He smiled back at her. "That, and remember when I was wondering about my own dad? I'd hate for my own kid to think about that."

She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck "Are you sure you're okay though? I don't want to be the one tying you down." She felt as if she had to say that, even though there was no other option.
"I'm sure. I know I want to be with you for the rest of my life." He smiled back at her.
She grinned at him, "So, it'll be just you, me and our baby." She smiled.
Connor hesitated a little "Not just us..." He started, and Sabrina rolled her eyes.
"You want the dogs, don't you?" She asked, then sighed "I swear, its like you love them more than me." She laughed.
He laughed a little "You know that's impossible." He grinned at her.

While they were talking, he was trying to figure out how exactly to tell his mom. He remembers that she wasn't all too good with getting older, and honestly didn't want to make her feel worse. Luckily, her midlife crisis happened a while ago, but he was still a little worried.

"I just... I don't know." Erin murmured. moving her hair out of her face.
"You feel old again?" Thomas asked, raising an eyebrow. It wasn't the first time, and with both of their elder birthdays fairly close-ish, it wasn't strange that she was feeling that way again.
"More useless." She frowned. "Connor's an adult, and Alyssa is in high school. I just feel not needed."
"You're not useless. Even though Connor and Alyssa aren't little anymore, it doesn't mean that they won't still need you." He half smiled at her.
"Yeah, but I want them to need me more." She whined, pouting. She then laughed, smiling. "I'm not looking forward to my next birthday."

"Do you ever look forward to a birthday?" He asked, smiling as her.
"I used to love them when I was younger." She started then looked up at Connor when he walked in. She furrowed her eyebrows, confused "When did you go out?" She asked.
"Mom, there's something we need to talk about." He mumbled, a little uncertainly. Thomas stood up, and let Connor talk to his mom alone.

"So, what exactly is it that you want to talk about?" She asked, partly confused about why Connor wanted to talk to her in private.
He was unsure of how to start, and decided to beat around the bush a little "Remember my girlfriend Sabrina?" He asked, he wasn't like how Rosie used to be. He couldn't just outright say things.
Erin nodded, she didn't fully remember how Sabrina looked, but she remembered her.(Mostly she remembered thinking that she was imaginary.) "Yeah, I remember her."

"Well..." He trailed, then sighed before saying "She's pregnant."
Erin's eyes widened, "What?" She asked, her eyebrows both raised. Connor was worried until her shocked face broke out into a smile. "That's great!" She grinned, and it was exactly the opposite of how he thought she would react. She then seemed a little confused. "Wait, was it planned?" She asked, more out of curiosity than anything.
Connor shook his head, a little embarrassed "Accident, but a happy accident." He half smiled.

"And you know what you're going to do, don't you?" She asked, looking at him.
He nodded "Yeah, I've found a place for us, and we're going to be a family." He grinned, and was truly happy about it. Even though he was still at least a little scared, he was now excited to be a dad. A little mix of him and Sabrina, showing just how much they loved each other. What better thing could there be than that?

Alyssa was busy upstairs, getting ready for Connor's graduation. It was in about an hour and a half, but it always helped to look her best for it. Besides, when else could she get all dressed up? She had a pounding headache from the night before, but somehow managed to make herself look as if she had a full ten hours sleep. She glanced to the side, and saw the letter on the floor. She went over to it, and picked it up. She placed the letter on her desk, and sat down to read it.

She didn't realize it was the wrong way, so she turned it over. She skimmed over it, the letter mostly told her about how she got home, but it was the last few lines that caught her eye.
You're probably wondering about how I know you, and you're probably wondering why I care. I care because we used to be friends, back when you were too small to even stand up properly. Before you met the fairy, and just before your father left. But someone got rid of me, well, the form I was in. I can't say who, mostly because I don't remember.
Lots of Love
Bon Lola. You probably know me better than way.
"Lola?" Alyssa asked, whispering.

Chapter 1.38 First and Last Days                                                                    
AN: And with this chapter, I say goodbye to Connor. I think I'll give him and Rosie up another time, once I'm used to the fact that there's only one more child in the house.
I think it's fairly obvious now who's going to be heir... I chose Alyssa because she was related to both Erin and Thomas. Now, I'm realizing that I also completed the Half Siblings thing without even realizing until now... Hah.


  1. Oh Connor. You're really a little scrambled there aren't you? But it's a lot to take in, all the changes and responsibility suddenly. At least he finally made the right choice in the end. Otherwise I might have had to give him a smack upside the head. :/ Silly boy.

    Thank goodness Alyssa made it home safely! Though... Lola?!? Bon? The evil evil IF doll wasn't Elli? Or planted by her? Or was it still?

    Loved seeing the letter! (And the poses!)

    1. He was scared, and generally boys aren't as mature as girls. I wouldn't let him go feeling uncertain. Its kind of like I'm setting off baby birds, I want to make sure they can fly first... (I make a lot of references to birds, don't I?)

      No, the evil, evil IF wasn't Elli, nor was it planted by her. We'll find out about 'Lola' another time.

      I'm glad, I needed a way of Alyssa knowing about Lola, and why not take it old school and do a letter? ;) And your poses just look more realistic and can be used in a lot of settings. Most on MTS are only for certain things, and certain situations. Yours are just easier.

  2. Interesting, so the IF doll wasn't from Elli then? The question is, though, was/is said doll good or evil?

    I'm glad Connor faced up to things and he and Sabrina are going to raise their baby together (I don't entirely blame him for going into shock & denial over it at first)

    1. The IF doll wasn't a horrible gift from Elli, that was just Rosie's suspicion. We'll find out how evil Lola is when we meet her.

      I'm glad you don't blame him! I don't want people being mean and having a worse opinion of him. He made the right choice in the end, and he was scared.

  3. I knew Connor would make the right choice. A baby, a load of dogs and a house full of flowers :P
    Lola wasn't from Ellie? Maybe Bon/Lola isn't evil then? Bon/Lola helped her home after all.... Ah well, atleast Alyssa had fun with Colette and Nora.

    1. The house looked pretty with all the flowers on the side, and I wanted it to fit into Dragon Valley (The legacy house currently does not). But yeah, its a happy ending for Connor.

      Lola wasn't from Elli. And Alyssa did have fun with Colette and Nora, lets just hope those two stay nice to her at least.

  4. I don't trust Lola. Those Imaginary Friend dolls are untrustworthy no matter what. Now I'm even more worried about Alyssa, stuck between a creepy doll and non-friends... I'm looking forward to what you have planned for her, though.

    And I was happy that Connor manned up and is going to be there for Sabrina. I hope they're happy together, and hope that you get shots of their baby in the story at some point. (Not that I should talk since Nielson and Belisama had a baby and I haven't even mentioned it yet in my legacy... >>)

    1. A return of a creepy doll and anti friends. Yay! I was half worried that I wouldn't have enough of a plot line for her teenage years, but I think I'll be fine :)

      He manned up and faced what was scaring him. Now he and Sabrina can be happy together. I might get Rosie and Connor to come over to the house at some point. I'm not so sure when, but I will. I promise.

  5. Oh Connor. Way to be a jerk--though he definitely made for it. He's gonna make an honest woman of Sabrina. :p I too am hoping to see their baby at some point, though he's not heir. I'm excited that Alyssa is heir! I like her. :D

    Eeeuuguh, I am so creeped out by imaginary friends. I hope Lola is a good IF, not one of the creepy evil kinds. At least it seems she's not related to Elli in any way?

    1. Yeah, he was a jerk at first but he has made up for it. Him and Sabrina are going to be happy together. Connor could never be heir unfortunately, as he was never related to Thomas. I'm glad you like Alyssa! I like her too :D

      Moar from the creepy doll! And Lola isn't related to Elli. For once, this wasn't her doing and she is really is truly dead.

  6. I'm glad Connor made the right choice after all. And I must admit, I really enjoyed the conversation between Connor and Erin. It's a good thing she's so supportive. :)

    So Lola the IF doll and Elli the evil fairy wasn't the same? Makes me wonder...who was it that was actually responsible for teaching Alyssa that creepy song? Lola, or Elli? If it was Lola, I can't really see a way this is going to end well...*worried*

    1. Erin can't really take the higher ground on that topic, based on both of her kids were accidents. (Sh! Don't tell them!) And I couldn't really picture her getting angry at that, she's fairly easy going.

      Lola and Elli aren't the same, as for the song and the worried feeling about Lola, those questions will be answered later on.

  7. *throws up a little* Oh ew... Creepy stalker IF... RUN FOR YOUR LIIIFEEE!!! D:

    But, Connor and Sabrina are not gunna be a cute little family. I bet the baby will be adoooorable with those twos cutsey faces mixed :)

    1. XD I've really missed seeing your comments. Very creepy IF now I think about it.

      I really want to see what their baby looks like as a toddler. Right now in game, its already been born but its still a burrito baby so I don't know who it looks like :(

  8. Silly Connor. You're a sim and you had sex; of course she's pregnant.

    Actually, he did NOT know Sabrina wanted kids. In fact, she told him she doubted she'd want kids, just two chapters ago. She wanted to work with kids, not have kids of her own.

    LOL @ Thomas's speech. That was hardly "unbiased".

    1. That, and its a legacy and to add even more, the storyteller isn't good at writing erotica, so I think we should blame him for not expecting it.

      She did doubt about wanting kids, but he got a little muddled and thought differently.

      It was quite biased, but based on he's seen how Erin had to deal with Connor's dad not being around, its understandable why he wouldn't want Connor to be the same kind of guy his dad was.