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Chapter 1.45 Love, Lies and Spies

Waking up this way was probably the best way to wake up...

Erin stirred slightly as she woke up. It was fairly late in the morning, and the school bus had already come and gone. It made her realize how nice it was without having to get up early. It was probably one of the only good things about getting older.
That was when she remembered that it was Thomas's elder birthday today, which meant that it was her's tomorrow.

She began to reflect on her adult life, wondering where the time went.  Most of her time, she spent raising kids or getting money from her music. Apart from the dramatic events that often occurred, that was it.
But she was happy with her life.
However, even though she's had a constant feud with marriage, she honestly did think she would one day get married before she was too old, which then stemmed an idea.
She then felt Thomas letting her go slightly, which meant that he was probably awake. She rolled onto her back, and he got on top of her.

"Happy birthday." She mumbled, kissing him quickly. "You gonna enjoy being old?" She teased lightly, grinning.
He shook his head a little, smiling. "Your birthday's the day after mine, its not like I'm that much older than you." He tried to kiss her back, but she moved out the way.
"I want to talk to you about something first." She half smiled at him.

"What's that?" He asked, looking at her, as she tilted her head off the side of the bed.
"Well, while you were asleep, I was thinking about us, and how we're both nearly elders." She started, keeping her eyes closed.
"That's it?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, but she shook her head slightly.
"Even though I hate marriage, I still pictured myself getting married at least one day, before I got too old to." She mumbled.

He blinked, not fully sure if he understood what she was saying. "Wait, what?" He asked, honestly not expecting her to say that. This was coming from the woman who a while ago freaked out over just a ring.
"I want to get married before I'm too old to." She looked at him. "And seeing as though its your elder birthday today, I think we should get married today." She smiled slightly.

He sat up, and gave her a confused look. "Are you alright?" He couldn't help but ask, and honestly thought she was going through the whole 'Mid-Life crisis' episode again.
She rolled her eyes, "Yes, I'm fine. And I'm serious." She smiled. "I want to get married to you, today."
He shook his head a little, "Even so, we can't just get married today." He sighed.
"Why not?" She asked, laying down again. "People do their own vows on their own. All we would need is to go down to city hall and sign some papers to make it official." She shrugged.
"Are you sure you're alright with that? And with no one even there?" He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. He knew that most girls wanted huge weddings, then again Erin wasn't like most girls.
"I love you, and you love me. Isn't that all that matters?" She smiled.

"Then we'll do it. We'll get married." He grinned, and moved on top of her to kiss her.
She grinned back at him, "We'll get married." She echoed, and she was more than certain that this was what she wanted.

Today was Wednesday, ditch day. Alyssa and Tallulah were spending out at one of the bars, more focused on the foosball table.
"This game sucks, its stupid." Lulu murmured, scoffing.
"You're only saying that because you suck." Alyssa grinned.

"Remind me to never play any games with you again." Tallulah mused.
"Why? Because I'm too good?" She smirked. "You might be the queen bee at school, but I'm the queen bee of bars." She grinned.
"Oh whatever. At least I'm still a queen." Her hands went back on the handles of the foosball table. "Best five out of nine?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Bring it."

"You girls think you're good? You obviously haven't seen Ms Rosie play." The bartender added in, grinning to himself.
Alyssa looked up at the mention of Rosie. "Who?" She asked, worried. If her sister came here often, who's to say she won't come here soon?
"Rosie Matthews. She plays the guitar here sometimes when she's off work." He went back to cleaning the glass, still grinning. "She's a really special friend of mine."
Tallulah raised an eyebrow at Alyssa, and mouthed "Isn't she your half sister?" Alyssa nodded slightly, biting her lower lip. She couldn't help but wonder what he meant by 'special friend'...

"You know, I'm actually Rosie's little sister." She grinned falsely, she hated this man already. "I'm Alyssa." She introduced herself.
"Alyssa? Yeah, Rosie's spoke about you a few times. Says you're her little genius sister." He smiled back.
"If she does come in today, make sure she doesn't know I was here. If he knew, I would be in so much trouble." She whispered.
"Your secret's safe with me, Princess." He winked, while Alyssa had to stop herself from throwing up. Gross.

"So, just how close are you and my sister?" She pressed, trying to get some inside information. She couldn't believe that her sister would ever be unfaithful. Rosie wasn't that type of girl, right?
"We're-" The bartender was cut off, by the sound of Rosie calling his name.
Alyssa's eyes widened, and she whispered. "I was never here." And she quickly pulled Tallulah off to the corridor outside the toilets. She was going to spy on her big sister.

Alyssa watched Rosie, luckily she was unnoticed. Tallulah whispered to her, "So, this is your plan? Just to watch?"
Alyssa nodded, "For now, yes. Now shush. I can only just hear what they're saying."

"Hey, you want anything?" The bartender smiled.
"Just the usual." All Alyssa could see was Rosie waving her hand slightly. "I've not had any breakfast, I had an early gig." She sighed.
"You know that's not good for you, especially not in your condition." The bartender pointed out. "Its not healthy."

"Condition?" Alyssa whispered in an echo. She moved slightly, trying to see is she could see Rosie's 'condition'. With slight leaning and subtle footsteps, she could see that her sister was pregnant. "I guess that means I can have kids now." She muttered to herself, not that she would want kids right now. She was more bitter about the fact Rosie was keeping so many secrets.

"I know its bad, but I'm still trying to keep up working at least a little. I'd be bored at home." She frowned, twirling her hair a little bit.
"Well, if you're ever bored, you know you can come to me for some fun." The bartender smirked, and then winked at her.
"Oh, I know I can have fun with you..." Rosie purred in response, and winked. "More fun that with Liam, but I think he's getting suspicious."
"Can't say I blame him, pretty girl like you coming into a bar like this, I wouldn't be so easy about it either." He shook his head slightly.
She giggled, "You know I can handle myself sweetie." She winked.

Tallulah heard Alyssa beginning to cry, and she stood in the way of all the flirting. "Lyss? Are you okay?" She whispered.
"What do you think?" She asked, a little bit more bitterly than she anticipated. "My sister's a dirty, lying cheat." She frowned, biting back tears. She didn't want to cry, but how could her sister do such an awful thing?

Tallulah bit her lower lip, not fully sure of what to say in these situations. "Look. I'm sorry." She frowned, thinking that was probably the best thing to say.
"Can we sneak out the bathroom window and go home? I just want to be alone." She mumbled, sniffling still.
Tallulah nodded, and the two girls snuck out of the bar.

"You're sure you want to do this?" He asked, just to make sure. He didn't want her freaking out. He knew what happened the last time she came close to marrying someone. "Because what happened with..." He trailed off, thinking he probably shouldn't mention her ex fiance.
"I'm sure. Everything right now is perfect, the exact way it should be." She grinned. "What happened with Alex is far, far in the past, and I'm a different person now. I got over my fear or getting married." She smiled at him, and kissed him quickly.

They said their vows and exchanged their rings, and even though no one was watching, and it was starting to get cloudy, it was perfect. Nothing was extravagant, and neither of them wore particularly fancy things. After all, it wouldn't be their wedding if it wasn't their way. Even though Erin did love the dress she was wearing in her dream, it wasn't her. There's a certain beauty in the simplest of things.

And of course there had to be a kiss. Then, they were married. Well, technically they were married before all this. They signed the papers at city hall beforehand, but both of them wanted to do this. She took his last name too, maybe for once she would actually use it. Erin Matthews... It had a nice ring to it, didn't it?

He grinned at her, then noticed all of her tattoos. "I could have sworn once I asked you not to get any more tattoos." He raised an eyebrow.
She smiled, and rolled her eyes a little, "You're such a dad sometimes." She grinned, and kissed him softly. "We should probably go before it starts to rain... We can tell Rosie, Connor and Alyssa tomorrow."
"And we could invite Rosie and Connor over tomorrow, maybe then you'll be able to meet your granddaughter." He smiled at her.

Meanwhile, at the bar. Rosie was still talking with the bartender. He then brought up, "I saw these two high schoolers playing on the table."
"Any match on me?" She asked, grinning.
The bartender scoffed, "You kidding me? No one can outdo you."
"Especially not you." She smirked, folding her arms. "Anyway, I should be going soon." She mumbled.

"Have you got another lead on that vampire stuff?" He asked, unsure of what she called it.
Rosie nodded eagerly, "Yep! And its vampire sunscreen. Its so Liam can go outside in the daytime again." She smiled. "But like I said, I think he's a little suspicious of why I'm spending so much time out."
"Like I said, if you ever need any help. A lot of people out there aren't all too friendly." He warned.

"I'm sure I can take care of myself." She assured him. She managed to freeze an evil fairy, surely she could do that again if she needed to. "But next time I'm here, I'll play you again at foosball." She grinned, and stood up.
The bartender grinned, "Same old Witch Sister, huh?" He raised an eyebrow, using a little nickname he often used for her.
"Same old me. I've not changed since we were in high school together." She smiled.

Rosie gave the guitarist a look, knowing she could play way better than that. Amateurs. She made her way out of the pub, glad to have caught up with an old friend. However, she was unaware of who may have seen her talking to him, and what wrong impressions they may have gathered.

Chapter 1.44 Mermaid Princess of Saturn's Imaginary Purple Ring            
AN: A lot happened in this chapter, I think.
The beach scene was a pain in the butt to shoot. The sand kept going all weird which is why those pictures aren't the best. And of course it had to get cloudy as well.
There's going to be an aftermath of what Alyssa saw in this chapter in the next one.
Also, Alyssa is halfway through her teenager stage, which is why Erin and Thomas got married in this chapter. I didn't want either of them being elders when they got married, so it was just legal.


  1. Oh dear. More misunderstandings on Alyssa's side. I hope this doesn't turn even worse, although my guess is it probably will. I do wonder why Rosie hasn't told her family about being pregnant though. That seems like something she should have mentioned.

    But I was so happy to see that Thomas and Erin finally got married! I've been waiting for this since practically the beginning of the legacy. And it was so pretty with them on the beach and the light just starting to change. *sigh* I suppose when I do my private weddings I should at least put that much effort into them. I usually just have my sims get married in the kitchen after they're done filling their hunger needs or something :P

    1. Many misunderstandings, I feel as if I'm being fairly mean to her in all this...

      I'm glad you liked the wedding! I was going to have it in one of the wood-ish areas but then I saw the beach and I was like "Yeah, why not the beach?". The lighting change was accidental, but I can pretend it was intentional.
      I usually never throw parties for my sims (Which is why I dread either of the party rolls. Luckily I haven't got one so far!) So, I always make it private. Usually, my private ones end up being in the bathroom or bedroom :) I thought I would stay away from getting married in front of the toilet in my legacy.

  2. Yay for Erin and Thomas getting married :) But what is Rosie up to and why hasn't she told her family that she's pregnant?

    1. Yays for marriage! And we'll see Rosie again in the next chapter. Hopefully she'll be able to explain everything.

  3. Thomas and Erin got married!Yay:D
    I actually thought Rosie was Lola shapeshifted. Then you mentioned misunderstanding. Can't wait to see what's actually going on there though.
    Poor Alyssa for thinking badly of her sister again. But Lulu seems to be a pretty good friend so far. That's good. Right?

    1. Yay! But they're both old now...
      Nah, Rosie is real Rosie in this one. No tricks involving Lola for this chapter.
      Tallulah's a good friend, she's horrible to those she doesn't know, but she's a good friend. I'm not going to make her and Alyssa fall out anytime soon, so don't worry.

  4. So glad they're finally married! Really, it's taken long enough :P
    I'd say it's bad to jump to conclusions, but the way Rosie talked to the barkeeper really sounded suspicious, so I understand why Alyssa got to that conclusion. Even so, I hope the misunderstanding gets fixed soon. :(

    1. It has taken literally their whole adult lives to get married. (They're both elders now)
      That's a good point, it is usually bad to jump to conclusions, but Alyssa couldn't help it. She's feeling pretty let down by her sister right now for keeping secrets from her and for the misunderstanding of how faithful Rosie is.

    Lighting for when you're outdoors (or indoors.) You still have to be on a lot though. And you have to change the intensities/colors while you are in buy mode. But they seriously rock.

    Congrats to Erin and Thomas! May the love they felt on their wedding day last their whole lives long! After that- Alyssa is going to kill Erin for not going over the top isn't she? And after what she thought she witnessed, well. I would Not want to be the one on her bad side.

    Now then, just what will Alyssa do with the info she thinks she has on Rosie? And how will all of this affect her mission for Lola/Bonnie and Tyler?

    1. I'll download those later, thanks :) You always have useful stuff. I've still not made my way through using all the different types of cc cake.

      Hah, I forgot to add that... Ah well, I'm sure Alyssa would have somewhat understood. Besides, she can just go nuts on Rosie's wedding, but from the events of this chapter, its difficult to say if she and her sister will be on speaking terms...

  6. ::throws rice::

    Haha. Thomas has seen her naked enough to make a baby, and he's just now noticing the additional tattoos?

    I didn't really follow what was going on with Alyssa and the bartender. She's working on a vampire sunscreen, and Liam is suspicious of something?

    1. In his defence, she's gotten more since then, and I doubt he was focusing all too much on her back, wrist or ankle ;)

      Rosie's trying to figure out a way to make vampiric sunscreen, but she doesn't want Liam to know because she wants to surprise him with something nice, however he's getting suspicious because she's always out chasing leads and not fully telling him what she's up to.